This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 48 Part 2

Chapter 48: Reasons of Cautiousness (2)

Everyone laughed innocently. Even the wizard Colt laughed happily. But, on that moment…Colt spilled a red fluid from his mouth unexpectedly .

『Eh… 』

A huge amount of blood came out from Colt’s mouth. Colt himself didn’t even understand what just happened to him. A sharp tongue-like weapon pierced through Colt’s chest. It was like an extended sword that came from the devil’s mouth. Somehow, the Demon King managed to survive through the upper body.

Princess Tiana screamed at the sight of the sudden tragedy.

『Colt!? 』

That monstrous demon swallowed Colt alive with its huge mouth, just like when reptiles entangle their preys with their long tongues. After absorbing a living nutrient, the Demon King was able to regenerate a new lower body in a instant.

A pale-faced Aria was shivering in fear.

『It’s…It’s impossible! His health points were certainly zero! The Demon King was supposed to be dead!』

The Demon King, who regained his physical strength rapidly, jumped right in front of Aria. Then, he grabbed Aria with his four arms while he laughed victoriously.

『I have two lives. One was lost, but the other one is alive. 』

『What…What did…you just say…! Run…Run away, Seiya, Tiana…We can’t win anymore.』

However, Aria’s advice ended prematurely. The Demon King swallowed Aria in one gulp.

『*laughs wickedly* I’ve completely regenerated with these two living nutrients!』

Seiya was trying to get up straight. Still, he only managed to stand using his sword as a cane. His feet were shaking tremendously, most probably due to extreme fatigue.

『Tiana…Can you still use your healing magic…? 』

『So…Sorry, Seiya…I don’t have any more magical powers… 』

Princess Tiana, who was always strong willed, was feeling apologetic as her eyes became filled with tears. Seiya put his hand on Princess Tiana’s head.

『You have nothing to apologize for. This was my fault for not preparing in advance.』

And then, Seiya pushed Princess Tiana behind his back.

『Run away, Tiana. 』

Seiya took a step forward to cover and protect Princess Tiana. However, the Demon King passed through Seiya with an astonishing speed and went directly to Princess Tiana.

『I won’t let any of you escape! I’ll kill that woman first! 』

『Stop… 』

Seiya rushed immediately to Princess Tiana. Unfortunately, his excessive exhaustion inhibited his body from going further. Seiya fell to the ground. He could only stare at the Demon King from afar without being able to do anything.

The Demon King was staring mysteriously at the abdomen of a frightened Princess Tiana.

『What’s this…? I can feel a faint life response coming from this woman’s belly…』

The Seiya’s hopeless complexion, who was not able to do anything, had changed. The Demon King turned around and spoke while Seiya looked at him with a hateful face.

『I got it! So, this is your child! 』

Seeing how angry Seiya was, the Demon King smiled greatly. He started to ridicule him devilishly.

『I’ll rip her apart and pull it out from her belly! So, just watch this! The blood of both mother and child will become the tributes of the beginning of my new world!』

『Stop…Please, stop it… 』

That moment. The ongoing scene from the crystal ball disappeared.

「…Let’s stop watching here. 」

I felt lots of anxiety as the scene was suddenly cut off. I knew the reason why the Great Goddess Isister did no show us the continuation. It was because Aria was crying helplessly next to me.

「It was not Seiya’s fault…! It was my responsibility…! We should’ve gone the Sage’s Village to know the secret about the Demon King’s power…! That was my responsibility as the goddess in charge of saving that world, but, in the end, I failed…!」

At the same time, I recalled when Aria mentioned this world.

This was the only world that Aria failed to protect among the three hundred worlds she saved…And it was Exfolia…!! It all…made sense now!! His companions were killed, his loved one was killed and even the whole world perished…!! That was a very cruel past…!! That’s why Seiya became so cautious…!!

I was trying to analyze all the new information on my mind. Nonetheless…

「Hey…Hey, Lista? 」

「Lisutan? 」

「…Eh. 」

Those two were calling for me. Before I knew it…

I felt that hot fluid fell throughout my cheeks. Tears were overflowing dramatically from my eyes.

*cries excessively*

I couldn’t stop my tears! It was hard to breath! My heart was bursting painfully!

…Why? But, why I was feeling like this…!?

「…Some of the past memories probably remained in your soul. 」

The Great Goddess Isister spoke with a serious tone.

「Listarte…Ryuguuin Seiya did not save Princess Tiana. She was you before reincarnating as a goddess.」

Ah…That Princess was me…? I…was originally a human being…? But…But, why…!

I couldn’t believe what I just heard right now. The Great Goddess Isister continued to talk.

