This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 145 Part 1

Chapter 145: A Goddess near Transparency (1)

「Agh!! 」

Rosalie threw me into the spring-like fountain. I managed to get out of the water by crawling with my soaked body. The dress got tight to my body, and my skin was transparent as expected. However, unlike Rosalie, I wore underwear beneath my clothes. I felt relieved. Still, Rosalie loomed behind me and shouted aloud.

「Goddess! You have to take off your underwear for us to save the world!」

「No…No way!! Isn’t my body transparent enough!?」

「No, it isn’t enough! Your body isn’t that transparent, you know!」

After a strong protest, a desperate Rosalie tried to strip off my underwear. Rosalie grabbed my breasts inevitably.

「Stop…Stop it, Rosalie! 」

「C’mon! Just show them your wet breasts!」

「NO…! 」

Although I begged with teary eyes, Rosalie kept her body in close contact with mine. She grabbed me strongly without loosening the grip of her hands. My body was deprived of freedom because of someone, whose power didn’t resemble a human’s power.

…So…Somebody, please help meeeeeee!!

Contrary to my distress, on the banks of the fountain, Celseus and Slauri were smirking and smiling amusingly.

「He, He! The embrace of women in bare skin! How nice, how nice!」

「Ah, ah, ah. That’s a different kind of Chirarizumu. 」

「How dare you give me that!! You asshole god!! 」

As soon as I yelled angrily, I heard a clicking sound. Rosalie pulled out my bra.

「What!? 」

「Don’t hide them!! Please remove your hands from your breasts!!」

「I already said “NO”!! 」

「Goddess!! Be more resolute!! 」

Rosalie, who became like a horse-rider, tried to remove my hands that protected my breasts. On this moment, Seiya muttered with his arms crossed.

「Hey, Slauri. How is the HP now? 」

「Yeah, I’ve got enough. 」

「I see. Okay, Rosalie. Come over to the shack. 」

「Roger! 」

Rosalie left me after Seiya commanded her to. Then, she ran immediately to Seiya. Hey! She looked like a loyal dog! But, somehow, I managed to survive this ridiculous ordeal!

Apparently, Slauri was happy to see Rosalie and me doing a half-naked performance…What a perverted erotic geezer!

「Well then, Slauri. Can you teach us now your Transparency skill?」

「All right. But, before that… 」

Then, Slauri came closer to me.

「What do you want! Don’t tell me that you want me to do more weird things!」

However, Slauri changed his erotic-looking expression, and looked like a calm and extreme wise man. He gave me linen clothes because my dress got wet in the water.

「Please wear this. 」

「Eh? 」

「Come on, fast. Women should not be dressed in obscene clothes.」

「Who the hell do you think that made me look like this, huh!!」

When I grabbed those clothes, I noticed that a light blue and refreshing aura surrounded Slauri’s body.

「Wha…What is that aura? 」

「My heart gets clear like crystalline water when I accumulate enough HP. I am no longer interested in your sensual appearance. Actually, your looks are rather annoying now.」

「You bastard!! I’m going to punch you in the face, you damn geezer!! Don’t you dare give me your cool character’s morality just because your desire has been fulfilled!!」

「Li…Lista. Calm down. Don’t forget that you are a goddess. 」

「My butt was seen by everybody, and my breasts were transparent!! Calm down my ass!! Go screw yourself!!」

Slauri also shook his head.

「Jeez. You were far from being transparent back then.」

「AH!? 」

「Transparency largely depends on the person’s mental state. If someone’s emotions are greatly disturbed, the degree of transparency will also oscillate.」

Slauri approached my face when I took a deep breath.

「I am going to give you my aura right now. 」

「Au…Aura? Do you mean to make me transparent?」

「That is correct. After getting my aura, if you practice diligently, you will be able to make yourself transparent.」

Slauri put his hand on me. I felt that a light blue-cool sensation penetrated through my whole body.

…Was this aura the aura from the Transparency skill…?

Slauri gave his aura to Seiya, Celseus and Rosalie in the same way as he did to me.

「Okay, you must get rid of all the desires in order to get your body transparent. But, I must warn you. It is easier said than done. It is surprisingly difficult to get rid of the distractions of one’s mind.」

「I…I understand! I’ll give it a try!」

「You have time. This is not something you can accomplish straightaway. But, I’ll instruct you whenever you need help.」

Finally, Slauri’s training began…Well, it was supposed to begin for all of us, but…

「Is this good? 」

I heard Seiya’s voice. However, I didn’t see Seiya’s figure anywhere around us.

