It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: VS Sage Hero

Let’s reorganize the story.

My father had an unknown job. That’s why he always traveled around the world. When I asked him once 「What do you do specifically in your job? 」, he only replied 「I’m traveling around the world. 」. It was strange, but I wasn’t too worried about it. He brought me weird souvenirs every time he came back home.

I didn’t have a mother since I was very young. Therefore, my father was my only family. Even so, he spent little time at home with me because of his job. That’s why I grew up by myself most of the time.

Why were my father on a place like this?

「Ah, that’s right. I didn’t tell you about this. I told you that I traveled around the world. But, I didn’t mention that it was a different world.」

Ah!? Don’t joke with me! My own father was traveling on a different world except our own!? I wanted to scream as much as I could! Nonetheless, I couldn’t speak too much because I was rather shocked. Therefore, I became speechless for a brief moment.

「Based on the circumstances, it looks like you’ve been transferred to this world as well. Is that correct? It seems that you gained the ability to transfer between worlds…because, well, you’re my son after all.」

What!? It wasn’t by accident that I came to this world!? I only came here because I was my father’s son!? Don’t drive me nuts!! I didn’t need such a strange foreshadowing to realize the meaning of my presence on this world!!

「Well, I guess we met again because of our fated relationship as father and son. If we end up fighting against each other, you could do me a favor and act like a loving father by sacrificing your position…you should lose on purpose for sake of your dear son.」

He just responded with 「Huh! 」, because of my sarcastic and provoking words. Then, I shook my father’s hand and he said 「like father like son 」. If I had a chance to go up against him on this tournament, then I’d use my past depression of childcare abandonment to my advantage. That way, I’d fight against him with a clear head instead of irresolute feelings. By the way, Mina-chan sneaked behind my back to see whom I was talking to. After realizing that this old man was my father, she bowed her head deeply to greet him with utmost respect.

「Ah, excuse me. Are you Mr. Kyou’s father? I…I am Mr. Kyou’s cooking partner, Mina! I’m indebted to Mr. Kyou’s kindness!」

「Oh, what a cute girl. No, no. I am the one who needs to be thankful. I can see that you’ve been taking care of Kyou. If you’re okay with him, then I’ll gladly give my son to you…」

What! C’mon! Stop talking already! Father!!!!!

「Ah, ah, ah. I see. So, that was your father. Oh my, I was able to see something very interesting before our match.」

It seemed that Miss Katherina watched the meeting between my father and I the day before. She was laughing at me when she realized that one of the contestants was my own father. Miss Katherina was my opponent for the first round. However, she wasn’t only the representative of her country, but last year’s runner-up as well. Or should I say the person who won second place at the previous tournament. Even though she was smiling, her eyes were serious.

「Let’s start the first round of the grand tournament! The upcoming cooking showdown will be a battle between the representative of the Mebuel Kingdom and the representatives of the Elks Kingdom! I present you the Sage Hero Katherina versus Mina and Kyou! However, it should be noted that the contestant Katherina chose the theme of this match because she had the advantage given to the runner-up of the previous tournament! The theme is seafood cuisine!」

The first round of the grand cooking tournament had finally begun. The venue was filled with great enthusiasm. Miss Katherina held two kitchen knives on both of her hands. She looked ready for the competition to start. In addition, a large number of monster ingredients were on top of her kitchen table.

「The grand cooking tournament’s first round finally begins! 」

The announcer declared the beginning of the first round. At the same time, Miss Katherina’s cooking action begun immediately. The speed in which she moved her knives was extraordinary. She cut her monster ingredients with her skillfully. Both of her hands were synchronized. Besides the fearsome usage of her kitchen knives, she cooked on a boiling pot and on a stir-fried pan simultaneously. It looked like she had an alter ego.

「Whoa! Contestant Katherina is showcasing the amazement of her skillful hands! It looks like a dance of an evolving dish where each ingredient is immediately prepared one after another! On the other hand, Mina and Kyou are…What?」

A shocked word came out of the announcer’s mouth. Well, naturally. Our cooking was not at the same level of our opponent. We didn’t even arrange the ingredients in a normal way. Everybody was stunned to see some unusual display on our kitchen bench.

「What is going on with our contestants, Mina and Kyou!? They aren’t using monster ingredients…because…they don’t seem to have any ingredient at all!? It looks like they are boiling water on a pot!! But, what on earth are they going to do with just water!?」

By the way, the hot water that we’re boiling in a pot was not exactly for the cooking directly. Actually, we were planning to use it for something else. In a way, however, this water was some sort of a key for the creation of this dish.

They probably thought that we were not suitable enough for this type of competition. People continued to cheer for Miss Katherina and her outstanding cooking preparation. She continued to show her provocative skills by serving brilliant dishes.

「What’s wrong? Why don’t you use your proud cultivated monsters? Weren’t you willing to put up a fight against me?」

「Unfortunately, I can’t grow monsters suitable for a seafood dish in only one month. This is all I can do in order to produce a seafood dish with edible ingredients.」

「Oh? 」

In order to complete this challenge, I just needed the main ingredient to finish my seafood dish. It didn’t require a strong technique nor a special culinary skill. Just simply the freshness of the food. Nothing more.

「So, Lily, Fitis, Rock, Jack…I am counting on you. 」

I entrusted everything to my friends that weren’t here yet. I hoped that they could make it on time before the end of this match.

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