This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: A Vanished Hero

It was getting too late. I was worried that something might have happened. Therefore, we went to the tool shop that Seiya visited regularly.

The night was deep, but the main streets of Orphe were bright and lively. When we arrived at the tool shop, I asked the owner about Seiya’s whereabouts.

「Ah, you’re the lady who lost against my medicinal herbs…Eh? If the man from the other day came today? No, he didn’t come. I haven’t seen him today.」

「Eh…He didn’t come here? But, Seiya said he wanted to buy some items for his synthesis…」

「You know, Lista. Maybe he went to a different tool shop? 」

「You have a point. Excuse me sir, but are there other tool shops in Orphe?」

「There is one just out of the city. But, my shop has more selection of items.」

Going to the tool shop was a waste of time. There was no trace of Seiya coming to this part of the city. We went to the weaponry shop afterwards, but the result was the same.

「Let’s go back to the castle. Who knows maybe Master came back in the meantime?」

Following Mash suggestion, we went back to the castle again.

A moment ago, we were joyful on our way to the castle. However, right now, we all went to the castle with a heavy atmosphere. Our mood was miserable.

「Where did he go so suddenly… 」

My relaxed mind returned back to normal. At the same time, I felt an ominous feeling deep down on my chest. What I felt was so unpleasant that I couldn’t even describe it.

We arrived in the castle straightaway. As expected, Seiya was not there. I asked a few people in the castle, but no one saw him.

It had been three hours since the supposed meeting time. While we waited in the room for Seiya, Elle spoke with a nervous voice.

「Don’t…Don’t tell me that Mister Seiya…went to fight against the Demon King by himself?」

I took a moment of silence before answering…

「No, absolutely not! There’s no way that a cautious hero like Seiya would act recklessly! He was reflecting seriously after defeating the Warlord Emperor in a tough battle! I’m sure of it! It’s absolutely impossible for Seiya to fight against the Demon King without taking proper preparations!」

Mash agreed with my reasoning.

「That makes sense. 」

「Besides, the Demon King has the Chain Destruction! Seiya will certainly die if he loses! I’m sure he decided to spend extra time to get provisions and, of course, to get more training!」

「Yes…You’re right…But, where exactly did Mister Seiya go? 」

Yes. That was the big question. And it made me quite uneasy to be honest.

I got up and went straight to the door.

「Lista! Where are you going? 」

「I don’t know. But, I can’t stay still. 」

Just as I opened the door, the Imperial Wizard Flasika came in unexpectedly.

「Ah, Flasika! Have you seen Seiya? 」

He didn’t know about his whereabouts.

「I see. So, you’re saying that the hero has disappeared before the ultimate battle?」

Flasika put his hand on his jaw as he thought seriously about it. Soon, his expression transformed into a troubled-looking face.

「The hero is a human after all. I wonder…if he ran away from this place?」

Mash yelled at a thoughtful Flasika.

「What…What the hell are you talking about!! My Master would never run away!」

「Excuse me for my rude behavior. But in fact, that could be the case. Lady Rosalie told me that the Demon King had a weapon strong enough to destroy the hero’s soul, is that correct? I noticed that the hero was someone very young. Maybe he was afraid to die in the battle with the Demon King…」

「You have to be joking! There’s no way that Seiya would be afraid of such things!」

I yelled at Flasika just like Mash did. I felt as if I was made a fool with this type of conversation. That made me really angry.

We left Flasika behind and we walked away furiously through the castle grounds. However, soon, the words professed by Flasika resonated inside my head.

…He said Seiya ran because he was afraid? No, no, that can’t be true…!

Seiya managed to defeat the Emperor even after his arm was severed from his body. I thought that Seiya was actually mentally strong. But…Wasn’t that just an act of stubbornness? Maybe his heart sank when he could no longer tolerate that excruciating pain? He slept for three whole days in the castle. Maybe that was the reason why…?

I only had negative thoughts when I thought carefully about it. Suddenly, a thought popped in my mind. I spoke immediately.

「Don’t tell me that Seiya…committed suicide to prevent being killed by the Demon King…?」

「Ah…Ah!? Suicide you say!? 」

「What do you mean, Lisutan!? 」

「His soul will disappear forever if the enemy kills him! But if he dies without the Chain of Destruction activating, then his soul won’t disappear and he’ll be able to return to his original world! That’s why Seiya probably took his own life…」

「You’re kidding, right!! Because if he really did that…then, it would mean that our world was abandoned!?」

「I don’t know!! I don’t know anything anymore!! 」

This was no longer just a “searching game”. Everyone was in chaos because of the hero’s sudden disappearance. I started to cast the spell to invoke the portal to the God’s realm.

