It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: A Maiden’s feelings. Mandragora’s feelings.

Mandragora’s perspective.

I was feeling very moody.

I am Dora, a Mandragora. I live in a house with my Master. One of my hobbies includes sleeping in the ground during warm afternoons. I feel comfortable as long as I take my naps. At night, I would crawl beneath my master’s bed sheets and sleep on top of his stomach. I’ve lived happily every day beside my Master ever since I was born.

That’s why this was the first time I felt this way. I was in a very bad mood.

The source of my feelings was related to a woman that recently started to live with my Master. It was the Gourmet Hero called Fitis. Somehow, she forced my Master to let her live with him. During the night, she would go to my Master’s bed to sleep with him without his permission. That was the place I had for myself before she came along. My Master would get up in the morning and be upset every single time. Lately, my joyful days turned into sour days.

Besides Fitis, other people came here constantly. First, it was Lily. A long acquaintance of my Master. Then, it was Mina, the owner of a restaurant. Sometimes, my Master was called to do some errands for the Lord of the town. However, I never felt this way about them.

I would feel quite irritated whenever I see Fitis flirting with my Master. My cheeks would swell badly. My Master noticed that something changed in me and came to ask.

「Listen, Dora. You have been moody lately. What happened? 」

「It’s nothing. 」

When he asked me that, I shyly turned away. I was always with my Master. I would occasionally sleep on one of his shoulders as well. But recently, I couldn’t do that at all. It’s been hard to find proper time to have fun with my Master. My heart hurts every time I saw my Master with Fitis.

Before I noticed it, I left my Master’s house as I was running towards the forest. The sky became very cloudy and it started to rain while I ran away. I rushed to a nearby tree to take shelter from the rain. While I was watching the rain, something appeared from the other side of the tree.

「Jack… 」

「Hey. 」

I saw a floating Jack O’ Lantern as he approached me. He sat right next to me and began to talk.

「Why did you come this far? Brother and everyone else will be worried you know. 」

「Is that so. 」

I thought I would be happy to hear those words. But, I only felt apologetic feelings.

「…I’ve been feeling strange nowadays. I feel disgusted and depressed whenever I see my Master getting along well with other women. But, I feel most disgusted about myself… 」

I confided about the troubled emotions engraved deep on my heart to someone for the first time. I was so confused about all these unwanted feelings. Jack spoke to me straightaway.

「Dora. That’s because you like brother. 」

「Eh? 」

Those were unexpected words. It was true that I always liked my Master. But, when he told me those words, my heart started to beat extremely fast and my face became red.

「Dora. You like brother like someone who has affectionate feelings for the opposite sex. That means that you’re in love with brother. The reason you feel strange means that you get jealous when you see brother getting along with other women other than yourself. 」

I finally realized my true feelings once someone told me about it. Every day I spent with my Master was too precious as I became attracted to his kindness. I liked him beyond a companion. I started to love my Master before I even realized it myself.

「But…But, I’m…a Mandragora. I’m different from my Master. 」

「That’s not a valid reason to deny your feelings just because you two belong to different species. You need to cherish the motives that led you to like him, rather than focusing on why you should stop loving him.」(EN: Best Wingman ever)

I was blown away by what Jack just told me. I liked my Master. So, I thought it was ok to embrace that feeling obediently on my mind. I wanted to cherish my own existence. The existence that my Master raised so carefully.

When I was waiting for the rain to stop, I noticed that someone was approaching us from the falling rain. It was a mysterious person who was covered with a white robe. I could not tell if it was a man or a woman. Still, I had a hunch that this person was different from ordinary people.

「…A Mandragora. 」

When this mysterious person said those words, my body started to float in the air as if it was restrained by some kind of magic spell. Words did not come out of my mouth even if I tried to speak or scream loudly.

Jack tried to protect me, but he was swept away violently without being physically kicked from this scary person. I lost my consciousness as I was stolen away.

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