A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 3 – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Brother, Sister and the Fate of Calamity

「Wood, you don’t have to thank me nor Filaret. That’s what says the contract, right? 」

I thought for a brief moment before I chose to speak those words.

I knew why he felt that way, but I tried to have a soft conversation with him that would cheer him up. He had a painful expression on his face. Perhaps, this expression meant that Wood’s inner roots belonged to a gentle nature.

「… 」

I saw that Sereal’s hand pushed her brother’s hem without saying a word. Her expression was also gloomy and painful.

So, why did Filaret and I accompanied this brother and sister in the Poor People’s cave? It was because not only they belonged to the heraldic people but also because they were acquaintances of Largud Ann. Actually, they were people I didn’t know before.

Our relationship was based on a single contract.

I was given support from Largud Ann and the heraldic people, and thus, this support came with a form of protection. On this case, this brother and sister were chosen to accommodate me, and I was chosen to protect them. I created a sort of contract that provided me with housing in the Poor People’s cave. Moreover, it gave me access to fit within this society and persuade neighbors and dwellers of this place.

At first, it was extremely troublesome to have a medium-to-long term contract with the inhabitants of the Poor People’s cave.

They didn’t care about what was going on as long as they got what they needed. I knew this nature very well by my own experience. But, things changed. Actually, having a contract wasn’t that bad, since they’d have what they want, and I’d have the information I needed. This was a very stable connection with the heraldic people.

「But, even so. This isn’t normal, Lugis bro. Yes, we have a contract of mutual interest…Still, there’s nothing more to our relationship than just that, and yet, you’re willing to risk your life for our own sake because of that contract?」

Both Wood and Sereal were qualified for this contract.

They were known and popular. They clearly had some sort of distinction in the Poor People’s cave. It was rare to be a figure of power in the Poor People’s cave.

The brother, Wood, was a brave man. He lost his parents and had no one he could rely on. His experience of this harsh world gave him a prominent role in the Poor People’s cave.

Sereal gazed at her older brother with eyes of adoration. I could see that they were close since the very first time I saw them. Even now, their relationship didn’t change at all.

Originally, there was no need of such protection. Yes, at first.

Until Wood became a central figure among the youths of the Poor People’s cave. In other words, he became part of the guards’ blacklist. They began to watch his moves, and he nearly died when he tried to protect his younger sister from their attack.

「It’s okay. That’s my way of doing things. Besides, there’s no way that someone else could have done that besides me.」

I slightly bit my finger when I put my cigarette onto my mouth. Dangerous. I wasn’t a masochist. I bit my finger because I felt a surge of severe pain spreading throughout my body.

Assaults on the inhabitants of the Poor People’s cave.

That was the daily hobby of the guards. It was no exaggeration to say that, in the Poor People’s cave, it was a rather normal scenery to see these guards hurt some of these inhabitants.

There wasn’t anything they could do in order to change this awful reality. Nevertheless, both brother and sister gave refuge to the bad-treated inhabitants of the Poor People’s cave whenever they could. Their existence grew more prominence in this area then.

「… 」

Sereal moved her eyes down, and looked to the old trumpet that she held on her hand.

Yes, the daily lives of everybody here were somewhat the same every single day. However, it was different for Wood and Sereal. Their daily lives changed dramatically. The guards deprived Wood of his bravery, and Sereal lost her voice in the process. Wood won’t engage in a fight anymore. And when it came to Sereal, the old trumpet became her voice.

Everything was unreasonable and unfair. But, time didn’t stop and life had to continue regardless of these perjuries.

No one on this damned world cared about them. Their daily lives were deprived by the whim of the devil. They were treated as tools without feelings. Their hopes for a better life were almost gone. How amazing this was.

Yes, ironically those priests of the Cathedral proclaimed equality between men, and yet, here we were. I felt that my belly twisted inside upon thinking about this wrongness.

「That’s right. You don’t have to worry about this too much. After all, you helped us getting this place to live in.」

Filaret tried to find a reason to subside their painful expressions.

She finally came out of the shadows that the moonlight didn’t reach. I finally saw her full appearance. However, my vision wasn’t that clear. Apparently, I couldn’t see her very well even though she was right in front of me. I wondered if she spoke gently because she had a woman’s soft heart. Perhaps, it would be better for me to avoid seeing her with a different perspective than that of her previous past.

Then, Filaret took over the conversation after preaching some words to both Wood and Sereal.

「Besides, Lugis was the one who got himself hurt in the first place. So, this wasn’t your fault, okay?」

She spoke whatever she pleased. I couldn’t defend myself because I couldn’t move as I felt excruciating pain. She clearly took advantage of my current situation.

I slightly moved my hardened cheeks. But, I didn’t utter a single word because all I wanted right now was to lift up the mood of Wood and Sereal.

If you asked me again why I put my life on the line, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. No matter what.

During the Journey of Salvation, everyone gave thanks and encouragement to the members of the Rescue Party, all except me. Therefore, I felt uneasy to receive such appreciation from this brother and sister. They clearly respected me. What difference would it make if I had this encouragement during the Journey of Salvation? I wondered about that.

My eyelids became slightly heavier. It seemed that my injured body needed some rest. I opened my mouth when Filaret stopped talking.

「Well. There’s nothing we can do now. Miss Sereal should refrain from going outside from now on. At least, until everything calms down…」

「…No. Not quite. 」

I heard a different voice then. That voice came from the side door that was left open. There was a shadow there.

The shadow silhouette gradually appeared illuminated by the moonlight. It was Largud Ann. She carried a large barrel on her small body as always and was smiling with beaming eyes.

My lips quivered without making a noise. It couldn’t be, could it?

There was only one reason for her to come here. In other words…

「I have a message from Saint Matia…On the night of the full moon, that is, today; the first beacon will be set on…」

It meant that this event was about to carry a large portion of calamity.

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