It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: VS Leviathan

Lily’s perspective.

「As expected of an S-rank monster. It won’t be easy to defeat him. 」

This was a dragon-like monster that lived in the ocean. This monster was the ruler of the seas, the mighty Leviathan. This monster, which was said to be a dangerous S-rank monster, was a formidable enemy capable of defeating the top adventurers in the world. Lone adventurers wouldn’t be able to win against this powerful opponent.

「This is for Lord Kyou’s sake. I have no intention of retreating. 」

The one that spoke bravely was Fitis, who ventured to the front to fight against the monster. Fitis was called the Gourmet Hero. She had outstanding fighting skills. She was known for hunting high-quality monsters. In fact, many of the valuable ingredients that she acquired before were mostly from A-rank Monsters. However, even the Gourmet Hero has never defeated an S-rank monster before.

The strong scales of the Leviathan were too hard to break. Therefore, it was difficult to inflict damage on its main body using my rapier*.

The monster exhaled a huge amount of water and counterattacked by jetting a watery breath. It was a fearsome attack that ejected an insane water jet at high pressures. Although everyone managed to avoid its offensive strike, the pressure of that water created a big crater in the place where the jet was aimed at. It had a great destructive power that even surpassed the breath of fire from the dragon-like monsters.

「Piiiiii!! 」

From above the sky, a giant white bird plunged its claws into the Leviathan. It was Shemurg the Rock. Its size exceeded the size of a huge elephant at this present time. Nonetheless, Rock’s claws were not strong enough. Actually, the Leviathan managed to block Rock’s attack with its tail. Rock stepped back abruptly while countless of his white feathers scattered in the air.

Originally, Shemurg belonged to the highest class, the infamous SS-rank. If Shemurg fought properly, he would win for sure. But, that would be possible only if Shemurg was mature enough. The present Shemurg the Rock was at an infant age. One could compare it to a human child. He still didn’t have his full grown physique. It was said that this species could hold an elephant. Still, Rock hasn’t reached that stage yet. Right now, it was probably at an A-rank. Therefore, he was too young to beat an S-rank monster like the Leviathan.

Actually, the Leviathan’s force was not too inferior to the battle strength from a group of top adventurers. However, the variation of their combat attacks was too different. A huge discrepancy in fact. The Leviathan used the sea as its battleground. It dived into the sea and emerged to the surface to attack. As a result, I was constantly attacked by his surprise strikes. I had no choice but to counterattack from my unfavorable situation. This battle type made my swordsmanship quite limited in range. I couldn’t grasp the timing of the enemy’s attacks every time he submerged and emerged from the sea.

「It seems that it’s my turn now. 」

I heard Jack’s voice, who floated quietly next to me. Then, he went straight ahead to the frontline.

「“It’s my turn”…Actually, what can you do? 」

「Ah, I’ve been saving my “evolution” for this day. It means that I’ll change my rank. 」

Evolution. I’ve heard of it before. Some monsters were able to be “reborn” by gaining a certain level of experience. If their ability increased significantly, then their rank would change as well. That was called evolution.

「In other words, can you evolve into a higher rank right now!? 」

「Yeah. After I met my brother, I went through a long journey of knowledge and expertise. After a while, I finally reached my evolutionary conditions. I was going to unseal it in a moment of need. For example, if my brother was in trouble. But, it seems that now is the right moment to unleash it.」

After professing those words, Jack’s body was wrapped in a dazzling light. Several cracks opened throughout his pumpkin body. A huge light burst and, then, it faded away. A new Jack appeared after he broke his “shell”.

「Phew…So, this is my evolution. It’s a bit strange to be honest, but it’s not that bad. 」

The pumpkin gained a humanoid figure. He resembled a gentleman. He wore a tailcoat and a hat. I noticed that he held a cane on his hand too. To be frank, his newly acquired appearance reminded me of the nobles and gentlemen of our kingdom…However, his head was still a pumpkin’s head.

「Okay then. Shall we finish it? 」

His character also changed in the evolutionary process. He started to produce countless of fireballs with a cool and poised manner. No! It was not just mere fireballs! It generated a blue flame as if it came straight from hell! It carried an unusual amount of heat!

「We shall call it “Ignis Fatuus”**, a flame of destruction. It’s a flame of hell that only exists in the underworld.」

Jack, the pumpkin gentleman, managed to get access to the gates of hell by invoking that flame. The blue flame was a very powerful tool. Only high-level magicians would be able to invoke this flame from the underworld and bring it to the earthly world. Dozens of blue flames surrounded Jack’s body like burning lanterns.

「Now it’s the right time to raise the curtain. Let’s start the showdown. 」

Jack directed his cane to the Leviathan. At the same time, the flames wrapped the monster all at once. Even so, the blue flames didn’t inflict any damage on the Leviathan!

Instead of defeating the enemy, why was Jack the one underpowered!?

「Ugh…Actually, even though the evolutionary process changed the rank, it only changed from E-rank to C-rank…It will be difficult to defeat the S-rank monster after all…」


After such a spectacle, was this the only thing he could do!? Don’t delude us with anymore!!

Kyou was counting on us. Yet, we didn’t make any significant progress so far.

A very tiring Rock-chan was blown away and rolled on the ground. Moreover, Fitis looked extremely exhausted as well. Maybe I won’t have other choice but to use my trump card. I tried to concentrate, but my mind and body were at its limit. I was sweating a lot as well. But, I only had this chance. The Leviathan dived into the sea and, after a brief moment, it emerged from the water and jumped to the sky. He opened his huge mouth directed at me.

This was bad!

I tried to avoid it, but I was already within the mortal range of the opponent. How could I evade it now? This place could turn into my grave at any moment. Yet, on this precise instant, the surroundings were engulfed in snow.

「“Perfect of Absolute Zero”. 」

I heard the name of a spell. It sounded as if someone was singing. Before long, the Leviathan froze completely in the air right at the moment he tried to swallow me alive. When I looked at my surroundings, I noticed that one side of the sea was frozen. The morphology of the seascape changed dramatically.

Both Fitis and I moved our eyes to the invoker who changed the weather and the sea. There was a white witch standing on a cliff. I noticed that a small Doriad sat on the witch’s shoulder.

「…I came to help you. 」

「Everyone! Isu-chan came to your aid after Mr. Kyou asked for her cooperation! Don’t lose your hope! Leave it to us!」

It was the Snow Witch and her Doriad friend. They have been acquaintances for some time now. Her abilities were equal, or superior, to that of the hero who was regarded as the representative of our kingdom. Besides, her snow and ice attributes were on equal standing against a monster that controlled water instead of fire.

The Leviathan was able to break the ice that froze its body. He descended immediately to the ground. However, the sea was frozen. There was no place to hide, forcing the Leviathan to land on the iced field. Our fearsome enemy held the advantage of the sea not too long ago. However, it was unprotected now.

「Thank you! Isu-chan! 」

I thanked the Snow Witch. I set up my sword again and directed it towards the Leviathan. With this turn of events, I would be able fight against this monster with higher chances of success. Wait for me, Kyou. I appreciated the reinforcements you’ve sent for us. But, this will be my fight from now on! I’ll make sure to defeat this monster and deliver it to you and Mina on time!

With that strong determination, I ran through the icy battlefield.

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* The term rapier generally refers to a thrusting sword with a blade longer and thinner than that of the so-called side-sword.

**A light that sometimes appears in the night over marshy ground and is often attributable to the combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter.


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