This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Because I Am

After walking through the portal I noticed that we had arrived at a dark space. From its looks alone it didn’t seem like this place belonged to the heavens or the earth. At the same time, I felt that this area became like this probably because of the “Area Chain Destruction” activation.

「Wha…What is this place!? 」

「Weren’t we supposed to arrive at the Devil Castle!? 」

Elle and Mash were perplexed. I summoned the portal and made sure that our arrival would be close to the final battle inside the Devil’s Castle. There was no doubt about it. This area was engulfed by the Demon King’s magic powers. He probably engulfed this place in darkness so that the battle odds would be in his favor.

I perceived something on this devilish space. Beyond all of this darkness, I could see a small aura of light the embodied the hope of humanity.

「Seiya…! 」

The hero was facing the Demon King directly a few ten meters away from where we had arrived. The armored clothed Demon King of the S-rank difficulty world Geabrande was gazing at the hero with an expressionless face. There was no sign of exhaustion. It seemed that the battle had not begun yet.

We made it in time…I felt a brief moment of relief. Seiya held his left hand with his right hand as he confronted the Demon King straight on. My spine froze when I saw his offensive stance.

…Ah…That was Valkyrie’s final destruction technique!! He’ll have to pay a price if he uses that technique!! Seiya’s soul will be destroyed after thirty seconds!!

「Wait!! Stop, Seiya!! 」

I came running to him while I screamed aloud. But, Seiya was not hearing my voice at all. His gaze was fixed on the enemy that stood right in front of him. On that moment…

「Destruction Operation Method the Final…“Valhala Gate”…! 」

His roaring voice echoed through the dark empty space. Soon, a huge gate appeared above Seiya’s head along with white barriers. At the same time, the figure of the Demon King who wanted to kill Seiya disappeared from where he was standing.

When the black door with barriers opened, I noticed that the Demon King was already transferred into the deadly heavenly gate. The goddess made of plaster from the top of the gate spilled blood from her eyes and mouth, and then she smiled.


With the power of the Goddess of Destruction in motion, the Demon King showed an astonished expression when he realized the inevitable trap of the ultimate technique.

「Why…! I invoked an Anti-Magic Field on this space…! 」

「The destruction technique is not made of magic. Therefore, it can be activated under every circumstance.」

「Destruction…technique…? 」

The Demon King tried to get out of the gate. However, the countless needles that were installed outside of the black door pierced through the devil’s body. The Demon King changed his complexion after he saw black blood dripping from his own arm.

「How can you hurt me without the Egzation? This kind of attack…No. I never thought that a fearsome skill like this one, ever existed…!」

In a second, the humanoid figure of the Demon King changed dramatically. His two eyes became bright red, his mouth was torn when his big fangs busted out from inside, and his overall appearance started to resembled a real demon. Shortly, he tried to get out of the gate by using his brute reddish black arms to open the door. And yet, the power of the deadly heavenly gate was stronger than the power of the Demon King. I remembered that a similar situation had happened before. The god of death Tanathus could not resist the strength of the gradually closing door of the supreme gate. Still, the body of the Demon King changed even further. He broke the armor he was wearing to create new arms on both sides of his body. The Demon King became a sixth arm demon just like Eliza. He tried desperately to open the door of the gate while his arms were dripping big amounts of blood.

Soon, I was looking at a scene that I wished it were part of a dream! I couldn’t believe my own eyes! The door of the deadly heavenly gate was slowly being opened by the overwhelming strength of the Demon King!

Elle and Mash spoke with a trembling voice.

「That’s…That’s impossible…! 」

「He’s going to get out from there! 」

My body shivered continuously at the sight of that unbelievable scene.

…It couldn’t be…!! That demon was overthrowing the ultimate destruction technique that Seiya gave his life for…!!

Half of the Demon King’s body managed to step out from the gate. He was laughing devilishly with his greatly torn mouth.

「Don’t take me lightly…you mere humans…! 」

Upon those words, the face of the Demon King became even more terrifying and resolute! Even so, the hero floated right in front of the Demon King’s fearsome gaze! Seiya used his “Flight” skill to approach the Demon King trapped in the mortal heavenly gate! He was ready to strike that demon with his sword!

