A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 5 – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Those Who Believe

「…Push forward, and fight! 」

On this very moment. While astonishment still swam through everybody’s eyes, Matia’s voice echoed high.

Immediately, the barbaric voices of Eldith’s allies soared aloud as if they gained back their will and determination. The enemy’s avant-garde* forces seemingly collapsed, and the whole units were torn apart.

The Heraldic knights and few of Eldith’s surviving elf soldiers engaged on the battle at the front. They were about a hundred and fifty at best. With spears and swords in their hands, everyone fought against thousands of enemies.

The dissimilarities between the elves and humans were no longer relevant in the battlefield. Under the command of Saint Matia, the Revolutionary Army, which viewed Eldith as its sole ruler, kept pushing forward without hesitation. They managed to overtake some of the enemy’s forces by taking advantage of the narrow passageway. Everyone understood what was at stake. This was the last opportunity to win. It was the last ray of light.

Unexpectedly, I took a deep breath. How great. What a wonderful thing.

Based from what I witnessed in my past life, I knew that Filaret was capable of using rain magic to invoke great storms. I still remember that magic’s power, and how crucial it was during the battles of my past life. It was indeed formidable and frightening, all at once. The power to control the weather was considered as a major milestone in history.

However, I’ve never seen such a flood happen. My throat was burning. My arms had chicken skin, and my chest was full of excitement and agitation.

I felt so much excitement after discovering the glimpse of a genius, of which Filaret truly was. I knew that this Filaret was not lead, but a golden person. Just like the one from my past life. However, because of a change in magic properties, she couldn’t defeat all of the enemy units.

Now, the battlefield was at a turning point. The enemy brought a large number of troops in front of the Palace’s main gate. Then, naturally, the strength of the side roads got weak. Even though we inflicted some damage on the frontlines, it was not enough to destroy them completely. The enemy’s fangs had not reached the rearguard where stood Eldith and her remaining troops.

We could have a chance to win if we destroyed their frontlines. All we had to do was keep pushing forward in order to open way to the palace. Our rearguard had no extra power. They would probably lose if they were to receive the charge of the enemy. In this bloody battle, our allies continued to collapse and die. This was the crucial moment.

Our allies were desperately fighting. Everybody struggled against the overwhelming majority of power. Each one of them clenched their teeth as they fought bravely and, they let their blood and meat burst amidst pain.

Nevertheless. Sadly, the numbers were absolute. No matter how much we fought and how much we used the narrowness of the passageway, there was over a thousand enemies q the frontlines. On the other hand, we were just one hundred and fifty, or even less.

Certainly, it was understandable that everyone wanted to grab victory at all costs. Even though we were small in numbers, every single one of us tried to push forward little by little. Our eyes were fixated at the royal palace, the place where Lagias was hiding. That was the reason why we had to cross through the narrow passage.

I couldn’t feel anything in the fingertips of my right hand. However, fortunately, both of my legs and left hand were still able to move. I felt that I recovered some of my physical strength after taking a short rest.

One deep breath. Three short breaths, and finally, another deep breath.

I grabbed the treasure sword with my left hand. I strongly used the strength of my little fingers, so that I wouldn’t lose it again.

「Hey you. Are you willing to jump into that fire pit in that condition?」

My shoulders quivered for a moment. It was Caria’s voice. However, it was a quiet voice, and not a sound-piercing voice.

「Of course. I can still fight with my left hand.」

I was accustomed to the pain, and I tried to ignore the horrible state of my right hand as it clanged lifeless on the side of my body.

I didn’t think I would be much of a help, given my current condition, but I couldn’t just stand by on the side of the battlefield.

And Caria. I didn’t want her to be on the sidelines of the battlefield as well. There was no point in having an escort. She could just leave me alone.

If Filaret was the master of sorceries that also influenced the weather, Caria was the master of the battlefield.

She swung her long sword and cut down the enemy in a blink of an eye. This power and overwhelming strength was a sight that attracted every single person in the battle. Her prevailing courage inspired the entire army. She was once called Goddess of War, and she was the infamous knight of the Knight’s Order.

Therefore, the Goddess of War had a lot of work to do. Especially in this situation. I never thought that all my guesses and war situation readings were correct. Rather, it was all just assumptions, and sometimes luck. However, at least, I had a minimal understanding of Caria’s role and how significant it was.

At this time, it wasn’t a good idea to have Caria as an escort. She was a trump card, and it would be foolish to not use her talents.

