A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 4 – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: A Desire to Change

He shook his head lightly.

The old elf, Lagias, wrinkled between his eyebrows as he shook his head repeatedly. After a short moment, he stopped moving his head sideways and headed back to his office.

“There are still many tasks to clear up, and tons of work to do. I wanted to read a book at night, so that I could rest a little. However, I couldn’t touch the book and I couldn’t even afford to rest”. Lagias thought.

His wrinkled finger grabbed a brush pen in order to inscribe on the parchment. The ink looked very thin.

It was about time for the messenger of the human land to arrive in Ghazalia. That’s why Lagias had to write an alliance letter again. He had to prepare himself to meet them. The deep wrinkles in Lagias forehead created a deep valley on his face.

“My brother was someone great. He was a great elf. After all, he had been doing this hard work for hundreds of years. As the Fin, he kept Ghazalia peaceful. Yes, a country of elves only. For hundreds of years.” Lagias immersed on his thoughts.

Lagias held the pen with a strong grip. His eyelids closed slightly.

“How happy it would have been if only elves lived on this independent land. If all of us enjoyed the blessings of the forest and just live simply, nothing else would have matter”.

Lagias’ mind kept wandering. “But, that story was no longer a dream. That story got buried in the deep history of the past”.

Despite old, Lagias’ eyes were bright and didn’t lose its radiance. Yet, something occupied his mind. The human land had seen so many things unlike the elf kingdom.

Soldiers who had hardened themselves with a material stronger than iron. Systematic magic rather than relying on individual wisdom. Ambition that flowed like a big river without staying in one place. Techniques that made everything possible.

The human land became far more evolved than the human cities that elves used to know. On the other side of the coin, the elves continued to rely on the spirits. The elves had been living an unchanged life for hundreds of years.

Some elves called that development a foolish one. Other elves said that the humans were against the will of the earth. However, would that change torment the human beings?

Of course, it wouldn’t. They were a ruthless race. Eventually, they would invade this forest. The elves’ land. The conventions would be dispelled, the fear of the elves would fall, and the day would come when the trees would be burned down. Lagias had a deep understanding of what could become of his kingdom.

At that time, could the elves stand up on their own? After all, it was all for the sake of protecting the forests and their home. Could they stop those who seek change and conquest?

For Lagias, the changing nature of men was not he feared. Lagias knew that humans changed too much. The human race transformed themselves in a just a few decades. They weren’t perpetual. Lagias surely understood that. He felt a certain conviction on his heart.

Elves were an unchanged race. Nevertheless, the world had changed significantly in the meantime.

The same applied to the appearances of demon beasts. For some time now, scouting elves had witnessed many demon beasts near the borders of Ghazalia. There were no attacks inside Ghazalia yet, but eventually, they could invade the land and destroy the trees along with the sacred forests.

“We can no longer remain unchanged. All the elves must change. If we try to remain unchanged in the constantly changing world, we will be left behind and be discarded forever.” Lagias’ heart was heavy.

The elves had to change. The elves weren’t going to be the ones left behind in the world. They were not going to be the ones to fall or be swallowed by other nations. The elves needed a change greatly enough to involve the whole world.

A big cough spilled out of Lagias’ throat. His body trembled and pain ran through his spine.

“How long will this body of mine endure? I have lived for a long time.”

「Fin. Excuse me for bothering you. 」

After hearing those words, Lagias put his brush pen down and sat his back on the chair.

The person was a soldier under the direct control of Lagias. This soldier entered the room while there was almost no light to illuminate it. He was one of the few soldiers Lagias could trust.

Lagias understood well that some of the noble warriors only served themselves, and that some of the soldiers of the Royal Palace were hostile towards him.

He knew that his “changing” views would bring backlash from his people. When it came to elves, there was always hostility towards those who wanted to change. Especially the elf species of Ghazalia. Even free, they hated change. They felt repulsion towards it. Naturally, the enemy was born not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Even acquaintances and allies could become enemies.

However, Lagias believed that to change was the only way to stop the roots of the repulsion. However, in order to achieve that, one had to do it one by one, without stopping. Because such hatred and will for rebellion could lead to a troublesome end.

Even if the parents were killed and even if their children were killed, the grandchildren could continue to thrive and carry on with that will.

Therefore, there was no other choice but to remove the roots of the problem.

All one had to do was lure the problem to the ground where it could not escape. This was the only way to remove the branches along with the roots. It could be a decisive battle, but this removal was the most important thing.

The soldier whispered on Lagias’ ear. He nodded at the words and deepened the wrinkles.

「So, she has finally moved. My dear niece. Ah, but this is a good opportunity.」

He had an unmistakable smile on his face. It was a smile of relief.

The Elf Princess, Lagias’ niece, started the move along with the elves who supported her. However, it would take some time before it turned into a clear and serious movement. Yet, that didn’t concern Lagias too much.

