This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Mash’s Weakness

I felt extremely distressed in my room. I then murmured alone.

「So, it…wasn’t a dream? 」

I went to the living room to tell Seiya that I’ve seen Elle. However, only Uno was sitting at the couch.

「Listen, Uno. Do you know where Seiya is? 」

「He hasn’t come down from the second floor. Perhaps, he is still sleeping.」

「How unusual. 」

Seiya told me that he’d take a rest, but he didn’t leave the room for hours. I was worried and knocked on the door of his room, but there was no reply. I saw that Seiya was sleeping soundly 「Zzz Zzz… 」 on his bed when I opened the door. I thought, “So cute”. However, when I approached him, a fire lizard came out from under the bed and bit my finger. I got burned because of that bite. No, he wasn’t that cute to be honest!

I returned to the living room in a bad mood. I found Rosalie in the living room this time. The bandage wrapped around the wound of her missing arm looked painful, but she didn’t seem to care much about it too much. I spoke to Rosalie while carrying the snacks that I received from Uno.

「It seems that Seiya is extremely tired after evoking so many Automatic Phoenixes. I think everything has its limits, you know. His excess is a bit disturbing. In fact, it looked like a horde of migratory birds, unbelievable.」

「But thanks to that, we came back safely. The same applies to the Transparency skill. When the Dragon King suddenly appeared and I tried to attack him, I might have been killed instantly if I had not mastered that skill. To be honest, I was wondering if training was necessary for the hero to gather information, but as a result, it was the hero’s intention to make me stronger.」

「Ah well, I wonder about that… 」

And then, Rosalie showed an ecstatic expression on her face.

「Everything the hero does is accurate from one to ten.」

I was apprehensive. Therefore, I decided to ask her about what had been worrying me.

「Listen, Rosalie. I want to ask you something, and I want you to tell me clearly…What do you think of Seiya?」

「About…that…! 」

「Please answer me honestly. 」

After a moment of silence, Rosalie shouted high with a bright red face.


「Aah…Ah, I knew it…! But, isn’t that love the respect you feel for Seiya as a fellow warrior?」

「No!! Actually, I want him to hold me in bed as if I was a newborn, and embrace together over and over again!!」

「You weren’t joking when you said you loved him!! Moreover, your desires are so lively and raw!!」

I wondered if I opened up Rosalie’s heart, since she continued to speak openly about it.

「In fact, I know that I am no ordinary woman. I even wonder if I can describe myself as a woman. Therefore, I am fully satisfied that I can practice and travel with the hero.」

I once felt that way. However, Seiya didn’t even see Rosalie as a human, let alone a woman. I was sure that Rosalie’s love story would never end happily, so I decided to put an end to her hopes.

「In any case, Seiya is totally indifferent to romance. That hero only has one focus. To save the world and nothing else.」

「Is that so…Eh, no wonder…Ahh, too bad. Damn it. 」

「Rosalie!? 」

「It…It’s nothing! He is a hero, so it’s natural for him to think only about saving the world! What on earth am I thinking about! I’m ashamed of myself!」

Rosalie slapped her face with her hand in order to “wake up” from her irrationality.

「I need to be concerned about the Dragon King! He said, “The demons are already on the verge of extinction”! The invasion of the dragons seem to be gaining momentum! I have to stop it somehow!」

「Eh, yes. Let’s talk about it to Seiya tomorrow…」

I said goodbye to Rosalie and went back to my room.

The early morning of the next day.

Someone knocked on my door violently while I slept in my room.

「Hey, Lista. How long will you keep sleeping? Get up quickly and come to the living room.」

「Ah, yes. I’m sorry. I’ll be right there…」

I rubbed my sleepy eyes as I headed to the living room. On the way, my head gradually became clear. Wha…What the hell was that about! How dare he say something like that to me! He was the one who told me that he’d take a rest, and ended up sleeping all night! He was unbelievably selfish!

Rosalie and Celseus were already sitting on the couch in the living room. I noticed that Celseus wasn’t carrying any luggage. Seiya urged me to sit on the couch as well.

