It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Did the Demon King dream of a cooking battle?

「A cooking battle? 」

「That’s right. I heard rumors that my dear Kyou was the runner-up of the Grand Cooking Tournament. Isn’t that true? So, if it is a cooking battle then it won’t be too hard for you dear Kyou. Besides, this will help settle the differences between us in a peaceful way.」

Hmm. That made sense, actually. It was less harmful to settle this through a cooking battle, rather than both sides fighting to death. In a way, we would have a better chance of winning through this method than fighting in the ordinary way.

「But, mother. Is this really okay with you? Usually, these types of affairs are resolved on the battlefield or the through the process of a war.」

My mother involuntarily teared up when she heard my remarks.

「Dear Kyou! What are you talking about? I can’t have a serious battle against my cute son! It’s impossible for me to hurt you, my dear Kyou!」

Upon saying those words, my mother hugged me. I thought that she was extremely cute.

「By the way, what would you have done if I wasn’t here?」

「Well, I would be determined to crush my enemies in order to succeed in the end.」

She was the Demon King after all! Oh, mother!

Well, now I could understand what the goddess told me before. Yes, she did say that I was the “one who could confront the Demon King”. My mother loved me. So, she didn’t want to hurt me. That’s why she chose a different method. A method that was less dangerous for both sides. But, at the same time, a cooking battle was still a “battle”. Her purpose wasn’t entirely lost. Moreover, she chose this way based on my work in this world.

This could be a way more peaceful and fair game against the demon army. With that in mind, I glanced at Queen Amines from the Kingdom of Valkyria. I wondered whether she would accept this condition or not.

「It sounds interesting. I’ll accept this challenge! 」

She received the offer with pleasure. Yeah, it was understandable.

「It’s decided then. There must be a selection of the contestants and the preparation of the dishes as well. So let’s do the cooking battle in the Demon Castle in a month from now. Is that okay with you?」

When my mother asked that question, I noticed two shadows of people that appeared from behind her back.

「Ahahah. As usual, my demon lord is in a great mood. Well, about that choice of yours. I don’t care really. I’ll follow you wherever you’ll go.」

It was a man with a brown skin. He had wings of an eagle, and a tail reminiscent of a lion. Perhaps, he was one of the Four Heavenly Kings. And there was also the other one.

「Uhuhuh. I don’t mind it. Whatever is the battle, we’ll prove to them that we’re the invincible ones. I’ll just have to make them scream in agony at the dark banquet in a month.」

A girl with a dark hair and a gothic lollipop. She wore a black eye-patch in one of her eyes. Who…Whoa. A ghoulish child. Was this child one of the Four Heavenly Kings? While I was thinking about them with a great deal of wonder, I realized that someone was missing.

Except my mother, there were a total of Four Heavenly Kings. So, where was the remaining one?

「One of the Four Heavenly Kings is absent due to various circumstances. But, the Four Heavenly Kings will be fully assembled at the cooking battle a month from now. So, don’t worry.」

My mother added that info as if she read my mind.

「Well then. I will send you an invite to the Demon Castle after one month counting from today. Do your best until then.」

After saying that, the three members of the Four Heavenly Kings led by my Demon King Mother got on her back after she turned into the evil dragon, and left this place.

「So, one month later, huh. I have to select five contestants to participate in the cooking battle against the Demon King. Miss Amines, do you have someone in mind?」

「I don’t know. But, you can count on me as a contestant. 」

「Eh, seriously? Miss Amines, can you cook? 」

「I can’t! 」

She declared with great confidence. I thought that she could really cook, but no. Heyyyy!!

「I don’t lose to anyone when it comes to sword handling. Isn’t that the same as a kitchen knife? And I have a reputation for remembering precise techniques for a long time. If you give me a month, then I’m confident that I can cook one or two edible dishes!」

Amines ran as contestant based in an unrealistic conception. We…Well; this cooking battle was a battle between the Demon King and this kingdom. Therefore, it was natural for Amines, who was the Queen of this kingdom, to participate as well.

「Of course, I plan to participate as well since I’m going up against my mother. Just three more contestants before we’re complete.」

「Lord Kyou. Can you let me participate as well? 」

Fitis made an unusual bold statement.

「I own the title of Gourmet Hero. Above all, since I met you, Lord Kyou, I’ve seen your monster cultivation technology and its application to cooking more closely. I’m confident that I can stand by your side in this battle, Lord Kyou.」

I nodded quietly at her eyes who were resolute. Either way, I was planning to ask Fitis to join me as well.

「I can’t do it. It’s not my specialty. When it comes to cooking, I’m not that great. 」

「No, Lily you did well enough. You defeated one of the Four Heavenly Kings amazingly, and managed to drag my mother to the battlefield. You gave me that opportunity. It’s all thanks to you that I was able to negotiate with my mother. I owe you this one.」

Lily apologized to me. Nevertheless, I replied to her and said that she was a great help to me. Upon hearing my words, Lily’s cheeks became red and she slightly turned away.

「So…So, what are we going to do about the other two contestants, Kyou?」

「About it, you know. I thought about inviting Mina-chan. 」

Fitis, including Lily, agreed to my proposal. That was obvious. Mina-chan helped me so much during the Grand Cooking Tournament. If it weren’t for Mina-chan’s cooking, I wouldn’t have gotten that far in the tournament. Mina-chan herself was a humble and quiet child, but with a low self-esteem. However, her cooking skills were probably the best among us.

There was only one left. Whom was I going to choose?

Should I contact Miss Katherina, whom I met during the Grand Cooking Tournament? Or should I call the Genius Hero, Shendo Bird? While I was worried about that, someone familiar appeared again quite suddenly.

「Hey, Kyou. It seems that you dragged her out and brought her to a cooking competition. It was a bit unexpected though. But, you really did it.」

Said a grumpy old man who looked rather suspicious. Yes, the one with the strange fashion sense that clearly didn’t belong to this world. Needless to say, this person was my father, Himuro Keiji.

My father declared the following words before I could ask him why he was here in the first place.

「That cooking battle of yours. Can I join you as well? Kyou.」

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