This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 4 – Chapter 160 Part 1

Chapter 160: Misadventure (1)

Just as Seiya instructed me to do, I summoned the portal from Geabrande to the Underworld. After we dived through the door, Celseus and I followed Seiya as he headed towards the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence, located at the center of the Underworld. Suddenly, Seiya stopped walking and took out a map from his pocket. Seiya created a map to understand where everything was located in the Underworld. He looked attentively at the map and looked around.

「What’s wrong, Seiya? 」

「Was the scenery like this before. 」

I also looked around at the area where the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence was located. The fog of the Underworld was not that thick this time. As a reminiscent of Seiya’s world, Chinese-style buildings lined up in the main street, and the strange-looking people of the Underworld with weird-looking styles were coming and going.

…I was taken aback at first, but I’ve gotten used to seeing the appearance of the people living in the Underworld. However…

「Hmm. I don’t think anything has changed much since last time.」

I smiled at Seiya, who kept alternating between the map and the scenery in front of him. Seiya didn’t look that convinced.

「Well, it doesn’t look like it, but something has probably changed, right? After all, we didn’t come back to the Underworld for a while.」

「Yeah. Like the Gods’ realm, the flow of time in the Underworld is different from the earthly worlds. It’s been more than a hundred days since we last came here. A store may have collapsed or a house may have disappeared.」

「Yes, that’s true. Celseus is right. 」

「…Hmm. 」

I wondered if our words convinced Seiya. Soon after, Seiya closed the map, and started to walk towards the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence again.

At the entrance of the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence, Hades’ home, a huge gatekeeper with a crystal body stood with a spear as usual. The gatekeeper noticed us and stood in front of the door.

「Ah! We don’t have permission to meet Hades! 」

「There’s no problem. 」

After saying those words, Seiya gave something to the gatekeeper. It looked like a business card to me. The gatekeeper stared at it and silently opened the door.

「Wha…What’s that? 」

「That’s a “Hades audience card”. 」

The gatekeeper gave the business card back to Seiya, and it let us pass through the door. Seiya explained while we went inside the shrine.

「Eh, ehhh. Who knew that you would prepare something like that in advance…?」

「I needed it, so made it. 」

「Seiya, you made that card yourself!? 」

「It’s a hassle to get permission to meet Hades every single day. The card makes the process easier.」

Seiya created a Hades audience card just to meet him at free will. The white card was apparently made of a plastic-like material. Moreover, illegible letters were written in the back.

「It has written the following words, “The owner of this card has priority over other audiences with Hades”.」

「Ah, I see…I mean, I didn’t know you were doing so many things at the same time, Seiya. You are even making cards in the Underworld.」

「Seiya has been doing cards for a while now. He used to have a stamp card for Cafe de Celseus. How nostalgic.」

「Did your cafe have such a thing? 」

「Yes, it had. Look, it was a great card where one could get 50 free coffees. 」

「Ah, I remember. It was a stingy service, so I threw it on the day I got it. 」

「What the hell, you!! 」

「Aside from the stingy stamp card of a destroyed shop, the card system was something universal in the world I lived in. It is better to adopt an efficient practice no matter what kind of world we live in.」

「Yes, I know that Planet Earth has a fairly well developed civilization. Compared to other worlds, Planet Earth has many developed countries…No, to put it simply, Planet Earth is a very advanced world.」

We walked while talking about a breezy and carefree topic before we reached Hades’ throne room. When we opened the large door, I saw Hades, who sat behind a gray carpet…

「What!? 」

Surprisingly, Unoporta and her brother Due were standing beside the throne.

「It’s been a while, everyone. 」

The two of them humbly bowed to us.

…I knew it, so Uno and Due were probably Hades’ close aides…

When I first met Uno, she brought us to the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence. Back then, she said, “the Underworld Ruler, Lord Hades, told me to bring you”. Perhaps, it was under Hades’ command that both Uno and Due allowed us to stay in their home. Either way, both Uno and Due were relatively decent people in the Underworld. I wondered if that was the reason why they served Hades directly. When I thought about such a thing, Hades spoke loudly while raising the corners of his mouth.

「You have successfully completed the salvation quest of the Twisted Geabrande. The distortion corrupting the Three Thousand Worlds has lessened upon saving one of the twisted worlds created by Merseys.」

Hades, who resembled the Great Goddess Isister in power, could see what was happening in the worlds. Therefore, he saw that we beat Mash in the Twisted Geabrande.

Both Uno and Due were smiling happily behind Hades. Still, Seiya stared at Hades with sharp eyes.

「I have something to check first. You said that it wouldn’t be a problem for me to kill both monsters and people alike in the twisted worlds. However, the deep consciousness of the people living in that twisted world still had the memories of the original world…」

「Tha…That’s right! Both Mash and Elle remembered us deep inside of their souls!」

「“The memory of the soul remains intact regardless of the twisted world or original world.” …Based on this assumption; it means that what you told me before was false information.」

Seiya was clearly suspicious of Hades. Nonetheless, Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld, smiled in a subdued voice without any uncertainty.

「Deep consciousness is an elusive consciousness that does not appear on the surface. Therefore, I thought that it would not affect the world that much. However, now that you mention it…」

Hades stared at the holy sword Egzation on Seiya’s waist and narrowed his eyes.

「Originally, you could not obtain that sword. However, having it now means that it could be a blessing. Yes, a blessing to those who did not disregard the souls of those who live in the twisted world.」

「A blessing, you say? 」

When I asked, Hades kept staring at Egzation with an unusual and serious look.

