This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Toy Box

The plaza of the God’s realm was like a military training ground, with explosions and roaring sounds bursting from everywhere. From time to time, magical strikes, spears, and swords flew away from the group that practiced frighteningly. At the same time, tables, chairs and coffee cups of Cafe De Celseus were destroyed and pieces scattered on the floor.

「Just give me a break already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Celseus screamed and begged for mercy to a deplorable extent that even I felt sorry for him. No matter how much he cried or yelled, Seiya didn’t stop practicing…The moment I thought about that…

「Okay. Let’s stop here for today. 」

It’s been two hours since the start of his practice session. Seiya said to stop it when the God’s realm was lit by the redness of the sunset.

…Wha…What? Was he really going to stop now?

I thought it was unusual. Actually, Seiya never stopped his training until the opponent god fell down or if even if he begged to stop.

Personally, I thought that his practice rounded up early. However, I noticed that my fellow gods were exhausted. The Spear God pierced his spear on the ground while breathing in agony. I even saw that Frala the Goddess of Wind had tears on her eyes.

「*sobs* What can my wind magic even do? It’s impossible for me to get rid of that bloody fortune telling…!」

「La…Lady Frala! It’s fine, don’t worry! You don’t have the original divine power because you didn’t request the Order!」

I tried to comfort her, but…

「Even if you say that…*continues to sob* 」

The coolest goddess Frala was crying like a little girl.


「Ah, it was fun! Okay then, I’m going home now! 」

Valkyrie looked pretty satisfied as she went away.

Except Valkyrie, each of the gods left with sad and exhausting faces…Eventually, all of the gods were gone.

While I was stunned looking at the collapsed plaza of the God’s realm, I noticed that Seiya was walking to the temple.

…Oh gosh, this was bad! If I didn’t rush to him soon, I won’t be able to speak with him until tomorrow! Lately, Seiya disappears at night!

I chased after Seiya immediately.

「Wait, Seiya! Why are you going with such a hurry? 」

「The multiparty practice session is only meant to last during the day. While at night…」

「At night? 」

「I have other things to do. 」

「Things to do? What are those? 」

「… 」

「Hey, hey. What are you doing at night? Hmm? 」

「You’re noisy. I told you to play, didn’t I? 」

Seiya stopped walking and stepped on the ground. With the power of earth magic, an object that was sinking in the ground surfaced.

「Ehh!? 」

It was a big wooden box. When I looked inside, I saw a Japanese bilboquet*, bricks, frames, beanbag juggling games, and soap bubbles.

「I made a toy box for you. Play with this. 」

「Am I a little child!? 」

Moreover, what was this choice of old toys! I wasn’t a kid from the early Showa era of Japan!

「What the hell is this!! Don’t make fun of me!! 」

Seiya murmured while staring at me.

「…State Berserk Phase 2nd. 」

「What!? 」

No…No way!! Was he going to hit me during the Crazy Warrior state!?

It didn’t matter, gods don’t die. But what if I had several powerful hits on my head? Maybe my brain would not be the same anymore. I would be the one to get really crazy. I was scared and protected my head with my hands…There was no impact. After a while, when I finally opened my eyes, I saw that Seiya had disappeared from my sight.

「He disappeared again!? What on earth is wrong with that guy!? 」

I was so frustrated that I kicked the toy box. The bricks and the other toys jumped out of the box. I couldn’t leave it in the plaza of the God’s realm, since Celseus was angry with me.

「That’s a hindrance! This is not your playground for you to place your bricks on the floor! 」

「I wasn’t playing!! 」

Celseus was clearly mad while he cleaned the broken scattered pieces of his cafe’s equipment. Celseus was pissed, but I was frustrated as well. We were staring at each other with hate…

「Ple…Please calm down! Let’s clean up together for the time being! Okay! 」

Kiriko picked the scattered brick and gave it to me. After that, she used a broom and started to gather the scattered equipment from the cafe to one place. Celseus teared up.

「Kiriko…! You really are a good person! 」

Aria came nearby and nodded in agreement.

「Such an angelic Killing Machine! 」

Then, Celseus gazed at me with piercing eyes.

