This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Lifeless Land

The morning of my third day in the God’s realm. I went to the Cafe De Celseus to meet up with Kiriko.

Behind the table with a parasol that I usually chatted with Aria, was a small building with a kitchen. John Dae and Kiriko were staying there.

「Kiri. Are you done? 」

I entered the room assigned to Kiriko. It was a small and cozy room. When I went inside, I noticed that Kiriko was covered in sheets at the corner of the room.

「So…Sorry! Were you sleeping? But, Kiri, can you really sleep? 」

A very shy Kiriko scratched her head slightly.

「No, I never sleep. But, Mr. Celseus said, “you have to sleep after working hard”…」

Eh…Why was he trying to put a robot to sleep? Celseus was a true idiot after all…!

「I’m sorry about that, Kiri. I’ll explain to that idiot how you operate. 」

Still, Kiriko shook her head.

「It’s fine! I am grateful to Mr. Celseus! Besides, I am truly happy to be here and be treated like a human being!」

「Is…Is that so? 」

Well, if she didn’t have a problem with that, then it was okay I guess…

「Okay, Kiri. Can you come here for a second? 」

I sat Kiriko in front of the room’s mirror stand.

「You are a girl. So, you need to be a little bit more fashionable. 」

And then, I took a flower pendant that I had prepared beforehand and attached it onto Kiriko’s chest.

「Wha…What is this? 」

「This flower is the one that Kiri took proper care back in Tarmine! Before the flowers withered, I took one of them and put it on a pouch to preserve the flower! It’s a present!」

Kiriko, who was surprised at first, grabbed my hand vigorously, and waved it up and down.

「Thank you so much, Miss Lista!! I will cherish it!! 」

I knew that Kiriko would be delighted. The pink flower accessory attached on her chest softened the image of the Killing Machine as a magical weapon.

I was looking happily at Kiriko from the reflection on the mirror. Yet, Kiriko wasn’t looking at herself but to my reflection instead.

「Miss Lista is really beautiful!! 」

「Eh. That’s not true. 」

I was humble. But, I felt my tension rising up secretly. I became very sensitive to compliments after Seiya treated me so poorly.

I stared at my face again.

…Was she right? Was it true? I was beautiful, correct? Because, I was a goddess after all! Am I right? I wondered why Seiya didn’t notice my charm!

Pretty, yes pretty, uhuh, I was really pretty…I became a bit of a narcissist. Nevertheless, I noticed something strange on the corner of my mouth that was reflected in the mirror.

「Eh…? 」

I thought that my eyes were tricking me, but what I saw was clear.

「Ah…? 」

Countless of wrinkles appeared on my forehead and, at the corners of my eyes and mouth! My beautiful blonde hair became fully white!

「Wha…Wha…What is this!? 」

「Mi…Miss Lista!? You…You transformed into a grandmother so suddenly!! 」

Both of us were in shock. Then, we heard a soft voice speaking right next to us.

「Okay. The growth rate was extremely fast. What a great power. 」

「Ahhhhhhhh!? 」

When I looked sideways, I noticed that Seiya was pointing a red sword on my direction! A red-black aura from that blade engulfed my entire body!

「This was your doing!??????? 」

「That’s the power of this sword. I bought a sword from the beast people before. Apparently, the sword absorbs life energy. So, I synthesized that sword with the amulet of the evil god’s protection and created this brand-new sword.」

When Seiya moved the sword away from me, the wrinkles on my face disappeared immediately. But, when I approached him, I became a wrinkled grandmother once again.

「I’m getting old and young continuously!? Just stop this already!! 」

「It’s a mysterious sword. Do you want to use your appraisal skill? 」

While my nose got twitchy, I activated my Appraisal skill just as Seiya did.

『“Holy Power Drain Sword”…A sword that absorbs the holy spirit of a god! Just by getting close to the blade, the god will grow old and become weak! 』

I shouted aloud while I quivered my chin.

「What the hell is wrong with that useless sword!! 」

「“Holy Power Drain Sword”, huh. It’s a very long name. From now on, I’ll call it “Lista Granny Sword”.」

「Hey, you, don’t be ridiculous!! 」

「I’m not joking. I was developing a sword to replace the Platinum Sword. Either way, I think that Exfolia won’t have any powerful weapons to defeat the Demon King.」

「You can’t beat the Demon King with that failure!! 」

「It’s not a failure. It may be useful for the future. Besides, I want to create a spare as soon as possible.」

「We don’t need two or three of that sword!! 」

I yelled at Seiya, who didn’t seem to be bothered much as he put that eerie sword on the tool luggage.

「By the way, did you wanted to stay behind in order to create that thing!? 」

「No. That’s “another case”. 」

I didn’t understand what he meant by that!! How many things were he focused on!?

「The original “case” has not advanced much. That’s why I had no choice but to stay in the heavenly world for a longer period of time. We shall stay here until the end of today. So, get ready.」

After professing those words, Seiya left the room in a rush.