「I feel a slight willpower lingering in that sword. A will that belongs to someone who views you as the hope of the world.」

「Does… Does that will belong to Elle from the twisted world?」

「I do not know the details surrounding that willpower. 」

「That’s too vague. Can’t you see the whole world? 」

「There are still things I do not understand. And by saving the Twisted Geabrande, I have learned something new this time.」

「What do you mean? 」

「The power of violence that has spread to the Underworld as well… Furthermore, the holy sword that was given to the hero by being originally extinct…Perhaps, a new order is about to be born in this universe. A new order that I do not know about since it has never happened before. Nevertheless, I do know that you inherited that will. A heart embodied with hope is on that sword. Moreover, the impatient feeling is a mysterious technique…」

After saying those strange words, Hades looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. Celseus and me stared at each other and said.

「He…Hey, Lista. What does he mean by that? 」

「I…I don’t know! 」

The words of the people living in the Underworld, including Hades, were often confusing and mysterious. I didn’t know what he meant, so I looked attentively at Seiya. I noticed that Seiya closed his eyes quietly like Hades, and had his arms folded. As…As expected of the one talent in a hundred million people! Seiya understood Hades’ words, which Celseus and I didn’t understand!

After a short moment, Seiya slowly opened his eyes and stared at Hades.

「…What do you mean? 」

What!! He didn’t understand after all!! Hades’ words were too confusing even for Seiya!!

「Your words are too abstract. Repeat them again.」

「The influence of the twisted worlds on the Underworld, the existence of the holy sword, and a new order that is about to be born in the universe.」

「Repeat what you said after that too.」

Seiya took notes after having Hades repeat every single word. I giggled at the situation.

「We…Well, Seiya just wants to check it by listening to everything repeatedly. Seiya never had a chance to talk to Hades properly until now.」

「…No. Ryuguuin Seiya often comes to see me. 」

「Is that so!? 」

That fact surprised me. As usual, Seiya nodded with an innocent face.

「Yeah. But no matter how much I talk with him, it’s always a question and a vague answer. It’s the same every single time. I never make proper progress with these conversations.」

「If you ask me the same question, I will just repeat the same answer again.」

「Ehhhhhhhhh!! Seiya, did you come here to ask the same thing many times over!?」

「He just comes here to hear what I have to say.」

「If I ask him a question a few times, I may be able to understand something that I didn’t understand before. Besides…To be honest, this guy is suspicious.」

「Seiya!? 」

「Lo…Lord Seiya!? 」

「You mustn’t speak of Lord Hades that way!! 」

Uno and Due, who had been quietly watching, shouted at the hero’s rant. After an awkward silence, Seiya cleared up his throat a little.

「That’s the way I feel. And I don’t feel it just towards Hades. I don’t trust the people of the Underworld.」

「The…Then, does that mean that your suspicion includes both us siblings?」

「Correct. 」

「No, Seiya!! Why are you talking to them like that!! Just pick different words!! Uno and her bother let us stay on their house for free!!」

「I don’t have any different words because it is the truth. 」

Uno and Due made sad faces, and Celseus and I looked frustrated at Seiya. Despite this, Hades laughed eerily, as usual.

「I shall repeat again, those who live in the Underworld have no hostility towards you. The Gods’ realm and the Underworld have a relationship of supply and demand. This is an unchanging truth.」

It was a well-known fact that people of the Underworld, including Hades, had no hostility towards us. Well, each time Seiya practiced in the Underworld, he traded his training for…In other words, the “HP”, which was the shame of gods. Celseus and I were constantly humiliated.

「By the way, Seiya! You mustn’t forget that some people of the Underworld have taught you their skills so far!」

「Well…I guess so. 」

Seiya then pointed to Celseus and me.

「Either way let me say it again. I don’t trust anyone in the Underworld, not even this god and this goddess.」

「Hey, isn’t that statement a bit too harsh and cold!? 」

「That’s right!! As for me, we have been together for a long time, haven’t we!? You can trust me!! It makes me sad every time you say that!! 」

After exhaling a big sigh, I smiled awkwardly at Uno and Due.

「Well, you see, this hero has always been like this! He doesn’t trust anyone regardless of who that person is!」

「Is…Is that so. 」

「If…If you say so…Even so… 」

Both Uno and Due had subtle expressions on their faces. However, Hades laughed when he saw how desperate I was in making excuses.

「Uh, uh, uh…Goddess Listarte. 」

「Wha…What? 」

「That blessing is probably a protection that acts the same way as the cooperation between the evil gods and Merseys.」

「Protection…? Do…Do you mean, perhaps, the Great Goddess Isister’s protection…? 」

「The Gods’ realm does not exist right now. It is something different. Perhaps it is another thing who is neither a god nor a demon nor an Underworld person who is trying to guide you.」

「“Another thing”? 」

When I repeated those mysterious words, Hades looked up at the ceiling again and remained silent. If I asked him again, Hades would probably give me the same answer. There would be no meaning in asking again. But…

「Hey. What does that mean? 」

「I do not know. Anyway, it is another thing who is neither a god nor a demon nor an Underworld person…」

「No, I can’t seem to understand it at all!! Seiya, let’s change the topic!! Let’s hear about the next saving quest, the Twisted Exfolia!!」

「Before that, I have a couple of questions. First, does Merseys know that Geabrande is back to normality? Is there a possibility that Merseys and Zeth will attack me during the saving quest of the Twisted Exfolia? And furthermore…」

Seiya asked various questions. I also listened to them halfway through, but Seiya’s questions were not exactly about the Twisted Exfolia per se. His questions were just ridiculous and meaningless questions that seemed more important than the saving quest of Twisted Exfolia…

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