This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 153 Part 2

Chapter 153: The Polar Changing Dragon (2)

While Celseus and I were feeling emotional, Seiya suddenly appeared by releasing his transparency. When we saw Seiya’s figure clearly, we also stopped being transparent. I noticed that Seiya looked a bit tense. Maybe that scene moved Seiya’s heart as well. However…

「What the hell are they doing? Does it have a special meaning? I have no idea.」

「Are you speaking seriously!? Seiya, you are a human being!! But, why do I feel as if that demon is more compassionate than you!?」

Seiya was like a robot-like hero. The emotionless hero pointed to Rosalie after seeing the struggle of the Dragon Queen, who was desperately trying to shake off the innumerous hands of darkness. Rosalie, who stopped holding Chaos Makina’s hand, ran over to Seiya when she noticed his signal. I saw that Rosalie had a very complex look on her face, and she immediately bowed her head to Seiya.

「I…I apologize!! I failed to complete the assassination mission once again…」

「I couldn’t care less. It’s almost over anyway.」

Wha…What? Was Seiya perhaps a little angry?

Since it was Seiya we’re talking about, he may have changed his mind straightaway. So, instead of getting angrier, Seiya approached Rosalie from the distance and stared fixedly at her. Seiya looked somewhat gentle and his face was so close to Rosalie’s face that their breaths probably collided with one another.

「He…Hero? 」

Rosalie was overwhelmed by the close proximity. Seiya grabbed Rosalie’s chin and brought her face closer to his. And then, Seiya touched Rosalie’s lips with his own lips…Eh, WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!?

「Hey, you!! I can’t believe what I just saw right now, but why did you do “that”, huhhhhh!?」

I screamed madly at a sudden kissing scene!

「Ah…Wha…!? He…He…He…Hero…!?」

Rosalie’s face was bright red. She didn’t understand why Seiya kissed her. Then, Seiya gently talked to Rosalie.

「I’m glad you’re safe.」

「Tha…Thank you…very much…?」

「Are you upset that Chaos Makina is dead? But, I need you to change your mind. You must focus on the fight ahead.」

「Ye…Yes! 」

「I’m going to use my magic to support you from the rear.」

Seiya kindly touched her shoulder.

「Okay, I’m counting on you. Rosalie. 」

「Understood! 」

Rosalie’s eyes shined brightly as she grabbed the Dragon Killer with coolness. It seemed that Seiya really changed her mind.

…Then, that kiss was to change Rosalie’s feelings to get her to fight…? Bu…But, Seiya never did such a thing before…!

I was extremely upset when that kiss scene unfolded right in front of my eyes. However, that was the change needed in this situation. Finally, the Dragon Queen spewed the Holy Breath exhaustively, and she managed to wipe out the hands of darkness. She then stared at us since we were no longer transparent.

「Are you people the Irregular stuff that Chaos Makina talked about…?」

Then, she extended her long neck to look around.

「It seems that all of my subordinates have been killed.」

I also noticed it when she spoke. All of the Dragon Mother’s dragon subordinates, who were waiting in the surroundings, were lying down on the ground! Beside the corpses stood the black hands and even the fire lizards!

It seemed that Seiya wiped out the dragon men while the Dragon Queen was distracted by the fight against Chaos Makina and Rosalie. Her subordinates were killed, but the Dragon Mother still laughed aloud as if she praised Seiya’s doing.

「Whuah, ha, ha, ha, ha! I understand now! I know who you are! I can feel the god’s presence and the aura of the Chosen One! You may be the goddess and hero who came from another dimension, but it won’t make any difference!」

The ground shook violently when the giant Dragon Mother began to walk straight to us!

「What is your business in this world!」

「We…We came here to correct your wrong doings!」

「Geabrande doesn’t need anyone other than the dragon tribe! If you disturb our prosperity, I will slaughter you whether you are a hero or a goddess!」

The Dragon Mother lifted the scythe up, but Seiya pointed to Rosalie with a calm-looking face.

「Dragon Mother. This person will be your opponent.」

Rosalie nodded positively and rushed towards the Dragon Mother. At the same time, when Seiya moved the index finger, many black hands appeared under the feet of the Dragon Mother once again. The Dragon Mother showed her creepy tongue. She was clearly irritated by the dark hands that grew under her feet. But, she continually crushed them or burned them with the power of light. The Dragon Mother, who became the fearsome giant dragon, had immense power. However, she was too huge and heavy. On the other hand, Rosalie, who acquired the power of demons, was clearly more agile. Rosalie took advantage of this gap and slashed at the Dragon Mother with the Dragon Killer. The Dragon Mother, who couldn’t avoid the attack because of the dark hands, suffered a blow and her skin torn apart.

「No way. This is no good. I must get serious now.」

Despite being seized and being attacked by Rosalie, the Dragon Mother showed her long tongue with a grin as if she were self-confident of her abilities.