「What’s going on, c’mon!! 」

He came here out of nowhere, transformed into a wrinkled grandmother and told me to get ready immediately. I felt frustrated by this situation, but Kiriko talked cheerfully.

「Mr. Seiya really loves Miss Lista! 」

「Ah, what!? 」

「I’m glad to see that you two have a close relationship! 」

We had a “close relationship”; she said…What does that mean? Hmm. Kiri was a robot after all. She didn’t know much about men and women…

After regaining composure, I got ready and went to inform John Dae that our party had to go back to Exfolia. When Celseus heard about the story, he looked regretful.

「Please stop by whenever you come to the God’s realm. 」

「Yeah. Thank you for mentoring me. 」

After a strong handshake with John Dae, Celseus looked back at Kiriko.

「Kiriko as well. You have my gratitude. Our shop flourished thanks to you. 」

「No…No! I didn’t do much! 」

“There is a Cafe where monsters serve coffee”…This rumor spread throughout the God’s realm. Since then, the Cafe De Celseus became a hit. It was busier than ever for the last two days.

Celseus was staring at the two of them with a serious look.

「I always saw everything with prejudice. Until now. But, John Dae and Kiriko. I was able to change my views when I met you both. As a Swordsman God, I was…Ughhh!?」

Suddenly, Celseus, who was talking seriously, blew away from us! He landed a few meters away from us! His condition was severe because he was foaming bubbles from his mouth!

「Ce…Celseus!? 」

「Mister Celseus!? 」

John Dae and Kiriko panicked and shouted extremely high. The place where Celseus was talking stood Seiya, who held his leg high. It seemed that Seiya hit Celseus with a powerful kick. John Dae screamed at Seiya upon seeing a fainted Celseus.

「Hey, why did you kick him all of a sudden!? 」

「It was a crappy story and it was going to take a long time to finish. So, I shortened the sentences.」

「Is that the reason why you kicked him like that!? You’re awful!! 」

Seiya ignored John Dae’s rants and talked to me.

「It looks like you’re ready. Okay, let’s go now. 」

「I…I understand. 」

I hated it when Seiya kicked others and me. But, I didn’t say much and just agreed. Aria and Adenela came to see us off.

「Seiya. Lista. Good luck. 」

「Yes! Thank you, Aria! 」

I gave Aria a ring and other jewelry as gifts. Yes, some of the items I’ve bought from Bardul.

「We…Well, don’t worry. Se…Seiya became mu…much stronger. The…There is no longer an…an enemy in…in any world that he…he won’t be able to…to defeat…」

After I smiled back to Adenela, I stared at Seiya.

「Well then, Seiya. Are we going to Tarmine now? 」

「No. I want to reinforce the fortress that I built on the southern coast of Radral. 」

「Near Galvano, I see. Understood. 」

However, on this moment. John Dae asked Seiya the following question with a rare and apologetic expression on his face.

「I apologize, but I have one request. Can’t we visit the northern territory of the Baracuda continent, on which was ruled by the Machine Emperor?」

「Why? 」

「Although the Killing Machines controlled that continent; perhaps, a few humans survived just like what happened with Tarmine.」

「Hmm… 」

Seiya was silent while he thought deeply about it…

「Mister Seiya…! If I could, I’d like to know what happened in the Baracuda continent…!」

After Kiriko spoke, Seiya nodded quietly. Although he was mostly cold and indifferent, Seiya was still a hero. He’d probably want to save others if there was a still life to be saved. I also felt the same way.

However, it was necessary to have the Great Goddess Isister’s permission to open the portal to a place that we had never been before.

「Lista. I’ll talk with Lady Isister. 」

Aria, who was listening to our conversation, closed her eyes as if she were meditating in order to speak with the Great Goddess Isister through her mind. After a while, Aria opened her eyes.

「Right now, Lady Isister gave you the permission to open the portal to the Baracuda continent. However…」

Aria spoke with a troubled complexion.

「Lady Isister told me that you probably won’t find any surviving humans in the Baracuda continent…」

We sighed depressively upon hearing Aria’s words. Even so, Seiya thought differently.

「Isister’s prophetic eyes got weakened because of the evil god, right? She isn’t 100% sure then. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that there aren’t any survivors. In fact, I will confirm that until I’ve seen it with my own eyes.」

「Tha…That’s right! Seiya is correct! Let’s go! 」

Both John Dae and Kiriko nodded positively. After that, Seiya made an earth snake enter the portal to check out the surroundings. After confirming the safety of the area, we finally dived in through the portal.

John Dae, Kiriko and I lost our words upon seeing the scene that spread right in front of us when we got out of the portal.

It was a vast area with absolutely nothing. It was a long burnt field. Moreover, we could see not only a few human bones, but also hundreds of them scattered everywhere.

…Ho…How terrible…! Perhaps, no human was alive after all…!

Meanwhile, Seiya spoke indifferently as usual.

