This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Happy End

Seiya was bleeding violently from the cuts made by the usage of the Valhala Gate. I placed my hands on his body. My palms were emitting a soft light. Seiya’s wounds were restored to normal the moment I touched him. However…

「This is bad, Lista! His wounds are increasing even with your healing magic!」

It was just as Mash described. I was healing Seiya with my utmost strength. And yet, his body continued to suffer from new cuts.

Even so, we still had a chance. The price for using the Valhala Gate won’t last forever. I remember that Valkyrie increased her physical strength in order to prevent her death from the consequences of her technique. Seiya can be saved if I compensate a certain amount of physical damage with my healing abilities.

I bent on my knees as I continued to heal Seiya without stopping. I tried to be extremely focused on both my heart and mind.

Elle looked at me with worried eyes. I was pouring every strength I had in order to save Seiya. I looked exhausted for aggressively using my healing powers.

「Lisutan…Are you okay? Lisutan? 」

「Yes. I am all right. 」

I showed Elle a tiny smile. This power was not some regular power. It’s a force that springs out from the body at infinity. This “divine power” was very different from a magical power. It meant that this power couldn’t be measured through an MP value. That’s because it was “eternal”.

…I’ll save. I’ll save him no matter what. Let’s end this with a happy ending. Surely. Right…Seiya?

I wondered about how much time as passed since then. It must’ve have been short. But, it seemed very long to me. The wounds on Seiya’s body began to decrease. A light of hope shined on Mash and Elle’s faces. However, this was not the right time to be distracted. I had to devote myself completely on the healing process. And finally…I didn’t see more wounds to heal.

「Is…Is it over, Lista? 」

I nodded when Mash asked me that question.

The mortal price of Valhala Gate had finally ended. Yet, Seiya didn’t wake up. Mash and Elle looked at Seiya anxiously. Because I had my full power of a goddess activated, I could sense a reaction of the vital energy coming out of Seiya’s body.

Soon, Seiya’s eyes opened slowly.

「…Am I…still alive? 」

Mash and Elle jumped and rejoiced when they heard the hero speak as if he woke up from a long sleep.

「Master!! 」

「Mister Seiya!! I’m glad!! I’m truly glad!! 」

After saying those words, they looked at me with respectful eyes.

「Amazing!! That was really amazing, Lisutan!! 」

「Lista, that was too awesome!! You looked like a god!! 」

「But, I’m already a goddess, you know!? 」

Seiya looked at me while he laid his head on my knees.

「Did you save me? 」

「That’s right… 」

My eyes were burning. At my knees stood the man that I loved so dearly when I was a human being.

「Seiya… 」

I lift Seiya’s head. My lips became closer to his lips.

On that moment, something stopped me from going further. Seiya put his hand on my forehead and refused to kiss me.

「Eh!? What…Hey, wait, eh…eh, why!? 」

「That’s what I’m supposed to say. What are you trying to do? 」

He stood up quickly and turned his back on me.

「Se…Seiya!? You don’t have to be embarrassed!! I’m your beloved companion!! I’m Lista, your most favorite person!! You can kiss me without any problems!!」

I tried to hug him after I shouted. Instead, Seiya pushed me away with his arms.

「Annoying. Get away from me. I don’t know what you’re talking about. 」

「I won’t go away! I refuse to leave you! Let me kiss you! It’s an order from your goddess!」

「Stop with this nonsense. Do you want me to hit you? 」

「I know!! I know everything now!! I love you so much that I want to protect you with my own life!! Isn’t that what a tsundere is supposed to do!?」

In a second, I felt a fierce pain on my brain. It was intense and unbearable.


I pressed the beaten part of my head with my hand. My head received a beat from the strong fist of the hero. When I looked at my hands, I noticed that I was bleeding.

「Blo…Blood…!! 」

「I said I was going to hit you. 」

The hero looked at me with cold eyes. I trembled and swallowed dry with one gulp.

「Why did you hit me like that!? I won’t be able revive if I die in here, you know!?」

「I’d rather choose you not to be revived. 」

「Da…Damn you…!! 」

Was it really true, Great Goddess Isister!? Was I really a former lover of Seiya!? He treated me coldly as if I was below ordinary livestock, didn’t he!?

Seiya scratched his cheek as if nothing happened. I started to have regrets for breaking the rules by saving his life.

「Well, but…it seems that I was cured completely from that perilous situation.」

He looked at me and declared.

「Okay. I will upgrade you from a meaningless medicinal herb to a superior medicinal herb.」

「That doesn’t make me feel that happy!! 」

I imagined a hot hug and kiss. But, this outcome surprised me in a very bad way.

