This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Main Subject

After the battle with Seiya. It was announced the death of Warlord Emperor Wolks Rosgard due to old age. The state funeral was held in the castle. Only a few people were allowed to attend the memorial.

Meanwhile, we were staying in a room inside the castle assigned by Rosalie. The citizens of the Imperial Capital mourned for three whole days. When the mourning was over, we didn’t leave the castle…It was because Seiya could not move. When we got inside the room, Seiya told us that he would “rest a little”. He has been sleeping for a long time since then.

I sat by the bedside while I observed him. Seiya was sleeping with a very peaceful expression.

Seiya was on the verge of being killed by the Emperor. He was just a hero, but to me, he was a dashing hero. However, just as he said before, he tried to protect me because if I were to die, he would no longer be able to return to his original world. He wanted to protect me just because of that reason. However, I thought to myself “it couldn’t be helped”. Even so…

「Thank you, Seiya. 」

Elle and Mash came in just when I replaced a cold towel from Seiya’s forehead.

「Listen, Lisutan. How is Mister Seiya’s condition? 」

「Hmm. He’s still sleeping. 」

「I wonder if Master is all right. 」

「He’s fine. His arm was completely cured with my healing magic. Besides, there is no problem with his physical strength. 」

「Then, why doesn’t he wake up? 」

「I think he got tired mentally. 」

「I see. It was certainly an excessive battle… 」

I heard a knocking sound on the door while we were having a conversation about Seiya’s health. The door opened and Rosalie came in.

「I see that the hero didn’t wake up yet. 」

She spoke after she saw Seiya in bed.

I didn’t see Rosalie for two days. She had to prepare the funeral events of her father. Even more, she had to take care of the major clean-up because of the mess made by Eliza’s demonic remnants. Besides that, she also had to take several meetings to discuss the matter of the Empire’s next successor. Rosalie had been extremely busy.

Even so, I thought that Rosalie was having mixed feelings about this situation. Her heart was probably conflicted with a mixture of emotions. After all, it was Seiya who killed her father. I thought that she would scold Seiya severely when he got up. Yet, Rosalie spoke some unexpected words.

「To tell the truth…I liked my father for his kindness, and not much for his strength.」

Rosalie was looking at a sleeping Seiya with genuine eyes.

「I would regret for the rest of my life if I didn’t take my father’s hand on that moment. I am truly grateful that the hero told me to take care of my father on the last moments of his life.」

She looked at us and smiled.

「You can stay in the castle for as long as you like. 」

Rosalie left the room after saying those generous words.

「You know, Lisutan. Lady Rosalie has changed a little, hasn’t she? 」

「You’re right. Many things happened. She probably became more mature herself.」

「By the way, Rosalie will be the next monarch…Will she be called Empress? That would be pretty amazing.」

「I think she will be a great monarch if she remains the way she is now. 」

I smiled to the both of them.

「Rosalie told us that we could stay here for as long as we like…Hey, Mash, Elle. Why don’t you use your free time to explore the Imperial Capital? 」

They were surprised by my sudden suggestion.

「Eh!? Even with Mister Seiya on this condition!? 」

「*laughs reservedly* This is the right time to go! We’ll be busy with training and fighting once Seiya wakes up! If you want some leisure time, then you should go now! 」

「I…I guess you have a point… 」

「The Casino…You wanted to go there, right? 」

Both of them nodded reluctantly. They were shy but excited to go because their cheeks gradually became rosy.

「Have a nice day! Just enjoy yourselves before this geek wakes up! 」

「Li…Lista… 」

「It’s okay, Mash! Leave him to me! Even if this serious and cautious hero gets angry when he wakes up, I’ll try to convince him otherwise!」

「Li…Lisutan… 」

「What’s wrong, Elle! Why do you have a gloomy face? I understand that you’re worried that Seiya will get angry with you! But, it will be just fine! Don’t forget that I’m a goddess and Seiya is a human! If you think of a Master-Servant relationship, then I’m the one in charge! Yes, he won’t have much to complain because he’s just a “servant”! 」

It felt good to feel superior while he slept so peacefully. Nonetheless, their faces were having a strange complexion.

「A…Actually, Lista… 」

「Lisutan…Be…Behind you… 」

「Ah? 」

I became afraid to look back…

「…Who’s the “servant”. 」

Seiya stood up and stared at me with his crossed arms.

「Oh no!! 」

This was BAD!! I’m going to be scolded!! He’s probably going to reprimand me!! I was about to be beaten, kicked and milked!!

But surprisingly, Seiya didn’t do anything to me and just sat down on the bed.

…What? He’s not scolding me? This was unbelievable! No, he’ll probably beat me later on!

