This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 4 – Chapter 160 Part 2

Chapter 160: Misadventure (2)

A few minutes later, Celseus sighed aloud 「Hwa…」.

Seiya stared at us when he noticed that Celseus and I frowned boringly.

「I will stay here for a while and talk to Hades. Go to Uno’s house first.」

「We…We are actually okay! We can wait for you! By the way, how much more are you going to ask Hades?」

「Not much. I have just a little over 100 questions left.」

「Is this a Quiz show!? 」

Seiya continued to ask Hades questions in an endless marathon. Seiya’s questioning style resembled an infant who persistently asked his parents about trivial things such as “Why is the sky blue?” or “How was I born?”

「…Let’s go, Celseus. 」

「…Yes. 」

Seiya kept asking questions to Hades as Celseus and I took our leave. Uno and Due returned with us after bowing deeply to Hades.

「I wonder if Seiya will be okay. Hades looked quite upset when he said, “Give me a break, will you? Stop being so persistent”.」

「It’s going to be fine. Lord Hades wasn’t angry at all. 」

「You think so? Seiya said that he would “ask Hades over 100 questions”. That sounds too extreme to me…」

I was talking with Uno upon leaving the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence.

「Let me go!! Leave me aloneeeeeeeeee!! 」

I heard a loud and angry scream. My body quivered at the same time.

「Wha…What was that scream!? 」

A crowd of people stood in front of Celseus. I noticed that black smoke came from that spot.

「Ehh!! A fire!? 」

「What’s up with that fuss. 」

Due changed his complexion and murmured. He approached that crowd to see what was going on. We also followed him.

At the center of the crowd stood a person from the Underworld. This person had a tree-shaped appearance, and I saw that the gatekeeper of the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence seized him. Burnt books scattered around in the floor right at the middle of the street. Apparently, these books were the cause of the smoke and fire. Uno and her brother stared fixedly at the tree-shaped being.

「He is certainly Li Tesfu from the 9th Avenue.」

「He is known for being a quiet person who usually stays at home. He organizes and acknowledges the history of the Underworld through books.」

The man from the Underworld called Li Tesfu was screaming loudly. He had vivid bloody eyes on the body of a tree trunk.

「Let me go, Let me go, Let me gooooooooooo!! 」

「He…Hey, he doesn’t look that quiet, does he!? 」

Despite being seized by the gatekeeper, Li Tesfu was desperately screaming. He was clearly on a rampage. Uno asked an Underworld mantis-looking person who was watching nearby.

「What is happening? 」

「Ah, it is you Lady Uno. You see, he suddenly set fire to the books he brought right in front of the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence. He screams without stopping, and keeps saying strange things…」

I looked closely at the burnt books. Most of them were scorched down, but some books managed to keep the original shape. I could see a cover of one particular book that said, “History of the Underworld”.

「Did you burn the history books that you wrote yourself? Why?」

Despite seized by a rope, Li Tesfu continued to scream.

「This is not the Underworld! This is not the Underworld!」

Ah, what? What was he talking about?

Some people of the crowd laughed upon hearing his crazy remarks. It was natural to be mocked by the people because he kept screaming illogically and kept saying that this place was not the Underworld where he was, in fact, living in the Underworld. Celseus also looked at Li Tesfu as if he were looking at a freak.

「Did your head go crazy because you’ve locked yourself up in your room and studied way too much?」

Then, on this precise moment. Li Tesfu gazed at us with fierce-looking eyes.

「Survivors from the Gods’ realm…!」

When he murmured those words, Li Tesfu forcibly walked towards us, still tied up with a rope!

「Listennnnnnnn!! Listen wellllllllllllllll!! It’s not just your world that has been twisted!!」

「Hyahhhhhh!? I…I…I didn’t say anything at all!! The one who spoke was this goddess over here!!」

「Celseus, you fucking bastard!! 」

He kept blaming me for everything he did!! But… Li Tesfu had already turned his eyes away from us and looked around.

「You fools!! When the Underworld regains the true Underworld form and all the twists come back!! That time!! Yes, when that time comes…」

During a scream of incomprehensible words, the crystal-like gatekeeper approached Li Tesfu’s back. Li Tesfu was struck by the gatekeeper and fell to the ground. The turmoil had settled down, but my heart was not calm. I touched Celseus’ shoulder.

「He…Hey. I felt that he was going to say something ominous. Didn’t you feel that too?」

「Ah, yeah. Don’t tell me that Seiya was right about not trusting the people from the Underworld…?」

Celseus and I spoke with a low tone so that the other people wouldn’t hear us. Similarly, the crowd of people from the Underworld whispered quietly.

「What a strange guy. 」

「He was clearly in a bad mood. I wonder if he is sick. 」

「Oh gosh. 」

I felt nervous. Therefore, I tried to check Due and Uno’s complexion. However…

「What does that mean? What was Li Tesfu trying to say?」

「His words were totally incomprehensible. Somewhat creepy, you know…」

Like Celseus and me, the siblings looked at the fainted Li Tesfu with a stunned look. It seemed that neither of them understood what Li Tesfu was saying.

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    • Dear readers. Interesting theory. The Editor and I think the same. But, at the same time, the Twisted Geabrande had the same characters found in the Original World but with twisted personalities, whereas the Underworld has entirely new characters. Keep the theories coming everyone!

    • Nice theory, but it’s unlikely. The Valhalla Gate is a servant of the Underworld, after all. If your theory is true, then the Underworld wouldn’t exist in the real world, since it’s just a twisted version of the God’s Realm, and the Valhalla Gate wouldn’t exist

  1. I think the real Underworld was filled with evil people but the twists made them nice and kind.
    This must be it. The god realm represents the light and the Underworld represents the darkness. Since light and darkness must always remain in balance, the corruption of God’s realm also ‘corrupted’ the Underworld. The God’s realm now represents the evil while the Underworld represents the good.

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    • Dear reader. We made changes to our schedule. You can find the post about it on the front page of our website. Kind regards.

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