This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 151 Part 1

Chapter 151: The Goddess’ Qualities (1)

「…That’s enough. Stop, Lista. 」

I stopped invoking my ability when I heard Seiya’s words. I got stunned while standing in front of the white wall. Somehow, I felt a heaviness in my chest.

…Did that mean that Mash killed humans and demons to get rid of Elle’s pain? That sounded too cruel…

「Okay. Confirmation is complete. It seems that Mash gets immobile for at least a day after he uses Egzation.」

「Who knew that the Dragon King would have such a weakness! Perhaps, that’s a side reaction for using the holy sword Egzation when only the hero has permission to use it!」

「We will definitely win if we use his weakness to our advantage!」

Seiya was calm and analytical as usual. Rosalie and Celseus were greatly excited after knowing Mash’s weakness. I was the only one who could see Elle, so I wasn’t that excited to be honest. I couldn’t help myself but worry about her. Then, Rosalie grabbed my hand with a cheerful look on her face.

「Goddess! You are amazing! We would never know this crucial information if it weren’t for your special power!」

「You…You think so? Ah, ah, ah… 」

I couldn’t believe that someone was actually praising me. But, I noticed that Celseus and Seiya also seemed to be unusually impressed.

「You were in fact helpful. Crystal ball woman.」

「You’re awesome, Crystal ball! 」

「Eh, eh! …Stop calling me that!! 」

「Well then, hero! Are we going to Bahamtross now? 」

「It’s too dangerous. He is well aware of his weakness. He probably arranged powerful escorts to protect him…Or maybe he is defending himself with barriers or other sort of magical mechanisms.」

「Ye…Yes! You are correct!」

「The most important thing to do right now is to reduce the enemy’s strength during this time. In other words, the extermination of the Dragon Mother. At first, I suspected that it was a trap, but it seems that Mash cannot move now. If that’s true, then I must grab this opportunity to annihilate the Dragon Mother without worrying about Mash’s movement magic circle.」

「I see! 」

Even though Seiya knew that Mash was currently weak, his carefulness made him want to avoid going straight into the enemy’s hideout. However, suddenly, Seiya noticed something as he put his finger on his chin and began to think.

「No, wait. Maybe I should go to Bahamtross now. I could use this opportunity to do some investigation.」

「EHH!! Do you want to go to the continent where Mash lives at this moment!?」

「You guys, make yourselves transparent. And Rosalie. Invoke the movement magic circle far away from Mash’s castle as soon as possible.」

After becoming transparent, we stood on the movement magic circle drawn by Rosalie. I felt nervous when Rosalie casted the spell.

「It…It feels like a rapid development. Are we going to engage in a final battle with Mash?」

「Uhhh…I didn’t prepare my heart for this yet…Ah, I’m getting hungry…I don’t wanna go.」

「Well then, let’s move to Bahamtross!」

The voice of Rosalie echoed loud, and the movement magic circle gleamed brightly. When the dazzling light disappeared, I saw that we were in a forest full of dense trees.

…Was this place Bahamtross…?

Mash’s current home. In other words, this place was the area we used to call as the “Dragon Village” in the original world. The dragons were not demons, but I felt that the surrounding area was full of abominable evil. I wondered if this place was full of armed dragon men, so I swallowed my raw saliva in nervousness.

「So…So, are you planning to see Mash’s castle?」

But before I got out of the movement magic circle, Seiya spoke.

「Rosalie. Let’s go back to the Underworld.」

「Ah? Have you forgotten something…?」

「Hurry up. 」

「All…All right, hero! 」

Rosalie invoked the movement magic circle again after being rushed by Seiya. We came back from Bahamtross to Uno’s living room in the Underworld in a matter of seconds.

「Okay. Reconnaissance is complete.」

I screamed at a happy-looking Seiya after I cleared my transparency.

「Hey, it’s already over!? Wasn’t this trip way too fast!? I was so nervous for nothing!!」

「Are…Are you really okay with this, hero?」

「Yeah. Good job, Rosalie.」

「Yes! 」

Rosalie looked happy…Hey, what did we do exactly!? Were a few seconds of reconnaissance that meaningful!?

I couldn’t understand it at all, but Seiya sat down on the couch of the living room as if he had just finished his work.