「Do you remember when you misunderstood the scene where Valkyrie and Seiya embraced each other? Why did you get angry? Because a faint memory that you and Seiya were in love remains in your soul.」

「Ah…! 」

That’s why I couldn’t bear to see them like that. At that time, I felt sadness, anger and regret from the depths of my heart. That confirmed the truth that Seiya and I were lovers in the past life.

「Aria’s strong desires combined with Princess Tiana good deeds, made it possible for you to reincarnate as a goddess after she died.」

I was amazed at these revelations. The Great Goddess Isister continued to explain.

「It’s been a hundred years for you in the God’s realm where the time flow is slow. And for Ryuguuin Seiya has been one year…It was no coincidence that you chose Ryuguuin Seiya to save Geabrande. Fate brought you two together. Of course, just like you, Ryuguuin Seiya doesn’t remember the past. That was evident when that child forgot about Aria. Still, the feeling of remorse for not being able to save his companions was imprinted on his soul. He expressed that feeling through certain words. And that was evident when you summoned him as a hero.」

「…Certain words? 」

「Don’t you remember? After meeting you, that child said “Properties”. 」

I do remember. In order to add some interest for being a hero, I tried to invite him to say “Status”…However, Seiya ironically called it “Properties” instead.

「These were the last words that child wrote in his past life. 」

Something appeared on the crystal ball. When I saw the words engraved in the Properties’ two-dimensional window, I became speechless.

「This…This is…! So, that’s the reason why…! 」

「He’s a smart child. He was able to understand accurately the situation he was brought into just by looking at his past written text. That child probably knew that he was previously summoned as a hero. But, failed in completing the quest.」

I couldn’t stand still anymore. Therefore, I tried to open the portal to Geabrande immediately. Aria shouted at me.

「Lista!? What on earth are you doing!? 」

「It’s obvious!! I’m going to Seiya at this moment!! 」

「Stop! Don’t go! I don’t want to lose you too! 」

Aria tried to stop me by pulling my arm. Nevertheless, I held Aria’s hands instead.

「Aria. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done to me. But, I have to go. Because Seiya is a very important person to me. I can’t leave him alone.」

「Lista… 」

The Great Goddess Isister looked at me with solemn expression.

「The Demon King obtained the Chain Destruction that allows him to kill a god definitely. Nobody will blame you if you decide to retire from this quest. No, actually, it would be the best option for you to retire straightaway. I’m sure that’s what Ryuguuin Seiya wants for you. So, despite all that, do you still want to go?」

「I’m going! I decided that a long time ago! 」

「…It seems there’s no use in stopping you anymore. 」

I nodded silently. On that moment, I cast a spell to open the portal to Geabrande.

Seiya was… Seiya was probably in the Devil Castle by now! However, we won’t make it on time even if the portal appeared next to the castle!

The Great Goddess Isister saw the prospects of my idea, but she quietly told me to give up.

「You’d like to open the portal right in the depths of the Devil Castle where the decisive final battle is taking place…That goes beyond the rules given to a goddess with a supportive role.」

「I don’t mind!! I will receive any punishment later!! 」

After I declared those words, somebody grabbed my arm before I went through the portal.

When I looked back, I saw that both Mash and Elle stared at me with a sincere expression.

「Mash. Elle. I will not let you two die. The Great Goddess Isister will send you to a safe place even if you want to return to Geabrande.」

Mash shook his head repeatedly.

「Lista, I’ll say to you the same words you said to Isister! We have to go with you!」

Elle nodded in agreement with tears on her eyes.

「Mister Seiya saved Mash’s life! He protected me from the Dragon Mother as well! So, if Mister Seiya’s life is in eminent danger…Then, we have to go as well!」

I could not say anything when they stared at me with determined pure eyes. Right now, their feelings were the same as mine…

I quietly nodded my head. I let them accompany me.

The Great Goddess Isister spoke to me from behind when I tried to put my hand on the portal’s doors.

「The Demon King developed the “Area Chain Destruction”. That evil magic spread over the boundaries of my foreknowledge power. I won’t be able to predict what will happen once you get in there.」

I looked back because it felt that her last words were shaking.

The Great Goddess Isister was crying.

「Listarte. Be careful. 」

「Thank you very much. 」

I lowered deeply my head in respect. After that, we went through the portal.

…We are going to you, Seiya. I might not do anything worthy even if I go. But, even so, we are companions. You are trying to die alone for our sake, but we’re together on this.

While we were heading to Geabrande, I reminded of something. I recalled what the Great Goddess Isister showed me on the crystal ball…Seiya’s writing text on his Properties…

『Be careful, extremely careful and overly cautious. Whether everyone will like me or hate me, I’ll go through this by myself. This time, I will surely save the world, my comrades and my dearest people.』

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