This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 157 Part 1

Chapter 157: The Memories of Souls (1)

「…Unbelievable. 」

Seiya spoke with an astonishing tone.

「He…Hey, Lista!! Which one of us is your ally!?」

Celseus yelled at me. Still, I looked fixedly at Mash who stood in front of my line of sight. Mash stopped walking and glanced at me incredulously.

「A trap, you say? I had a hint even if you didn’t tell me that info. But, I don’t care. I’m going to kill you all.」

「You mustn’t underestimate Seiya! You probably think that he set up 10 traps…But, no! There may be 100 traps here or even more! If you enter this town, you will definitely be killed!」

「I am your enemy, and yet, why do you keep warning me of that hero’s traps?」

「Tha…That’s because…」

「What is your deal?」

「Because, Mash…I feel sorry for you!」

I cried when I said those words. However, on this very moment, my body was blown away from the spot. Seiya pulled me away with extraordinary power.

「That’s enough. Shut up.」

I couldn’t even look at Seiya when he pulled me away. He responded with a very cold voice. I was hit on the ground with my back, and I couldn’t say anything due to the impact. Celseus approached Seiya in a hurry.

「Se…Seiya! What are you going to do now?」

「Mash is also a suspicious person. He won’t come into this town anymore.」

Finally, Seiya turned around and sent me a scornful look.

「I expected you to be a hindrance. But, I didn’t think you were this stupid.」

「Ugh…Uhhh… 」

「You are not required to save this twisted world along with me. From now on, you will wait at the inn after invoking your portal.」

Although Seiya’s words weren’t completely harsh, he was indeed angry with me. Seiya told Celseus with a calming tone.

「But, there’s no problem despite this outcome. Of course, I already assumed there was a possibility where I wouldn’t be able to lure Mash into this town and end up having to fight him outside.」

Seiya snapped his finger. Suddenly, I heard a rustling noise, and most of the inhabitants of Igle town appeared in the grass from the far left to the far right!

…What!! This meant that, before he released the barrier, Seiya had already concealed an ambush out of town!?

I knew that the demon-human alliance had skilled wizards. Did Seiya moved the inhabitants through the movement magic circle with the help of those wizards? I didn’t know the details of his strategy, but I trembled again upon realizing the degree of Seiya’s cautiousness. He had been thinking about various possibilities and patterns so that he could surely win this fight. No matter how fearsome Mash and Egzation could be, for Seiya, they were just mere threats, or maybe, even less than that.

「Celseus. Gather those who are waiting in the town here. Tell them the battlefield is going to happen outside of town.」

「Ye…Yes! 」

Celseus started running like an obedient subordinate. In the meantime, six ambushers who were hiding surrounded Seiya in order to protect him. Mash laughed when he saw these people wearing just chains.

「Are you using the people of this town as shields? You sure are one unlikely hero. However, you never came when Geabrande was in the midst of total destruction. Was it because you didn’t have the confidence to defeat the Demon King?」

「I came to Geabrande before. And I saved the world.」

「You didn’t save it. 」

「I saved it. 」

「You never came here in the first place. 」

「I came. 」

「…You bastard! 」

「I came here and saved it. But, I saved the real world, which is different from this place. This world is an illusion. And you are a distorted illusion that isn’t worth living.」

「Don’t you dare shit on me!!」

While arguing with each other, Celseus led dozens of people. Not only armed men, but also Nina along with women contaminated with Infect Lover. Seiya quietly nodded when he saw the people gathering one after another.

「Damn it. You’ve earned some time by having this silly conversation, huh. But, it’s pointless to gather a few weak guys. Besides, I know that you have set some traps because of the nonsense spilled by that idiotic woman. Do you really think that you can beat Egzation and me?」

In response to Mash’s words, Seiya gave him a sharp look.

「Perfectly Ready.」

「…You bastard, you’re a really messed up guy.」

A furious Mash spit on the ground. Immediately after, a tinny arm covered in blood appeared from behind. It was Elle’s ghost. She entwined her arm around Mash.

『Kill them, Mash…! Both humans and gods…And even heroes…! 』

「Yeah, I know. 」

Elle’s ghost laughed, dissolved into space and disappeared. Mash walked up to Seiya while showing terrible hate.

「I’ll show you bastard. I’ll show my overwhelming and indestructible power…I’ll turn myself into a Pole Changing Dragon.」

Mash could turn into a Pole Changing Dragon just like the Dragon Mother!! Wha…What kind of change would it be!?

Seiya, on the other hand, just looked attentively Mash. However, he wasn’t that concerned and talked to the people instead.

「Everybody. Now is the time to give your life for the sake of saving this world.」

「YES!! 」

The faces of the inhabitants tightened up. Mash and Seiya faced each other. The visible hatred between the two men was swirling violently.

I began to panic when I saw this scene of hatred. I shook Celseus’ shoulder who was by my side.

「This isn’t good!! This isn’t what I envisioned!! Seiya and Mash are hating each other!!」

「Lista! You have to chill! 」

Celseus grabbed my arm as he said those words. But, I shook him off. In my head, the voice of a young Elle, which I had dreamed about, kept repeating without stopping.

『Seiya won’t save the world if it continues like this.』

It could be my delusion! But…Even so, I felt that Seiya was actually wrong! Still, I didn’t know what was right! I truly wanted to know the truth! I wanted to convey the truth to Seiya! But, what should I do…!

While trying to run up to them, Rosalie’s last words passed through my mind.

『But, I do think you are a great goddess.』


I stopped halfway through before reaching Seiya and Mash. I remembered Rosalie’s dying face as she smiled and clenched her fist firmly.

…If I…If I really had the power of a goddess…! Now was the time to prove it…!


I screamed unconsciously. After becoming a devil, I closed my eyes and put my hands together in order to pray.

…Aria…Great Goddess Isister…!! Please help…Both Seiya and…Mash…!!

…Silence. The noise and chaos of the battling area suddenly went far away. The murderous air changed into a calm ambiance. Then, I heard the gentle chirping sound of birds. I slowly opened my eyes.

「What…!? 」

Seiya and I, who should’ve been facing Mash in the vast grasslands, were now alone in a small room with an opening window. There was a small bed and a simple table in the room. Somehow, I felt as if I’ve seen this place before.

…Was this place…an inn…?

「It can’t be…」

Seiya was looking attentively at the surroundings. Seiya, who was someone indifferent, was clearly upset by what he saw.

「Hey, Lista. What does this mean?」

Seiya grabbed me forcibly when he looked at me.

「Is this your doing? What on earth did you do? Where is this place?」

Seiya was holding my chest with a strong grip…He looked pretty upset at me, and ended up grabbing my breasts without realizing it!

「Ohhh!? You…You are touching my breastssssssssssss!!」

「Don’t be silly! Bring us back! As soon as possible!」

「Ohhhhhhhh!! I’m not being silly, and I’m feeling a huge pain in my breastssssssssssss!! You are ripping them offfffffffffffffffffff!!」

I was scared when I saw an emotional-driven Seiya. He grabbed my breasts with so much strength that it felt too painful and unbearable. I began to scream while crying…

「Ahahahahahah! 」

I heard a joyful laugh. I looked in the direction of this familiar voice. A little red-haired girl was sitting on the bed in the corner of the room.

Was it Elle? But…But, how…I felt confused when I saw my delusion of Elle while being with Seiya.

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:O …Oh, so Lista’s delusion was not a “delusion” after all…


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