I was feeling quite unhappy. Elle grabbed my arm when she noticed that I looked dissatisfied with this Happy End.

「Lisutan…Why…? 」

「I wonder if everything was true! If he truly cared about me…No. If he truly cared about us…How could he…」

Well…this was pointless. I should switch my mixed feelings for now! Anyway, the Demon King was defeated and Seiya was saved! Let’s not ruin the good mood with my mixed feelings!

Nonetheless, Elle continued to shake my arm.

「No. That’s not it. Lisutan… 」

「Eh? What’s wrong, Elle? 」

「There…Why… 」

Suddenly, Elle started to scream while talking.

「Why hasn’t the Valhala Gate disappeared yet!? 」

With that statement, I turned around and looked on the direction of Elle’s trembling fingers.

Just as she said to me, the Valhala Gate was still floating in the air. But, the door was fully locked. There wasn’t anything wrong going on…Just when I thought about that.

*weird sounds*

The face of the plaster goddess in the top of the gate distorted painfully. Abruptly. A roaring sound was heard and the door of the Valhala Gate opened widely! The Valhala Blade destroyed the head! The needles of destruction eroded the body, removing the skin and meat from the bones! The Demon King turned into a skeleton monster! A black light emitted from his gauntly hands!

「I won’t let you succeed! The world will be smashed into pieces! “Judgement Zero”…! 」

…His words were triggered in a blink of an eye.

Even with the original power of a goddess, I could feel the devilish force that the Demon King invoked upon everyone instantly. The black light that emitted in the Demon King’s hands had a hidden power that could destroy the world three times over. Every living being in Geabrande would turn into dust without even feeling any pain. Yes…That applied for us too.

Once the greatest skill of the Demon King is fully activated, everything will end. I thought deeply about that. This time…We actually came so close this time around. My feelings were calm for some reason.

…Ah. I tried my best. But, it seemed that we were defeated in the end. It was far from the Happy End that I imagined. At least, I wondered if I’ll feel some sort of happiness to die alongside a loved one…

I wanted to have one last look at Seiya’s face before this ended, therefore, I turned around to see him.

But, instead…I became terrified to see that the skeleton Demon King managed to crawl out from the deadly heavenly gate.

「It’s useless, Demon King. 」

…It was wrong of me to let off my guard and give up! Of course, there would always be a way out! This battle didn’t end yet! But, Seiya’s countermeasures were not the most viable! In a second, the cautious hero put his left hand on his right wrist and aimed directly at the Demon King! I screamed 「Stop 」 much faster than the real activation of the enemy’s technique! He was throwing his life to the garbage can! The life that I managed to save! Seiya reactivated the final destruction technique!

「“Valhala Gate Another”…! 」

On that moment, a brand-new Valhala Gate appeared in the top of Seiya’s head with different barriers! There was a face of plaster male god at the top of the gate! Suddenly, the door opened and inside the gate was…

「Damn…Damn you. Damn. Damn. Damn you. 」

The Demon King was caught inside the mortal heavenly gate! He tried to activate the ultimate deadly technique by invoking the black light! However, the first Valhala Gate resurrected as well! It swallowed every single arm of the Demon King! And then…

*excruciating pain*

*lethal screams*

The face of the new Valhala Gate male god was greatly distorted! It started bleed insanely and laughed crazily at the same time! With the power of both Valhala Gates, the Demon King was absorbed deeply inside!

The door of the deadly heavenly gate closed violently! The super explosion of the Judgement Zero occurred inside of each gate simultaneously! The door shook tremendously by the blast! The other mortal heavenly gate distorted as well! Even so, the door didn’t open!

…Time passed and the area was shrouded in silence. Yet, we were staring at the new gate with fixedly eyes.

「Is…Is it really over? Did…we win…this time? 」

When Mash asked that, a wild voice echoed in the air in response to his words.

「*laughs crazily* Please, rest assured!! He was swallowed with the rest of the other heavenly gate!!」

「The…The gate is speaking!? 」

Elle trembled her body so much that she almost fell over.

「*laughs crazily* He was definitely destroyed and returned to the void!! 」

Soon, the bloodied eyes of the plaster male god turned to the side and looked directly at Seiya.

「Well then, invoker!! You have to pay the price!! I’ll shall have your life!! 」

「Please, wait!! 」

I yelled at the male god from the gate and I headed hurryingly in Seiya’s direction.

「It will be all right, Seiya!! I’ll save you one more time!! 」

I was able to do it earlier! I was sure it will work again one next time!

