This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 144 Part 2

Chapter 144: Number of Breasts (2)

We were now in a dense forest after following Seiya for a while. This place was quite far from the center of the Underworld where the home of Hades was located, the so-called Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence. The whole forest had an eerie atmosphere. The vegetation was weird and creepy. I noticed carnivorous and insectivorous plants, and trees with human-like faces on their trunks. Even so, Seiya kept walking steadily with a bored face as usual.

「Hmm…Where on earth are you going? 」

A sweating Celseus whispered with a trembling voice. Unlike Rosalie and me, who were empty-handed, Celseus carried large buckets of blue liquid in both hands. I approached Seiya and asked him.

「Hey. What are the buckets that Celseus is carrying? 」

「Unfortunately, I obtained very few information about this Slauri fella. Since it has the characteristic of being a transparent person, it is presumed that he cannot be seen entirely. Moreover, there is high possibility that he’ll say once I meet him, “if you want me to teach you how to make you transparent, then you must find my body first”. Therefore, I’m planning to paint him in advance in order to show his appearance beforehand.」

It seemed that Seiya looked ahead as always. However, in fact, that possibility was reasonable. I explained it to Celseus, who responded with a groaning sound and with a face that seemed like he chewed up a bitter insect.

「Is that really going to happen? Gosh, this is heavy. Damn it. 」

「Lord Celseus! You have to believe in what the hero says! 」

Rosalie tried to encourage Celseus. She took a bucket to help him out. Eventually, the dense forest cleared up and a beautiful spring-like fountain with vibrant water appeared in my sight.

「Eh, so beautiful…! 」

Most of the places in the Underworld were creepy and frightening. Nevertheless, the air around here was clear and the scenery was quite beautiful. There was a wooden shack near the spring water. Was that the house of the person named Slauri?

「Hmm. I see someone over there. 」

In front of Seiya’s line of sight, was an old man sitting by the water. He was apparently fishing. This mysterious person had a long grayish white hair that hid half of his face, as well as a white beard. He wore a kimono-like outfit. Somehow, he looked like a hermit. However, he was still a person from the Underworld. A thing that resembled a black tail grew from his buttocks.

I tried to speak with him.

「Excuse me, sorry for bothering you. We’re looking for someone from the Underworld named Slauri.」

「He, He, He. Slauri, huh. If it’s Slauri you’re looking for, then he is already near you.」

Se…Seiya was right. Slauri was really a transparent person!

I looked everywhere but I didn’t see any other beings around us. No sign at all. After a while, the old man laid down his fishing rod.

「…I am Slauri. 」

Celseus yelled upon seeing this exchange.

「Hey, you!! I can clearly see you!! 」

「Of course, you see me. I’ll be in a great deal of trouble if I remain transparent for the rest of my life.」

「Se…Seiya! That means that all of this paint is useless now! 」

「It’s not a waste. 」

Seiya laid down the heavy buckets in front of Slauri.

「This is a souvenir. I’ll give you this paint. You can paint that shed in blue.」

「Wo…Wonderful! That’s a great idea! There won’t be any waste! 」

A bright-eyed Rosalie was impressed, but Slauri was confused.

「You see, I don’t need any of that paint…Why do I have to dye my cottage in blue in the first place…?」

It was useless after all!! It seemed that this person was a skeptical one!!

However, it seemed that, that paint and Celseus had long disappeared from Seiya’s mind. He didn’t care about that topic anymore. I saw that Seiya was staring at Slauri quite suspiciously.

「Are you really Slauri? Be transparent to prove it. 」

「What a doubtful person you are. Okay, look this way. 」

Slauri took a deep breath “fuh”, and then slowly put his wrinkled hands together. On that moment, Slauri’s body suddenly disappeared from our sight!

「He…He has disappeared! He really did! 」

「…You can only hear my voice. This is my special skill, Transparency.」

I couldn’t see anything even if I looked at the direction of Slauri’s voice. I had a better sense than humans did, but I didn’t even feel his presence. If he didn’t speak, no one would ever know he was here.

「Oh. It’s a useful ability as expected. I definitely want to learn this.」

「He, He. My transparency skill is perfect. You won’t be able to see me with the naked eye. If someone gets to know it, it will surely be useful for any kind of adventure.」

「I already understand its convenient effect. You can return to your original form.」

However, Slauri remained transparent and continued to speak proudly.

「He, He, He. You all have no clue to where I am right now…Eh, hot, hot, hot, hot!?」

Suddenly, smoke surged from an empty space! Then, Slauri showed up! His chest was smoldering and his kimono garment was on fire!

「Ehh!? Why are you suddenly on fire!?」

I was surprised that I shouted aloud, but I knew immediately the reason why. Because I saw a flame lizard, which jumped out of Slauri’s chest and ran towards Seiya’s body. The lizard landed on Seiya’s shoulder.

「It’s a flame lizard made from fire magic. When I met Slauri, I immediately inserted this lizard on his chest as a precaution.」

「Why….Why did you do that?」

「You could have said, “I changed my mind”, and disappear from here while being transparent.」

「That…That’s a messed up idea, you…! Lord Hades spoke with me before. He told me not to refuse your request…However…Ugh, there’s no need to resort to things this hot…」

He seemed to be living in seclusion in the forest, but he still listened to Seiya’s request. Slauri blew off his beard and took of the ash from his chest. He opened his thick eyes hidden in his grayish white hair.

