This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 45 Part 1

Chapter 45: The Pros and Cons of Cautiousness (1)

The Emperor placed the God Eater on his shoulder. It was as if he awaited for Seiya’s next attack. Fortunately, during this interlude, Seiya took the medicinal herb from his pocket to heal the cut on his cheek. He took it to recover his HP.

The Emperor didn’t suffer from the previous exchange of offensive strikes. I felt an unprecedented struggle from our side…I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. Perhaps, Seiya felt it too.

「Seiya! The Destruction Operation Method! You obtained Lady Valkyrie’s technique during your practice! If you use it, then you’ll surely win!」

「No. The Destruction technique is not very efficient in fast-moving combat between swordsmen.」

「Then, how… 」

「Besides, the status of the Emperor will improve every time he fights. I have to settle this as soon as possible.」

Seiya took a deep breath afterwards.

「I wanted to save that technique for the fight against the Demon King… 」

He stored the Adamantiter sword. Afterwards, Seiya removed the platinum bodice armory from his arms.

「Eh…Seiya? What are you doing? 」

Several bracelets were attached in one of Seiya’s hands. He took one of them and dropped it on the floor. A tremendous sound was heard brusquely when it fell over. The floor of the Cathedral became fractured because of that bracelet.

…That was a very heavy bracelet!! He has been fighting all this time with those weights!?

Seiya removed the bracelets from his hand one by one.

I think I heard about this training method somewhere else!! So, he thought of adding heavy weight on his body in order to increase his original attack power and agility!?

After removing more than ten bracelets on his right hand, Seiya began to take off the remaining bracelets attached to his left hand. Subsequently, he started to remove more than ten shackles on his right ankle. When that was done, he removed the shackles on his left ankle. Just when I thought he stopped removing bracelets and shackles from his body, he began to unfasten the shackles that were attached on his upper arms. He took the shackles attached on his calves…

I finally shouted after witnessing the endless loop of removing shackles that never ended.

「Hey, how many more!? Didn’t you put too many of those shackles on yourself!?」

There was a huge pile of bracelets and ankle shackles standing on the marble floor after he removed every one of them.

「Look, isn’t that a bit strange!? There’s no way you would be able to carry that many shackles and bracelets with you!! They just don’t appear by an act of magic!!」

However, Seiya ignored me as always. He pointed his hand towards Mash.

「Give me the spare Platinum sword from that luggage. 」

「Un…Understood! 」

He received the spare Platinum sword after the Emperor broke the first apart. Seiya equipped the spare on his right hand. His left hand held the Adamantiter, and thus, aligning with the sharp point of the spare sword.

「I took the heavy weight on my arms…It couldn’t be helped. This will decide the outcome.」

A bright aura of light started to emanate on the swords and from Seiya’s body!

「Mode Double Eternal Sword EX…! 」

Oh!! He removed that absurd heavy weight to increase the attack power and agility for sure!! Now, he will attack with two strong swords!! With…With this, he will surely beat the Evil Light!!

「Are you ready? 」

Seiya shook his head positively while the Emperor grinned happily.

「I’ve waited long enough. Let’s not drag this any longer. 」

On that moment, Seiya’s two intimidating swords were wrapped in crimson flames!

「The “Fearsome Dual Gunshot Swords” transformed into the “Phoenixes Dance of Flames”. In other words…」

He wielded his double swords wrapped in flames as a demonstration. After that, he pointed the tip of the burning swords at the Emperor!

It…It can’t be!! He even incorporated the “Phoenixes Dance of Flames” into his strong swords!? Don’t…Don’t tell me this was the strongest sword technique that Seiya mastered with arduous training!!

I took a deep breath as I watched this fight attentively. Soon, Seiya finished his talk.

「Mode Double Eternal Sword EX Phoenix…Here I go…! 」

Wasn’t that name a bit too long to profess on a perilous situation like this!? Well…I guess it’s okay then!! Anyway, just go, Seiya!! Do your best!!