「I didn’t take you lightly. You are the ultimate enemy of this S-rank difficulty world Geabrande. It was obvious that you wouldn’t be easy to defeat with just that. 」

And then, the Adamantiter became engulfed with burning flames…

「Phoenix Thrust…! 」

Just like when he pierced through the armor chest of the Warlord Emperor, Seiya pierced the chest of the Demon King with his sword! But, the strike sounded as if metal clashed with metal! It would be impossible to inflict some damage on the Demon King’s body without the Egzation! Still, Seiya tried his hardest to push the Demon King inside the gate!

「Your sword won’t work on me!! Don’t you dare think that you’ve sealed me successfully with this strange technique!」

The Demon King became insanely furious! Seiya tried to push the demon in, but instead, he was knocked by one of the six arms of the Demon King, who was crawling half-away from the gate! Seiya couldn’t defend himself properly and he was thrown away at an overwhelming power and speed!

「Ugh…! 」

Seiya managed to keep his body straight up; however, he vomited blood violently from his mouth.

「Master!! 」

「Mister Seiya!! 」

Both of them screamed worryingly. But, Seiya wiped the blood from his mouth with his forearm, and went flying immediately. Instead of treating his injuries, Seiya prioritized the repression of the Demon King to inside the gate. Seiya’s voice echoed tremendously through the dark space while he held his sword in an offensive stance…

「Eternal Sword EX…! 」

The hero tried to use Adenela’s swordsmanship skills to win this ordeal. Nonetheless, the Demon King grinned sinisterly as if he was mocking Seiya’s sword attack.

「Fool man!! I told you that your sword attacks won’t work on me!! 」

Seiya started to attack with his sword, given the incredible amount of strikes it looked like it was raining swords. But, the Demon King ignored those attacks and didn’t defend himself. Instead, he poured all of this powerful strength to get out of the gate…However! Something happened as soon as Seiya’s sword attacks touched the body of the Demon King! Countless of lacerations were engraved on the upper body of the enemy! It sounded as if the meat was ripping apart!

「My body…Is tearing apart from the countless cuts…! But, your sword is not the Egzation…!」

The demon distorted his face frustratingly at the sight of the inexplicable phenomenon! I didn’t understand what was going on as well!

…But…But, why!? The Phoenix Thrust didn’t inflict any damage on the Demon King!! Then, why does the other sword skill managed to accomplish that!?

While he held the continuously attacking sword on one of his hand, Seiya managed to hit the Demon King with something that he held on his other hand.

We could hear a lightening sound. Then, it fell and dissipated through the void of the black space.

「What was that just now…? 」

The Demon King was dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Seiya touched his nose.

「It’s a gift from a stupid woman. 」

The falling object was familiar to me. I mean, it was something that I looked at almost every day. I gave that “necessary gift” to Seiya for him to use with his synthesis skill.

…What!? Was that my “private hair” just now!? He…He used that for this ultimate battle!? How could I feel tense after witnessing such thing!! But…But, I got it!! He didn’t use Phoenix Thrust to push the Demon King back inside the gate!! He tried to insert the Adamantiter inside of the gate and synthesize it with the “needles of destruction” that broke both the tangible and intangible! In other words…!

The hero’s sword became part of the whimsical punishment that the deadly heavenly gate invoked upon the Demon King. Seiya took a deep breath right in front of the Demon King.

「The sword of the underworld…the “Valhala Blade”. 」

Seiya redrew the Valhala Blade with an intimidating pose! An aura of light emitted on the sword and on Seiya’s body while it diffused within the void of the dark space!

「Return to where you belong…! “Valhala Thrust”…! 」

The shining light went flying straight ahead! In a second, the strong light clashed on the Demon King! As soon as the light touched his body, the sword pierced through the eyebrows of the enemy! We could hear a cracking sound as if the skull was breaking apart! The Demon King screamed painfully after he received that powerful impact! At that moment, he lost the strength on his arms that held open the door of the gate! Seiya released his hand from the Valhala Blade that stuck on that demon’s eyebrows! He twisted his body in the air and kicked the handle of the sword! With that strong kick, the Demon King removed his arms completely from the door!