「Okay! But, I’ll do it with a deal!」

「Hmm. I know what the people of the Underworld wants. A gods’ humiliation…In other words, their HP.」

「He, He, He. So, you know that story very well. But, not so fast. I don’t make deals with HP around here.」

Then, Seiya walked up to me. He faced me with a serious expression.

「Lista. I want you to cooperate. 」

「Coo…Cooperate!? 」

「Give your HP to Slauri quickly. 」

Seiya put his hands on my shoulders and made me make a full turn. After putting my back to Slauri and Celseus, Seiya crouched down and suddenly grabbed the hem of my dress!

…What!? Do…Don’t tell me that he wants me show him my underwear!?

As expected, the hem of my dress was rolled up!

「Stop it! 」

I cried out loud like the frenetic characters on a romantic comedy manga which I used to read about Japan a long time ago. But in this moment…


A strange sensation. The lower half of my body was kind of soothing.

「Eh? 」

Then, I looked down. And…Seiya slid my underpants down to my ankle while rolling up the hem of my dress!

「Heyyyy!! Didn’t you hear me say to “stop it”!! What the hell are you doing to meeeeee!! Damn youuuuu!!」

I screamed crazily while raising my underpants. Celseus spoke in a high-pitched tone.

「Suddenly putting down the goddess’ underpants…Seiya, that’s amazing!」

「Ah, what a bold move without any hesitation! What an awesome brave hero!」

「Who’s a “hero”!? A hero wouldn’t lower someone else’s underpants! Isn’t he a “ridiculous criminal” insteadddd!!」

Slauri also murmured with an expression that seemed to be quite amazed.

「That…That was definitely unexpected. I thought that something like a double skirt or kilt would come out, but what I saw was a raw butt…It was so sudden…」

Se…Seriously!! I couldn’t believe this!! Both Slauri and Celseus saw my butt!?

「Apologize!! Apologize now, Seiyaaaaaa!! 」

With the force of an erupting volcano, I shouted at Seiya, but he passed through me with a cool expression on his face. Seiya then spoke to Slauri.

「How was it? I’m sure that the HP has accumulated with this, isn’t that right?」

「Well. Indeed, I felt that the HP flowed at a furious speed. However, that wasn’t that stimulating for me, an old man. In fact, that kind of HP is not my favorite.」

AH!? I showed him the raw butt of a goddess, but it didn’t mean anything at all!? Un…Unforgivable!! I won’t absolutely forgive him!!

「That’s really troublesome. So, what kind of HP do you want?」

「Well, let’s see. It looks similar to this, and it’s a different kind of humiliation to me…」

「Just say it clearly. 」

Slauri stretched his nose and laughed humbly.

「He, He! For example, the humiliation of a girl who got her clothes wet with water and her breasts became transparent! I get so excited every time I think about it! I want to see a shy girl! That’s called a Chirarizumu*!」

「Wha…What the hell are you talking about with Chirarizumu!! You are an erotic maniac!!」

I was furious, but for some odd reason Celseus was nodding positively.

「I understand that!! I get more excited when the skin is about to become visible rather than raw meat!!」

「Why are you sympathizing with him!? 」

I was extremely angry when Celseus implied that he wanted to see my breasts. On this precise moment, I heard a splashing sound.

「…Ah? 」

When you looked at it, I saw that Rosalie, who was soaked in water, walked straight from the spring-like fountain. Her light clothes got wet with the water and her body became perceptible! The shape of Rosalie’s breasts was clearly visible to us!

「Rosalie!? Your breasts are completely exposed!!」

「This is for the sake of saving Geabrande! If I have to show my breasts, then I’m ready for it! I’ll show him my three or four breasts if needed! I don’t care!」

「Hey!! Humans don’t have four breasts!! They are not cows!! 」

Nonetheless, Slauri shook his head regrettably.

「Your humiliation wasn’t that great. I didn’t receive enough HP. After all, you are a human being. It’s too small compared to the HP produced by a god.」

「Ugh! That means that I can’t help the hero!」

Rosalie grit her teeth with regret upon hearing Slauri’s response to her HP. Then, she rushed to me with a grim look even though her chest was completely exposed.

「Goddess! It must be you, after all! I want you to do the same as me! Go to the water and make your clothes transparent!」

「Ehhh! I…I don’t want to…!」

「C’mon!! You have to show your guts by showing him your five or six breasts, or are you simply hesitating for nothing!?」

「Oh gosh!! The number of breasts keeps increasing!? Se…Seiya!! Say something please!!」

Seiya sighed deeply upon witnessing this fuss.

「It’s quite ridiculous in my opinion, but…The transparency skill is an important technique that will help me save the twisted world. Learning this skill is absolutely essential.」

「No…No way!! 」

「…Rosalie. Do it. 」

「Yes, roger that, my hero! 」

「Wa…Wait a minuteeeeeee…Eh, agh!?」

Rosalie slammed me according to Seiya’s instructions. I was thrown into the spring-like fountain.

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 *Chirarizumu (チラリズム), the art of giving a brief glimpse (of skin, underwear, etc.).


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