Seiya increased his agility tremendously because he stood next by the Emperor in a blink of an eye! Still, the Emperor’s reflexes were great as well as he prevented one of Seiya’s swords attack with the God Eater! However! The other sword in flames went in the direction of the Emperor’s throat!

「…Style Evil Light! 」

The Emperor’s sword emitted a black light! He deflected the sword that the God Eater prevented earlier, and used it as a shield to protect his throat from the other impeding sword! He took an offensive stance and drew a geometric pattern made of a black light in the air! Amidst all that, Seiya’s double flaming swords drew a similar effect!

The red from the fire attributes clashed with the black from the dark attributes. I could hear astonishing clashing sounds in the air. Each of them used their sword techniques for a fearsome fight. The speed was so great that I could no longer capture their movements with my eyesight. Their swordplay was so perfect that surpassed the abilities of human beings…Before long, Seiya’s red light spread further ahead and began to swallow the black light of the Emperor. The demonic Emperor retreated immediately.

O…Okay! Seiya was greatly pushing further! Seiya’s “Mode Double Eternal Sword” was slightly more powerful than the Emperor’s “Style Evil Light”!

Even so, when I looked closely at Seiya’s face, I noticed that he was sweating so much that it looked like a flowing waterfall.

…So…So much sweat…! It was hard to believe that Seiya became this serious…!

It was clear that this battle was no longer a battle that he could easily win. Seiya said some relevant words a while ago. I thought he said, “This will decide the outcome”. In other words, if any of them could break through the opponent’s techniques at least once, then that meant…

My fears and anxieties were all over the place! Soon, the armor in the shoulders of the Emperor went flying after a surprise attack! Moreover, Seiya’s left-handed sword burnt with an insane firepower from the “Phoenixes Dance of Flames”!

…He…He can do this! Win! He can win!

Just when my heart was finally having a light of hope…

「Remarkable. You’re stronger than any other warrior or demon I’ve fought before. However, you know what…」

An overflowing jet of black light engraved a more complex geometric pattern in the air! It swallowed Seiya’s dance of flames in a fraction of a second!

「I’m accustomed. 」

Seiya began to retreat because of the pressure emitted by the Emperor’s abysmal sword attacks!

「Oh dear. The agility of your sword movements have slowed down considerably. What happened? Have you reached your limit?」

The Emperor raised both corners of his mouth in a devilish way.

「You have a formidable talent. I would say one in a million people, no; actually, it’s one in a hundred million people. Even so, you fall short compared to my power as a demon. If you’re not strong enough to beat me, then you won’t defeat the Demon King either.」

Seiya could not say anything in return. He just exhaled a rough breath from his mouth. It was the first time I saw Seiya’s distressed expression.

I could no longer stand still without doing anything. I approached Elle and touched her shoulders.

「Elle! You could use “Quick”! You can support Seiya by using your auxiliary magic skills!」

However, Elle shook her head.

「No…! I can’t…! 」

「Wh…Why!? Now is the perfect time to use the auxiliary magic you learnt, right!?」

「I am using Quick already!! Because Mister Seiya is cautious, he told me to use this magic on him before he entered this Cathedral!!」

「Then, are you telling me that Seiya has been using Quick all this time!? 」

Elle looked at me with a teary face that was about to cry at any moment.

「Lisutan!! Everything is going to be okay, right!? Mister Seiya will be fine, right!?」

「Of…Of course, don’t worry!! Because, Seiya… 」

Because he always said “Perfectly Ready”.

I gasped at the thought of Seiya’s usual quote.

I…I was wrong! He didn’t say it! Seiya didn’t say his standard words this time!

As soon as I noticed it, I felt as if a pillar of ice pierced through my back.

Don’t…Don’t tell me that he actually alleged “I won’t know if I’ll win or lose next time”…Seiya, did you really thought about that because you had doubts!?

The Emperor was cornering Seiya in an unfavorable position. On that moment, I had a horrifying premonition that was about to become reality.

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