This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Impatience and Irritability

Mole life, the fourth day.

Despite the miserable life underground, the beast hunting has progressed better than expected. If my counting was correct, the total number of beast men killed reached the 250 mark, it was a slaughter.

It seemed that his skills with Earth Magic improved greatly. Not only that. His profession as a Pleasant Flute Player leveled up as well. Besides that, Seiya acquired a new skill named “Delicate Flute Blowing”. That allowed him to eject the Burst Air without any sound. His range was also extended. The blowgun was no longer a simple rifle. It was a sniper with a silencer. He was like a first-class assassin. He killed hundreds of beast men without leaving traces of his presence.

During this time, Seiya set out a new plan.

「I think it’s time to reach the final destination of this hunting. Bunogeos. 」

…Although this hunting had been great so far, we haven’t reached the 300 kills yet. At this point, I felt that something was off with his urgency in defeating Bunogeos. After all, we’re talking about the cautious Seiya. However…

「Seiya. Are you, perhaps, thinking about the Cursed Sphere? Go to Bunogeos’ residence and find the sphere…Is that your intention?」

If we destroyed the Cursed Sphere that Bunogeos had on his possession, then we could return to the God’s realm and Seiya could restart with this training. I never thought that Seiya would risk his own safety in order to hunt Bunogeos this early.

However, Seiya only snorted his nose as he started to walk ahead with the underground cave expanding accordingly to his movements.

「Hey. Wa…Wait a moment!! 」

「I’m going anyways. Just follow me. 」

Seiya rushed ahead without talking too much. After seeing his back, something popped up inside my heart.

Don’t tell me that Seiya…was tired of this harsh underground life just like me? Was that the reason why he became this desperate to defeat Bunogeos…?

Impatience and irritability. These kinds of feelings didn’t bring good results that often. Still, I shook my head and appeased my heart.

No…Let’s believe in Seiya! He was not confused anymore! I was sure that he had some kind of strategy!

This could be a great solution for me. Right now, all I ever wanted was to be released from this harsh mole life as soon as possible. There was no reason for me to oppose the Bunogeos hunting idea.

We left the abandoned house that we used for our hunting ground, and we headed towards the slave market. As the result of listening to the conversations between the killed beast men, our research concluded that the residence of Bunogeos was located near the slave market. They said that Bunogeos was using the previous human aristocrat’s mansion as his living place.

After arriving at the slave market, we looked for a mansion through the Clear Ceiling from the underground. Before long, we found a large mansion on this part of the town, though it was in apparent deterioration. From its outer appearance, there was no doubt that this mansion was the one that the beast men spoke about.

Seiya didn’t hesitate and advanced through the underground of the mansion.

「Is…Is this okay? There’s no way that he’ll find us underground, right? 」

I thought that our place was safe giving how cautious Seiya really were. However, if by any chance Bunogeos manages to find us that could become extremely troublesome. There won’t be a guarantee that we’ll get out of this alive. Bunogeos’ statuses were far above from the other fallen beast men we’ve encountered so far.

Yet, Seiya was confident.

「No worries. Cave Along keeps evolving. In addition to soundproofing, we’re now moving by a depth of 3 meters underground.」

「I see. That’s why the scenery from the Clear Ceiling looked more distant than usual. 」

「Yes. If we have an urgent situation, it will be possible to dive into 10 meters underground. A normal attack won’t reach us if we dive that much in the ground.」

After getting convinced by his words, I followed Seiya and we entered the underground of the mansion’s floor. Although the Clear Ceiling was transparent, all we could see was a dark floor from above us. However, I could listen to something. It was the sound of someone walking in the floor. And then…

「Damn it!! That coward hero has been seizing my subordinates in the dark without showing himself!!」

I heard Bunogeos’ angry voice.

Seiya sat down on the muddy floor of the cave. It seemed that he listened carefully to what Bunogeos had to say.

Bunogeos was a formidable enemy with a status comparable to that of the Warlord Emperor in Geabrande. There was no chance of winning against this type of enemy with Seiya’s present status. Therefore, he was researching to find solutions for this problem even if he had to put himself at risk for standing below on the mansion of Bunogeos.

I listened to what he had to say as well. On that instant, there was an unsettling movement from Bunogeos’ part.

「This…This is our Lord Grand Lion! 」

…Did he say Grand Lion just now!?

I heard the name of the demon that ruled the entirety of Radral continent. People said that his status was far higher than Bunogeos’. Apparently, there was only Bunogeos on this room. I could hear him say 「Yes. Understood. Yes. 」, as if he was talking alone to himself. Nonetheless, he was using a crystal ball, and seemed to have a conversation at a distance. I thought the other voice from the other side of the crystal ball belonged to the Grand Lion, but I couldn’t hear very well from this distance.