「What? Aren’t we going to Geabrande today? 」

「Not yet. We’re going to stay in the Underworld for a while.」

「But Seiya, Mash said that the demons were on the verge of extinction. That doesn’t concern you?」

「There was no need for him to specify that since I already knew it. After I saw how Paradula broke through Igle’s barrier, it made me think that the dragons camped outside of town in order to attack it afterwards. They probably killed Chaos Makina and Eliza after I expelled them out of Igle town.」

Did that mean that he knew that this would happen, and even so, he drove the demons out of town!? So…Somehow, that felt outrageous!!

「Why did you ask me this, Lista? Don’t tell me that you even care about the lives of phantom demons?」

「No…No, that’s not why I meant. I just wanted to know if Igle would be safe.」

Seiya scratched his head and said “hmm”. The townspeople were illusions as well! I knew that, of course!

「I think the town is safe for now. Those barriers have been protecting it from the dragons for years. So, there should be no problem in the meantime.」

I noticed that Rosalie was nodding in agreement.

「More importantly, Rosalie. Is there a powerful dragon in Mash’s army?」

「Yes. The Dragon Mother, who is the right arm of the God Dragon King…I think she’s the one leading his army this time.」

「The…The Dragon Mother!! 」

I remember that this dragon was the so-called dragon queen who was defeated by Seiya in the original Geabrande after she tried to sacrifice Elle in order to become the holy sword. So, she was still alive in this world, and she became Mash’s minion!

「Mash told us, “The demons are already on the verge of extinction”. He made sure to tell us that. Therefore, it may be an operation, which he created with the remaining demons. Summing up, to join forces with the army of the Dragon Mother and try to break into the barriers.」

While thinking about it, Seiya turned his sharp eyes on me.

「Lista. Do you know what the most terrifying aspect about Mash is?」

「It…It’s the Egzation, naturally. 」

「Wrong. It’s the movement magic circle.」

「Eh… 」

「If he suddenly appeared in Nakashi Village, then that means that he can move instantly and anywhere in Geabrande. If Mash appears while we fight the dragons near Igle, the situation would be greatly disadvantageous for us. On the other hand, it would be equally bad if an executive class dragon moved their target while we fought against Mash. The only thing that is relatively safe in this Twisted Geabrande is in the middle of Igle town, which is protected by magical barriers.」

I see. Certainly, based on those facts, the movement magic circle was indeed quite troublesome…Eh, wait a second!

「Hey, but we can go ourselves to Mash in Bahamtross with Rosalie’s movement magic circle, can’t we!」

「We tried to insert our magic inside the Dragon King’s castle! But, it was impossible inside of the castle itself, therefore, we made it possible to invoke the movement magic circle in the suburbs!」

「I refuse. The enemy is also wary of that. We must avoid the slightest danger. Besides, if it’s the final decisive battle we’re talking about here, then I’m already thinking about it.」

「Eh! Is that so! 」

「But now, I must gather crucial information. 」

Then, where and when was the final decisive battle? While I wondered about it, Seiya gave me Mash’s bandana.

「I want you to know more about Mash from this bandana. In short, I want to know “his weakness”.」

「Hmm. I wonder if I will be able to see it in an apparent way.」

I read the lingering thoughts from the bandana before, and succeeded in watching the “Nakashi Village attack that happened in the past”. However, would it be possible to gather more information from this as Seiya said? I wondered if Mash had any weaknesses in the first place…

「Anyway, first, turn into a devil. Don’t worry. If you do that “hustling” again, I’ll burn you to restore your sanity.」

「I’m actually afraid to be burned you know!! …No, wait a moment!! Why are your hands on fire already!! I should be fine because we are in the Underworld right now!!」

After Seiya turned off Hell’s Fire, I turned into a devil and picked up the bandana. Seiya put his hand on my shoulder when I sat on the couch to concentrate.

「There’s something I want to experiment a little. Stand in front of this wall.」

As a sexy little devil, I was forced to stand in front of the large white wall in the living room.

「Why…Why do you want me to stand here? 」

「The image you’ll see in your brain will be shown on this wall from now on.」

「Ehhhhh!! But, how!?」

「I’m going to do exactly the same thing that I did with the images transmitted from the earth snakes into the buckets of water. Maybe it will work.」

That’s right. During our quest of Exfolia, Seiya applied a special technique and used it as a surveillance camera in the battle against Emperor Oxelio and Empress Ceremonic.

「You just need to focus on reading the lingering thoughts as usual.」

「O…Okay, I understand. 」

I closed my eyes and concentrated quietly. Eventually, Mash’s appearance emerged in my mind. On this very moment. Seiya’s voice echoed.

