It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: VS Genius Hero

「Yes. All right, I have finally finished my dish. I present you my Golden Curry created with twenty different spices and served with Naan*. This special curry gave me the crown of victory from the finals of the last cooking tournament.」

「He has completed it! The contestant Shendo is bringing his curry dish to the jury! He created a special dish with a myriad of spices in one pot! He utilized a golden roux from his Arabiar cuisine found on his hometown! A great breakthrough! This is the true essence of a tremendous fragrant curry created by the winner of the previous tournament!!」

He really did make the winning dish of last year’s tournament…!!! Un…Unbelievable…!! I was extremely glad that he did it…!!! I’ve recovered my flag game…!!!

Whoaaaaaa!! The cheers of the audience echoed throughout the venue. Shendo’s dish received great acclaim and a huge round of applause.

The judges were also impressed by his dish. Yet, the Gourmet Master was the only who wasn’t that amazed. He looked rather normal.

「Well, I must say “welcome to my fair match”. Oh my, huh? Kyou. What happened to Mina, the cook that always stood by your side? If you don’t have your cook, how is a person who cultivates monsters like you with no brains is going to fight against me? *grins*.」

He tried to provoke me. Ah, well, it wasn’t that surprising. It was rather natural for him to feel conceited. He really had absolute confidence with his skills. Hmm.

I wondered if he really did see the match between me and Miss Katherina. Or maybe he forgot. But, Miss Katherina lost and I won.

Yeah. Maybe I still had a chance at this.

I thought about it, so I tried to ease my mind. I immediately put the fruit of the Killer Plant that I had already prepared in the pan. I began to boil it out.

Shendo and the judges, who were watching my cooking process, looked stunned.

「Wha…What is happening to our contestant Kyou! He is simmering the fruit of the Killer Plant instead of doing his dish!!」

「He…Hey, you. Are you in your right mind? Did you know that this is a curry match? You’ll be disqualified if you don’t serve curry, did you know that? Are you sure that you want to create a Killer Plant sauce regardless of the consequences?」

「No. I’m doing this to add more spice to my dish. 」

I received a strict training from Miss Katherina. How many grams of monster seeds, how much fruit was peeled off, and how many stems and leaves were struck into the main monster ingredient.

The spices blended with the fruit of the Killer Plant slowly but steadily. It began to melt and the texture became sufficiently thick. The sweet smell changed to the smell of curry.

「It…It can’t be! He used the watery sauce of the Killer Plant without even using plain water! The water sauce itself has a thick texture, and it will cook everything immersed with the spices! It’s a new recipe to deepen the taste! The contestant Kyou had a real hidden card!!」

「…Interesting. 」

The announcer and Shendo Bird were astonished by the way I was cooking my curry. On the other hand, the Gourmet Master stared at my cooking with utmost interest.

「Tha…That’s a bluff! There’s no way that my superb curry, that I’ve created with the best spices in the world, would be defeated by an amateur curry like yours!!」

Yeah, you’re probably correct, Shendo. It was highly probable that yours were the best among the best, while mine was quite simple. But, I won’t back down that easily.

My cooking will prove to be different at the very end. I had a small trick that I was going to use as a final addition to my curry recipe. Perhaps, the creation of a new curry with a specific method was going to set an unprecedented record for this world. I’ll show my opponent the charm of my monster cooking.

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*Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines of the Middle East, south and central Asia.


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