「Damn…Damn you…! 」

After saying that, the Demon King’s grudging voice was heard exorbitantly high…

*screams painfully*

As soon as he got fully inside, an amusing smile appeared on the bloody mouth of the plaster goddess.

And then…The door of the gate was closed completely. It made a heavy sound as the barriers finally locked the door.

「He…He did it…! The gate was finally closed…! 」

Mash yelled victoriously.

「Mister Seiya!! 」

Elle screamed on that moment.

Seiya, who was floating in the air, began to fall to the ground. It looked as if his body was a broken puppet without strings.

「Seiya!! 」

We ran in Seiya’s direction. When we arrived by his side, Seiya was bleeding excessively from all over his body, just like the lacerations done on the Demon King previously. Thirty seconds already passed since he triggered the Valhala Gate. His body began to collapse as the price for invoking that deadly technique.

Seiya stared at us with a surprising look as if he forgot for a second that his body was bleeding constantly. When I held his body, Seiya spoke with a tiny voice.

「Lista. You came to the Devil Castle by using a short cut. What happened to the rules of the God’s realm that you always told me about?」

「Idiot!! That’s not important right now!! You won’t be able to return to your world if you die here, you know!?」

「Yes. But, the Demon King was defeated at last. 」

I yelled angrily at the hero who spoke with satisfaction even as he approached his death.

「If you were really cautious, you would think not only in defeating the Demon King, but you would think of a way to not get yourself killed!!」

Usually, he would beat or kick me for being feisty. However, he was so hurt and exhausted that he didn’t do that to me anymore. He became so quiet all of a sudden, and then…he slowly closed his eyes. The blood that came out of Seiya’s body was gathering into a blood pool. That insane amount of lost blood would be lethal for a human being.

「Mister Seiya!! 」

「Master!! 」

The two of them shook Seiya’s body while crying. But, there wasn’t a reaction anymore. Within a few seconds, the Valhala Gate will swallow Seiya’s life completely. His death will be the price to pay for using that destructive technique.

Mash and Elle screamed extremely loud as they cried helplessly.

「I won’t let…you die…! 」

I swore aggressively. Mash and Elle looked at me with crying eyes.

「I didn’t give you permission to die!! 」

I raised my voice towards Seiya.

「What’s wrong with you!! You told us that you’ll join us in the evening, and yet, you lied!! There were a lot of things I wanted to do…the Casino, have some drinks in a bar, go to the hot springs and show you a funny swimsuit that I bought!!」

I could no longer complain after I shouted every word I wanted to say. I spoke to Seiya with deep feelings engraved in my heart. Then, I cried out a loud shout that shook the dark space of the Devil Castle.

「Order!! 」

I prayed to the Great Goddess Isister that stayed in the God’s realm.

「I beg you to release the full divine power of healing that belongs to me, the Goddess of Healing Listarte!」

Suddenly, I felt something on my heart. I could hear the Great Goddess Isister’s voice.

『…Listarte. The usage of the portal by invoking a short cut to the place where the final battle was taking place already violated the rules of the Almighty. I can’t protect you any longer than this. You may get stripped of your goddess’ title by the judgment of the innermost lawful gods of the heavens.』

However, I spoke to the Great Goddess Isister with determination.

『…I don’t mind. I am fully prepared. I shall receive any punishment. In addition… 』

I told the Great Goddess Isister my real feelings.

『…I truly think I became a goddess for the sole purpose of this day. 』

 After a little silence…

『…I understand. I will release your full power of a goddess…All of it… 』

The voice of the Great Goddess Isister echoed on my heart and mind. Then…

「Li…Lista? 」

「Lisutan? 」

Mash and Elle were astonished to see the changes that happened on my body so abruptly. My whole body was wrapped in a dazzling light. It was as if the sun appeared right in the middle of the void of the dark space.

…Surely, I felt that I got this power because of my human self. She had regretted not being able to save Seiya in her previous life. But, I’ll show you. Seiya, I’ll show you how the power of the Goddess of Healing will surpass the deadly consequences of the Valhala Gate…

I stroke Seiya’s bloodied face gently.

Yes…I finally realized now…Because I am…

「Perfectly Ready! 」

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