This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 154 Part 2

Chapter 154: Desperate Love (2)

The Dragon Mother and Rosalie were about to die.

But…But this was not a real illness! It was probably some kind of curse! If so, then…!

I shouted at Seiya.

「Seiya! Please undo the dark magic! Hurry! 」

「I refuse. I want the Dragon Mother to die. 」

「But, Rosalie will die if we wait! Seiya, you must stab the Dragon Mother with your sword! So, please hurry up!」

「Hmm… 」

Seiya approached the Dragon Mother with his sword. The Dragon Mother stared fixedly at Seiya with a bloodied face.

「You said you were a hero…! But, don’t forget that you are inferior even to demons…!」

「Is that so? It seems that the Ultimate Wall has been lifted. I can kill you now.」

…I ran over to Rosalie without hesitation. During this time, I heard a dull noise. It seemed that Seiya stabbed the Dragon Mother with his sword. I screamed at Seiya while holding a dying Rosalie.

「Seiya!! 」

「…I already undid the dark magic.」

「Rosalie!! I’ll cure you now!! 」

I activated my healing magic rapidly. However, Rosalie coughed violently and vomited insane amounts of blood. My dress became red because of her blood.

…Oh…Oh no! I couldn’t cure Rosalie with my healing magic because she was getting too weak!  She was getting weaker faster than my healing ability!

Still, I continued to cure her desperately. Seiya stood next to me.

「It’s no use. This dark magic technique is so powerful that even the Dragon Mother couldn’t escape her fate. That means that Rosalie won’t be able to withstand it.」

「Seiya…You…Did you intend to use Rosalie as a sacrifice from the very beginning?」

「She failed the assassination mission two consecutive times. Therefore, I thought that her role had to end here.」

「What!? 」

「Well, I’m a little disappointed. I wanted to use Rosalie in the battle against the Dragon King. But, it seems that her purpose got fulfilled earlier than expected. I am glad that I finished this fight unharmed.」

「Do…Don’t joke with me…! 」

Seiya didn’t care about Rosalie, and I felt so angry with him because of his cold heart. However, Rosalie shook her hand on my chest before I burst against him.

「Ro…Rosalie? 」

「It is…okay. I am happy…I finally helped the hero. And…And…」

Rosalie touched her bloodied lips. She looked quite happy. That’s right, Seiya kissed her.

「*cough cough* …And…finally yet importantly…」

I could feel the flame of Rosalie’s life disappearing. I could surely help her if I used my Order. But, it was impossible right now because the Gods’ realm ceased to exist. I had no other ways to save Rosalie. This fatal wound was too deep for my current healing magic. My powerlessness, and frustration with Seiya, made my eyes teary.

「I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Rosalie. 」

「Why…Why is the goddess crying? 」

「Because…Because…! 」

Rosalie was staring at me with a clear eye, even though she was breathing hard. She thanked me with a tearful voice.

「Thank you…It seems the hero takes you lightly…」

Then, Rosalie smiled and continued to speak.

「But, I do think you are a great goddess.」

Rosalie, who professed her last words, hung down her head and lost power.

「…Did…Did she die? 」

Without answering Celseus’ question, I slowly let go of Rosalie’s dead body, and grabbed Seiya’s chest.

「What the hell were you thinking about!? You did such a horrible thing!!」

「I’ve told you many times. This old Rosalie is a fake. Once I save this twisted world, everything will be back. It means that the real Rosalie will be back too.」

「Fake? What are you talking about? The Rosalie from this world also has feelings! Don’t you feel sorry for her?」

「More…More importantly, Seiya! Will it be inconvenient for you now that Rosalie is gone?」

「Don’t worry. We can invade Bahamtross with Lista’s portal. 」

「That…That means that you ended up using Rosalie that time so that I could use my portal in case something happened to her! You were already thinking about the possibility of Rosalie dying!」

Tears fell from my eyes.

「Rosalie worked so hard, you know! She did her best during training! She even loved you, Seiya! And yet, you did a terrible thing! So terrible!」

「I am aiming to save the twisted worlds in a safe and good physical condition, so that I can finally defeat Merseys and the Sacred Hero without any hindrances. Therefore, it is natural for me to use a good illusionary person even if he or she ends up dying for my cause. What is wrong with my strategy?」

「That’s the reason why! If you keep doing this, you will be swallowed by darkness!」

I screamed, and then a moment of silence came in. Eventually, Seiya snorted “hmm”.

