This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 48 Part 1

Chapter 48: Reasons of Cautiousness (1)

The Great Goddess Isister’s icy eyes looked harshly at me. Her dignified and, yet, striking expression gave me goosebumps. Even so, I…

「Please, tell me!! 」

I gathered my courage because I wanted to know what was going on.

「Okay then. Take a look. This will show you the truth you sought to know.」

The crystal ball reacted to the Great Goddess Isister’s words and began to emit a bright light. Soon, it began to reflect a clear picture as if it was a receiver.

…It reflected the appearance of three figures sitting on chairs around a table. There was a girl with reddish brown hair dressed like a priestess. There was also a man wearing a wizard’s robe. And the next figure…I recognized the beautiful woman wearing a pure white dress. Her hair was longer, but I had no doubts.

I inadvertently took my eyes away from the crystal ball to look behind.

「This…This person…Is that you…Aria? 」

Aria, who had been silent until now, walked slowly towards me.

「It’s me from a hundred years ago. The place you see from the crystal ball is the B-rank difficulty world Exfolia…」

「Exfolia? 」

I heard that name somewhere else before. When I tried to remember…

『Okay everyone. It’s almost time to go. 』

I heard a familiar voice coming from the crystal ball, and my eyes looked immediately at it. The three figures in the crystal ball looked directly at that person. The owner of that voice approached those three, and the silhouette was revealed.

A fourth person appeared in the crystal ball. It was a tall man wearing steel armor. He had glossy hair and neat features. Just like Aria, I had no doubts who this man was.

「Seiya…! 」

That was my hero…Ryuguuin Seiya.

Aria spoke with a low voice.

「Ryuguuin Seiya was originally the hero I summoned to save Exfolia. 」

She’s got to be kidding me…!! I mean, I never heard anything about that before…!!

Lots of questions swirled on my head. However, Seiya continued to talk from the crystal ball.

『We’re going to overthrow the Chimera right now. 』

The woman dressed as a priestess tried to stop Seiya as he ventured dashingly to the door.

『Listen, Seiya! It’s too early! According to our information, the Chimera’s level is far superior than ours! If we could train a little more, then… 』

『That’s a waste of time. Let’s fight anyways. The quicker we finish this the better. Besides, I’ve prepared a strategy for this.』

『Then…Then, tell us! What is your strategy! 』

『Well. The strategy is…I’ll do my best. That’s all. 』

『Are you a child!? That’s not a strategy!! As I thought, we have to prepare properly before we go crazily like this!! 』

The priestess took her reddish brown hair off her shoulders. The atmosphere was tense in the “room that stops time”. Eventually, our moods softened a little bit after we were witnessing the unfolding story. Aria pointed to the crystal ball.

「This girl is Princess Tiana. She’s a princess of the powerful country Tarmine in Exfolia. She was a member of the rescue party. Along the way, she became Seiya’s companion in the quest to defeat the evil forces.」

Seiya didn’t listen to Princess Tiana’s suggestion. Instead, he touched his glossy black hair.

『Gonna be Okay. 』

『What…I didn’t understand what you just said!! Wait…Wait right there!! Seiya!!』

Seiya left the room without paying attention. Princess Tiana chased after him without hesitating. Still, the man wearing a wizard’s robe smiled.

『*laughs* That’s just like Seiya. 』

『Pardon, Colt!? This is not a laughable matter!! 』

The wizard was a man named Colt. Aria from the past also had the same sort of expression.

『Anyways, I think he’ll figure a way out. He has been doing okay in some way or another…』

『You’re always like this, Lady Aria!! It’s not good to spoil a reckless hero!!』

…Suddenly, the scene changed. The crystal ball reflected the next scene chronologically.

Now, the crystal ball showed Seiya’s party against a huge lion. But, actually, it was not really a lion when I looked closely. That animal had wings on its back and the tail was, in fact, a serpent.

It was a Chimera monster. Meanwhile, Seiya’s party…

『Colt! Use the magic you’re good at! The one with wind attributes! C’mon, fast!』

『I…I was bitten!! Tiana!! Cure my wound with your healing magic!! 』

『Calm down, Colt! I’m going to cure you now, so don’t freak out! 』

『Wait, Tiana!! You must cure Seiya before Colt!! Because, right now, he only has two points left on his HP!!』

『You’re kidding, right!? …Wh…Whoa!! He has a hole on his chest!! It’s open!!』

『No, I’m fine. I don’t feel any pain. On the contrary, I feel strangely good. My mind is getting numb. This feels like a dream. 』

『Hey, that means that you’re dying!! 』

…I don’t know if it was just me or not. But, I felt like the ongoing battle was far from being able to even afford a small victory. Even so, they still managed to defeat the Chimera. Seiya took an excessive confident pose with a trembling hand.

『Hey, see. Didn’t we win? 』

『You should look carefully around you!! Can’t you see that everyone got hurt!?』

『But, we still won. Isn’t that great. 』

『Nothing is great!! Colt’s legs are badly injured!! 』

『Ah…Tiana…Please, heal me quickly…! 』

『Good. Okay, let’s hurry up. We need to defeat the Golem.* 』

『I just told you that Colt’s legs are badly injured!! 』

…Inside the “room that stops time”, all of us were watching the reflected spectacle from the crystal ball with a nervous breathing.