「This is our last resort!! I have no choice but to ask the Great Goddess Isister about Seiya’s whereabouts!!」

I took Mash and Elle with me and we went to the God’s realm in a hurry…

I entered the Great Goddess Isister’s room without knocking…

「Excuse me!! 」

I quickly jumped inside the room. However, I didn’t see the Great Goddess Isister.

Instead of her, I saw a familiar goddess standing by the window of the room.

It was Ariadoa, the senior goddess, who stood in the Great Goddess Isister’s room. She was looking at something from the window.

「Aria!? What are you doing here!?…Where is the Great Goddess Isister!? It’s serious!! Seiya vanished and we can’t find him!! We are in a hurry!! We need to know where he is!!」

Aria slowly turned around after I spoke too fast.

I became alarmed when I saw her face. Tears were overflowing from Aria’s cheeks.

「A…Aria? 」

Aria spoke with a serious expression without wiping her tears away.

「Lista. Come with me. Lady Isister has been waiting for you in the “room that stops time”…」

Aria usually talked a lot with me. And yet, she walked through the temple in silence. We were quiet as well while we followed her from behind. I felt as if something heavy was pressuring my chest.

Aria stopped at a door in the hallway of the third floor.

「This is the “room that stops time”. 」

I followed Aria and entered the room. When I came inside, I felt like I stepped into a weightless space. There was a desk a little further away from us, and the Great Goddess Isister was sitting on a chair.

「Lista. You finally came here. I see that you brought with you the two dragon children. Most beings can’t enter this place. But it should be okay if it’s Mash and Elle. I’ll give you permission to step inside if you two have a clear soul.」

I noticed how vast this space was behind the Great Goddess Isister. The room was an endless space that went into infinity. It resembled the vastness of the summoning chamber. However, this room was like a huge library. There were many rows of shelves containing “lamps”. I didn’t ask anything, but I knew that those “lamps” were the soul of gods, the “Divine Soul”.

The moment I tried to open my mouth to ask about Seiya…

「Lista. I know what you want to ask me. 」

The Great Goddess Isister could see through the near future. She continued to talk with a solemn expression.

「Let’s start from the conclusion. Ryuguuin Seiya went by himself to the Devil Castle after leaving you behind in the Imperial Capital.」

「Wh…What!? 」

Mash, Elle and I were lost of words because we were too shocked. After that, I managed to be calm as I complained to the Great Goddess Isister.

「I…I refuse to believe that!! There’s no way that cautious hero would fight against the Demon King without proper training!! Besides, there is the Chain Destruction!! There is a possibility that Seiya’s soul will be destroyed if he fought with the enemy, right!? That’s why…」

「Yes, Listarte. Besides, your soul could be destroyed as well. Ryuguuin Seiya knew that the Chain Destruction could kill you too…That’s why he went to defeat the Demon King.」

「…Ah? 」

I was confused with the Great Goddess Isister’s words. I tried to clear my mind.

「Are…Are you saying that Seiya went to defeat the Demon King by himself in order to save me…Is that right? Ah…AH! That…That’s absolutely impossible! Seiya never recognized me as a goddess! He usually told me that I was an idiot and kicked me several times even though we were always together on this quest!」

「He has a foul mouth. And he has an arrogant personality. However, Ryuguuin Seiya is much kinder than you think he is. After he was summoned as a hero, Ryuguuin Seiya always cared for his companions and prioritized on saving them first.」

「That…That can’t be…! 」

Mash and Elle had surprising eyes after they heard the Great Goddess Isister.

「Master…cared for us? 」

「Mash, Elle. Ryuguuin Seiya initially refused your help to accompany him because he had a good reason. He didn’t want to lose any more friends. That’s why he talks with a cold tone and never lets you participate in battles. In some cases, Ryuguuin Seiya would rather protect his friends than complete the quest in saving Geabrande.」

The Great Goddess Isister continued to talk as she looked at the vast ceiling of the room.

「That’s why he saved Mash from being killed by Death Magra’s torture. In the Dragon Village, he didn’t accept Elle’s fate to become the holy sword. And he protected Lista from the Warlord Emperor, even though he risked the destruction of his own soul.」

The Great Goddess Isister spoke as if she had been traveling with us all this time. She was the almighty goddess with the highest rank in the God’s realm. Even so, I raised my voice because I couldn’t accept that reasoning.

「I can’t understand this!! If that’s really true…If he was so worried about our safety, then why didn’t he take us to the God’s realm in the first place!! He should be spending his time with his training like he usually did!!」

「It would be meaningless to keep on training. 」

「Is that because we don’t have a god stronger than Lady Valkyrie!? Even so, if he took proper time to raise his level, then his probability of winning the battle against the Demon King would become far higher.」

The Great Goddess Isister put her hand on a large crystal ball placed in the desk.