Just when I started to prepare to use my healing power to reverse the price he had to pay with his life…

「…Eh? 」

There were no cuts in Seiya’s body like what happened before. Instead, Seiya’s cheeks began to crack.

「What…What is this…! Are the consequences different this time…? 」

I put my hands on Seiya’s cracked cheeks and they healed instantly. But, Seiya’s arms, legs and other body parts suddenly started to crack. Even if I healed them quickly, new fissures appeared and spread throughout his body.

…I was healing on time!? His body was collapsing way faster than my healing procedure!!

The deadly heavenly gate grinned amusingly at me.

「*laughs crazily* It won’t be possible to escape twice from the heavenly gate’s price of death from a man who is not a god!!」

「You…You’re noisy!! Shut up!! Just shup up now!! 」

…More…More…! The speed of regeneration must surpass the speed of destruction!

I gave my full concentration onto my healing abilities. Nonetheless, countless of new cracks continued to spread on Seiya’s body.

I screamed desperately to the plaster god of the heavenly gate.

「Why!! Why are you doing this!! Seiya saved this world!! You should help him instead!!」

However, the male god laughed out of bashfulness.

「*laughs crazily* I am the heavenly gate myself!! I’m not a god nor a demon!! I’m just the envoy of Hades!! The price must be payed equally for every being!! This can’t be undone because it’s strictly enforced as a rule!!」

Then, the white barriers became gradually transparent…The mortal heavenly gate disappeared from the dark space.

Elle touched my shoulders.

「Lisutan!! You must summon the portal to get us out of here!! We need to go to a place where the Chain Destruction is not activated…!!」

Mash also agreed with Elle.

「Th…That’s right!! If we do that, Master will be able to return to his world even if he dies!!」

Even so, I couldn’t step away from Seiya. A horrific aura of destruction covered his entire body.

「I can’t…!! If I stop healing him even for a brief moment, Seiya won’t be able to survive!! He’ll fall apart completely!!」

「No…No way…!! 」

All of us were fretting over this helpless situation. Suddenly, Seiya stared attentively at Elle, who had the usual unchanging expression on his face. He opened his mouth and started to speak seriously at her.

「Elle. You saved me from the Warlord Emperor back then. 」

「Mi…Mister Seiya…? 」

「I would be dead if you didn’t help me with your auxiliary magic. 」

「That…That’s not true…! It was Mister Seiya who helped me…You prevented me from becoming the holy sword…That’s why I’m currently alive…!」

Seiya looked at Mash then.

「Mash. The Four General Kings and the Demon King are gone. There won’t be anyone who can beat you now. Therefore, you must cooperate with Rosalie to protect the world.」

「Master…Stop saying that…! I wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for you, my Master…!」

The two dragon children started to cry endlessly. Their voices were loud and sad as if they were grief-stricken. I yelled to everyone.

「Stop it!! Stop having this type of conversation!! You got it!? I’ll save Seiya!! I’ll absolutely save him no matter what!!」

I held Seiya with both of my hands in order to pour out all of my healing power. However, Seiya’s skin continued to crack. A group of small cracks joined and created a large crack that spread right into Seiya’s right foot. At that point, his right foot shattered into tiny pieces as if someone dropped a glass on the floor, and only Seiya’s knee remained from the cracking.

「Why!? Just why I can’t heal him!? Why!? 」

My voice screamed and trembled at the same time as if I was about to cry. Then, Seiya whispered on my ear.

「…It’s enough, Lista. 」

「Of course it’s not enough!! This is not the end for you!! I couldn’t help you that time!! I became a goddess to overcome situations like this!! If I can’t help you as a goddess, then…」

Suddenly, something warm touched my back. It was Seiya’s both hands. Seiya hugged me gently.

「Lista. You did well. 」

At that instant, my eyes became overflowed with tears. I embraced him too with all my might.

「In the end…I couldn’t do nothing at all. I am useless even after becoming a goddess. I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry for being a hopeless goddess…」

Seiya stared closely at my crying face and…

「It’s strange. I feel like this situation happened before. 」

Suddenly, Seiya’s colored eyes changed pigmentation. He wiped the tears that fell on my cheeks with his fingers.

「I see. You are…And, I am… 」

Seiya smiled while touching my cheeks with his hands. It was the first time I saw Seiya’s smile.

「I’m glad. I was able to save everyone this time. 」

Seiya’s hands stopped touching my face and his face dropped on my chest as if he lost all of his remaining strength.


My beloved one from when I was a human, and my summoned cautious hero from when I became a goddess…shattered into pieces along with my own heart.

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