「…Info Shared. 」



I felt a strong shock in my head! With so much pain, I opened my eyes slowly! At the same time, a strange sound 「ugh! 」 naturally leaked from my mouth! What I was seeing in my mind was actually projected on the wall in front of me…Eh, no, no! Wait, wait a second!

I stopped reading the lingering thoughts on the bandana, and I shouted at Seiya.

「Am I a movie projector!? 」

「Why are you angry? With this, you can share the same information with everyone. And by seeing it together, we can prevent the transmission of false information that comes from your subjectivity. It’s all good.」

「But, you hit me in the head, didn’t you!? 」

「It won’t work unless I hit your head with moderate force…Let’s continue.」


It hurtsssssss!! Ugh, I was hit twice because I interrupted the transmission!! Damn it, I must stop this ridiculousness somehow!!

Contrary to my feelings, the image that came out of my eyes unfolded on the wall.

…The image of Mash wearing the bandana on his head was reflected on the wall. Unlike the Mash we saw earlier, this Mash looked like the one we knew better. He looked a little taller. It made me feel as if some years had passed since he had the adventure with us.

「Aah, Aah! 」

In a dark space, Mash was breathing hard. I noticed that he was full of wounds. Next to him stood a giant dragon, who was also injured.

「Mash. Don’t give in. Let’s take one more step.」

My memory got revived when I heard the voice of the dragon with ocher scales.

…Tha…That giant dragon was the Dragon Mother!

Furthermore. My heart beat faster the moment I saw that “thing” in front of them.

「How absurd! The little boy from the dragon tribe wants to hunt me! That’s impossible, you know! You are not even a hero to begin with…!」

A huge demon uttered words in a hateful manner…It was Zenos Road, the Demon King of Geabrande. It didn’t have a humanoid form. It was perhaps its second form, since it already transformed into a monster with six arms. And like Mash, his body was full of wounds.

「Let me show you. My greatest secret.」

A black light source shined mysteriously in the hands of the Demon King! The air quivered, and a terrible magical power gathered in one spot!

「Judgement Zero! 」

On the verge of the jet-black explosive vibrations. I noticed that Mash held the Egzation.

「Elle! Give me your power! 」

The seven-colored blade of the holy sword gave off a dazzling light! That light purified the surroundings, and the Demon King’s jet-black wave was wiped out in an instant!

…Wha…What a formidable sword…!!

The Demon King had, at first, the expression of victory when he showed Mash his greatest secret, which had the power to destroy the world. However, the Demon King couldn’t believe when Mash wiped out his attack. Mash slashed the Egzation backwards, and instantly hit the body of the Demon King. An angry voice echoed aloud at the same time as the flash of the holy sword. The body of the Demon King was split in a half from its brain to its crotch. I remember that the Demon King had a terrifying life force that even tried to crawl out of hell despite being a skeleton imprisoned in the Celestial Prison-Gate… However, this time, Egzation slaughtered him! Since he couldn’t regenerate because of the holy sword’s power, the Demon King decayed like ash!

After the Demon King’s magical power got crushed and the dark space got released, the Dragon Mother, who had returned to her previous form, laughed with a big smile on her face.

「What a wonderful day! The dragon tribe has finally defeated the Demon King!」

The Dragon Mother immersed herself in great joy. Meanwhile, Mash was looking at the empty space. I wanted to see what was beyond Mash’s gaze. I tried to focus. Then, a humanoid person emerged in my view.

A lovely girl with a red hair wore a mage robe. This appearance reminded me a little of the Elle I knew very well. However, it looked like she was in pain.

『Painful. It’s painful, Mash. 』

「What…did you say? 」

Mash came to the Dragon Mother in a form of anger.

「You told me that I’ll be able to get rid of Elle’s pain if I defeated the Demon King!!」

「Well, the Demon King wasn’t the only demon that inhabited Geabrande. Many other demons have lived originally in Geabrande. Many of them are still alive. Maybe we’ll have to eradicate them too.」

「Ugh! Wait a little longer, Elle! I’ll kill all the demons!」

『Wrong…That’s wrong, Mash…』

Elle, who was speaking in agony, suddenly opened her eyes wide.