「Lista. You couldn’t see the real status of Ryuguuin Seiya because of his powerful camouflage skill…I’ll show you his ability value right now.」

After she cast a spell, I noticed that Seiya’s status gradually emerged in the crystal ball.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 321960

MP – 88155

Attack – 293412

Defense – 287644

Agility – 268875

Magic – 58751

Potential – 999 (MAX)

…I never got the chance to see the real status of Seiya after he fought with Chaos Makina. I was sure that his ability value grew significantly since then.

「A…Amazing…! 」

「As expected of Mister Seiya…! That’s a great status…! 」

Both of them admired Seiya’s status. It was certainly amazing. But…But, even so…!!

「His numerical value exceeds the value of an ordinary hero. He is outstanding, that’s true. But, his status was still inferior if compared to the demonic Warlord Emperor Wolks Rosgard. Seiya was only able to win the battle against the Emperor because of Lady Valkyrie’s destruction technique.」

Suddenly, Mash noticed something on the crystal ball as he pointed with his trembling hand.

「Wait a moment…! Level…“MAX”? Why does he has this…! 」

「That’s right. This child’s level has already reached the limit. Besides, Seiya already had this status when he practiced with Adenela and when he fought with the Dragon Mother at the Dragon Village. Since then, this child’s numerical value has not increased at all. 」

An astonished Elle covered her mouth with her hands.

「He…He had this status that early on…? 」

「That’s why he wanted to learn the “Arrow of Light” and the “Destruction Operation Method”…He was serious when he said he would master those special skills. He was trying to compensate his stagnant status with the gods’ skills. That child was troubled by his own capabilities.」

「But, Mister Seiya…never told us about that… 」

「Nothing would change the current situation if he told you about that. He didn’t want to give you unnecessary information that would only make you worry.」

Everyone was silent for a second. I squeezed my fists.

「No…This won’t be enough…! He won’t be able to dispel the evil that came to the S-rank difficulty world Geabrande with his current status…! 」

「B…But, Lista! Master has the Egzation! If he combines the power of the holy sword with that destruction technique, then he will be able to defeat…」

「He won’t…! That holy sword…Egzation is…! 」

Elle was listening to what I was saying as well. However, I couldn’t suppress my feelings any longer.

「That sword is…a fake!! 」

The faces of Mash and Elle became pale when they heard my words.

「You…You’re kidding, right!? Didn’t he synthesize the sword of the Dragon Mother with Elle’s blood!?」

「The sword he made was not the Egzation!! He was just pretending to have obtained the Egzation in order to prevent the riots of the Dragon people and to encourage you two!!」

「Are you serious…! 」

「Mister Seiya…! 」

Elle was speechless. The Great Goddess Isister opened her mouth after everyone became silent.

「It’s already too late to change the course of his fate. He didn’t obtain the holy sword to defeat the Demon King. Besides, the legendary armor to protect himself from that demon’s attacks was also destroyed. That’s why I asked Valkyrie to teach him her destruction technique. He’ll probably have to use the “Valhala Gate” in order to win this battle. But, he can only use this fearsome skill if he exchanges that power for this life. 」

My whole body was pulsating.

「Valhala Gate…!? It can’t be!! Lady Valkyrie told me that she wouldn’t teach him that!! 」

「Lista. You saw the ritual of diffusing the destructive aura, am I right? 」

On this moment, the scene where Valkyrie and Seiya were hugging each other naked flashed back in my mind.

…That was…the ritual to bestow the power of the Valhala Gate to Seiya…!?

「Even Valkyrie was moved by Ryuguuin Seiya’s determination to save this world even if he had to give up his life in order to do so. That’s why I gave permission to let him learn the Destruction Operation Method to destroy the enemy… 」

「Why…? Why did you allow that…? He’ll definitely die if he uses the Valhala Gate, am I wrong…? He won’t be able to return to his original world. And yet, you gave him your permission…」

「Ryuguuin Seiya went to the Devil Castle without our supervision. I couldn’t protect him during that time…Unfortunately, the past cannot be restored again…That’s why I wanted to protect the present-day this time…」

I screamed to the Great Goddess Isister.

「I don’t understand!! I really don’t understand this!! I don’t get what’s going on!! Just why!? Why is he trying to protect us so desperately!?」

「…Before I answer, I also have something to ask you. 」

The Great Goddess Isister was looking at me with icy sharp eyes even though she was always warm and kind-hearted when talking to me.

「Goddess Listarte. Do you have the courage to know the truth? 」

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