「I will be swallowed by darkness, you say? Did you forget what happened in Fulwaana town? The Death Emperor said that it’d be our end if we truly admitted the existence of the twisted world. So, I treat this world as a complete illusion. You are the one who is about to be swallowed by hallucinations.」

「I knew from the beginning that you would never accept this world! But, that doesn’t give you the right to despise the people that live here!」

I was furious. However, Seiya stared at me with a stern look on his face.

「Stop talking. Did you forget about what happened with the Grand Lion? Based on your logic, do you think its fine to keep doing the same mistakes?」

I was speechless when I heard Seiya’s remarks. Mi…Mistakes…? Did that mean I was wrong? Was Seiya correct as always? But… Even so…!

「If…If we end up not saving this twisted world, that means that this Geabrande will become a reality, am I right? Would it be our mistake then? Seiya, when you died trying to save Exfolia for the first time, you gave yourself some instructions, correct? So, was not saving Exfolia a mistake you made? That’s my point, you know.」

「Don’t compare me to you. When that happened to me, I left all the instructions to save the world. But, I never thought of it as the “world I couldn’t save”. I always do it with the belief that I will definitely save the world. Is it not the same with you?」

「Well, that’s… 」

「Roughly speaking, you won’t even kill Mash if you were to follow my instructions. Despite that killing Mash is a requirement to save the twisted world.」

「The results may be important! But the process is equally important as well! Even if you have to kill him, he will surely be saved if there is love! So, I believe Mash will be saved instead of being killed…And Seiya, you have to believe it as well!」

「I don’t understand what you mean.」

「Even though this place is an illusion, Rosalie’s soul got hurt!!」

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about what I was saying. But when Rosalie died, I was mortified and sad. That’s why I spilled words full of emotion.

「In other words, the true soul remains intact no matter how many worlds there are… I think there is only one Divine Soul. Rosalie of this world and Rosalie of the original world have the same soul… So, I want you to save other people’s souls, even if they are just an illusion…」

Then, Seiya looked at me with a serious expression.

「Where did you learn this? Who is the source?」

「No…A source, you say…That’s not the point…! 」

「Hey, Celseus. Have you heard this story from Isister back in the heavenly world?」

「Eh. I’ve never heard of such a thing. 」

「Ah I see, that means this is Lista’s ridiculous playful story.」

Seiya stared at me with a cold gaze. I didn’t give up and argued.

「If you neglect the lives of people because this is a twisted world, your heart will be swallowed by darkness! If there is a life that needs to be saved, I want you to save it even if it is just an illusion! You are a “hero” after all!」

Seiya exhaled a deep sigh. After that, he gave me his disappointing look.

「You always do as you please. You move with emotions and you say illogical things. And as a result, you keep putting your surroundings at risk.」

「I…I am more cautious than I used to be…」

「Your imprudent behavior could be our ruin. You almost ruined us because of Kiriko.」

「Why did you bring Kiri’s name to this conversation!?」

I couldn’t see much anymore because my eyes were full of tears. Seiya continued to speak harshly to me.

「You are reaching a level where I would toss you aside if I could. My patience has its limits, you know. You are a plague who interferes with the saving quest of the twisted worlds…I shall call you the “plague goddess”.」

I received a rant as if I was acting like an enemy, and my tears kept fogging my eyes without stopping. I also had a runny nose. I felt greatly in distress as all sorts of other things Seiya told me hurt me deeply. I sobbed extremely high.

*cries frenetically*

「Hey you, why are you crying so much…」

Celseus was surprised. Still, I was crying like a child. Seiya snorted upon watching me.

「So noisy. Stop crying. And bring out the portal. We have to get back to Igle.」

「It’s all your faulttttttttttttt!! You made me cryyyyyyyyyy!! So, don’t you dare give me orderssssssssssss!!」

「Summon the portal quickly.」

「I don’t wanna do ittttttttttttt!! Not after we make Rosalie a graveeeeeeeeeee!!」

「Then make one immediately. You have five minutes.」

Then, Seiya walked away.

「What the heck is wrong with himmmmmmmm!! Who is the plague goddesssssssssss!! Besides, how can I make a grave in five minutesssssssssssss!!」

「Ca…Calm down, Lista. I’ll help you, okay? 」

「Why…Just why…What is wrong with himmmmmmmm!! Ugh…Arghhh…Atchoo!!」

「Whoa…Don’t speak with a runny nose. 」

Celseus helped me while I kept crying endlessly.

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Damn…I feel sorry for Lista, Seiya was too harsh with her…Poor thing, perhaps she wasn’t wrong about her soul theory? …


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