A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 5 – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The Saint woman on the Battlefield

「This is no good. Our front lines are going down. We will lose the battle at this rate.」

Caria’s long sword drew a glittering line as she slashed an elf’s belly that stood in her way. Blood splashed around and the road became stained with vivid red.

While wiping the blood off her cheeks, Caria looked attentively at the other side. She didn’t care about the fallen enemy soldiers. On the other side of her line of sight stood Matia. Yes, the commander of the Heraldic Order, Saint Matia.

「…But, we are just helping them fight this war. We can’t go against the military rules. I am not the one in charge. Besides, we still haven’t won the battle on the rear side, can’t you see?」

The units directed by Matia were located on the sidelines, a little far from the ongoing conflict at the front.

Actually, even though Matia was an important collaborator, she was just a human being. This war was the affairs of the elves, and they felt that responsibility should fall on their kin. It was hard to persuade Eldith and her supporters to let Matia be a fundamental part of this battle. Eventually, they accepted her help, but the front lines was an important key and major strategical point that could dictate their victory. Summing up, Matia was ordered to fight on the rear, as guards; at least they let her do something instead of nothing.

Caria said that the situation wasn’t looking good for them, but Matia couldn’t see the condition at the front line from her position as it was blocked by numerous soldiers.

Amidst this disarray, Caria replied to Matia’s question while moving her shoulders, as if she distrusted something somewhere.

「I know that. But, just look at the movement of our side’s flag. Can’t you see that our flag has collapsed? The front lines are no longer working. Rather, this situation is the proof that the enemy brought more of their soldiers to this battle.」

Certainly, what Caria said made sense. Matia couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

The enemy soldiers engaged in a battle with Matia’s rear units. However, someone said that these soldiers were probably the last forces from the enemy side. That in itself was rather abnormal. It meant that most of the enemy’s forces conglomerated at the front battle. However. Although only a few enemy soldiers remained on the sidelines, Matia could see that it was not easy to march towards the front line because of the narrowly passageway.

Unexpectedly, Matia distorted her expression. What kind of decision should she make?

The battles she had experienced so far were close to small-scale wars. Matia had no experience in conducting large-scale battles. Moreover, she had only strategical knowledge. She wasn’t a fighter herself.

To be honest, Matia didn’t think that her own command in the battle of Garoua Maria was that remarkable. Many heraldic knights died under her command. If she had done well, they would have been alive today, and her victory would have been accomplished with less deaths and damage on the Heraldic side.

Therefore, Matia was worried. Would it be okay to use the soldiers in order to pierce through the front lines? These thoughts made things puzzling for Matia.

「I’m sorry, but I’m going. I might not be able to stop it, but at least, I’ll help our ally’s back.」

Filaret passed through Caria and Matia, and was already on her way. She shook her cloak lightly and her dark eyes shined brightly.

A storm of magical power overflowed from her back. Up until now, Filaret had not shown much of her power. She never displayed her powers on the sidelines. But, with her will, she should be able to exert her potential right here and now.

Nonetheless, Matia thought that it was strange for Filaret to say that she was going to the front lines herself because of her personality.

“Ah, yes.” When Matia realized the meaning of Filaret’s sudden action, an unpleasant feeling ran through her brain.

「“He” is probably up there. That’s right, I believe that “he” is fighting in the front lines. I bet that “he” is wielding the sword, which I embedded on his body.」

Caria became temperamental upon hearing Filaret’ remarks. She replied by saying, 「That was my treasure sword, you know.」

“I knew it”. Unexpectedly, Matia covered her lips with her hands. Every time both Filaret and Caria showed off their real powers and resolve, was when that “man” got entangled in some sort of conflict. Matia fully understood this. She knew this since a while ago.

Filaret didn’t say the name of the person whom she described just now.

Yet, Matia knew. Obviously. She talked about the Heraldic Order’s collaborator, the hero named Lugis. It’s been a while since she last saw him. But, for some unknown reason, Filaret found out his whereabouts. Then, of course, she would go to the front lines by herself.

「Hey, you. What are you going to do? 」

Caria’s short question reached Matia’s ears. Matia didn’t know what to do, to be honest. Even so, Caria continued to speak, and these next words made a slight change in Matia’s heart. That’s right, just like this.

「We’re going there no matter what you do here. If you come along, then follow us. I will open the path for you.」

Caria’s voice sounded upbeat. Her silvery eyes were gleaming with determination.

To be honest, Matia was still unable to handle Lugis’ presence. Her feelings for him were complicated and bittersweet.

Lugis was Matia’s lifesaver who protected her from a premature death. On the other hand, Lugis was also a “gruesome enemy” who tried to grab this world to himself. However, Lugis was also a mysterious person that shook Matia’s emotions.

When it came to action, Matia fully understood her capabilities, and she moved under reason and calculation. However, when it came to Lugis, Matia lost all reason and her emotions began to move as if they had free will.

In fact, Matia rushed to the front lines with all her units, even though she thought it was a ridiculous move to do.

“Oh, no. Absolutely not. I am making this move because of those girls. It’s a calculated move in order to protect both Caria and Filaret. They are valuable for the Heraldic Order. Yes, that’s right. It’s just my calculation. I am not doing this because of Lugis. Correct. Lugis’ presence never swayed my useless emotions.”

Matia narrowed her gaze while moving fiercely on the ground.

“…A Saint mustn’t be emotional. Never. Because a Saint is a precious servant of God.”

That’s right. Someone told Matia these words a long time ago. When was it? Matia couldn’t remember when. Who told it? She didn’t even know who. After all, it happened in a very distant past.

Up to this point, Matia had lived with these words as her substance. As a result, she had gained utmost confidence as a Saint, and she even gained the support of many due to her faith.

Therefore, she must not be affected by her own emotions. Moving with emotions meant denying herself. It meant letting go of what she had. She could never cross those boundaries.

Matia immersed in her thoughts. Lugis was just a temporary collaborator. The Heraldic Order wasn’t the only motive why Matia thought this way. As a woman, Matia also felt strange if she were to feel emotions for him since she met him not too long ago. As far as their collaboration went, Lugis remained a stranger in her life.

Therefore, this action was by no means emotional. Matia believed firmly that she wouldn’t be fluttered because of such a man.

Matia solidified her mind and her resolve. She managed to bring her units to the front lines, and…Lugis was certainly there, just as Filaret said moments ago.

“…Lugis was about to lose his life to the hands of the enemy’s general.”

Matia’s eyes were wide open, and her body was moving unsteadily.

Surely, this man was the one Matia thought as just a temporary collaborator and a stranger.

Nevertheless. The moment she saw this scene, the resolve that had been solidified in her mind melted away. Her brain easily forsake the chain of reason and the measure of calculation.

Incredibly, her mouth moved faster than anyone else did. Faster than Caria’s sparkling silvery sword. Even faster than Filaret’s magical power.

Matia yelled to the archers, who had just finished preparing their bows and arrows. A loud voice cut through the sky and echoed throughout the entire battlefield.

「Shoot! We must rescue our compatriot Lugis!」

A desperate voice. It was the sound of someone willing to sacrifice everything in order to save just one man. Yes, the voice of the Saint woman prevailed above everything else in the battlefield. She intended to save Lugis, not as a temporary collaborator or stranger, but as fellow compatriot.

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Save our compatriot! It seems Matia had a change of heart…


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