「Hey…Is that person really my Master…! 」

「Somehow…he resembles Lady Rosalie…! 」

I strongly agreed with both of them. Seiya’s behavior was exactly like Rosalie’s…No, actually, his behavior had a lot more recklessness than just noble idiocy.

We were quite perplexed. Aria opened her mouth as she started to reminisce about the past.

「About Seiya, you know. He originally had this kind of personality. He was the type that didn’t care about raising his level up, and kept going forward regardless of what laid ahead. Yet, Seiya had a natural talent for battles. Even if his status were lower than the opponent’s, he, somehow, would defeat the enemy without taking proper measures. There was a big crisis during the Chimera battle, but Seiya moved forward without any preparations nor strategies. He managed to succeed in this particular fight and we were, somewhat, relieved. That was something I greatly admired about him.」

After that, the crystal ball showed us a short summary of Seiya’s battle scenes.

Golem, Dragon, Cyclops…Seiya’s party went up against several different formidable enemies on their quest and kept moving forward without stopping. The battles were always won in a precarious state. But for some reason, they seemed to enjoy it. This was very different from the battles that Seiya had by himself on my selected world. He used the power of his companions even if they struggled to win. He shared the joy of victory with his people. I was sure that everyone believed in Seiya, and he believed on his companions as well.

「This success lasted until the battle against the Demon King. 」

Just when Aria spoke… the scenery reflected on the crystal ball changed completely at the same time.

Apparently, the next scene was during the night. The scene showed only Seiya and Princess Tiana. They sat by each other as they talked near the bonfire.

『Seiya. The Demon King is the only one left to defeat. 』

『Yeah. We’ll leave tomorrow morning. You should get some sleep. 』

『I can’t sleep right now because I’m feeling a little anxious. Listen…Are you sure you don’t have to go to the Sage’s Village? 』

『Yeah. I already got a weapon to defeat the Demon King. It’s unnecessary to waste our time just to go to that distant village. 』

『But, Lady Aria told us that we would get more information about how to defeat the Demon King on that village… 』

『Tiana. I want to defeat the Demon King as soon as possible. 』

Princess Tiana took a big sigh because she knew how difficult it was to stop Seiya’s strong determination. Thereafter, she laughed a little bit as if she gave up entirely.

『Seiya, you’ve been like this since the first time I met you. You never prepare and train for battles.』

She looked a bit serious then.

『Will you tell me how you feel right now? Seiya, you’re always in a hurry, if we could use this moment to talk properly…』

『I always told you how I felt. I don’t have anything more to say. 』

『C’mon! I just asked you how you feel and that’s the only thing you have to say! Tomorrow will be the last day of our quest together, you know? So, please! …Okay? 』

After a moment of silence, Seiya spoke with a lower voice.

『The longer we keep taking our time on useless things, the longer it will take to finish this… If we don’t defeat the Demon King immediately, then this perilous situation will keep repeating…The suffering of the people from this world will continue. That’s why I’m moving forward without hesitating.』

After saying that, Seiya scratched his head in embarrassment.

『I see…That’s why you always acted like that… 』

Princess Tiana touched Seiya’s hand gently. In addition, Seiya tangled his fingers on her hand as he held it tightly.

『Tiana. I was able to come this far because you were by my side. You helped me countless of times with your healing magic. I am sorry that I forced you to aid me every time I needed. 』

『It’s…It’s okay. I’m sure we’ll be able to manage things out next time. That’s why…Say it. Those words, you know. I always feel relieved when I hear your words.』

Seiya opened his mouth while looking up at the starry sky.

『Gonna be Okay. 』

Then, Princess Tiana smiled gently.

…The scene changed again.

The Great Goddess Isister spoke with a serious voice while she looked at the crystal ball.

「These upcoming scenes will show you the battle against the Demon King of Exfolia.」

The crystal ball reflected Seiya’s party. Everyone seemed to be in absolute chaos. Seiya was breathing heavily while an ugly and gigantic monster with eight arms surrounded him. That green-skinned monster had sharp pointed fangs on its mouth. It was probably the Demon King on its final form. A form specialized only in defeating the opponent mercilessly. Just like Seiya and his companions, the Demon King was also injured from the battle. Purple fluid, most probably his blood, was dripping from its body.

Seiya held the sword in an upper position to strike one last powerful attack. The holy sword shined brightly in response to Seiya’s strong willpower. Soon, Seiya’s fighting spirit transmitted to his actions as he cut through at an insanely speed and with a powerful strike It divided the gigantic devil’s body in half.

The screams of death echoed dramatically throughout the Devil Castle grounds. And then, we could hear the happy cheers from Seiya’s companions.

Aria rushed in Seiya’s direction.

『You did it! Seiya! 』

『It’s…It’s really okay now? Are you sure he’s dead? 』

Princess Tiana looked uneasy…

『I checked it with my clairvoyance ability! The Demon King’s HP was zero! I beat him!』

Aria touched her chest tightly after she heard Seiya’s words. She lost her strength because of the stress of the battle and fell to the ground. Seiya spoke to everyone.

『I told you. I said it was Gonna be Okay. 』

『Geez! Why are you saying that now! We only managed to overcome this battle until the very last moment!』

Everyone looked very tired and hurt. But, somehow, they all laughed innocently at Princess Tiana’s reprimanding words.

However…their joyful laughs didn’t last long.

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* Golem, in Jewish Folklore, is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life.


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