This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Harsh Mole Life

After defeating two more beast men with Burst Air, Seiya returned to the underground cave. Seiya placed the magical stones on a narrow space about 1.5 meters in radius. He sat down on the ground. It looked like it he was going to take a short break.

「Our goal is to kill 300 of them. We still have 296 to go. Lista. You’ll be in charge of counting.」

「Ye…Yes. I understand. 」

We didn’t know how many beast men occupied the town of Galvano. But, 300 was a number that Seiya stipulated himself. He was convinced that he could free this town if he defeated that amount of beast men.

「I’ll aim for 50 bodies a day. We have to consider our current supplies, such as food or water. Therefore, I would like to get rid of the enemy within a week…Okay, let’s continue. Are you ready?」

When I nodded, Seiya put his hand on the muddy wall. After he made sure there was no one around, he held my ankles and stood up. After being elevated, he put my face on the top of the ground. I started to look for the beast men. After discovering the enemy’s position, Seiya hid at a distance and shot them with the blowgun. He killed the beast men without getting us in danger.

At first I was angry because I was being treated as a periscope. However, when I thought carefully about this, I realized that this job was my first collaboration with Seiya. “I’m useful as his companion”… I tried my hardest to find and report the enemy’s location because I felt a great sense of fulfillment.

When the evening of the day came, Seiya placed his blowgun on the ground of the narrow cave.

「All right. I still have a lot of MP left, but we mustn’t forget that our enemies are the beast men. Some of them are nocturnal, and when the sun goes down, the Burst Air hit rate declines considerably. We need to take this into account seriously. So, let’s end the hunt for today.」

The hunting of the first day was over because of Seiya’s cautious attitude. Still, today we killed 51 beast men. We surpassed the target we set for today. It was productive work.

We stood still in the underground cavity made by Cave Along. Seiya spoke after eating the preserved food he bought at the tool shop.

「Let’s prepare for tomorrow and try to rest. 」

…Finally! We were going to spend the night alone…! Moreover, sleeping together on this narrow space…!

Just when my heart started beat much faster, Seiya stood up and placed his hand on the muddy wall.

「I can’t heal the fatigue of my body in this narrow cave. I’ll make the inside of this cave a bit wider in space.」

The narrow cave expanded without making a noise. It became a circular space with a radius of about 3 meters. He set a few magical stones on the ceiling. The artificial light brightened the entire cave. On that moment, Seiya drew a line on the ground with his scabbard.

「This is the boundary line between us. You’re not allowed to enter beyond this line without my permission.」

「Wha…What’s that line!! That’s rude!! Are you saying that I will attack you, Seiya!?」

「There’s a possibility. After all, you suddenly hugged me before. 」

Damn! He found out!

「Listen carefully. If you enter beyond this line, I’ll release the Cave Along and leave you inside of it.」

「That means I’ll be buried alive…! Okay, I got it…! 」

Seiya laid down. But, I still had something to ask him about.

「Listen, Seiya. You know, about the…how about the toilet? 」

He said not to cross his line. Yet, he stood up and went to my territory as if it was something natural. And then, Seiya made a deep hole in the ground near the muddy wall with Earth Magic.

「Just use this spot. Once you finish, use the soil to cover it up. 」

「Are you serious…! I…I am a goddess, you know…! 」

「It’s for the sake of saving this world. Endure it. 」

…The sweet life I imagined with Seiya was now far from reality. And so, my harsh mole life began.

Mole life, the second day.

I remained in the cave with the same artificial light, that brightened the space. That’s why I didn’t know that morning came up. Seiya shook my body violently and I woke up in distress.

「How long are you going to sleep. Let’s go. 」

It was the same as yesterday. I became a periscope to find an enemy. Every time I spotted an enemy I warned Seiya about it, then would use Cave Along and shot the enemy from a distance.

「I discovered an enemy in the three o’clock direction! 」

After returning my head to the underground cave, I sent the new instructions to Seiya. This was done repeatedly until I became accustomed to this routine. By the end of the day, the number of beast men had killed approached 100.

Soon, I became proud of my role as a periscope. There was no shower, there was no toilet, and it was a miserable situation. Still, I felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Maybe Seiya accepted me a little bit, because I worked very hard on this. Besides, I was entrusted with the management of the tool bag when I was underground.

Nonetheless…After a day of work, I heard shocking words coming from the hero’s mouth.