「It’s convenient to have all of you here. I’m about to tell you my plans for the battle against the Demon King, so listen carefully…」

I clapped my hands strongly after Seiya spoke to us.

「Okay!! Everyone pay attention!! Lord Seiya has an important matter to discuss!!」

 Mash was looking at me with a dubious expression after I addressed Seiya in an unrealistic respectful manner.

「Hey, Lista…What about the Casino? 」

「Ah!? How can you mention the Casino during an important meeting like this!! Mash, is your brain made of mushrooms!?」

「Bu…But, Lisutan…You told us to go a moment ago… 」

「You idiot!! I didn’t say that!! Not even one word!! 」

The two of them stared at me with cold eyes. But, I was desperate. I didn’t want to be smashed to the point of spilling milk ever again.

「…That is a trivial talk. Let’s talk about the main subject of this conversation. Honestly, I won the battle against the Emperor by a small advantage. Everything that happened on that battle, made me reflect seriously about what’s to come. I have to practice repeatedly in order to defeat the Demon King in the next battle.」

Just as expected of Seiya. Actually, I was feeling quite relieved, and I was probably not the only one. Mash and Elle were having slightly relieved expressions as well.

Yes. If it’s Seiya we’re talking about, then there’s no way he’ll decide to go abruptly to the castle of the Demon King…

I nodded favorably as I spoke loudly.

「Yeah! Seiya, you should train as much as you need! The Demon King has the fearsome magical device “Chain Destruction”! I’m sure that the Great Goddess Isister will allow you to stay in the God’s realm for a long time!」

「Okay. Then… 」

Seiya tried to get up on his feet. Mash and Elle picked up Seiya’s tool luggage. And I prepared to open the portal to the God’s realm.

Although we were getting ready…Seiya sat down on the bed once again.

「Well…We could leave that for later. Let’s take a break for once in a while.」

「*everybody screams* Eh!! 」

We opened our mouths at the same time. After that, I looked mysteriously at Seiya who professed implausible words.

「Se…Seiya? What did you just say? 」

「I said that we should take a break. If you think about it, I’ve been training and fighting all this time. Honestly, I’m a little tired.」

「I…I see. So, you want to rest for…let’s say, two hours? 」

「No. It won’t hurt if we rest for two or three days. 」

「That…That much…! 」

Mash opened his mouth wider.

「So…So, can we enjoy some leisure time until then? 」

「Of course. It’s up to you. 」

Elle was listening while her eyes glittered with hope.

「Then…maybe, are we allowed to go to the Casino? 」

「Yeah. If you want to go, then, just go. 」

「Whoa!! That’s great!! 」

Elle and Mash jumped happily. An overly excited Elle grabbed Seiya’s arm.

「Listen…Listen!! Mister Seiya, don’t you want to come with us to explore the city!?」

Yet, Seiya was cold hearted as always.

「I want to have some time to examine my synthesis’ tools. 」

「I…I see! So, that’s what you want to do! 」

 Elle was a bit sad. After a minute of silence, Seiya looked down as he spoke.

「No…You’re right. Sometimes…I need to have fun as well. 」

「*everybody screams incessantly* Eh!! 」

Mash and I screamed at the same time.

“Fun”!? Did he say “fun”!? It was the first time I heard this hero say that word out of his own volition, or was I hearing illusionary sounds!?

Seiya stood up and talked to us.

「We should meet here in the evening. Then, I’ll go with you to have some fun in the city. 」

After parting ways with Seiya, our group of three left the castle and walked through the streets of Orphe, the Imperial Capital.

「Oh gosh! I never thought Master would say something like that! 」

「Right! It was really surprising! 」

Those two were quite cheerful. But, I’ve been silent since we left the castle. Actually, something was bothering me…


I laughed aloud that my belly started to hurt. I finally realized it.

*laughs insanely high*

I laughed like a maniac as I held my hands in the sky in a crouching position. Mash and Elle were startled and they shook my body to know if I was all right.

「What…What’s…wrong with you, Lista!? 」

「Lisutan, you’re looking a bit scary!! 」

「That’s because!! That’s because…!! Isn’t this too good to be true!? That crazy hero told us to go ahead and have fun!! This means that an interlude before finishing the story is finally starting!!」

「Interlude…What the hell is that? 」

「Oh my, don’t you know about it, Mash? Usually, there is always an “interlude” of some sort in adventures! There is always a pause between the main events in quests, for example, venturing in the sea, mountains, hot springs, or wearing swimsuits for fun and even a little bit of eroticism scenarios…It’s a way to “relax one’s mind”!」

「To “relax one’s mind”…I never thought about something like that… 」

「That’s right! All we have been doing so far was practicing and more practicing…then fighting, and way more fighting! I was so annoyed! Therefore, you two!! Listen well!! Today, we are going to relax and have lots of fun!!」

「So, let’s go to the Casino right now! 」

Mash raised his voice in excitement. However, I showed him my finger to stop him.