「Lista! You could learn a little from her! 」

「Just shut up, will you! 」

I was annoyed at Celseus. So, I made a tantrum, stopped helping him with the scattered equipment and started to play with the Japanese bilboquet on my own. At first, it was just a play to kill some time…

「Oh! Ah, oh, oh! 」

…Impossible! What’s this! This was actually fun…!

I became enthusiastic about playing the Japanese bilboquet.

The day was long gone while I was immersed on playing with the toy box. When I looked around, I saw that the tables were back in place, and that the Cafe De Celseus was finally recomposed. Kiriko walked up and stood beside me.

「Miss Lista… 」

「Ah, Kiri. Do you want to play the Japanese bilboquet? It’s really fun! 」

I smiled at her. On the other hand, Kiriko spoke to me with a serious tone.

「Ex…Excuse me. But, may I sleep together with you in my room today? 」

「Of course, I don’t mind it…Ah? Kiri, are you really going to sleep? 」

Kiriko didn’t eat nor sleep because she was a machine. That puzzled me and I began to worry about her request.

「You see…Actually. Mister Seiya spoke with me and said, “sleep with Lista for as long as possible while we’re on this quest together”.」

「Ehh! Why? 」

「I also asked him the reason why. Mister Seiya responded that, “the Ceremonic’s curse still might be there”.」

「That person is still worried about the curse!? 」

But, it’s been a long time since the curse had been lifted, right? I didn’t think too much about it since I got free from that nightmare…!

「I’m sure that he cares deeply about Miss Lista! 」

「I doubt that. I think he pushed Kiri to watch me because he thought I was troublesome…」

「Whatever the reason, I am glad that I can sleep with Miss Lista! 」

「Really? Okay, shall we go now! 」

Kiriko and I went to the room rented by Celseus, but it was still early to sleep. Therefore, I took some toys out of the toy box and we played with them by building houses with bricks and beanbags. I was angry when Seiya gave me the toy box. But somehow, it became fun when I saw that Kiriko rejoiced innocently at the toys. Kiriko also seemed distracted from the painful experience that happened in the town of Fulwaana by playing with toys.

「So, Mister Seiya was the original owner of these toys. 」

Kiriko nodded positively while staring closely at the bricks.

「Eh? These toys belonged to Seiya? 」

「Please, look at this. 」

“Ryuguuin Seiya” was carved with very small letters on the lower part of a large brick.

「It…It’s true…! 」

「The other toys also have his name carved. 」

The Japanese bilboquet, the beanbags… If one looked closely, all of the toys had the name of Seiya carved on them.

「Whoa…Every one of them has his name written on…! 」

「I’m sure that he wrote his name to make sure that he didn’t lose any of his toys! Mister Seiya is very meticulous!」

「We…Well, this looks kinda weird, you know. He’s no longer a kid in elementary school…」

「But, this seems like something that Mister Seiya would do! 」

Kiriko laughed a little at this occurrence…Hmm. Did he had time to spare to write his name on his toys? He usually said that everything else except training was a “waste of time”. Didn’t he? This didn’t make any sense at all.

「…Let’s sleep now. 」

All of this was quite bizarre to me. While I thought deeply about it, I went to bed with Kiriko and slowly closed my eyes.

Second day. Noon.

At the plaza today, the multiparty practice session between Seiya and the other gods continued endlessly.

I took the soap bubbles out of the toy box and stared at Seiya’s fierce practice while blowing the bubbles. Like yesterday, Seiya continued to overwhelm the gods. From time to time, I saw that a hurricane mixed with lightening rays burst out of Seiya’s arm. It seemed that the mastery of the other magic properties were progressing well.

I took my eyes away from the practice session and asked Aria a question while she sip some tea at the cafe’s table.

「Listen, Aria. Did you see Seiya last night? 」

「No. I didn’t see him. 」

「Geez. Where and what is he doing during the night… 」

I blew the soap bubbles. A number of rainbow-colored bubbles flew high in the sky.

「Li…Lista…What are you doing? 」

「It’s soap bubbles. Aria, do you want to try it as well? 」

「No, I’m fine…And, why don’t you stop thinking too much about Seiya? I’m sure that he’s doing something necessary for the upcoming battle against the Demon King.」

「So, that I won’t disturb him, you mean? I don’t want to. I really don’t know what’s going on, but I feel that something is going on secretly…」

The war against the Demon King was approaching, and Seiya’s actions were more suspicious than ever. I couldn’t do anything about it. I knew that perfectly well. Meanwhile, I was just forced to blow some bubbles into the sky.