「My skill in Earth Magic has increased. The periscope is no longer needed. 」

「Ehhh!? 」

「Look at this. The new Earth Magic, “Clear Ceiling”…! 」

When Seiya held his hand on the ceiling of the cave, the ceiling became transparent like a glass table.

「It’s like a magical mirror. I can see the other side, but the beast men won’t be able to see me on this side. I’ll be able to see what’s happening on the ground. I also learned the technique “Ground Through”. This technique will make it possible to shoot the bullet of “Burst Air” through the muddy wall of the ceiling. In other words, I’ll be able to see the enemy from the underground, while using the blowgun at the same time.」

「I…I see. That…That’s great. 」

With Seiya’s mastery of Earth Magic, the demand for a periscope diminished, and slowly but surely I lost my job…

In Seiya’s world I wonder if I would be the milk delivery employee or the elevator girl?

Mole life, the third day.

Seiya kept destroying the enemy by combining the Clear Ceiling skill with Ground Through skill beneath the ground. It was safer and more time-efficient than using me as a periscope. The beast hunting went extremely fast.

And me on the other hand, I was having a tedious time. I was feeling a sense of emptiness because I had lost my job and, therefore, I lost my motivation.

Seiya didn’t speak to me at all, except when necessary. If I tried to talk about something that was not important to him, he wouldn’t even pay attention to me. In addition, Seiya didn’t create a bath area because it could bring some unwanted noise…

My stress had reached its limit.

…That night, Seiya suddenly crossed the line and went to my territory.

After looking through the tool bag, Seiya glared at me with a harsh face.

「Hey, Lista. Why are our food supplies this low? There was supposed to be more in here. 」

「Ah…Sorry. I ate it… 」

That’s right. I kept eating the food we had because I felt so much stress.

「Why? Goddesses don’t die, right? Then, why are you eating more than I do? 」

「What! That’s obvious! I get hungry even if I don’t die! 」

I laughed a bit after I answered him. Yet, Seiya didn’t even show a tiny smile.

「It…It’s all right! We still have lot of food in here! We should be fine for the next four days based on my tiny estimate!」

「Don’t be silly. One week was just a prediction. The war situation is constantly changing. There might be a time when we have to go underground for a longer period of time. I’m worried about the reduced food supplies.」

Then, Seiya muttered quietly.

「We have no choice but to find new ingredients. 」

He approached the muddy wall and stared fixedly at it. And then, after putting his hands inside the soil…

*squeezing sound*

In Seiya’s hands was a big earthworm. It was about 10 centimeters in length and displayed sharp fangs. He placed it out right in front of my face.

「Hey. Eat this to see if it’s edible. 」

「I…I can’t eat something like that!! 」

「Just try it right now. 」

I activated my Appraisal skill afterwards.

『Death Earthworm…A living creature that resides in the underground of Exfolia. It is harmless if you don’t disturb it. Also, this creature is edible… You can actually eat it. 』

Who…Whoa…It said I could eat this thing…! But, I don’t want to eat a gross creature like this one….Definitely not…!

I shrugged my shoulders in a “fake” disappointment.

「I can’t. It’s completely impossible to eat. It’s not edible at all. 」

Then, Seiya stared at me with icy eyes.

「You liar goddess…The results of the Appraisal skill says that “you can eat it”. 」

「What!? How…How do you know that!? Do…Don’t tell me that you’ve got the Appraisal skill as well!?」

「There’s nothing you can do that I can’t. 」

「You lied to me!! Cruel!! That’s extremely cruel!! 」

「The cruel one is you. You don’t deserve my forgiveness…Eat. 」

Seiya approached me with the horrible Death Earthworm!

「I…I don’t want to!! I am a goddess!! I won’t die if I don’t eat the Death Earthworm!! So, there’s no need for me to eat it at all!!」

However, Seiya forced the living Death Earthworm into my mouth!

*distressing sounds*

He moved my jaw up and down with his hands! And, I slowly chew the Death Earthworm! I felt an indescribable bitterness that spread all over my mouth!

「Ahhh…!! Ugh…!! 」

My eyes overflew with tears. Still, Seiya spoke to me in a cold manner.

「From today on, your staple food will be Death Earthworms. 」

…At bedtime. Even if I closed my eyes, I could feel many Death Earthworms wriggling under my eyelids.

「Ugh…! One Death Earthworm, two Death Earthworms, three Death Earthworms… 」

My behavior became quite weird living under this harsh environment.

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