「Well, thanks to that damn hero, my fellow beast men have been decreasing a lot…Eh, how many of them were taken down? Let’s see, I would say it was far too many…Ah…yes, next time I’ll inform you correctly about the number of our losses…」

It seemed that Bunogeos was a bit puzzled to inform the correct number of defeated beast men. Suddenly, Bunogeos’ voice resonated aloud.

「…Yeah! So, you’re planning to send him! I see! Okay! That’s why we don’t fear heroes like this one! Yes, yes, by the way…! Ahhh! That would be great, indeed!」

I whispered to Seiya.

「Is…Is he talking about something serious…? 」

「Shut up. Don’t talk to me now. 」

「I…I’m sorry. 」

I closed my mouth and tried to collect the information that I heard from Bunogeos’ mouth.

「…Oink. 」

I heard a pig barking next to me. Of course, there wasn’t any pig nearby. Only Seiya stood by my side. When I thought, I misheard it…

「Oink. Oink. 」

It was Seiya after all. Seiya spoke like a pig with his usual bored face.

「Oink. Oink. Oink. Oink. 」

…Hey, wait a moment. What the hell was this thing!? What has happened to this person this suddenly!?

I thought that his “state” became confusing again…So, I tried to activate my clairvoyance ability, but I couldn’t see Seiya’s status because he had activated the camouflage skill.

…When I finally thought that he moved from being “reckless” to “cautious”, now he transformed into a “pig”…!? It was true that the harsh environment underground could affect one’s mind…!!

I had gain a lot of depression from this harsh mole life that I no longer cared about myself. But, more than that, I was deeply concerned about Seiya’s spirit, which seemed to be undermined…

Mole life, the fifth day.

When we finished the hunt for today, we came to Bunogeos’ residence once again to hear what he had to say.

「Hey, Seiya. How is it going for you? Did you find out about Bunogeos’ weaknesses? 」

I whispered on his ear, but Seiya remained silent. It might be frustrating to find a way to defeat Bunogeos without putting us at risk.

I cut a Death Earthworm in half and gave it to Seiya.

「Aren’t you getting too fatigued over this? Would you like to try the Death Earthworm? It’s actually delicious once you get used to it, do you know that?」

「I refuse. 」

「I see… 」

I felt lonely, as I chewed the Death Earthworm all by myself. Unexpectedly…

「Oink… 」

Seiya laughed in a vulgar voice that resembled the sound of a pig!

「Wha…Wha…What’s wrong with you!? Why did you laugh suddenly with that strange and weird voice!?」

「No. It’s nothing. 」

This…This couldn’t be happening!! This was not funny anymore!! There was no way that I was becoming this paranoid!!

I said, 「Once we get rid of the beast men, why don’t we return to the Light of Hope through that abandoned house? 」I proposed that path, but Seiya rejected my idea immediately. In this state of mind, I didn’t know what else to do. Yet, I continued trying my hardest to find a solution to this bizarre situation…

Mole life, the sixth day.

Today, we stayed beneath Bunogeos’ mansion to listen to what else he had to say.

Besides Bunogeos, I could hear new footsteps. It seemed that another beast man came to the mansion. Bunogeos’ voice was high.

「Oh! So, you finally came! 」

「Yeah! Our Lord Grand Lion told me to come here with urgency! That’s why I tried to fly here the fastest I could!」

「Well then, let’s use your power to find that hero immediately! 」

「Yeah, and unexpectedly, I have a hunch that he might be near here! 」

On that moment…

*high-pitch sound*

I could hear a faint high-pitch sound that resonated on my earlobes. I could feel it because my audible range was higher than humans. Apparently, Seiya heard that sound as well.

「That beast man said he flew here. He’s probably a bat-demon type…I don’t know exactly what he did, but it seemed like an ultrasonic wave. He might have found the location of this Cave.」

「EH!? Even though we’re underground!? 」

「Ultrasonic echolocation is effective under water and through the soil. 」

「We…We’re in trouble!! Wouldn’t it be better for us to dive deeper!? 」

「No. With Bunogeos power, there is a high risk that his attack will reach close to the 10 meters limit of Cave Along. We could be buried alive if it collapses.」

「The other day, you said “No worries”, didn’t you!? 」

「I said based on “if it’s a regular beast man attack”. More importantly, let’s go now. If you fall behind, you’ll be taken first by his attack.」

Seiya released the magic of Cave Along straightaway. Our bodies rose from the underground.

