This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 156 Part 2

Chapter 156: Divinity (2)

…Upon Elle’s death, Mash’s personality changed tremendously. Perhaps, Elle’s ghost appeared all the time and whispered at Mash’s ear. Mash destroyed the demons to remove Elle’s pain. However, Elle’s pain didn’t disappear even after defeating the Demon King. Meaning that Elle would only be saved after Mash destroyed all the other species except the Dragon Tribe. That’s right…Even human beings.

…Mash. It’s hard, isn’t it? It’s painful, isn’t it? That’s right. I must save Mash from this hell as soon as possible. No matter what. Seiya was correct.


A nostalgic voice called me suddenly. A young Elle stood next to me. But, this time, I wasn’t that surprised. I knew in my heart that she was just an illusion.

「Disappear. You are my delusion.」

『Lisutan. Listen, Lisutan. 』

「The true Elle is a ghost whose ego has collapsed due to severe pain. I didn’t want to admit it, but I figured out who you really are.」

『That’s wrong. Lisutan. 』

Elle’s illusion began to cry. She rubbed her eyes as she talked to me.

『Seiya won’t save Geabrande if it continues like this. And as a consequence, this world won’t have a future.』

I stared fixedly at Elle’s illusion.

「Please disappear! 」

『I beg you Lisutan…Please…Help Mash…! 』

「I…I told you to be gone!! 」

I threw the pillow that was on the bed at Elle. The pillow pierced through the illusion and hit the wall.

Before I noticed it, only the pillow laid in the floor. Elle’s figure was nowhere to be found.

Next day.

In the morning, Seiya gathered the townspeople at the town square to make the final adjustments. When the sun raised directly above them, Seiya called the men and women of all ages out of town and lined them up like an army. Then, he turned his sharp eyes to the people.

「From now on, the Holy War against the God Dragon King Mash Dragonite will begin. Don’t be afraid to die. We are the ones who will win this war.」

The men roared and waved their arms as they responded to Seiya’s voice. Even the women and children were shining their eyes as if they didn’t fear the costs of battle.

「Hmm. I wonder if this is mind control.」

Next to me, Celseus murmured with a low voice. It looked like the brainwashing transformed the inhabitants into dolls that moved according to Seiya’s will.

「Then, everyone, ready yourselves to each position.」

Everyone scattered apart, and hid behind the shadows of the buildings. The seemingly noisy town of Igle turned into a deserted ghost town. Celseus slowly approached Seiya and asked him.

「Seiya. So, how do you plan to lure Mash into this town?」

「There’s no problem. Mash is already near this town. He came to inspect the area to see what happened to the Dragon Mother and her army.」

「Eh? How do you know that? 」

「I’ve invoked the Automatic Phoenix when I arrived at this continent. And right now, they are watching Mash from far above.」

Seiya released the Automatic Phoenix in large quantities when we first met Mash. I thought it was meaningless, but apparently, it was for surveillance. Most probably, Seiya invoked the Automatic Phoenix to scout the entire Geabrande. The firebirds were most likely telling Seiya about Mash’s whereabouts.

「I expected that the Dragon King would lead tens of thousands of executive dragons and soldiers from Bahamtross…But, no matter how many times I look, he is coming here alone. What an over-confident guy. This fact has increased our winning chances.」

Seiya murmured with a relieved expression after knowing that Mash didn’t bring escort soldiers.

「Okay, I will release the Igle’s barrier now.」

I was surprised when I saw Seiya put his hands together in order to cast something that resembled a spell.

「Se…Seiya, can you release the barrier on your own!?」

「Yeah. I heard it from the mayor, and I’ve mastered it since then.」

When did that happen…I was extremely surprised. Then, a sound that resembled the sound of earth echoed high, followed by a cracking sound coming from the barrier surrounding the town of Igle. The iron-walled barrier that had protected this town from the invasion of the dragons for decades…Was finally released along with the crushing sound of shattering glass. Soon, I could see the surrounding scenery that most people here had never seen before. In front of me spread a burning-looking field where the demons fought against the dragons.

「God Dragon King! The barrier, which covered Igle town, has been finally released!」

Unusually, Seiya raised his voice. There was a lone figure ahead of Seiya’s line of sight.

「You bastard…!」


Seiya may have known Mash’s whereabouts through the eyes of Automatic Phoenix. However, both Celseus and I were utterly startled. Who…Who knew that Mash was this close to the town!

The distance between Mash and us was only a dozen meters. Mash looked at Seiya with stagnant eyes.

「So, you have been following me with those firebirds of yours. What an annoyance.」

「I will not run away or hide this time. Let’s settle this here.」


Footsteps. Mash pulled the Egzation out of his waist sheath and walked towards Seiya. Seiya explained to us why Mash came here on his own.

「He has a straightforward personality. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been fleeing from his sight. He must be upset and must hold a grudge against me. That’s why it was easy to lure him into this town.」

Mash probably ventured this way because something told him in his head that he could find something here. But, the barrier of Igle town had finally been released…In front of me stood the meticulous hero…Who had already defeated the Dragon Mother and her minions…Everything was carried according to Seiya’s strategy.

「Come, Mash. This town will become your graveyard.」

I thought Seiya had great confidence as well. He planned to use the inhabitants as walls of meat…But, this was Seiya we’re talking about here. He probably had a hidden plan, which Celseus and I didn’t know about. For now, the Igle town had become a completely unbeatable trap.

…It…It’s alright! If Mash died here, the twisted world would disappear! That’s why, I had to accept this way of things…

I kept telling myself those words while I saw a fierce-looking Mash approaching Seiya. Then, I saw a figure behind Mash. Elle’s adult ghost entwined her bloody and bent arm around Mash’s shoulder.

『Mash…Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill…It hurts, It Hurts, It Hurts, It Hurts, It Hurts…』

Elle’s voice was probably echoing in Mash’s head quite frequently. I wouldn’t be able to withstand it if someone whispered to me the same words over and over again. Mash’s heart might had been eroded over the years.

…Mash…His mind and heart were constantly brainwashed by Elle’s distorted illusion. Her words held remorse and rancor…She wanted to break what remained of his heart by killing humans…

It was a strange sight to see a ferocious Mash. Still, I could see that innocent, young Mash in my eyes.

『Hey, Lista. I beg you. Help me. Please help me.』

The Mash I knew very well was crying for my help. My heart tightened upon seeing him suffering like this. At the same time, my childhood memories came back.

…While stroking my head after the other gods bullied me, Aria said to me that time.

「Listen, Lista. There is something far more important for you as a goddess.」

「Something far…more important? 」

「You see, you have it in you even before you were born as a goddess.」

Aria smiled at me and said the following words.

「You mustn’t forget your kindness.」

The army of inhabitants hidden behind Seiya. Many traps were set on this town. If Mash were lured inside, then victory would certainly be 100%.

Still, I yelled at Mash with all my might.

「Mash!! Don’t come over here!! This is a trap!! 」

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  1. Thank you.

    Well, i expected somethin really dumb from her but not to this degree…
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    Save Lista, Seiya!!!

    • Adam before judging lista wait for the next chap and see what will happen next 😕 my dude you literally don’t even know if she’s right or wrong and you kept on hating her because of her being annoying. What if she’s right and it won’t save the world by killing mash then you would regret what you’re saying 😐

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      • It depends. The only way I could think of that would make Lista kinda doing the right thing, although in the wrong way like normal, would be if that Mash himself needs to resist the twisted Elle and no one else can undistort her so if he dies then it can’t be fixed

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