…Seiya had already disappeared even before Slauri gave specific instructions for his training.

Slauri was even more surprised than I was. Even though he had a calm demeanor, Slauri shouted loudly while he hid his eyes behind his long hair.

「Did…Did I not give you my aura just now!? Besides, I don’t remember teaching you how to do it in the first place, did I!?」

「Yeah. But, I’ve done it.」

He…He…He was excessively amazing! Seiya’s quick learning ability seemed to be improving more and more!

「I…I am really surprised. Moreover, I can see that you are capable of maintaining the transparent state correctly…」

After that, Seiya became transparent and un-transparent for several times. But, eventually, he stopped using his Transparency skill, perhaps because he was convinced of his ability to perform it well.

「You guys try it too. This is the easiest training I’ve ever done. You must strongly urge yourself to eliminate your useless thoughts and become transparent like I did. It’s just like that.」

As Seiya told us, after taking a deep breath, I strongly urged myself to free my mind. However, there was no change in my body. I noticed that Seiya’s face became discouraged.

「Strange. Lista, you are so weak, and you never seem bordered by it as if it is normal for you. So, I thought that you would be transparent quite soon.」

「What do you mean by that!! 」

Contrary to my resentment, Celseus murmured with a confident face.

「What on earth. It seems that I can do it somehow.」

Re…Really!? But, Celseus was the Swordsman God, so maybe he had more sense when it came to focus!? Ugh…I didn’t want to fall behind!!

After a while, Celseus’ arms and face faded away and became transparent!

「They…They’re gone!! I managed to make them transparent!!」

Celseus spoke with delight. Certainly, his face and arms were transparent. However, the lower part of his waist remained visible.

「Celseus!! You!! Your lower body is the only part that remains visible!! That’s somehow creepy, you know!!」

「Ehh!? Is that so!? 」

「…Hey. Are you joking with this, Celseus? 」

「I’m not joking around! But, why is it that only the upper body disappeared and the lower half remained intact?」

「Hmm. In your case, it may be because the lower half of your body is full of desires.」

「Please don’t say such uncomfortable things to people, okay!?」

Uhuhuh! I was impatient, but it seemed that Celseus hasn’t mastered the skill yet! Now is your chance, Listarte! It’s going to be alright! Even Celseus could erase his upper body! I should be able to do it!

I closed my eyes with confidence. I focused my mind and hoped to become transparent. After a while, I opened my eyes…And I raised my right hand.

「My…My right hand is gone! I did it! It’s a success! 」

「No good. You didn’t succeed. Only the right half of your body is transparent. 」

I ran up to the water to see my reflected image. Then, I saw that only the right half of my body disappeared and the left half remained visible. It was as if I was cut in half from my brain to my buttocks with a sword. Celseus approached me and spoke loudly.

「Whoa! It feels horrible when I see you from the side! I can see all of your internal organs from the cross-section!」

「Hey, Celseus!! How dare you look at the cross-section of a goddess!!」

「…Hey. Are you joking with this, Lista? 」

「I’m not joking!! I’m doing my best!! 」

On the other hand, Rosalie was humming repeatedly as if she were chanting spells with a serious expression on her face.

「I want to help the hero; I want to help the hero…Ah, my hero! 」

「She is the epitome of desires. By this rate, she won’t be able to disappear at all. 」

「That’s impossible!! 」

…Seiya mastered the Transparency skill immediately. However, it seemed that for the rest of us it would take some time until we could master it properly. Suddenly, Seiya talked to Slauri.

「…Is it possible? 」

「Hmm. That would be hard for anyone other than myself. 」

「I want to try it. 」

「I can see that you have potential since you have mastered the Transparency skill in the blink of an eye. Okay, I understand.」

I wasn’t able to hear the important details of their conversation, but apparently, from the flow of the story, it seemed that Seiya intended to acquire something extra along with the Transparency skill.

And thus, rather than Seiya’s own training session in the spring-like fountain of the Underworld, this moment marked the beginning of our Transparency skill practice.

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 Sigh, it seems that not only Lista and Celseus are useless, but Rosalie as well. Let’s hope they learn it fast for Seiya’s sake…


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