We reached a narrowly space between the floor of the mansion and the underground. When I tried to get out from there by crouching, the floor above me made a cracking noise and shattered in pieces!

「*yells* There you are!! 」

It was the bat-faced beast man! He distorted his mouth when he discovered the hole in the floor!

I said desperately, 「They found us! 」, but Seiya was already carrying the blowgun! The Burst Air exploded at a close range when the bat-faced beast man peeped under the floor carelessly! The head of the batman was destroyed and his body collapsed!

Seiya stepped out from the hole on the floor, moved the headless body away from his path, and fired the Burst Air on Bunogeos’ direction! He probably knew where Bunogeos was standing through the magic properties of the underground hideout. Bunogeos was astonished by Seiya’s sudden strike. He didn’t dodge the attack because his reflexes were slow on that surprising moment.

The bullet of Burst Air hit Bunogeos’ head! Nevertheless…

「That hurt, you bastard…!! 」

Bunogeos cursed at Seiya while he held his head with his hands. When I looked closely at him, I saw that the bullet only made a slight injury. He wasn’t bleeding too much.

「Damn it!! You were hiding in the basement of my house!! 」

…Bad. This was…This was extremely bad!! Burst Air was the only offensive technique that Seiya learned as a “Pleasant Flute Player”! And that technique was useless against Bunogeos!!

In a desolate, large room, Bunogeos grabbed the axe on his back. His fearsome weapon was aimed towards us. This weapon was the one with the Chain Destruction power.

「I won’t let you escape this time…!! 」

Seiya couldn’t use his powerful fire magic anymore! If we escaped using Cave Along, Bunogeos would surely destroy it and the ground would collapse, burying us alive!

「Wha…What should we do, Seiya! 」

When I looked closely at Seiya, I noticed that he put his Platinum Blowgun away!

Ah. Don’t tell me that he gave up on this battle!? It can’t be!! We’re finished!!

Still, soon afterwards. Seiya held his hand in front of his face and muttered.

「Job Change…! From “Pleasant Flute Player & Earth Wizard” to “Earth Magic Warrior”…! 」

I was astonished when I saw Seiya surrounded by a dazzling light.

「Im…Impossible…You’re kidding, right!? You can change your profession on your own without asking Enzo in the Light of Hope!?」

「There’s nothing that prevents me from using that gramps’ cheap skill. I’ve seen it once, and I’ve mastered it.」

What he said was tremendously rude. But, this hero’s skills had a precedent of being acquired in a short span of time. For example, Elle’s Fire Arrow or my Appraisal skill.

Did…Did he really changed his profession?…That’s right!! I’ll check it out by using my clairvoyance ability!! If he changed his profession just now, he probably didn’t use his camouflage skill just yet!!

I tried to activate my clairvoyance ability to find out about his “newly” acquired profession…

Ryuguuin Seiya

Profession – Magic Warrior (Earth Attribute)

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 321960

MP – 88155

Attack – 293412

Defense – 287644

Agility – 268875

Magic – 58751

Potential – 999 (MAX) …

I…I saw it!! So, he really changed his profession to Earth Magic Warrior!! And…Ehhhh!?

「No. Don’t look. 」

Seiya noticed that I was using the clairvoyance ability on him, and activated his camouflage skill immediately. His status became like a sandstorm and disappeared from my sight.

Anyway, what Seiya said to me was true. Seiya changed his profession on his own.

Even so…there was something more surprising than that.

…Le…Level MAX!? Since when!? No, no…wait a second!! It made sense!! He killed lots of beast men within these last few days!! His level had this tremendous jump because of his “real training”!! Besides that, this “training” was combined with his “experience gain increase” by default!! That’s why his level raised so much!!

It was natural that his level went up by going up against that many enemies. However, this hero probably didn’t notice this because he never raised his level and ability value by increasing it in an ordinary way: defeating the enemy.

Without knowing what I thought, Seiya touched his glossy black hair.

「I achieved my goal of killing 300 beast men by defeating the batman. At the same time, the information extracted from Bunogeos is complete. There’s no point in being here anymore.」

Bunogeos distorted his face when he heard Seiya’s words.

「What are you talking about!? Aren’t you ready to fight me here and now!?」

「Ready, you say. Yeah, I guess so… 」

The cautious hero grabbed the Platinum Sword out of his sheath. It had been a while since he held this sword. He swung the sword back and forth brilliantly so that his arm adapted to its touch. After he became familiarized with it, Seiya pointed the tip of the sword directly towards Bunogeos.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

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