「“Ultimate Wall”! 」

Immediately, the body of the Dragon Mother beamed golden and the scales on her skin sharpened up like sharp blades! This…This was the Dragon Mother’s infamous secret skill! It was an absolute defense mechanism against both magic and physical attacks!

Strictly speaking, Seiya didn’t actually defeat the Dragon Mother’s Ultimate Wall. With the double continuous sword attack, he pushed her with continuous strikes, and made her fall into the abyss of the Dragon Village. Seiya won against her because of that tactic. However, this time there was no abyss.

「Wha…What are you going to do, Seiya!? Maybe it’s about time that you engage in this battle…!!」

「No worries. In exchange for absolute defense, the Dragon Queen has lost her mobility.」

We stood far away from the battle, but it seemed that Seiya’s voice was heard over there. The Dragon Mother looked at us.

「You already know the characteristics of the Ultimate Wall. As expected of a hero. If so, then I’ll show you this change in one further step.」

「No…No…No way!! Is she going to increase her power!?」

Celseus yelled in a frustrated tone. The giant dragon turned to the heavens and professed the prayer of the Holy Angel.

「May I have the blessing of the Holy Angel*…!」

On this moment, the body of the Dragon Mother shrank! However, she didn’t return to being the regular-bodied Dragon Mother! Long black hair, sharp eyes, and voluminous breasts…The Dragon Mother transformed into a human-like woman!

「This is the power of the Holy Angel! This form named “Pole Changing Dragon” is far greater than my other forms!」

「Po…Pole Changing Dragon!? What the hell is that!?」

She shook her arms to the side, and the aura of light spread in a wavy pattern that wiped out the dark hands!

「This is the next step obtained by defeating the Demon King! The most advanced form for the dragon tribe is this Pole Changing Dragon form!」

Celseus and I shuddered in fear, but Seiya was staring at the unusual Dragon Mother humanoid form.

「Does that mean that Mash is capable of having that form?」

「Of course. The God Dragon King is the greatest being of the dragon tribe. Currently, his power has increased so much that he would annihilate the deceased Demon King with one hand.」

「Oh. I see. 」

In addition to the power of Egzation, Mash could transform himself into a Pole Changing Dragon as well! I became speechless upon realizing Mash’s insane abilities! Still, Seiya calmly touched Rosalie’s shoulder.

「Don’t be afraid. Go, Rosalie.」

「Roger! 」

Rosalie rushed again and slashed her sword towards the exposed soft skin of the Dragon Mother. Rosalie managed to inflict a clean hit on the Dragon Mother, who didn’t even try to avoid the attack…Nonetheless, the Dragon Killer made a reverberating sound as if it clashed against metal! In turn, the Dragon Mother extended her slender arm towards Rosalie.

「Ugh!? 」

With just a little touch, Rosalie was blown away. After rolling on the ground, Rosalie managed to get back on her feet.

「Ah, ha, ha!  I retain the power of a true dragon, but also the defense power of Ultimate Wall! In addition…」

One of the arms of the Dragon Mother began to shine with a dazzling light.

「Don’t tell me that’s…the Holy Breath!?」

「Yeah. Right now, it seems to be possible for her to move freely while activating Ultimate Wall. But, it looks like she can also shoot that light attribute skill from her arm.」

「She…She is invincible now!! 」

With a triumphant look, the Dragon Mother raised her arm high towards Rosalie.

「I’m going to turn you into charcoal!」

However, just before Holy Breath was released, a blast of ice appeared quite suddenly, and the Dragon Mother collapsed on the ground! I noticed that cold air expanded from Seiya’s body right next to me! Seiya turned his arm against the Dragon Mother!

「…Fenrir Shot.」

It seemed that Seiya changed his attributes before I knew it. The magical blast of ice from Fenrir Shot congested the movements of the Dragon Mother.

「Keep attacking with confidence. I will cover for you.」

「I appreciate it, hero!」

Rosalie was at the vanguard, and Seiya was at the rear guard. Fenrir Shot and the dark hands hindered the offensive movements of the Dragon Mother against Rosalie. However, despite Seiya’s help, Rosalie’s attacks continued to be deflected as I continued to hear a high-pitched sound.

「Se…Seiya!! Rosalie’s attacks don’t seem to work, can’t you see!?」

「It’s fine. The plan to completely defeat the Dragon Queen is already underway. Rosalie just needs to buy some time.」

I had no idea about it, but it looked like Seiya found a way to defeat the Dragon Mother, who had become a Pole Changing Dragon.


Seiya said that his plan was underway, but he didn’t do anything at all, except watching the battle between Rosalie and the Dragon Mother.

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*The author keeps using either “May I have the blessing of the Holy Angel”, or ” Aura El Larula”. Apparently, both have the same meaning. Aura El Larula is probably those words in dragon language.


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