This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 156 Part 1

Chapter 156: Divinity (1)

After arriving at the inn in town, Seiya arranged rooms for Celseus and me. Then, he immediately went towards his room in a haste.

I tried to chase Seiya, but Celseus grabbed my shoulder.

「Lista. Don’t go.」

「I’ve put up with it a lot!! But I can’t do it anymore!! I’ve reached my limit!! He is doing so many crazy things lately!!」

I burst with accumulated anger. However, unusually, Celseus stared at me with a serious look.

「Uno and Due already spoke with you. They said that Seiya is right.」

「Right!? Rosalie was killed because of a curse, and now he is using the rest of the townspeople to create suicidal walls of meat…Where in the world can you find a hero that behaves so badly like this!!」

Celseus spoke with distant eyes.

「I thought deeply when Rosalie died. Nobody can imitate the things he does.」

「No one can imitate such a cold-blooded hero!」

「I didn’t mean it that way. I genuinely thought it was astonishing. Because, how could I do it normally? I don’t think I’d do the things he does, even if the people of this world are illusions. Maybe I’m not prepared enough for this quest.」

「Prepared, you say? 」

「Yes, I feel that I am not prepared to restore this world back to its original state. But, Seiya is prepared, you know. At first glance, he looks cold-blooded, but I don’t think he really is that indifferent. He knows what his purpose is and knows what he should do.」

「Do…Do you really think that? 」

「The only way to save this world is to kill Mash, am I right? All we have to do is keep silent and watch the events unfold. Don’t you want to bring back the Gods’ realm and see Lady Aria and Lady Isister again?」

The gentle smile on the face of the Great Goddess Isister came to my mind. In addition, Aria, Adenela…When I remembered the good and friendly gods, my anger towards Seiya faded away. Instead, I felt extremely sad.

「Yes…I want to see them.」

When I finished this conversation with Celseus, I went to my room afterwards. When I opened the door without much strength, I sat down on a desk at the corner of the room.

…I didn’t know what to do anymore. Should I really keep silent and watch?

As Celseus said, Seiya was serious and always thought about how to complete the saving quests. Looking down ahead, Seiya seemed like a ruthless and cautious hero, but he was trying his best to defeat Merseys and her Sacred Hero. I did understand that. Still…

I took Mash’s bandana out of my luggage bag. There was a probability of getting hustled again and expose my ugliness if I became a devil in the earthly world. Not only that, I could get mentally exhausted as well.

…But, I was alone right now…It should be fine, right?

I took a deep breath to prepare myself, and I transformed into a devil. My spirit wasn’t disturbed, perhaps because there wasn’t anyone nearby. I grabbed Mash’s bandana and tried to read Mash’s lingering thoughts.

…A scene spread in front of me. It was the scene of a burning field. Dragon people were running away. Above them, giant monster flies filled the sky like clouds. They descended one after another, grabbed the running dragon people and dropped them to the ground to die.

「…Will I be able to stop the enemies if I turn into my true dragon form?」

Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice. It was Mash’s voice. Mash gritted his teeth while looking up at the sky at the top of a cliff. Next to him stood a young Elle and the Dragon Mother.

…Elle…She was still alive around this time! Wa…Wait a moment! This place…Don’t tell me that this was…!

「It’s great for you to have mastered the dragonization in a short period of time. However, the demon flies have already invaded the Dragon Village. That alone won’t be enough to prevent the slaughter of our people.」

Elle fell to the ground upon hearing the Dragon Mother’s response. She trembled so much. However, eventually, she lifted her face and smiled as if she decided what to do.

「I…I’ll do it! I will become the Holy Sword Egzation! Mash…I want you to save the world!」

「Elle…! 」

The Dragon Mother took Elle to the top of the cliff. If one looked down at the bottom of the valley, only a dark abyss spread below. That’s right…The “Holy Sword Ceremony” was about to begin. In other words, drop Elle into the abyss to transform her into the Egzation.

「Okay, Elle! You will die to become the Egzation!」

「Wa…Wait! I don’t want to sacrifice her…! We must find a different solution…!」

Mash shook his head in agony. Then, Elle held Mash’s hands.

「The hero never came to Geabrande. But, you see. For me the true hero is you Mash!」

Elle stopped holding Mash’s hands and she moved away from him.

「Mash…Save the world…」

With tears in her eyes, but with a gentle smile…Elle threw herself into the abyss of the valley.

「Elle!! 」

Mash screamed and broke down in tears. For a while, the Dragon Mother held Mash’s shoulder to console him, but eventually, she looked suspicious.

「Why? The Egzation didn’t appear. It can’t be…」

Then, Mash and Dragon Mother proceeded to climb down to the bottom of the valley. Finally, one could see the magical enchantment circle shining in the floor of the abyss. And…next to it, Elle was lying down! In a puddle of blood, her limbs were bent in an impossible direction as if all of them were broken! However…

…No…No way!! Elle…was still alive…!?

「Argh…Ugh… 」

Elle convulsed her bloodied body repeatedly, and breathed heavily.