Suddenly, I noticed that the undead next to me looked quite impatient.

「Hmm. I also want to train with various gods like the hero. 」

It seemed that Seiya’s practice session inspired John Dae. I spoke with him afterwards.

「John Dae. Even if you want to practice, won’t you feel bad to train with other gods? You know, the other gods aren’t ungodly like Celseus.」

「Recently, I have become somewhat accustomed to the holy aura of the heavenly world.」

「Hmm. 」

I pushed Aria’s back lightly and tried to get her closer to John Dae.

「Ugh!? Too dazzling!! My eyes hurt!! 」

「I knew it. So, you’re not that accustomed. Just give up on that idea, okay? 」

「No…No! 」

Then, John Dae saw a god sitting at an isolated table.

「Like Celseus, that goddess over there is almost ungodly! When I saw that goddess in the cafe from time to time, I thought that it was a kind of devilish god from its eerie appearance. That’s why I avoided her for the time being…」

John Dae decided to approach that distant table. Sitting there was Adenela, the Goddess of War, who looked at Seiya’s training with a confident look. John Dae spoke to her with a serious tone.

「I saw your skills yesterday. Could you teach me your incredible sword technique?」

「Do…Do you want me…me to teach you…you the gunshot sword…technique…I see… 」

Adenela looked at John Dae from down to the top. Eventually, she nodded positively.

「We…Well, that’s fine. If…If you’re training for…for Seiya’s sake, then I…I’ll gladly teach you my sword…technique.」

「Ohh! Great! I’ll be under your guidance! 」

Apparently, John Dae was eager to learn Adenela’s sword technique.

「…How nice. 」

Kiriko, who watched the situation from afar, stared at them with envious eyes.

「Kiri, do you want to play with me? 」

I took out the beanbags from the toy box, but Kiriko shook her head.

「If…If possible, I’d like to train as well! 」

「Eh. You know that Seiya is a one-man army. It might be pointless even if you train. Seiya won’t let you take an active part on this, you know?」

「But, I can still train my heart in order to have a better resolution! I want to be stronger in spirit and mind!」

「Is that so… 」

I wanted to respect the will of a motivated Kiriko. Therefore, I took Kiriko with me and headed towards Adenela.

「Listen, Lady Adenela. Could you teach Kiri a skill of yours? 」

「Fir…First, a zombie…next…next a Ki…Killing Machine, huh. I…I don’t actually…mind…mind it…you know.」

「Thank you very much! Please, treat Kiri with care! She’s a little girl on the inside!」

…I knew that Adenela was a bit weird and scary. But, Aria was nearby, so I didn’t worry that much.

With that in mind, I left John Dae and Kiriko to Adenela before I went to see Seiya again. Apparently, all of the gods who practiced together with Seiya fell to the ground around him.

Seiya put the sword on his sheath. It looked like today’s practice session was over.

However, the next moment…

「State Berserk Phase 2nd. 」

Seiya became the Crazy Warrior! Then, he disappeared from my sight!

Aria opened her mouth.

「He…He vanished without leaving any traces behind. 」

Nonetheless, I showed my thumb to Aria.

「I was watching his movements! I noticed that the red track headed towards the temple! I’m going there to check him out!」

「Lista! Isn’t it better not to follow him so forcibly? 」

「It’s all right! I just want to know what he’s doing at night! 」

Then, I ran to the temple.

I was almost certain that Seiya went to the temple. Still, the temple of the God’s realm was wide. It could take me a lot of time to search for every corner. I found Hestica, the Goddess of Fire, in the hallway and asked her.

「Excuse me. Did you see Seiya around here? 」

「I saw your hero moments ago. He was walking that way with Lady Valkyrie. 」

「Thank you very…ah, Ehh!! 」

I froze upon hearing those last words.

No…No way…No way…Don’t tell me that he was doing strange things with Valkyrie again!?

I just rushed to Valkyrie’s room after I gave my respects to Hestica.

「Lady Valkyrie! I’m coming in! 」

I entered her room immediately as I knocked on the door.

Valkyrie, who until now showed a high-degree of body exposure by having just chains wrapped around her intimate parts, was completely naked!