『Not only the demons!! There’s no value in other life forms except dragons!! Kill!! Kill them all!!』

Elle fell to the floor while talking. Her body became stained with blood. Before I knew it, Elle’s limbs twisted macabrely in an impossible direction. Still, she managed to crawl creepily on the floor and clung to Mash’s feet. Her eyes were bloody.

『Ahh, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it really hurts you know!! The impact of when I fell to the dragon abyss still remains in my flesh!!』

「Elle…! 」

『Mash!! Humans too!! Kill all the humans too!!』

Mash covered his face with his hands as if he was in a dizzy state. The Dragon Mother put her hands on Mash’s shoulders to console him. Elle’s figure suddenly disappeared.

「Don’t overdo it. In addition to the wounds you’ve got because of the war against the Demon King, you’ve also got the backlash from Egzation. It seems that this time wasn’t the wonderful day we hoped for.」

「El…Elle… 」

And then, Mash fainted on the spot. At the same time, the image projected on the wall disappeared from my eyes.

…In the living room of Uno’s house, Celseus spoke with an astounded expression on his face.

「So, Mash really defeated the Demon King, huh. Is Egzation’s power that great?」

「It’s not just Egzation’s power. In the world distorted by Merseys’ power, I presume that the person responsible for the distortion will be blessed with the protection of the evil god. Even Artemaeus, the Demon King of Exfolia, gained the power of gods thanks to Merseys’ power.」

「I see! Egzation and the blessing of the evil god! Mash was able to defeat the Demon King because he had these two powerful supports!」

「There is an additional possibility. I didn’t tell you before, but Mash is strong by nature.」

「Really!? 」

「He had a wide range of ability values when I met him for the first time. And those ability values had the power to increase exponentially with action. I expected him to exceed my stats if he reached the maximum level.」

If…If that’s true, then it would’ve been more reliable to use him as a comrade rather than a luggage carrier…! Well, I felt that Seiya didn’t want him to get hurt, but even so…!

Rosalie nodded when she listened Seiya’s words.

「I’ve heard that the Dragon Mother also controls the holy authorities. After they defeated the Demon King, the Dragon Mother created the Holy Angel cult with the Dragon King, and destroyed countless of human towns with an army full of fanatics.」

「Hmm. 」

Seiya and the others were talking about Mash and the Dragon Mother. But, I had another concern.

「…Elle. It looked like she was in great pain.」

Then, the three of them turned their eyes to me.

「What are you talking about? 」

「Wha…What? You saw Elle, didn’t you? You see, her body hurt and she was full of pain…」

「Certainly, the Dragon King said, 『Elle 』, while looking at an empty space, but… 」

「It seemed as if Mash was having a nightmare. 」

No…No way! Then, does that mean that I’m the only one who can see her despite the footage being projected on the wall!?

After I realized that, I noticed that Seiya sent me a cold look.

「That makes your yesterday’s story more likely to be your delusion.」

「I…I am telling the truth! 」

「Okay, let’s leave the real truth behind for now. I’ve got quite some meaningful information in the previous video…Lista. Can you also see Mash’s current state?」

「I think it is easier now than it was back then… 」

I tried to focus my mind in order to read the lingering thoughts from the bandana in front of the white wall, and Bang! Seiya hit my head once again…C’mon, I already told him that it hurts!! Was it really necessary to do it this way!!

…Inside a room where a strong dragon man protected the door with a weapon, Mash was barely holding himself up with the holy sword as a support. It seemed that he was out of breath. What we were seeing right now was the adult Mash with the tattoo-like dragon crest engraved on his body. There was no doubt that this Mash was the current Mash, whom we met in the Twisted Geabrande so far.

Mash managed to get up, but he walked unsteadily. It looked like his feet were wavering. Eventually, I heard a loud sound when he fell to the floor. A red-haired woman in a dress appeared behind Mash.

Did the ghost also changed appearances because she aged? The ghostly Elle moved her thin, blood-soaked arms around Mash’s shoulders.

『It hurts, it really hurts, Mash. I feel like my body is going to fall apart. Hurry up and kill the hero and the rest of the people as soon as possible.』

「I know that. But, wait one more day. My body isn’t working as I expected right now.」

Elle’s horrifying eerie appearance. However, Mash gently kissed her thin-skinned arms.

「I will do anything for you. Both demons and humans…I’ll even kill gods if necessary.」

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