「Casino is a night affair. Besides, we’ll leave that “main dish” of entertainment when Seiya join us in the evening. Until then, we should relax and explore the city at a leisure pace!」

Suddenly, I noticed Elle’s clothes.

「What’s…What’s wrong, Lisutan? 」

「Elle. You can’t wear a little girl’s robe if you want to have real fun. 」

「Yes…But, I only have this outfit to wear… 」

I touched Elle’s shoulders with confidence.

「I can afford that much!! Let’s go buy you some pretty clothes right now!!」

「Eh…!! Is that okay!? 」

「Of course!! Mash, you come too!! I can buy you some cool clothes if you want!!」

「Seriously!! That’s awesome!! 」

I yelled while raising my hands to the sky.

「Our minds!! Let’s relax our minds to the max!! 」

「*simultaneous screams * Yeah!! 」

There was a clothing store in the corner of the main street. At the entrance, a female owner in her thirties greeted us with “Welcome”.

「Whoa! This is so cute! 」

「This leather clothing is also cool! 」

Both of them were very curious about the clothes on display. That was to be expected, though. Most of the other towns’ clothing shops we saw only had casual clothes and folk costumes. But, here is the Imperial Capital. There were many fashionable clothes in modern-like shops.

Suddenly, a displaying cloth in the corner of the shop intrigued me. At first glance, it looked like underwear, but when I looked closely, it seemed to use a special fabric that can’t be seen through water.

「Oh my, this piece…is this perhaps a swimsuit? 」

The ocean was quite far from here. Why were they selling swimsuits?

When I asked the female owner, she replied with a smile.

「That’s a bathing suit to use in Orphe’s hot springs. 」

「What!! There are hot springs nearby!? 」

「Orphe’s hot springs are famous. There are many visitors that came to the Empire just to try our mixed hot springs!!」

Mixed hot springs… In other words, men and women bathing together!! That means that…Seiya and I could bath together…!?

*laughs in her mind* My breathing became quite rough just by imagining that scenario. (EN: Ok Lista calm down that hormones, you lewd goddess)

…This was bad…! My mind…My mind was “melting”…!

I began to look for swimwear instead of regular clothes. I wanted to find something that suited me.

「Hey, Lisutan. What are you doing? 」

Elle and Mash approached me to see what I was doing.

「Swimsuit! There are hot springs here! You can choose whatever you like!」

The three of us started to search for suitable swimwear. I knew that Seiya’s original world had swimwear types such as one-piece bath suit, separate pieces called bikini, among many others. But, I didn’t want an ordinary design.

The clothing stores in the God’s realm were more advanced fashion-wise than the ones on the earthy worlds. They had superb lines of clothes. Most pieces were wonderful. In contrast, this world called Geabrande was an old-fashioned place that only focused on swords and magic. It was a shame actually. Because from my point of view, everything here was subpar with what the God’s realm had.

「This shop doesn’t have any gorgeous swimsuits…Well, I guess I’ll choose one that’s decent enough.」

On that precise moment, I realized that the female owner was very close to me.

…U…Ugh! Did she hear me?

Still, she stared at me with a smile. Thank goodness. It seemed that she didn’t hear me.

The female owner gently approached Elle and showed her a pink swimsuit.

「This swimsuit is a “two-piece” type. As you can see, the top and the bottom were separated in two individual pieces. This type will surely suit you.」

She tried to put the swimsuit in front of Elle’s clothes.

「Hmm, yes! It’s cute! This looks nice! 」

It was certainly not bad. Well, I guess the female owner has been working hard because her trending shop seemed to be thriving.

The female owner approached me before I knew it.

「Dear customer, how about this one? 」

The female owner only gave me the bottom of a two-piece swimsuit.

「Eh? Well, excuse me…but, where is the bra? 」

「It doesn’t have a bra. This is a “topless type” swimwear. Therefore, the top part doesn’t exist on this one.」

Her mouth was distorted while she grinned at me.

「Dear customer, I’m sure this piece will suit you. 」

This…This woman…! She was taking me as a fool! So, she heard what I said earlier on after all!

I was outraged by the blatant harassment.

「No, actually, if it’s just the underwear, then it won’t be exactly a swimsuit, right!? Isn’t it too embarrassing to go around topless!?」

「So, this piece is not to your liking. It can’t be helped. Then, how about this one…」

She took a bra of a swimsuit, but it had only one fabric at one side, while a small string only covered the other side.

