This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 153 Part 1

Chapter 153: The Polar Changing Dragon (1)

We remained transparent as we approached Chaos Makina. She fought against the Dragon Mother. When I arrived at the point that Seiya had instructed in advance, I sighed while watching the battle situation from a safe position.

The Dragon Mother held a magical cane as if she were about to invoke an attack…Then, her cane emitted a light bulb and she pointed it towards Chaos Makina. Light magical attributes were more effective towards demons. Chaos Makina used her large sword to dispel the magical attack that could have been fatal. However, the Dragon Mother kept charging one after another, and one of the light bulbs managed to hit Chaos Makina’s leg. 「Ugh. 」 Chaos Makina growled painfully while standing in one knee.

Meanwhile, Seiya spoke to Rosalie quite suddenly.

「Rosalie. Are you there? 」

「Ye…Yes! I’m here! 」

I heard their voices even though I couldn’t see them anywhere. Seiya spoke clearly.

「Use this to cut the Dragon Mother’s throat.」

That…That surprised me! A…Assassination again!? Rosalie tried that once before and failed!!

「They are fighting each other right now. Their attention is solely directed towards each other. They are not paying attention to third parties…Moreover, it should be extremely difficult for the Dragon Mother to notice a transparent person approaching her from behind her back.」

「Hero…What is this sword? 」

Apparently, Seiya gave Rosalie a sword. At present, everyone was transparent, so neither Rosalie nor I knew what it was.

「It’s a Dragon Killer. After you reveal your demon’s arm, this sword will grant you the Aura of Darkness, which we obtained from Natosus.」

「Dragon Killer…! Hero, where did you obtain such a weapon?」

「I made this sword in the Underworld. I created it by using the Platinum Sword as a main reagent, and by adding three strings of Mash’s hair and three hundred strings of Lista’s hair.」

…Mash’s hair!? Maybe he got some of his hair when they battled at Nakashi Village! Seiya was as smart as ever!

…I was extremely impressed, but wait a minute!! Three hundred strings of my hair!? Why did he have to pull out so many in the first place!?

After rubbing my head, I tried to complain, but Seiya talked with Rosalie in a serious and dislikable tone.

「Rosalie. You failed to kill Mash once. So, don’t fail a second time, got it?」

「Ye…Yes! 」

「This time, the success rate has increased considerably compared to before. The Dragon Mother doesn’t own the Egzation, so she won’t be able to nullify our Transparency skill. Besides, your move doesn’t need to be fatal. Leave her to me after you inflict some damage.」

「I will definitely succeed! 」

Last time, Rosalie lost one arm because of Seiya. Still, Rosalie didn’t protest and replied to Seiya with full determination.

…Currently, a transparent-looking Rosalie was probably sneaking behind the Dragon Mother with the Dragon Killer. In front of the Dragon Mother stood Chaos Makina, who faltered and breathed heavily. The difference in power was evident. The Dragon Mother showed her long lizard-like tongue while keeping the remaining dragon soldiers waiting in the distance.

「It seems that the demon-human alliance has been annulled, and consequently, you were all driven out of town. Ha, ha, ha! Apparently, humans are more cunning than demons.」

「There was an irregular appearance. Without that, we would have had the upper hand.」

「Irregular? What are you talking about?」

「Uh, uh, who knows? But, that person will kill you.」

「I don’t understand what you’re saying.」

The Dragon Mother kicked Chaos Makina abruptly. A dull sound was heard when Chaos Makina fell to the ground. She crouched down in pain.

「How can I break the barrier that surround Igle town? If you tell me, I will let you die peacefully and comfortably.」

「The… The humans inside are the only ones who can operate the barrier. You can’t enter the town no matter how strong you are…」

Chaos Makina grinned while spitting blood out of her mouth. The Dragon Mother exhaled softly 「Hmm. 」.

「Well, okay then. Chaos Makina, you will follow Eliza’s path…If I slaughter the remaining generals of the previous Demon King’s army, then my Lord Dragon King will be happy too.」

「You see…You mustn’t get too optimistic yet.」

Chaos Makina pointed her long sword towards her abdomen, and tried to pierce her flesh right in front of the Dragon Mother. That scene looked like déjà vu to me.

During the battle with Seiya in the original Geabrande, Chaos Makina summoned her main body, the Great Demon, from her abdomen. Although she lost to Seiya back then, the fighting power of Chaos Makina in this world was incomparable to that time. In other words, the Great Demon’s combat strength must be unusually high in this world.

…If Chaos Makina summons that powerful body, then she will have a chance to win.

However. I heard a high-pitched sound! Chaos Makina’s long sword was thrown away! Chaos Makina had an astonishing look on her face! Then, the Dragon Mother laughed happily while waving her cane!

「What kind of seal is that? A powerful evil is overflowing from your belly. Did you think that I wouldn’t notice it?」

「Ugh! 」

Chaos Makina’s face, who was usually at ease, looked quite tense.


The Dragon Mother waved down her cane with the power of light…However, that strike never reached Chaos Makina’s head. The Dragon Mother exclaimed with a surprised face.

「Who…Who the hell are you!? 」


I doubted my eyes as well. Suddenly, Rosalie stood in front of Chaos Makina and stopped the Dragon Mother’s cane with the Dragon Killer!

「Ro…Rosalie!? Why!!」

I screamed unintentionally. I heard Seiya’s voice next to me.

「No way. What is she doing?」

Seiya spoke with an incomprehensible tone. However, when he saw Rosalie dispelling the Dragon Mother’s cane with the Dragon Killer, Seiya suddenly muttered as if he noticed why Rosalie did such an action.

