This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Irregular

We were a few meters away from the southern wall that protected Tarmine. As I looked up, my eyes saw that a gigantic Oxelio and a huge “Me” were facing each other for battle.

「Se…Seiya…!! Gre…Great Tarte…!? 」

「This large Tarte is a super-giant clay doll created by the full power of earth magic. 」

「No!! I mean, why did you create a clay doll that resembles me!? A golem would’ve been a better choice!!」

「It was impossible to create clay dolls with more than 50 meters tall with my magic alone. So, this time I used…」

I was astonished when I saw the object that Seiya took out of his pocket. It was a small golden doll made of hair. It got an unforgettable name…

「“Listahair Doll”!? 」

Seiya created this doll for his synthesis by using my hair. I was utterly embarrassed by this whole scenario.

「I succeeded in creating this huge doll made of clay by using it as a catalyst. But, because of your hair, that huge doll got your appearance.」

I was very amazed in a bad way after I witnessed the creation of the huge clay doll “Great Tarte”. It made me look ridiculous. However, this time, I was astonished at something completely different.

「So…Sorry…Seiya. But, I don’t remember giving you my hair to create this Listahair Doll…!!」

During Geabrande’s saving quest, Seiya had created several “balls” with my hair to keep it for his synthesis experiments. However, his actions got me into several weird and embarrassing moments. I still remember how Valkyrie, Mash and Elle were horrified by this way of creating new weapons, with remarks such as “creepy”, disgusting” and “seriously”. I didn’t want to experience that ever again. Therefore, Seiya didn’t intend to use that method again and, since then, he never did it again. Or so I thought.

Seiya explained as if it were something completely normal.

「Yeah. I made it by peeling off your hair while you were sleeping. 」

「Yo…You…!! You did it again…!! 」

Rather than anger, I was blown away by extreme anxiety. The Listahair Doll was made entirely of my hair. I wondered nervously how much hair was needed to create it. So, I stroked my head slowly.

「Ahhhh!? The whirl of hair on the back of my head is considerably less!! 」

I yelled aloud. Yet, Seiya didn’t change his usual bored face.

「You mustn’t complain about it. After all, this is all for the sake of saving this world. 」

「Ugh…!! 」

I groaned furiously while gritting my teeth. I would like to shout and curse him “You stalker, give my hair back”. But, as Seiya said, he wouldn’t be able to complete the creation of a huge muddy doll to compete against Oxelio without my hair.

I took a deep breath to calm down my nerves. Then, I just stared at the “Great Tarte” while enduring my bitterness. I believed that…my hair wouldn’t go to waste if in the end that huge “Me” could defeat the gigantic Oxelio…

The gigantic Oxelio got alarmed by the presence of the huge “Me” that appeared behind his back. However, he didn’t move neither took an immediate offensive stance towards “Me”. On the other hand, the Great Tarte put her arms in front of her chest in a fighting pose.

Then…Oxelio finally moved. He pulled one of his four arms and charged against the Great Tarte with his fist! I became astonished by his fast and nimble movements I never thought that a huge monster like him could move that fast!


Oxelio’s strong fist punched the face of the Great Tarte! On that precise moment, I heard something coming from the Great Tarte’s mouth…

『Whew!! 』

An idiotic voice echoed throughout the whole land of Tarmine!

「Seiya!! Did the Great Tarte say “Whew” just now!? 」

「It can speak a few words just like the other dolls I’ve created before. 」

「Is…Is that so…But, my huge “Me” got beaten up, you know!? 」

「Don’t fret. The durability is greater than a golem. It’s perfectly fine even if it gets beaten up like that.」

However, Oxelio continued with his raid! He made use of his four arms to the fullest by hitting the Great Tarte repeatedly! He managed to invade the Great Tarte’s defense and, with his fists, he hit her all over her body!

『Whew. 』

『Whoa. 』

『Ugh. 』

The Great Tarte kept screaming with a similar voice every time she was hit.

「Seiya!! This is getting quite messy, will she be all right!? 」

「It’s fine. 」

Re…Really…!? Even so, my head hurt badly as if I were the one getting hit by the enemy…!!

It seemed that the Great Tarte was underpowered against the gigantic Oxelio. Nonetheless, before long, the huge “Me” counter attacked at the end of Oxelio’s rushing hits! She used this timing to seize Oxelio by hugging him!

「Ohhh!? She fought back!! 」

Oxelio tried to escape from the squeezing arms of the Great Tarte. Despite that, the Great Tarte didn’t release him and tightened up even more!

「A…Amazing…! She’s winning against the gigantic Oxelio in power! 」

And so, the situation turned around…But, the moment I thought that we’ve got the advantage, I realized the horrifying scene that was about to unfold right in front of our eyes.

While the Great Tarte tried to grip Oxelio’s body by using four different positions with her wings and limbs, the skirt of her dress rolled up and revealed her white pure panties!

「Ahhhh!! Her panties became visible for everyone to see!! 」

Seiya spoke as if he found me irritable.