Moreover, I didn’t need a big thing like an escort. After all, an escort was someone that vowed to protect a valuable being.

I shook my right hand, but it was excessively damaged. But, I showed my determination to Caria. Yes, I was still capable to fight.

I may be an absurd and foolish person to want to end up in the mist of battle again. Still, this was unavoidable. I wasn’t strong but I wasn’t a failure as well. We both had to stand in the battlefield, for good or for worse. Caria was a bright person. So, she would understand my resolve.

However, her feedback was quite different from what I expected. Suddenly, she moved her silver hair, and touched slightly the tip of her nose. My whole body was attracted to a force that seemed to be unwavering.

「…I see, it seems that you are stubborn. But, I beg you. Stop hurting yourself.」

Caria responded with a firm tone. I felt as if her unwavering voice whispered in my ears, and stayed there for a while. I didn’t know what to do. Or what to say. Did I hear those words correctly? Apparently, yes. They were probably misleading, or were they sincere?

Words didn’t come out of my throat. My eyes didn’t move, and my eyelids were wide open. The tone of her voice wasn’t harsh. It was rather mild, full of compassion.

I felt Caria’s fingertips in my back to prevent me from leaving. Her grip was certainly powerful, but different. Yes, her strong grip showed me that she was concerned about my well-being.

Did she beg me? This woman. Caria. I never seen this woman apologizing, thanking, and much less begging. She always gave orders.

I became petrified. I couldn’t even utter a word because the emotional waves overflew from my toes to my hair.

Stop. Just stop it, please. I didn’t want her to say such a thing. She always trampled me, hated me and humiliated me. But, words had power. And her change of tone seriously inflicted an impairment in my heart.

「…You must remain here. I want you to be safe. I will get the heads of our enemy, and bring us victory.」

Caria’s usual tone returned to her once again.

With a commanding tone, I felt that her arrogance didn’t exactly disappear. This tone sounded much more like the Caria I knew of. However, somehow, my heart accepted her words obediently. How strange.

I used to feel antipathy when she spilled such high-pressure words on me.

「Therefore, I will swear right here. No matter what, I will return with victory on my hand. So, you mustn’t put yourself in danger. I want you to live, and I will return safely as well. I promise…I want you to believe in me for once.」

“Because you and I are comrades”. That being said, Caria began to attentively watch the frontlines with a strong expression on her face. Those last words of her seemed to echo in my ears without stopping.

What did this woman say? She said to believe in her. Did I hear it correctly? Was I hallucinating? This woman was the woman who once trampled me, looked down at me, and said that my life was pointless.

However, I understood the irregularity. This Caria was different from the Caria Burdnick, which I travelled with before. However, I thought that someone’s nature wouldn’t change so easily.

Perhaps, she showed some respect for me, given her nobility status. People from nobility were proud people, and often wanted others to believe in their extraordinary efforts. They wanted to show how hard they worked, and how much pride they had.

However, she didn’t want me to believe her because of her pride. Or did she? I felt something strange in the depths of my heart after she told me to believe in her.

I felt that the inferiority and dreading emotions that expressed the ugly in me mixed up with these newly strange emotions like a muddy river. This confusion settled in my viscera as if it were a lasting disease.

Her voice kept whispering in my ears despite my efforts to stop it. I was at a loss of words. I felt as if I lost the remaining strength in my legs, and sat down by the road.

「…Ah, damn it. It seems that my legs aren’t cooperating with me. I can’t stand up easily with this injured body. It seems that…Oh well, I leave it in your hands then.」

That’s right, I said those exact words while turning my head down. Why was I acting like this? I never said something so stupid like this. It felt strangely embarrassing today. I couldn’t even dare to see Caria’s face after I professed those words.

But in my ears, I heard a laughing voice. It seemed that Caria laughed a little upon hearing my response.

「Ha, ha. Finally, you’ve entrusted something to me. I am glad. Okay, I’ll bring you back the victory no matter what it takes.」

Her back was strangely reliable. What a poignant sight of a hero moving forward without hesitation. Caria would do everything she could to make it happen. No matter what happened in the battlefield, I was sure that victory lied ahead of her. Yes, I believed in her.

“…These feelings. That’s why I don’t want to trust her. This is bad. I’ll try to believe otherwise later on. Since I don’t want these feelings to sway me.”

I silently murmured in the depths of my heart after I saw her back being swallowed into the sea of soldiers.

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