「Maybe…She did it because Chaos Makina was about to be killed?」

「Does that mean that she released her transparency in order to save Chaos Makina!? That means…」

…Rosalie!! She still thought of Chaos Makina as a fellow comrade!?

「I really don’t understand it. Rosalie should know that the demons were lying when they cooperated with humans.」

Because of her action, Rosalie was now in a predicament. She made herself a target for saving Chaos Makina. While retreating, Rosalie managed to handle the Dragon Mother’s cane by wielding the Dragon Killer.


We were not the only ones surprised. Chaos Makina was looking at Rosalie with an astounded expression on her face. The Dragon Mother noticed the words of Chaos Makina and showed her creepy tongue.

「That’s right! You are the daughter of the Warlord Emperor!」

Chaos Makina lifted herself from the ground, while Rosalie took some distance while holding the Dragon Killer.

「Oh, it looks like you two became a couple. Will it be possible for me to beat you? Of course! My souvenirs to the Dragon King have increased! I will kill you both at once!」

On this instant, the body of the Dragon Mother expanded greatly and her dress was ripen apart! She transformed from a humanoid lizard into a giant ocher dragon that immediately emitted an overwhelming aura!

「Se…Seiya! Rosalie will be killed if we leave it like this! Let’s release our transparency and help her!」

「Who cares what happens to her. She reaps what she sows.」

「Don’t say that! C’mon, why don’t you invoke those darkish hands! I beg you! Please!」

However, while I begged, the fearsome dragon opened its big mouth towards Rosalie.

「Holy Breath! 」

Instead of terrifying flames that she once invoked in the original Geabrande, this time, she emitted dazzling rays of light. This was the most effective light technique against demons. However, even though Rosalie was no demon, this powerful ray of lights at close range would definitely inflict great damage on her.

「Rosalie! 」

I shouted high. However, Chaos Makina jumped right at the attack before the rays of light reached Rosalie. Chaos Makina, who lost her sword because of the Dragon Mother, opened her hands in front of Rosalie. A violent sound that resembled a discharge of electricity echoed throughout the surroundings. Chaos Makina burned her body and collapsed on the spot.

I was perplexed to see that sight. And so was Rosalie.

「Why!? Why did you protect me!? 」

Rosalie embraced Chaos Makina. Despite being fatally injured, Chaos Makina was smiling as usual.

「It’s a habit…How amusing. I pretended to help the princess for a whole decade…Uh, uh, uh…However, this time, I really wanted to help you…」

The Dragon Mother, who turned into a frightening dragon, opened her mouth towards them and tried to release a new Holy Breath.

「Seiya!! Hurry!! 」

I yelled at Seiya. Then, suddenly, the Dragon Mother roared low.

「Urghhh!? 」

Before I knew it, innumerable black hands grew from the ground and entwined around the legs of the Dragon Mother!

「Tha…Thank you, Seiya!」

Seiya remained transparent, so I didn’t know what kind of expression he had. He was probably reluctant about this, yet he invoked dozens or hundreds of black hands from the ground to grab the legs of the Dragon Mother. The Dragon Mother was completely apprehended.

I turned my eyes to Rosalie again. Chaos Makina uttered the following words while being held by Rosalie.

「If you were a demon…No, if I were a human being like you…I wonder if I could have been a good comrade of yours…」

「Chaos Makina…! 」

Chaos Makina smiled gently at Rosalie, and then she stopped moving her head.

…She…She died…! So, the demons were really capable of saving humans after all…!

I could hear Celseus murmuring next to me.

「Ten years…The demons once said those ten years were too short for them…Even so it seems that she grew a gentle heart after living together for a while.」

「Yes. I felt it unlikely at first, but I do believe it now…」

Although we were in the middle of a battle, Celseus and I were both sentimental. I never thought that demons could have a change of heart, but that miracle happened and ended up moving our hearts as well.

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  1. Thank you.

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    It’d be great if Chaos Makina tried to protect Rosalie back then but now…
    Seiya should’ve ignored Lista’s whining and let the idiots die.

    • Not real. Its subtle but Chaos did care for her. Remember she even argued with the sealed demon to enslave humanity rather than kill them off. Perhaps 10 years was too short for the demons to not betray the humans, it was long enough to at least earn a bit if affection.

      • Let me guess, you think Seiya is right for being not caring about the illusions.

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    • I won’t say it’s forced for Chaos; maybe if it was 6-arm guy but not Chaos. Remember, even though Chaos betrayed Rosalie, she did not want to slaughter the humans but keep them as cattle/pets. She had some affection in that way.

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  2. I’m guessing Seiya stopped Dragon Mother because he wants to retrieve the Dragon Killer sword back first. Letting Rosalie holds it is useless. And after Rosalie ruined the perfect plan brilliantly, Lista still asked Seiya to help her?? Come on, Lista. Once the twisted Geabrande is saved, those fake Rosalie and Chaos Makina will be gone like dusts anyway. Why bother? Also don’t forget that the perfect plan she ruined includes 300 strings of your hair!

    • My theory is that this twisted Geabrande is related to the real world when someone dies here they die in the real world? Just my theory sorry if I’m wrong hahah

      • No way. Chaos Makina wa mou shindeiru in the original world, along with Eliza and the other demon generals. You telling me by letting those demons alive in this twisted world, they will also be alive and fine once the world back to normal? That would be some plot hole of resurrection.

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