「That doll isn’t exactly you. So, you don’t need to worry about it. 」

「Even if you say it like that, it doesn’t erase the fact that that doll looks the same as me, even the damn panties…!!」

Yes, even the underwear! Those white panties were the same as the ones I wore every day! Why was this Great Tarte so realistically made after my image!

Suddenly, I noticed that John Dae put his hand on his chin and looked up attentively at the Great Tarte.

「Hmm…Oh, oh… 」

「Where the hell are you looking at, you erotic zombie!! 」

「Why…Why are you getting mad at me!? I’m just watching the battle!! 」

「Liar!! You were staring at my panties, weren’t you!! 」

John Dae and I bickered with each other for a short moment. Meanwhile, Oxelio gained some power and managed to escape from the Great Tarte’s wings and limbs. He managed to gain some distance from the Great Tarte.

Then, a robotic sound was heard as if a metallic door unlocked. Oxelio’s abdomen “opened” up. I could see several booster holes from the inside of his body.

「Wha…What is that…? 」

Just when I questioned those holes, a high number of laser beams were released from a reactor towards the Great Tarte!

…I closed my eyes temporarily because of the strong dazzling light. Then, when I opened my eyelids, I almost collapse because of the shocking reveal.

The Great Tarte was still standing up even after the strong laser beams attacked her. Seiya was correct. The durability wasn’t that ordinary to begin with. But…Due to the laser beams, the Great Tarte’s hair became extremely messy! Some parts of her clothes were burnt and ripped apart!

「Seiyaaaaaa!! My hair is messy and I almost got no clothes on!! 」

However, what I was thinking was fundamentally different from what Seiya was thinking.

「Don’t worry. The Great Tarte still has plenty of power. 」

「No!! That’s not what I was talking about!! My…My breasts are…!! 」

My huge “Me’s” breasts were popping out from the torn dress! The dress only hang on by a little piece! It was almost fully opened for the whole world to see!

「…Don’t worry about it. 」

「How can I not worry about it!! My breasts are almost jumping out of the dress!! 」

「You’re stubborn. I already told you before that that thing is not you. 」

“I am trying to say that my breasts have the same shape and visual as those of that huge Me”…That’s what I wanted to say but I was too embarrassed to profess it out loud.

My body was overheated because of my inner shame. Then, I noticed that John Dae was scratching his nose next to me.

「Ah, ah, ah…! Almost, almost…! 」

「You bastard!! You’re really looking at “Me” after all!! I’ll smash your eyes, you scumbag!! 」

「Wha…What a foul mouth you have there!! Are you really a goddess!? 」

Again, while I was arguing with John Dae, Seiya became somewhat upset at the Great Tarte that battled against the enemy.

「I thought that doll could power up just like the golems even with that figure…Yet, I feel that her specs are lower than expected. Is it affected by the appearance, or has it deteriorated?」

「What do you mean by that!! 」

In addition to being humiliated, I was extremely infuriated by his rude remarks about myself. However, once Seiya spoke poorly about the battle progress, the Great Tarte made a puffy face. On that instant, the Great Tarte got an angry expression on her muddy face and roared so loud that even shook the floor.

『Geez…I’m angry now…!! 』

When I heard that noise, I was so startled that I shouted.

「Se…Seiya!! Did the Great Tarte just say that she was “angry”!? 」

「Yeah, she did. 」

Soon after, the Great Tarte looked at Oxelio with a serious expression while pointing her fists at him.

…Don’t tell me…that’s a special move!?

On that moment…


Oxelio’s fist smashed again on the cheek of the Great Tarte!

『Whew!! 』

The Great Tarte screamed like before! At the same time, I screamed at Seiya as well!

「Wasn’t she going to attack with a special move!? What happened!? I thought that she said she was “angry”!!」

「She just spoke. That’s all. The Great Tarte doesn’t have any special moves. 」

「Then, does that mean that her line was meaningless!? 」

「I didn’t create this doll with specific abilities. Except her behavior. However, that specification was created on her own will without my permission.」

Seiya was apparently dissatisfied with that aspect. He just sighed at the sight of it.

「It’s hard to create the monsters you want. Sometimes anomalies happen, such as this irregular occurrence. And the same happened with that Killing Machine called Kiriko that speaks the human language.」

Seiya was pointing his fingertip to the battle zone. When I changed my gaze towards the place he was pointing at, I became extremely startled.

Unexpectedly, Kiriko ran to the area where Oxelio and the Great Tarte were fighting against each other.

「Ki…Kiri!? 」

I chased after her. Kiriko stopped at the foot of the Great Tarte, and from there, looked up at Oxelio and raised her high-pitched voice like a young girl.

「Father! Please, stop fighting! 」

Oxelio noticed Kiriko’s presence from below and turned his eyes at her.

「The Killing Machine that understands the human language, huh. The Demon King said that I was the only type of my kind that could speak…」

Kiriko stood at the line of sight of Oxelio. Then, he began to direct a red light at her as if he wanted to eliminate her completely. There was no emotion nor attachment towards one of his “children”.