「This is a “one-breast type” swimwear. It will look great on you. 」

I was startled to have been presented with an unrealistic swimwear.

「There’s no way I’ll look great with that!! Am I a filthy woman!? Ah!? 」

「Is that so? But, it’s fashionable, don’t you agree? 」

「Where is the fashion on this!! 」

「Look, there are people who suffer from one eye, so they patch it up to avoid hurting the other eye, am I right? So, this has basically the same thing.」(EN: *Crying* Brilliant reasoning)

「This is not a conversation about an eye patch cosplay!! I’ve seen people with one eye hiding beneath a patch, but I never seen anyone wearing a bra that just hid one breast!!」

「Calm…Calm down, Lista! You’re talking with an aggressive tone that doesn’t suit a goddess like yourself!」

「But…But, that’s because this woman recommended some outrageous swimwear!!」

「We also have a “bottomless type” swimwear. What do you think? 」

「Can’t you see that I’ll be totally naked if I combine that piece with that one-breast swimsuit!? …I’ve had enough of this!! I’ll look for a swimsuit myself!! Mash!! You should pick a swimwear for Seiya as well!!」

「Oh my, that Sir Seiya you spoke now…Is he perhaps your boyfriend? 」

「That’s correct! It’s my boyfriend! 」

「Li…Lisutan…! You’re getting delusional…! 」

「Oh dear, then I have the perfect swimsuit that will please your lovely boyfriend. I present you the “open-front type” swimwear…」

The female owner showed me a men’s swimwear where the front part was obviously ripped off. That woman grinned at me as if I was a laughingstock.

「Wh…Whoa…! 」

Elle blushed…

「Now this was a bit too cruel! 」

Mash seemed angry as well. And yet, I took a small bag with coins from my pocket.

「…How much is it? 」

「*everyone screamed* Are you really buying that!? 」

Mash, Elle and even the female owner were shocked. The motivation that led me to buy this swimsuit was quite simple.

Because, the moment Seiya wears this, his “sanctuary” will be fully open…*laughs manically in her mind* (EN: oh ma gawd)

In addition, I grabbed that one-breast swimsuit that I threw away from the female owner.

「I’ll buy this one as well. If I think carefully about it, this swimwear can be useful at night. 」

「Use…Useful at night? Lista! What the hell does that mean? 」

「You children don’t need to think too deeply about this kind of stuff. 」

The female owner shrugged her shoulders and breathed heavily.

「Don’t tell me…that there are people who are willing to buy the swimsuits I made while I was drunk…」

She held my hands tenderly.

「It’s my defeat. If you combine the “topless type” with the “one-breast type”, it will create the “ludicrous swimsuit set”…I’ll make it a lot cheaper if you buy this set.」

「Thank you. 」

We gave each other a strong handshake. We left the clothing shop after purchasing Elle and Mash’s swimwear, as well as mine and Seiya’s sets. We brought regular clothes from other cozy-looking shops.

After a while. We finished doing the “window shopping” in the Imperial Capital. We passed through the tool shop where Seiya brought some items before, but he was not there. Maybe he already arrived at the castle to experiment with his synthesis skill.

There was a bustling market as we walked by. After we had some fun shopping in the city, I decided to buy some food and drinks to eat in the room.

In the meantime, the sun was setting.

「Well, then. Shall we go now! 」

We headed to the castle with the shopping bags.

I thought of a night plan as I walked ahead.

…First of all, after we have some fun on the Casino in the evening, we’ll go to a bar to have some drinks. Afterwards, we should go to the hot springs to end the evening in good spirits! After…After that, we’re going to put those two children in bed…and Seiya and I will…*laughs shyly in her mind*. Why…Why not! Today, I had to relax my mind to the max! Besides, even Valkyrie was allowed to that “thing” with Seiya! I won’t regret this!

We arrived at the castle gate. The guards greeted us…

「Welcome! Thank you for your service to our country! 」

We heard many cheers as we walked inside the castle grounds.

As soon as we arrived in Seiya’s room…

「Hello! Seiya! Thank you for waiting for us!! Come on, let’s party!! 」

I shouted but Seiya was not inside the room.

「What? Is Seiya perhaps in the toilet? 」

「Maybe he is still shopping for his synthesis? 」

「Then, let’s wait for him in here. 」

Subsequently. We had been waiting for one hour now. The view from the window gradually became dark.

「He said to have same fun together in the evening, am I correct? Somehow, I always had this image of Seiya being punctual…」

「Yes. I wonder if he got addicted to shopping? I’m sure he’ll be back soon!」

「I see! You’re right! 」

But, an extra thirty minutes later…

Another hour has passed again…

The hero did not come back no matter how long we waited for him.

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Lista has finally lost it…


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