This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Another Case

I wore the ring with a rosary on one hand, and the pot on the other hand. I went to the Café De Celseus with conflicted emotions. I complained to Aria when I arrived.

「I wonder if I can seal the curses with this sort of sloppy training. Actually, it feels as if I went shopping instead of training.」

「Hmm. So, it seems that the rumors about Bardul are actually true. We…Well, at least, did you “learn something useful” about the curse-sealing technique?」

「That was my intention. But, you know, this is frustrating because most of my money is gone now, and I don’t actually see any visible changes…」

Aria stared fixedly at me and narrowed her eyes.

「But, Lista. I can see that your body is full of godliness, you know? 」

「Eh, no way!! Really!? 」

At the same time, I heard a cheerful voice from behind.

「You’re amazing, Miss Lista! You’re more dazzling and divine than you were before! 」

I looked back and noticed that Kiriko was extremely excited for me while holding a tray with a coffee cup.

I was surprised. Then, I stared at the rosary and pot with a stunned look.

…These sacred items were really effective…!

I was a little relieved to know that the money I spent was not completely wasted. I received the coffee cup from Kiriko with a smile on my face.

「Thank you, Kiri! 」

「Yes! 」

Kiriko replied with a vigorous and bright tone. She was in a waitress’ apron. It seemed that Celseus was guiding them earnestly.

「So, how about Celseus? Is he a good mentor? 」

Just when I asked Kiriko that question…

「What the hell is this!! 」

I heard John Dae’s loud scream from afar. Both Celseus and John Dae were facing each other with heated expressions on their faces.

These two…I…I knew it. I had a hunch that they wouldn’t be amicable with each other!

I got up and rushed on their direction.

「Hey! Stop fighting! 」

However, the scene was strange. John Dae was staring at Celseus with burning eyes while he held a dish with a cake that he had eaten.

「I’ve never eaten such a delicious cake before!! 」

「Re…Really? Is my cake that delicious? 」

「It’s not only good, it’s divine! You’re a genius! 」

John Dae gave a strong and heartfelt handshake with Celseus’ hand.

「I mustn’t doze around after eating such a wonderful piece of cake! Let me help you! Should I wash the dishes first?」

「Yeah, I’ll leave them to you… 」

This time, however, was Kiriko, who run to Celseus after John Dae began to wash the dishes diligently.

「Mr. Celseus. Is this tableware all right? 」

「Ah, yeah. I don’t see any problem with it… 」

After John Dae and Kiriko left to do other chores, Celseus stood still as if his soul vanished.

I approached Celseus and touched his shoulder.

「I’m glad for you, Celseus! You found great part-timers! 」

I was shocked when Celseus turned his face. Tears! Celseus was crying dramatically!

「Hey, you!! Why are you crying that much!? 」

「Ugh! I did a huge mistake! I misjudged those monsters! Those two are extremely wonderful beings! Ugh!」

「But, you don’t have to cry just because of that… 」

It felt weird to see this robust man cry. After a while, Celseus finally wiped his tears with his hands.

「“You can stay here forever”…Let them know how I feel. 」

I smiled at Celseus. Then, I went back to the table where Aria was sitting.

「Aria! Those three seem to be getting along well! 」

「Yes. They get along surprisingly well. I’m glad. 」

After laughing together for a while, Aria suddenly remembered something important.

「By the way, Lista. About Seiya, you know. He came here straightaway after he met with Lady Isister in her room. Then, he asked me some questions about souls.」

「Souls? 」

Apparently, Seiya asked Aria about reincarnation and the formation of the human soul.

Aria spoke with a puzzling expression on her face.

「I’ve never been interested in that topic before. So, I didn’t had enough knowledge on that matter…It looked like he wasn’t very satisfied with my answer. He said “whatever. I’m going to start my training in order to defeat Ceremonic”, then he went away.」

So, Seiya really wanted to know about souls? But, for what? Did it had something to do with the Great Goddess Isister’s talk?

「So…So, what kind of training is Seiya going to do now? 」

「Let’s see. Did he say “State Berserk”? Yes, he said something about going higher…」

「Is he going to increase his State Berserk!? 」

…It can’t be!! Was he trying to achieve the Phase 3rd!? But, I heard it was impossible!!

「I’m going to see him now!! Aria, just take this pot!! 」

「Wait, Lista!? Listen to the rest of the story…Ah, heavy!! This pot is extremely heavy!! 」

I left the pot with Aria, and rushed to the Heavenly Green Forest again. If Seiya was aiming to increase the points of his Crazy Warrior state, then he must’ve gone to the Well of No Return where Zeth was locked inside.

It was dusk at the Heavenly Green Forest… I proceeded to that deep place. The trees were lit red like blood, creating a magical and eerie atmosphere in the forest. It was still scary as hell. I wanted to go home before the sun went down. Therefore, I rushed to the well without stopping or even looking back.

On my way, I heard a familiar voice.

「Oh my, look who’s here. Lista. I’m delighted to see you here. Where are you going?」

I noticed a presence from someone who put a bow and arrow down. The lewd goddess who once tried to attack Seiya with her nakedness called me. Actually, Mithis, the Goddess of Bow, had a different exterior demeanor now as opposed to her perverted side. She looked clean and pretty as if she came out of a dream.