It meant that his kingdom would stop being motionless. Not anymore. The worst thing for Lagias was a stagnant kingdom, where nothing happened at all.

The princess had been imprisoned in the Tower for a long time now. And those who had a rebellious heart in their chests ended up biting their lips to refrain themselves from revolting against the new system. It was troublesome for them, who endured their hatred, and troublesome for Lagias, who endured the unchanging lifestyle.

Lagias thought that none of their retainers would favor a change. Even if that change involved a rebellion in order to take his throne. Summing up, to make themselves enemies in order to take the title of Fin. Lagias thought that if one person could really see this boring future, everything would move faster. If every single elf remained unchanged, then nothing could be achieved.

However, someone finally arrived. Someone who moved. Well done.

Lagias’ shoulders swayed pleasantly, as well as his whole body.

「Great. Keep monitoring the situation. I shall take that burning hatred to my advantage. At least, with this, the cowardice that it is corrupting this nation will finally disappear.」

“In any case, it’s best to bring all the problems together. Let’s give a big change for this Ghazalia.” When Lagias professed those words, the soldier quietly nodded and disappeared into the darkness again.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at the shining lamp that slightly illuminated the darkness.

“Now, either way, this Ghazalia of mine is going to be exposed to a wave of change. If I win, then all the enemies and the pressure will go away. This is fine. In that case, let’s wipe the old bones and make Ghazalia a nation where goes to the point of exhaustion.” Lagias’ mind kept swirling.

“On the other hand, the princess could win at the end of the battle. That, too, is also a change. The young promising ruler that could blow away the old traditions. If there is a change of Fin in this short amount of time, even if a dull elf who overtakes that title, everyone, including the Princess, will realize that this world is constantly changing. Yes, always, regardless of what one could do to avoid that”.

Lagias firmly believed that what was needed for Ghazalia was pure change. No matter how it ended. The change was inevitable.

That was great. Extremely good. Well, of course. For Lagias, the results were pragmatic as well.

Lagias asked himself who could be the best Fin. Whether he or the princess. Lagias didn’t have doubts about it. His answer was sharp.

“…I am the best. Only I have the power and wisdom to overthrow this Ghazalia.”

Lagias had no desire to lose. For him, the princess shall become the cornerstone of the old bones.

If his brother was alive, he would be utterly sad. After all, Lagias’ brother was a compassionate person. He believed firmly in Lagias until the time he lost his life. The wrinkles on the cheeks of Lagias were greatly distorted during this time.

Lagias had no other choice but to kill his brother. Still, his brother’s death fell upon him. This murderous act was engraved in Lagias’ heart. It never disappeared.

That’s why Lagias mustn’t lose. The pain for killing his brother was unbearable, but it was for the sake of his cause. Losing would mean that his murderous act was useless. It would make him feel as if killing his brother was in vain. Therefore, Lagias was prepared to kill the princess.

Lagias was ready to use everything he could, and shake every possible foundation. If needed be, cut the life of his beloved niece as well.

That was the supreme role of the Great Fin, which Lagias considered himself. Upon having these thoughts, Lagias’ lips quivered tremendously.

No one dared to stop that fearsome and resilient will anymore.

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Is Lagias the rightful king? Or is he an imposter?


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  1. Progress is hard once in a nation that doesn’t like change. I guess lagias wins no matter the result of the rebellion.

  2. That guy isn’t wrong but he isn’t right either… he wants things to change but expects other to change them for him and still thinks he’s the best… 🤔
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Somehow, his thought process is kind of right lol. He’s still messed up in the head tho… Killed his own brother for his other cause. What a psychopath.

    Seriously, tho people start to have different opinions of change and then this is what happens. When other nations grow more than yours, it’s hard to come back from that, especially since your nation doesn’t like change.

    • Its hard since the leader of the conservative no progress movement is the former king, sometimes hard decisions have to be made

  4. Fin Lagias is simply seeking power to force HIS dogma onto the people and the world around him. The most dangerous people of all are those who believe in their own dogma to the exemption of all other viewpoints… To the point they will oppress and even murder other people for their differing beliefs.
    Dogma is AmGod backwards and that epitomises what dogma is and what it does to people.
    It’s exactly those kind of people who (with the best of intentions) will eventually destroy all the people and life around them.
    Their is a saying where I come from which states: “Good men always doubt themselves…bad men never do!”
    This is the problem of Fin Lagias and of every tyrant who believes they have the right to sacrifice the blood of others for their own dogmatic cause.
    After all, sacrifice magick or any kind of blood magick is ALWAYS the dark side or lefthand path for a reason. Why? Because it always leads to service to self, loss of compassion for others and the seeking of power for powers sake.
    Tyranny always comes from a place of fear and not love.

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