This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 154 Part 1

Chapter 154: Desperate Love (1)

The Dragon Mother became a Pole Changing Dragon and gained a humanoid form. Rosalie slashed the Dragon Mother with the Dragon Killer. However, the Dragon Mother deflected Rosalie’s attacks just by shaking her upper body. The difference in ability was clear. Just before the Dragon Mother attacked Rosalie, large quantities of ice poured down. Seiya disturbed the stance of the Dragon Mother with his magic. Rosalie swung the Dragon Killer against the Dragon Mother once again.

A crushing sound echoed around! Rosalie used her full demonic power and she managed to hit the head of the Dragon Mother!

「She finally did it! 」

…But, when I looked closely at the enemy, I realized what went wrong. The Dragon Mother protected her head with her arm. And the blade of the Dragon Killer was spinning in the air.

「No…No way! Was that the sound of a broken sword?」

「Why isn’t the Dragon Killer working!? 」

Celseus looked quite frustrated. No, the sword was not completely ineffective. The arm of the Dragon Mother who defended the attack was reddish. Still, the Dragon Mother didn’t receive much damage thanks to the activation of the Ultimate Wall.

「Ha, ha, ha, ha. It seems that your anti-dragon weapon is gone. So, what are you going to do now?」

「Ugh… 」

Rosalie gritted her teeth…

「Use this. Rosalie. 」

I heard Seiya’s voice. At that moment, swords descended from the sky one after another and landed in the ground between Rosalie and the Dragon Mother!

「He…Hero! These are!」

「They are spares of the Dragon Killer. I prepared seven for you.」

Se…Seven spares! He was well prepared as always! But, why did they come from the sky?

I looked up, and saw several Automatic Phoenixes flying in the sky. I see! The phoenixes were holding the spares of the Dragon Killer!

「Thank you very much! 」

Rosalie ran graciously and picked up two of the Dragon Killers pierced in the ground. Then, with a dual wielding style, she dashed towards the Dragon Mother. Rosalie swung down the sword in the left arm, but her strength wasn’t that strong. However, the right arm that held the other sword was different. I thought that Rosalie had lost some of the demonic power in the right arm. However, the hidden power that dwelled in her arm rose up as she approached the Dragon Mother. Nevertheless… The Dragon Mother reacted immediately to Rosalie’s demonic attack. She defended herself by crossing both arms. The Dragon Killers broke again.

「Seiya! The swords! 」

「It should be fine. There are some spares left. I’ll support Rosalie with my magic until she succeeds.」

Seiya’s Fenrir Shot hindered the movements of the Dragon Mother. In the meantime, Rosalie got another Dragon Killer spare.

But the situation had not improved. Rosalie’s swords broke again because of the Dragon Mother’s absolute defense. Because of Seiya’s magic, the Dragon Mother couldn’t attack Rosalie, but on the other hand, the Dragon Mother didn’t receive much damage thanks to her defense mechanism. If this stalemate continued, Rosalie would have to use every single Dragon Killer until she had no more. I heard a high-pitched sound and the last Dragon Killer got broken.

「Se…Seiya! This is bad!」

I was impatient, but Seiya remained silent as he stared at the battle. Then, he uttered the following words.

「…There. Rosalie.」

Rosalie had nothing in her hand. However, Rosalie released her hand towards the Dragon Mother as if she were holding a sword! Then, I heard a sound quite different from before as if the flesh was ripen apart, and the Dragon Mother stood in one knee!

「EHH!? 」

I didn’t know what happened. However, when I looked at Rosalie, I noticed something strange about her. Rosalie held a Dragon Killer with her right hand!

…It can’t be!! Since when!?

Rosalie stood in front of the Dragon Mother while holding a Dragon Killer. Rosalie arranged the disordered eye patch afterwards.

「The hero said, “I prepared seven Dragon Killers”. However, only six swords fell from the sky. There is no way that a cautious hero would make a mistake. As I thought, a transparent sword stood right next to the sixth sword pierced in the ground. When I moved my hand, I felt the sword’s handle.」

「Yeah. It seems that you understood my intention. 」

Is…Is that so! That means that Seiya’s ability to make other people transparent also applied to objects! So, he made that Dragon Killer transparent!

