This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 144 Part 1

Chapter 144: Number of Breasts (1)

The training, or should I say, the abuse against Rosalie took hours. Rosalie’s clothes were tattered by Seiya’s merciless attacks. Although she was repeatedly beaten and thrown to the ground, she somehow kept standing up.

「For…For how long will this continue. 」

Rosalie screamed every time Seiya hit her. Yet, her expression remained glossy, intact. Somehow, it felt strange to me. Still, I didn’t think too much into it, except for the long training time. At this moment, Celseus murmured next to me.

「But even with all those attacks, Rosalie hasn’t fainted completely.」

「Eh… 」

When I heard Celseus’ remark, I noticed the irregularity I’ve felt before. Every time Seiya attacked Rosalie, she fainted in agony and fell down to the ground. However, Seiya sprinkled water on her and she forcibly woke up. This sight was indeed strange. She could only wake up that fast because of one reason.

「Maybe she…! 」

I activated my clairvoyance ability on Rosalie.

Rosalie Rosgard

Level – 70

HP – 141493

MP – 9900

Attack – 179144

Defense – 186574

Agility – 168169

Magic – 860

Potential – 78

Resistance – Fire, Water, Ice, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Dark Protection (Lv 9)

Skills – Darker Thrust

Personality – Straightforward

I do remember that her level was less than 70 when I saw it for the first time. It seemed that her power increased in physical strength and defense.

…An increase of ability value in such a short time! It was somewhat abusive, but this training ended up being efficient!

In fact, Rosalie had probably realized the unusual effects of her endurance. She muttered to herself while being attacked by Seiya.

「This hero training is amazing! I can feel my power is improving!」

While blood ran through her eye, she kept screaming, 「Ahh, more, more! 」. She breathed wildly like a dog, 「Ah, Ah, Ah! 」…This spectacle felt so abnormal to me!

However, contrary to the excited Rosalie, Seiya threw his wooden sword at Celseus with a cold expression on his face.

「The training is over for today.」

「I…I can still do it! More…Do it more strongly!」

「Rosalie!? 」

「I can’t just train you. I have my share of training to do as well.」

「Is…Is that so… 」

Rosalie was eager to continue. Despite her enthusiasm, it seemed that the training for today had finally settled down. Seiya took a piece of paper from his chest and stared attentively at it.

「Hey, Seiya. What is that? 」

「I’ve picked up a number of people from the Underworld who could be suitable for my next training. But, just wait a second. I have to examine it properly.」

After saying that, Seiya started to analyze every detail written on that piece of paper. It wasn’t an unusual sight for me, but Rosalie was very impressed.

「As expected of the hero! He is so meticulous and elaborate on everything he does!」

Then, suddenly, I noticed that Celseus was looking fixedly at me.

「…Why are you looking at me like that?」

「Lista. You are the goddess in charge, but you don’t do anything at all. It seems that Seiya will decide on his own training destination again.」

「I…I do my own research as well! 」

「For example? 」

「Are you listening? I found that the Underworld has a person who can control storms! Seiya will be more powerful if he learns that skill!」

This evidence was the only piece of information I got while chatting with Uno. However, Seiya shook his head.

「Too bad, but your way is not the way I do things. First, I consider the future enemy and think about “the technique I want to acquire”. That’s when I look for someone in the Underworld.」

「O…Okay, then what is the technique that you want to acquire Seiya?」

「It can’t be helped… I’ll show you. 」

While shaking his nose, Seiya took out a new piece of paper from his pocket. Both Rosalie and Celseus exclaimed with great admiration.

「He does everything ahead of the goddess! He is a true hero!」

「He never wastes his time! Instead, he always prepares himself for victory! No wonder that our Lady Isister and Lady Aria recognized him as a top-class hero!」

Ugh! I couldn’t argue with them! After all, Seiya was an incredible hero…!

While thinking so, I was surprised to see the list handed to me by Seiya. The title was “the technique I want to acquire”.

『A technique to make someone sick without realizing it. 』

『A technique to poison someone’s food. 』

『A technique to set a bomb while sleeping. 』

『A technique to invoke a curse secretly. 』

『A technique to approach someone from behind without them knowing in order to cut their throat. 』

「These techniques don’t sound like something a hero wants to acquire!!」

「Why does it have to do with being a hero or not a hero? It’s a strategy to safely eliminate the Dragon King.」

「But it sounds like a conspiracy rather than something honorable…」

However, Rosalie shouted aloud as if she were impressed.

「Amazing! The best! 」

「Ehhhh…You think it’s the best? Hmm…Well, it would be nice if we could defeat the Dragon King with the techniques on this list…」

Seiya, who kept staring at the items in the list alternately for a while, nodded deeply as if he were finally satisfied.

「All right. I’ve decided on my next training destination.」

「You have finally decided, huh. So where and what kind of technique are you going to learn now?」

「In the list I showed you earlier, there was an item who said “A technique to approach someone from behind without them knowing in order to cut their throat”. I can’t use it against someone like Lucifer Crow to experiment it because I ended up killing her…Either way, it will be tough to counter the holy sword Egzation, since I won’t be able to cure the wounds that are inflicted by its blade. So, I don’t have another choice but to approach the God Dragon King without him knowing and slit his throat.」

「You…You had so many options, but you ended up choosing that one…!」

「I heard that a guy named Slauri can make his body transparent. He apparently lives in the Fountain of the Underworld.」

「Seiya, does that mean that you want to become an invisible person!?」

「That’s correct. Back in the old days, when I learned the art of change in the heavenly world, Rusti told me that it was impossible to make my body transparent. But, it seems that it is possible in the Underworld.」

I remember vividly that Seiya learned the art of change from Lady Rusti in order to defeat the Grand Lion in Exfolia. Seiya changed himself into a beast man back then. I was also transformed into a fish-man. Well, that made sense. We had to transform our appearance to match the enemy because we couldn’t be made transparent in the first place. Yet, this restriction didn’t apply in the Underworld.

「I will become transparent and approach Mash from behind his back so that I can gouge his throat secretly.」

「Per…Perfect!! Hero, that’s a wonderful idea!! 」

「… 」

I became speechless upon hearing their conversation. Then, Seiya proceeded to walk alone. Nevertheless, after a while, he looked back at us and said.

「Everyone. Come along. This time, Lista, Celseus…And Rosalie as well. I want you all to master this technique along with me.」

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