It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: How did this happen.

How did this happen.

The other day, we were proclaimed the winners of the cooking contest. The judges greatly accepted the food presented by Mina’s restaurant. They gave us an important ticket to compete in the grand tournament to be held in the central continent. Mina was so happy and asked me to cooperate with her for the big cooking event.

Of course, I gladly accepted her invitation. I thought that I would try a new monster cultivation technique until the due date. The grand tournament will be held in a few months, therefore, we could prepare everything without rush until then.

On the day of the cooking contest, I ate a lavish meal prepared by Mina as a reward for my hard work. That’s why I fell asleep immediately as soon as I got home. The next day. When I woke up, I noticed the presence of a beautiful girl standing right in front of me.

「…Good morning. You finally woke up. 」

Ah, what was this person talking about? Besides, I think I saw her somewhere else before.

「Go…Gourmet Hero!? Why are you here!? 」

I jumped unexpectedly as I collided with the wall behind my back.

「It’s obvious. I heard about Lord Kyou whereabouts from yesterday’s event. So, I got to know that you lived here.」

Lord Kyou? Did I heard she say “Lord” right now? Just why?

「Yesterday, I was extremely impressed by Lord Kyou’s wonderful ideas. I was ashamed by my immaturity in cooking. I’ve been hunting for the finest monster ingredients in the world. But, I never imagined that ordinary monsters would turn into great food after being cultivated. It was a shock. It was the first time on my entire life that I heard about such way of nourishing ingredients with agricultural methods.」

Was that the reason why she approached me so suddenly like this? But, now that I look carefully at myself, I was still wearing my pajamas. Even if I wanted to change clothes, I was cornered against the wall because of her sudden appearance.

「Ah, yeah. Thanks for the compliment. By…By the way, Gourmet Hero… 」

「Please call me Fitis, Lord Kyou. 」

Fitis told me her name while moving her lips in an affectionate way.

「Yeah. By the way, Fitis. Why exactly did you come here for? 」

「It’s obvious. I decided to live with Lord Kyou starting from today. 」


「Your knowledge about monster cultivation. Please, teach me about it! 」

「Ah, well. There’s not much to learn about monster cultivation if you ask me. Besides, as you can see, my place is a bit shabby…」

「I don’t mind. I greatly admire you, Lord Kyou. As long as I live under the same roof as you, I wouldn’t mind even if we lived in an uninhabited island.」

For some reason, Fitis’ cheeks became rosy. What…what should I do with this fast development from her part?

「Kyou, you were quite amazing yesterday. I can’t believe you even prepared a mature and inoffensive Killer Plant to take to the contest…」

On that moment, both Lily and Mina appeared on my front door. Ah, yeah. What a perfect timing for these girls to appear now. Behind my back, Dora covered her eyes as she said 「Whoa」.

「You! What the hell are you doing! 」

Lily’s face became bright red while she protested vigorously. Mina was about to faint from shock. I tried to explain everything by saying this was a misunderstanding. Yet, Fitis took action first.

「Nice to meet you. I shall inform you of the new reform. I will stay at Lord Kyou’s place for a while. My name is Fitis, the Gourmet Hero. Please, treat me kindly. 」

「Ah, AH!? Kyou! Since when did you start a relationship with this person!?」

「It’s…It’s a misunderstanding! I didn’t agree with any of this co-living thing!」

「Please rest assured, Lord Kyou. Leave everything of your personal belongings to me once we start living together. Of course, when it concerns to cooking, I will gladly give you my Gourmet Hero arms to cook you a dish worthy of your palate.」

Ah, maybe I would like to try her cooking. Suddenly, Mina, who was almost fainting, recovered from the shock and entered the conversation abruptly.

「I…I am the one who makes Mr. Kyou’s meals! 」

「But, it will be difficult for Lord Kyou to go to your restaurant every day. I’ll be the one in charge of making Lord Kyou’s meals from morning until night… 」

「By the way, Kyou…Since when did you became a Lord…what kind of weird play is this…! 」

「Whoa! Master! You mustn’t forget you have me! 」

And finally, Dora jumped to my head and protested for some reason as well.

I came to a different world and started to cultivate monsters…And yet, this was becoming to look like a harem. Somehow, my life on this world became quite lively.

Well, I wonder if this was truly a…harem…

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