「Ah, you see, I’m going to the Well of No Return… 」

Mithis put her hand on her chin and said, 「Is that so 」.

「Aren’t you too alone in this forest? If you’d like, I could accompany you. 」

「Is…Is that all right? If so, then I will gladly accept your kindness. 」

The closer we approached the well, the more the forest became horrifying. Soon, the sun will go down, and the visibility will get worse. It was reassuring to have a companion to walk on this dreadfulness part of the forest. Mithis was a lewd goddess who attacked men upon seeing them. But she was harmless to women, so that least, for me was safe. I was happy to accept Mithis’ offer.

I walked in the forest with Mithis while talking about the adventures in Exfolia.

If I were alone, the path would seem too long to cross over. But, since I had company and had a lively chat, the path felt shorter than usual. Eventually, the eerie old well became visible.

「Ah, the Well of No Return! 」

I rushed immediately to the well. I began to descend the rope ladder that led to the bottom of the well.

「I’m going down with you. 」

Mithis came down with me…

「What!? Thi…This is!! Why!? 」

I was astonished when I arrived at the bottom of the well.

When we came here last time, the well was a vast space where Seiya could practice without any problems. But, when Mithis and I arrived at the bottom, I realized that we were stuck on a very narrow space. I couldn’t see Zeth anywhere on this withered well. It felt as if this well was just a regular well in the first place.

…Ze…Zeth disappeared!?

…What on earth happened around here? Did she move away? Or maybe…?

A mountain of confusing thoughts swirled on my head…

「…Lista. 」

Suddenly, I heard Mithis calling my name and I looked back. At that moment, my confusing thoughts stopped coming at my brain.

「Wha…Wha…Wha…!! 」

Mithis took off her dress and became naked.

「Wa…Wait!! Why are you suddenly taking off your clothes!? 」

I screamed like a mad woman without knowing the reason why she took off her clothes. Then, Mithis slowly approached me amidst the darkness of the well.

「Every single day, I practice the bow by myself in the forest…I have no contact with other male gods on my daily life…So, I came to realize something significant…」

And then, she stared at me with thirsty eyes.

「I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I were to be with a goddess instead…」

「You’re kidding, right!? 」

At the same time…Mithis embraced me tightly.

「Okay, Lista!! Let’s profess our love from one another here and now!! 」

「I…I…I don’t have that kind of hobby!! 」

I complained, but she didn’t even listen! She was trying to strip off my dress while having an erotic rough breath!

I tried to get away, but I couldn’t! Wha…What a strength! And, what a strong sexual desire!

「Oh my, oh my! Welcome to the world of “Gachi Yuri”*!! 」

What!? She was laughing like a maniac!! This was too scary!! Besides, what the hell was “Gachi Yuri”!? This was no good!! This goddess was too perverted that even words couldn’t describe her lunatic behavior!! Her mental level was so insane that looked like she was cursed!!…Ah!!

I tried to push my arms down; suddenly, something useful came to my mind…I took the rosary from my wrist and aimed it at Mithis.

「E…Ei, ei!! Ei, ei, ei, ei!! 」

I prayed aloud, 「Cursed sexual desire, disappear! 」. I left the pot with Aria. But, I still had lots of beads and rings that I’ve bought from Bardul! There had to be some kind of effect!

However, Mithis looked at me while I screamed. Somehow, this excited her even more and her cheeks became fully red. Then, she bit her thumb.

「Ah…I’m so excited…! I never thought I’d feel this way…! 」

「Ei, ei…Stop acting like this!! 」

Still, nothing much happened no matter how much I screamed. Then, an ecstatic Mithis came closer to my face.

At this point, I was about to cry.

*strange sound*

Many white little things fell right in front of my face. Mithis changed her complexion when she realized what happened to her hair.

「This is…my hair…what happened to my hair!? 」

Mithis was shocked. Then, I sent a harsh gaze on her direction.

「Ri…Right now, you are almost bald! But, if you try something strange with me again, I will make sure you’ll be completely bald!」

Mithis was also a goddess. Therefore, appearance was also important for her. She immediately jumped away from me.

「Gi…give me a break!! I’d hate to have bare skin on the top of my head!! 」

…We walked away after going up the rope ladder of the well.

「I hate this look, Lista. I was only joking with you back then… 」

Lies! She would’ve attacked me seriously if I didn’t make half of her hair fall!

「Even so, Lista. I was so shocked about what happened. You became a “goddess of hair loss” so abruptly.」

「You’re unbelievable!! Lady Mithis!! Please, remain silent!! 」

After returning from the Heavenly Green Forest, I headed towards the summoning chamber of heroes in the temple.

Actually, I went to the Cafe first. Aria told me that Seiya was practicing in the summoning chamber with Adenela. I felt extremely exhausted.

…I was the one responsible for feeling this way. When I heard that Seiya was trying to raise his Berserk mode, I thought that he’d go to Zeth’s place. But, instead, Seiya was trying to improve his sword skills with the Crazy Warrior state with Adenela.