「That sword is not just a regular Dragon Killer. I gave it my dark aura in advance in order to increase its attack power to its maximum.」

「As expected of you, Seiya! Rosalie probably noticed the awesomeness of that transparent sword! As always, Lista and I didn’t notice it at all!」

「How can you say that with such confidence, Celseus!」

I was sick of the Swordsman God for undermining me along with him, but I stared at Rosalie with a stunned look. A Dragon Killer that held the Power of Darkness thanks to Seiya’s aura. That power along with Rosalie’s demonic power was unleashed towards the Dragon Mother. Celseus and I firmly believed in our hearts that Rosalie could win this time. However…

「…You almost did it. It could have been a fatal wound if the Ultimate Wall hadn’t cured me.」

The Dragon Mother stood up quickly while touching her neck! She had a small bruise on her neck, and she smiled triumphantly at us!

「Im…Impossible! That sword is useless as well! 」

This was probably Rosalie’s biggest attack yet!! Even so, she couldn’t inflict any damage on the Dragon Mother!?

「Seiya! You have to help Rosalie yourself!」

I screamed at Seiya, but I noticed that he had a plain expression on his face.

「Calm down. The preparations to defeat the Dragon Mother are still incomplete.」

「Eh! Wasn’t the transparent Dragon Killer the secret weapon?」

「I made it to earn some time. 」

Seiya stepped little bit farther back from the area where Rosalie fought against the Dragon Mother. He then watched the battle while doing absolutely nothing. He used to support Rosalie through his ice magic, but now, he crossed his arms as if he gave up helping Rosalie entirely. Rosalie, who had lost Seiya’s support, got cornered by the Dragon Mother and fell into a poor position. I couldn’t stand it anymore and I shook Seiya’s shoulder.

「Rosalie is almost at her limit! You must go and help her!」

「I see. It’s about time.」

The moment Seiya murmured low. Rosalie grabbed her knees.

「Ro…Rosalie!? 」

The Dragon Mother probably hit her with something…Or so I thought. Next to me, Celseus spoke with a stiff complexion.

「No…What did the Dragon Mother do?」

「I didn’t see it well, but she probably attacked Rosalie!」

However, the Dragon Mother, who was most probably the one who attacked, looked at a frail-looking Rosalie with an incomprehensible look.

「What the hell…is happening with this woman. She is vomiting her own blood. Did you open an old wound in the middle of this fight?」

The Dragon Mother, who looked at Rosalie with confusion, laughed afterwards.

「Well, who cares! If that’s the case, then die!」

When the Dragon Mother tried to release the Holy Breath through her shining arm…

「Ugh! 」

She groaned and pressed her hand over her mouth.

「Wha…What is this…! Argh!」

Then, the Dragon Mother vomited purple blood from her mouth, and she fell to the ground like Rosalie!

「Hey, hey! Both of them have fallen down!」

「Wha…What on earth is going on…!?」

Neither Celseus nor I could understand the current situation. However, the Dragon Mother was shuddering her body as she stared at Seiya.

「Don’t tell me…that this is…your doing, you bastard…!」

「Seiya did this, you say!? 」

I shouted aloud as I looked at Seiya. I noticed that Seiya was looking ahead with cold eyes.

「Attacks don’t work on the Ultimate Wall. That skill is a formidable iron wall that is even unaffected by anti-dragon weapons with dark attributes. Because of that, I had no choice but to use a completely different method of attack.」

「A…A completely different method!? 」

「My attack has already activated. A dark magic power that uses an object as a pathogen and infects the enemy by touching it repeatedly…The Infect Lover.」

I couldn’t understand what Seiya was saying. The Dragon Mother was more aware of the situation than I was.

「Did you…sacrifice this woman…!」

Ro…Rosalie was the pathogen…!? This must be a joke!! Seiya wouldn’t do such a thing to Rosalie!! Besides…

Suddenly, I recalled the kissing scene between Seiya and Rosalie in my mind!

「Don’t tell me that kiss is…!! 」

「That’s right. By aligning the subject’s lips with my lips as the main conjurer, the dark magic power activated immediately. This is the Infect Lover.」

Seiya spoke calmly as if he didn’t do that much to being with.

「Of course, severe conditions are required for its manifestation. It is a powerful dark magic after all. In other words, to infect an enemy from a pathogen requires a contact of sixty-six consecutive attacks. Therefore, Rosalie continued to attack the Dragon Mother with the Dragon Killer without feeling the consequences of Infect Lover until the conclusion of the sixty-six consecutive attacks.」

While I was at a loss of words, the Dragon Mother moaned in pain.

「You…you did such an outrageous thing…so that…you could defeat my Ultimate Wall…!」

The Dragon Mother’s body convulsed tremendously and she kept vomiting large quantities of blood from her mouth. Seiya’s magic sickness seemed to be eroding the Dragon Mother’s body at an insane speed. And the same was happening with Rosalie. After falling down, Rosalie vomited as well, and her body quivered so much. By this rate, not only the Dragon Mother will perish, but also Rosalie…

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