「We still have time to spend in the Underworld where the flow of time is different from the time of the earthly worlds. Lista. I want to see that scene again.」

「“That scene”…Do you mean Mash’s current state?」

「No. The scene where he fought against the Demon King. It’s an old video, but I want to see Mash’s skills and abilities that allowed him to defeat the Demon King. I also want to see the power of the Dragon Mother.」

「Now that you mention it, we only saw the climax of that fight. It makes sense that you want to see it from the very beginning…Lista, rewind that scene.」

「I am not a DVD player you know!」

I stood in front of the white wall. Perhaps it was because I’ve tried it many times, and now I was able to change attributes quickly like Seiya. After becoming accustomed to the devil transformation, I concentrated myself in order to see the desired image. Seiya struck my head abruptly.


Ugh!? Uahhhhh, I was not used to this AT ALL!!

…An image unfolded in front of me after I felt a great dose of pain. An old woman appeared in my mind. She seemed nice. She was knitting something inside a house.

「Hmm. I’ve made a great bandana.」

The old woman was very pleased with the green bandana.

「…Hey. Stop it, Lista. 」

Seiya’s voice ordered me to stop the video. When I turned around, I noticed that Seiya was upset with me.

「Who said that I wanted to see a video about the creation of Mash’s bandana?」

「What. It’s weird.」

「Concentrate one more time. Okay?」


Ughh!! My…My head…!!

The next footage that unfolded in front of me appeared to be Nakashi Village based on its appearance. I saw that Mash was a few years younger than the Mash we knew of. He stood on the trail surrounded by human children of the same age.

「That bandana! It looks good on you, Mash! 」

「It’s so nice! 」

「Eh, eh! It’s great, isn’t it! Grandma made it for me! 」

I stopped the video voluntarily. Celseus yelled next to me.

「We told you that we don’t care about the bandana!!」

「Of…Of course I know that!! But these footages are the only ones that get reflected on my mind!!」

I noticed that Seiya stared fixedly at me.

「I’m getting angry. Do it seriously.」

「I’m doing it seriously!! But, I can’t do it anymore like this!! I have a big headache now!!」

「Hey, hey. What the hell. Don’t tell me that your power was fluke when you showed us the past battle with the Demon King…」

Both Seiya and Celseus stared at me with cold eyes. Seiya spoke with disdain.

「I said that you were helpful, but I take that statement back. You are in fact a “broken crystal ball”.」

「What’s the point of making me do it when you hit me repeatedly!!」

「I temporarily stop collecting information, for now. I’ll move to the next plan.」

「For now!? Do you plan on using me again!? My head will break apart if you continue to hit me!!」

「O…Okay, hero. What is your next plan? 」

「I found a countermeasure here in the Underworld, which I can use against the Dragon Mother. I have to complete this training while Mash is incapacitated.」

「You…You are going to train again!? I thought that learning the Transparency skill would be enough!! We are not making any progress!! When are we going to attack the enemy!?」

「Yeah. This is the last training I’ll do in the Underworld in order to save the Twisted Geabrande. After that, I will surely and perfectly finish this quest.」

「Eh…!? 」

Did that mean that Seiya won’t come back to the Underworld until he defeats the Dragon King Mash in the final decisive battle? Until now, he had been repeating the following actions, “Accomplish one deed, and then go back to training immediately”! I didn’t really understand Seiya’s idea! Well, I never understood him that well to be honest, nor did I understand him this time!

While I was confused, I noticed that Seiya left the living room and walked away extremely fast.

「Wait a moment! Seiya, what training will you do now?」

「Because of the evil god’s blessing, Mash and the Dragon Mother have probably gained the power of gods. Therefore, I must obtain the opposite power in order to counter them.」

「Do…Don’t tell me that…you’re talking about the Power of Darkness!?」

「That’s right. I’ve already got my eyes on the next training destination.」

Ahh…Certainly, if I recalled correctly, Seiya showed me a list with the techniques that he wanted to acquire. One of them was “A technique to invoke a curse secretly.” So, what he wanted was the training to achieve the Power of Darkness in order to achieve one of his goals shown in the list. Even so…

「The Power of Darkness, huh. I feel like the role as an ordinary hero is moving further and further away from you.」

「I don’t care about the attributes as long as I can win safely.」

「But, Seiya. Is it possible for humans to obtain such power?」

「This is the Underworld. The common sense of the heavenly world does not apply here. And even if I can’t do it in the end, it would be nice if one of you could learn this darkness skill. It may be easier for you and Lista to learn it since you can demonize your forms. Rosalie may be able to do it as well since she has some power of demons in her.」

「Eh, somehow, I feel that something is wrong. I wonder if it’s okay.」

Celseus murmured anxiously. I felt anxious and worried as well. Was it really okay for a “hero” to learn the Power of Darkness? We had no other choice but to follow Seiya as he headed to somewhere unknown.

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