…Ah, what a waste of time…

I moved my shoulders up and down with frustration, while I opened the summoning chamber’s doors.

「Hmm…Lista. Don’t come in without my permission. I’m training now. 」

Seiya, who was in a Crazy Warrior state with his hair and eyes dyed red, stopped wielding his sword with Adenela.

「So, you were really training in here… 」

Seiya sighed and shook his nose.

「With this overwhelming power, I will defeat the enemy before a curse is activated. 」

After saying that, Seiya wielded his sword once again. Without even saying anything, Adenela sensed Seiya’s movements and took her offensive stance straightaway.

「State Berserk Phase 2.7…! 」

The fatigue I’ve felt on my body blew away when I heard Seiya’s words.

…Phase 2.7!? Wasn’t 2.6 his maximum stage when he confronted the Grand Lion and Oxelio!? But, this stage was a little higher than that!!

Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only aspect that surprised me. In his Berserk mode, Seiya wielded his Platinum Sword against Adenela’s god swords.

「Atomic Split Slash! 」

The floor shook terribly because of the huge explosion that burst from their attack! The roaring sound was so big that my earlobes quivered! I was blown away by the shock wave that occurred at the same time! After that, when I got up, I noticed that a huge crater was created on the floor! Furthermore, many cracks were scattered across the floor in all directions!

「What a power…!! But, Seiya!! What about Lady Adenela!? 」

「Of course, I’m moderate. I wasn’t really going to hit her. 」

Seiya pointed with the tip of his sword. On that direction, I saw that Adenela, who jumped high in the mid-air to avoid the strike of the Atomic Split Slash, came down.

Ah, what a relief…Adenela was safe! Even so, what an amazing power! Well, the usual Atomic Split Slash was amazing alone! But, since it was released with the increased power of the Berserk mode, its force was overwhelmingly higher…

「Wa…Wait a moment!! I thought that you couldn’t use your skills while you were in a Berserk mode!! Zeth told us that it was impossible to do it at the same time!!」

「No. It’s not impossible if I know the trick to overcome it. 」

I…I couldn’t believe this!! Who the hell was this hero!? He always reversed what was said to be “impossible”!!

I was amazed. But, it was nothing for Seiya.

「It’s the same thing as reading a book while eating your meal. Its bad manners, but it’s not impossible to do it.」

That’s it!? It felt so easy that even I could do it…No…No, these were the words of a genius!! I bet that stage would be extremely difficult to achieve…!!

「*laughs crazily* It…is pe…perfect. Seiya be…became stronger again. 」

I wasn’t the only one to be amazed at this genius hero. Adenela was laughing creepily with a great satisfaction.

「The…The stronger the curse, the…the longer it will take to activate, and…and more troublesome the conditions will be. The…There is no meaning, if…if there’s no hype…for Seiya and I…the curse won’t be amusing if…if it’s a haste-type curse.」

When I nodded upon hearing Adenela’s explanation, Seiya put his sword on his sheath.

「Yeah. The “State Berserk Phase 2.7” and the “Berserk Simultaneous Activation of Techniques”. These two should be enough for me to go up against the Emperor Ceremonic.」

「Ohh! So, you’re already Perfectly Ready! 」

However, Seiya turned his eyes to me.

「Lista. I heard that you learnt the curse-sealing technique, am I correct? 」

「Ah, yes. I was able to learn it, but… 」

「Let me tell you this. There won’t be an opportunity for you to meddle in this.」

「Bu…But, you know! I may be useful somehow! Seiya! Don’t you remember? You told me before to be prepared just in case something bad happens!」

「What are you saying? “Just in case” is my training with Adenela. A strong fortress has already been built on the southern coast of the Radral Continent. The Emperor Ceremonic won’t be able to cross over. And, if he appears to be a true menace, I’ll just activate both of my strong points with the Berserk Simultaneous Activation of Techniques and the State Berserk Phase 2.7.」

His overly confident persona made me feel so small. I swallowed dry upon hearing his unsympathetic talk.

He…He really thought that something bad wouldn’t happen at all! I did my best to prepare for this that I even spent my entire fortune…!

After I lost my determination, I asked Seiya the following question.

「…So, are we going to Exfolia now? 」

Unexpectedly, Seiya’s reply took me by surprise.

「No. I want to stay in the heavenly world for another two days or so. 」

「Eh? Aren’t you Perfectly Ready? 」

「The preparations for the battle against the Emperor Ceremonic are ready. But… 」

Seiya stared fixedly at my face. I felt that he were about to tell me something. Yet, he simply turned his face away.

「There’s still another case to take care off. 」

「Another case? 」

Without telling me much, Seiya got out of the summoning chamber.

…What was going on? I wondered if the Great Goddess Isister summoned him again…Or was it related to the story about souls that Aria told me about…?

“Be in the God’s realm for a longer period even though he was ready to face the enemy”… I felt that something was different than usual. We were supposed to stay for just a few days, but we decided to spend a little more time in the God’s realm than originally planned.

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*Gachi Yuri means Feminine Love. A term used in manga and anime to describe a story about girls-girls romance.


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