「An irregular occurrence happened during the manufacturing progress. I don’t need you because I have tens of thousands of others that can be my eyes and ears.」

「No…No way…!! Father…!! 」

It must’ve been very painful for Kiriko to hear those words. But, honestly, I was relieved to hear what he said.

…Because, after all, it was as Seiya guessed. Oxelio was able to share his sensory organs with all of the other Killing Machines besides Kiri!

Kiriko’s espionage charges were completely cleared up. Nevertheless, Oxelio told Kiriko a very surprising but terrible fact afterwards.

「Who the hell are you calling “Father”. Your true parents are dead. The real purpose of Killing Machines is deeper than you think. The Demon King didn’t create them from scratch. The core of your powered robotic body moves because of your murdered human soul.」

Kiriko trembled her body greatly.

「Do…Do you mean that I was originally a human being…!? My real mother and father were human beings…And I…I already died once…!?」

I was in disbelief just like Kiriko.

…What on earth!! So, all the Killing Machines that Seiya defeated until now were…!!

Before I knew it, John Dae and Seiya were by my side. Oxelio’s huge red eye moved directions from Kiriko towards Seiya.

「That’s right, hero. More than 10,000 Killing Machines that you’ve destroyed like trash were indeed people who lived in this world.」

That fact took me by surprise, and both John Dae and I froze upon realizing the truth.

「It…It can’t be…! 」

「Se…Seiya…! 」

I looked at my side to see how Seiya was reacting to this news because I worried about his mental health. However, this hero didn’t change his complexion at all.

「Some sacrifices are necessary in order to save the world. I don’t feel responsible for it.」

Oxelio emitted a voice that sounded just like a robot.

「I tried to shake your emotions…But, it seems that you resemble a machine just like us.」

On the contrary, Kiriko, who was supposed to be a machine, could not bear it anymore. She crouched on the ground because she couldn’t endure her suffering.

「Kiri!! Are you all right!? 」

I ran over to Kiriko and held her back. Kiriko’s iron back was cold, but in a way, it seemed more human than Seiya’s.

Oxelio looked down on Seiya, who was holding the Platinum Sword without showing any feelings of hesitation.

「Even so, I never thought that you’d be capable of doing this much. Our army has been destroyed. But if I defeat you, there won’t be any problem. My Demon King will be very pleased.」

Seiya snorted at the enemy.

「If I’m here, then that means that a victory won’t be at 120% anymore. 」

「My calculations says otherwise. 」

The abdomen of Oxelio opened up and a piston peeped out of his reactor.

「CH Laser. 」

A black laser beam of a different color was launched towards Seiya. It was clear that the ominous light had the Chain Destruction that could extinguish the souls of both Seiya and I.

「Seiya!! 」

I shouted aloud. Yet, Seiya nodded calmly.

「Be my shield. Great Tarte. 」

『Ye…Yes! 』

As soon as I heard an idiotic voice, the Great Tarte stood in front of Seiya and us, with both of her hands widely open. The Great Tarte became like a huge wall that protected us.

「Is…Is she all right? Great Tarte…? 」

I was worried, so I spoke aloud naturally without even noticing it. Then, the Great Tarte reacted to my words and responded to me.

『It’s okay, it’s okay! I’m totally fine…! 』

I almost fainted when the Great Tarte looked at me with her thumbs up.

Because of the previous attack, the small piece of her dress that barely covered the chest was completely gone! The upper body was topless and the breasts were bare for everyone to see! She was half-naked!

「How could you be totally fine…!! 」

I approached John Dae in a hurry, grabbed his head with both hands and twisted his neck.

「Wha…Wha…Wha…What the hell are you doing!? You’re almost breaking my neck!! 」

「Don’t look!!!!!!!!! I’ll kill you if you do!! 」

John Dae screamed painfully while I continued to twist his undead neck.

「I…I didn’t see anything!! I won’t even try to look at it, so just stop it!! Mo…More importantly than that!! The hero…the hero has disappeared!! 」

「…Eh!? 」

My sanity returned when I heard that words. There was certainly no Seiya when I looked around.

「You’re kidding, right!? He was right here next to us just moments ago!! Where is he!?」

I noticed what Oxelio tried to do behind the Great Tarte. The exit from the abdomen lightened up to shoot the next laser beam.

…Seiya, don’t tell me that…Did we get away from the Great Tarte’s guard!? Oh…Oh no!! This was extremely dangerous!! If that dark light touches us, both Seiya and I will die forever!!

Nonetheless. I heard a familiar voice on my ears before the dark light came out of Oxelio’s abdomen.

「…State Berserk Phase 2nd. 」

The person who spoke was far, overhead. When I looked up to the sky, I saw that something moved at the top of the head from the Great Tarte’s newly afro hair.

It was the mad hero engulfed in a red aura.

「Hey, you!! When did you get there!? 」

「“A perfect platform to deliver my attack against huge enemies”… This is the true usage of the Great Tarte.」

After declaring those words, Seiya launched his Platinum Sword at the head of Oxelio.

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