「Well, it seems there isn’t much hope. But, let’s explore for now to see if we can find survivors. Maybe this place is the only badly affected area.」

And then, Seiya bent on his knees and put his hands on the ground. It seemed that he created earth snakes to explore the surroundings. John Dae asked Seiya.

「Although it is not as large as Radral, the Baracuda continent is a vast place. Won’t it take a long time to investigate all areas?」

Nevertheless, on this precise moment, the ground rose in a circle around Seiya. Then, the mounds moved away from Seiya at a tremendous speed as if a large wave moved rapidly through the surface of the water.

「Because of my training with the Goddess of Earth, I succeeded in creating earth snakes that greatly improved on their movement. Their speed increased substantially. It won’t take much time to know the current situation of this continent.」

Seiya closed his eyes. Apparently, he was watching everything by linking his eyes with the eyes of the countless earth snakes.

Occasionally, Seiya reported the situation as if he were a machine.

「…West. The area is full of corpses within the radius of 30 kilometers (EN: 18,64 miles).」

「…The same scenario for the northern region. No survivors detected. 」

After doing this for a while, Seiya looked as if he saw a terrible sight.

「Hey, Seiya. Are you all right? Isn’t it too painful for you? 」

「Yeah. I’m sharing my vision with many earth snakes. It takes a tool on my nerve system. But, there’s no big problem.」

「Ah, yes. Is that so… 」

Seeing a large number of human skeletons didn’t seem to bother Seiya. In addition, he was worried about something totally different from my worries. Then, I noticed that Kiriko held her head low behind the focused Seiya.

Before I could talk to her, John Dae put his hand on Kiriko’s shoulder.

「Are you okay, Kiriko? 」

「Father…No. The Machine Emperor Oxelio said that my real parents were dead. In other words, does that mean that my parents died on this land?」

John Dae was taken aback by her words.

「Tha…That’s not necessarily true! I’m sure that some people survived this chaos! Among those people might be your parents!」

「I really hope so… 」

Kiriko felt depressed. I slowly approached her then. I squatted a little to look straight into Kiriko’s face.

「Listen, Kiri. You are a very good-natured girl. And, a good girl will always have a wonderful future ahead of her.」

「A wonderful future, you say? 」

「Yes, that’s right. 」

John Dae agreed with me.

「Yeah, that’s correct! Perhaps we might find a way to transform Kiriko into a human being once again!」

「To…To become human again? 」

「There’s hope! 」

「Are…Are you sure? If…If there is that possibility…I would be extremely happy…! 」

Then, Kiriko spoke with a bright tone.

「Thank you very much! I feel much better now! 」

However. This time. Seiya didn’t turn around and spilled icy words.

「If you continue to do good things, you’ll die without being rewarded. Besides, some villains do as they please and nobody judges them. Nothing is certain. Therefore, nobody knows what will happen in the future.」

John Dae began to yell after he heard those piercing words.

「Hey, you!! What the hell are you saying!! 」

I fully agreed! We tried our hardest to lift up Kiriko’s mood, and yet, he ruined everything!

Seiya moved his neck slightly and stared at Kiriko with cold eyes.

「Kiriko. You are a machine. You must stop having high expectations that you may become a human one day.」

I couldn’t stand this anymore.

「That’s cruel, Seiya!! Why do you enjoy saying hurtful words!? 」

「The disappointment will be considerable if she finds out that it would be impossible for her to be human again. Will you take responsibility if that happens?」

「Tha…That’s… 」

「Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. 」

And then, Seiya turned his back on me.

「Lista. Summon the portal. There’s no use in being here. 」

「Eh…! Do…Don’t tell me that…! 」

「I fully grasped the situation throughout the Baracuda continent. Isister was right. There are no survivors on this land. There’s nothing here except bones and the Killing Machines’ remnants scattered around the vast area.」

「Wa…Wait! You did your exploration in a very short time! Maybe you overlooked something significant!」

「I didn’t overlook. My investigation is sure and perfect. There are no survivors.」

John Dae knew by his experience that Seiya’s words were true. Both John Dae and I remained silent afterwards. However, Kiriko opened her mouth and uttered the following words.

「My father and mother are really dead after all… 」

「Well, I knew it from the beginning. This search for survivors is just a formality. Besides, you wouldn’t recognize your parent’s faces even if they were alive, am I correct?」

「Ri…Right…You’re correct… 」

Then, Seiya changed his gaze from Kiriko to me.

「This is a waste of time. Okay, Lista. We’re going to the fortress as originally planned. 」

「Se…Seiya! Just think a little about Kiri’s feelings! 」

「My job is to save this world. 」

「It…It’s fine, Miss Lista! Let’s go to next place now! A…Actually…I don’t want to be here anymore…」

「Kiri… 」

A frustrated John Dae kicked the soil with his feet. He didn’t say much, but he probably thought to himself that, “I shouldn’t have asked to explore the Baracuda continent in the first place”.

With a feeling of closure, we headed to the southern coastline of the Radral continent.

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