「Ahh, what the hell! Elle hasn’t died!」

「Im…Impossible…! 」

「Mash! Hurry up! You have to kill Elle now!」

「I…I can’t do it! Let’s save Elle!」

「Don’t be foolish! She can’t be saved anymore! You must think about Elle’s suffering! Cut off her head right now and let her rest in death!」

「Bu…But… 」

「Look, Elle is in extreme pain! Elle said you were a hero! So, you must carry her will and save the world!」

「Uhhh…Uhhh… 」

With a trembling hand, Mash received the sword from the Dragon Mother. And…

「Whoahhhhhhhhh!! 」

With a mixture of despair and screams, Mash wielded his sword down. Elle’s tiny neck was cut off from her torso. After a short moment, Elle’s neck and torso were sucked into the magical enchantment circle with a mysterious force.

When Elle’s body disappeared completely, the magical enchantment circle shined with a strong light. And then, the Holy Sword, shrouded in the aura of light, raised from the ground.

「Ohh! This sword is the so-called Egzation! It is the strongest invincible holy sword that will help you defeat the Demon King! Come on, Mash! You must wield it!」

Mash grabbed the floating Egzation forcefully. Mash had a pale expression on his face, in contrast to the excited Dragon Mother.

「Wha…What have I done…!」

His eyes were hollow as if he were in tremendous grief. However, a small arm suddenly appeared from behind Mash’s back.

『Mash…I am here… 』

「E…Elle…? Is that you Elle!」

I could see her clearly. A young Elle stood beside Mash with her usual innocent smile.

「Can you hear Elle’s voice? That makes sense! Egzation is the Holy Sword of Life! That means that Elle isn’t dead!」

「Is…Is that so! Elle is alive even after becoming a sword…!」

Mash had tears of joy overflowing from his eyes. Knowing that information probably eased his heart. However, Elle’s illusion suddenly moaned and crouched in pain.

『Ah…Ugh…! 』

「Elle!? 」

『It…It hurts! It really hurts, Mash! My body is about to tear apart! 』

Blood began to drip from her face. Eventually, her hands and feet were covered in blood and she fell to the ground. Elle was transformed into a ghastly figure just like the one we saw when she fell into the abyss.

『It hurts, It hurts, It hurts, It hurts, It hurts!! Mash, I beg you!! Please!! Demons…Kill all the demons!』

「Mash. What’s wrong? What is Elle saying to you?」

「She…She says it hurts!! She told me to kill all the demons!!」

「I see. It means that you must let the Egzation suck the blood of the demons. If you do that, it will alleviate Elle’s pain.」

At that time. A single demon insect flew from the sky. This demon was a humanoid monster quite different from the other giant flies. This demon was Bell Bubu, the commander of the demon flies, which Seiya defeated with the power of bow taught by the lewd goddess Mithis. Bell Bubu looked fixedly at the shining seven-colored sword in Mash’s hand.

「I saw a strange light, so I came here to inspect…Gi, gi, gi! I see! So, that’s the Holy Sword Egzation!」

「…You came to the right place. 」

After saying those words, Mash set up the Egzation in an offensive stance. However, white smoke engulfed his hands while he held the sword. Bell Bubu laughed upon seeing Mash’s painful face.

「You idiot! You are losing to the power of the Holy Sword! You are just a boy and not a hero! You won’t be able to handle that sword!」

「…I don’t need a hero to save Geabrande!」

「Ahh, is that so? So, who is going to save it, then?」

Immediately afterwards, the dragon’s crest got engraved on the back of Mash’s hands and it shined brightly! The crest spread to his arms and resembled the tattoo I’ve seen before!

「Instead of the hero…I’ll be the one to kill all of you demons!!」

Bell Bubu flew rapidly, and fended off Mash’s large sword. He ran a few meters into the air and laughed mockingly from there.

「Gi, gi, gi, gi! Slow, so slow! My speed is the greatest of all demons! I am even faster than the Lord Demon King is! You won’t be able to beat me, even with the Holy Sword!」

Seiya once said that the speed of Bell Bubu was amazing, and thus, he practiced the power of bow in the Gods’ realm in order to avoid close combat. Nonetheless…

「…Full Heister. 」

Mash disappeared from my sight as soon as I thought about the past! With a tremendous jump and speed, Mash stood beside Bell Bubu before I knew it!

「What…!? 」

Mash wielded the sword freely against Bell Bubu, who stared at him with an astonishing expression. This attack was somewhat reminiscent of Seiya’s Phoenix Drive. Bell Bubu instantly turned into pieces of meat and scattered in the air. The Dragon Mother exclaimed with wonder.

「How splendid! Mash, my Lord, you are the honor of the Dragon Tribe!」

After the praise of the Dragon Mother, next to Mash, stood the bloody ghostly figure of Elle. She was laughing with a joyful smile.

「Elle! Are…Are you still in pain? 」

『Thank you, Mash! I feel good! I feel very good! Listen, you must let Egzation suck the blood of our enemies! Give the demons more pain! Like me, you must break their limbs, crush their lungs, and kill them in gruesome ways! Ah, ah, ah…Gyahahahahahahahahah!!』

「…Ugh!! 」

Unable to withstand Elle’s continuous madness, I stopped reading the lingering thoughts on Mash’s bandana. The sight I saw was so horrific and scary that I couldn’t stop shaking…

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