It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: There is only one Curry for Everybody

「You fool! Green onion is essential for curry! We need to taste it, and yet you burnt it! The taste gets too strong because of the overcooked aroma from the green onion combined with the strong spices!」

「Don’t make any more mistakes with the amounts of water! If you add to much water on the recipient, the whole texture will become watery and the rich taste will fade away!」

「A rock potato? Surely, curry has many rock potatoes on it. But, don’t overdo it. The taste of curry will become muddled if you put to many potatoes. It won’t be a curry anymore, but a potato soup. Just because the recipe is curry, that doesn’t mean you have to use the classic ingredients to the maximum capacity.」

Deep. Too deep. The world of curry was too deep. And this person wasn’t very friendly when it came to teaching. I already made fifty curries. But, I ruined all of them. This was difficult.

「However, the peeling of ingredients and the handling of kitchen knives have improved considerably. As expected of my Lord Kyou.」

「Yeah, I’ve improved because of you Fitis. Thanks. 」

However, the problem was still the main dish, curry.

「Well, you just passed the preliminary lessons. There are three days left before the actual competition. I still have much more to teach you about curry. You’ll be able to make a decent curry if I can guide you properly. However, you can’t win against Shendo Bird with just some regular curry.」

「You’re right about that. But, I have an idea. 」

「Oh, you do? 」

「What is your idea, Lord Kyou? 」

Miss Katherina and Fitis looked quite intrigued after I mentioned the word “idea”.

「The Gourmet Master said during my last match that this tournament wasn’t just a simple cooking contest, am I correct?」

「Yeah. He said that the development of food is the first priority of this tournament. He said that, what was important was to inspire the world with the creation of new dishes and cooking methods.」

「You’re right about that. I know that it will be difficult to accomplish that, but won’t it be better to create a new curry recipe that has never been made before?」

「That’s easy to say, Lord Kyou. But, it hasn’t been that long since curry was established. Under this circumstance, to create a new recipe of curry now would be a bit…」

「No. Actually, I have a few ideas to make a new dish of curry. 」

「Really!? 」

Miss Katherina spoke aloud in a surprising tone. They became even more curious about it.

「I…I’m curious about your idea…So, what do you have in mind…? 」

「Before that…This spice for the curry, was it taken from a monster? 」

「Yes. Of course. That spice was taken from a monster called Spicy Rock. It produces a specific seed named Pyrigra. And, that seed gives birth to a flower named Ruler Flower…」

「I want to cultivate the monster that is born from this species. 」

「Ri…Right now!? But Lord Kyou, we only have three remaining days… 」

「Three days are enough. I will definitely cultivate it and mature the flower until then, so that I can use fresh fruits and seeds to create the new curry dish.」

Both Fitis and Miss Katherine looked stunned upon hearing my words. Nonetheless, they smiled happily when they saw how confident I was.

「Interesting. Okay, Kyou. Let me cooperate with your cultivation process. There is a piece of land that I own in the vicinity. You should use it for cultivation straightaway.」

「Yes! Miss Katherina. Thank you very much. 」

「Lord Kyou! I’ll help you too! 」

「Yeah. Thank you, Fitis. Well then, let’s get started now. Let’s succeed with the fastest monster cultivation ever!」

「Whoa. This is another wonderful monster. 」

Three days later. I managed to collect the seeds, the fruits, and the leaves from the monsters that I’ve cultivated in the last few days. Then, I managed to process them into spices.

「Hmm! Lord Kyou! What an amazing scent! This is the first time that I’ve smelled this strong aroma from the seeds and fruits of a monster! As expected of my Lord Kyou’s original power of growing monsters! But, this time the taste has surpassed the 120%!」

Fitis spoke those words. She praised the smell of the curry I’ve made. Certainly, I also felt that the richness wasn’t comparable to the curries that I’ve tried to create during the last few days. I took a small bite to try it for the first time…Ohhhhh!! I’ve created such a masterpiece!! My curry skills had improved so much thanks to Miss Katherina’s guidance. In this case, maybe I had a chance…While my mind was optimistic; Miss Katherina’s face was rather cloudy.

「The taste and the ingredients have certainly improved beyond comparison. You would win if your opponent were a regular contestant. But, your opponent is Shendo. You won’t be able to win with this alone…」

「If that’s the case, then I shall use my wisdom to add an extra supplement to my dish.」

After saying that, I held something peculiar on my hand. Both of them stared at me with a confusing look on their faces, 「? 」.

「Lord Kyou. What is that? 」

「Ah, this. This…will be used for curry. 」

「Eh… 」

「What did you say!? Oh dear, are you sane!? 」

Upon hearing my declaration, both Miss Katherina and Fitis wrinkled their eyebrows and looked utterly in shock. Ah, I knew that they would become like that. But, I was confident about this. If I succeed adding this extra supplement, maybe it could turn out to be a real hit.

But, the real question was what kind of curry Shendo would serve to the jury…If he made one of his curry recipes, maybe I’d have a chance at this. But, if he created a brand-new curry, I’d probably lose the match. I was probably too hopeful for him to bring the last recipe that he presented last year…but, wouldn’t that be too good to be true? With that in mind, I was somewhat ready to compete in the semi-final that was going to be held on the next day.

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