「Whoaaaaa!! I knew it!! Seiya!! Get out of here right now!! 」

However, Valkyrie stared at me with confusing eyes.

「What are you talking about, Listarte? I’m the only one here. 」

「What!? But, Lady Hestica told me that you were with Seiya moments ago… 」

「We were just talking along the hallway. After that, we went separate ways. 」

「So…So, why are you naked!? 」

「I’m usually like this when I’m in my own room. 」

…Ah, what the hell. So, this was her lifestyle.

I felt so relieved. On this moment, Valkyrie spoke with me with a harsh tone.

「Hey you. Are you chasing after Seiya’s butt again? A goddess has a supportive role for the hero. That doesn’t make you his parent. So, calm yourself down.」

「Bu…But… 」

「He’s doing what he’s supposed to do. You just have to do what Seiya tells you to do.」

I felt a little angry. After all, I was being told how to behave properly by the one person that knew Seiya better than me.

「Lady Valkyrie doesn’t know what Seiya told me to do in spite of everything that happened so far! Seiya told me to “play with toys”, you know!」

「Hmm. If he says so, then that’s the best choice for you right now. 」

「There’s no way that the best choice is to play with toys!! 」

When I raised my voice, the naked Valkyrie slowly approached me.

「By the way, Listarte. Do you know what it means to come to my room at such a time?」

「Eh? 」

She stood behind me before I even noticed it! She held me from the top of my dress and grabbed my chest brusquely!

「Hiiiiiiiiiii!? Wa…Wait!! 」

「Oh! You’ve gotten a little bigger again! 」

「Sto…Stop it…! 」

While playing with my chest, the naked Goddess of Destruction whispered on my ear.

「Shall I play with you? Don’t you want a different toy? 」

「No…No…No…No, thanks. 」

I got away from her, lowered my head to Valkyrie in respect and ventured out of her room.

…AH….Ah…ah! Sca…Scary! I was in an imminent danger of getting defiled!

I tried to repair my dress while I walked through the corridor. My chest area became quite messy. Soon, I noticed that Seiya was talking to a goddess who radiated cold from her body.

Fo…Found him! He actually was in a common place like this!

The goddess speaking with Seiya was Kieron the Goddess of Ice, who was dressed in a stunning robe that sparkled with crystals.

「I’d like to ask you one question. Is there a technique that freezes a subject forever?」

「Let’s see. You can freeze it temporarily, but it’s impossible to freeze it permanently even with the magnified power of icing magic…」

Ehh? What were they talking about?

I approached them. Seiya sighed deeply when he noticed my presence.

「…It’s you again. 」

「Hey, Seiya. You are a fire magic type user. It’s impossible to learn icing magic, didn’t you know that?」

Even a genius hero like Seiya had specific characteristics. He couldn’t learn healing magic or icing magic because the properties were the opposite of his fire magic.

「I’m just consulting with other gods. 」

「Do you want to know icing magic because of the upcoming battle with the Demon King? Do you want to freeze the Demon King forever? But, isn’t it meaningless if the Demon King isn’t defeated in the end?」

I was a goddess. Therefore, I spoke proudly to him.

「Can you listen? As long as the Demon King lives, Exfolia will continue to be devastated with the continuous birth of monsters. The blessing of the evil god won’t stop and the world will collapse. The only way to save Exfolia is to destroy the Demon King’s life for good.」

Seiya suddenly hit my head.

「That hurts!! Why did you do that!? 」

「You don’t have to explain it because I know it all. 」

「Then, why are you having this sort of talk with Lady Kieron! 」

Seiya ignored me and touched Kieron’s shoulder.

「For now, you could freeze this useless goddess. 」

「What the hell!! 」

He left an indignant Kieron and a frustrated me behind, while he walked away from us.

Wha…What was that just now!? Was he serious!? Did he really want Kieron to freeze me completely!? No…No!! He must be joking, right!?

I couldn’t understand Seiya’s behavior at all. Or rather…When I thought calmly about it, I realized that I never really understood his behavior since I’ve first met him…

I was exhausted. So, I decided to go back to the room where I was staying with Kiriko.

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*Namely Kendama. It’s a traditional Japanese skill toy. It consists of a handle (ken) and a ball (tama), where a string connects both parts.


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