A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 1 – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: My Comrade

We had to load as many items as possible to the carriage while the surroundings were still quiet. Everyone was busy stealing gold and silver goods. I must confess they were quite great at this.

「Hey, Lugis…Are you really bringing with you this princess of a woman? 」

「Yeah, I told you before. I’ll bring her with me no matter what happens. 」

Who asked me that question was the robust man with a relatively large figure. He looked at Caria with an uneasy expression. He shook his back while exhaling slightly.

To the common people, knights and aristocrats were far above in class and prestige. To get involved with these high-class people in such an ominous way, could mean death as a penalty. I was often told at the orphanage not to meddle with them. This mission proved that I had a rebellious spirit. I knew that I had a perilous path ahead of me from here out. Fear was engraved in the depths of my heart. Everything will be different once we complete the raid of the Burdnick’s house.

「By the way, what happened to the servants? I would like to avoid bloodshed at any cost…Well, but if that was the only way to silence those servants, then I guess it can’t be helped then.」

「There’s no problem. Those servants won’t die. We weren’t that aggressive to begin with.」

He nodded at me with a reassuring expression. He turned back and went to see if there was any movement in the surroundings of the mansion.

I didn’t want to kill any of the servants. However, to tell truth, if Caria disappeared suddenly without any plausible explanation, the servants would need to be responsible for it. In the worst case scenario, they could be beheaded for this.

My feelings were troubled because of this situation. I didn’t want to cause any casualties because of this rescue mission. But, at the same time, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to avoid the consequences from this raid. All of this made me feel quite uncomfortable.

We were almost finishing packing the items. If we put too much on the carriage, our horse won’t be able to push a heavy cargo. All that mattered now was to stick to the original plan and made sure everything went well. In order to do so, I had to clear my mind for a bit and let go of my discomfort. I won’t let any unnecessary feelings halt this mission.

I knew where “that” thing was located. There was no mistake. After all, I heard about “the location” from Caria Burdnick herself. Of course, not this Caria. But, from the Knight Caria Burdnick of the future. I heard her sweet talk with the man called Hero.

…She spoke of an important family heirloom. According to tradition, that precious piece was called either “mystic” or “miracle”.

That treasure had been passed down from generation to generation. The heirs from each generation had inherited it. The value was too great, so it was kept a secret from other people. That’s why she said they hid that treasure on the basement of the house. Therefore, I headed to that precise location and opened the doors that led to the basement.

The basement was dominated by darkness and the smell of dust. I could feel the chilling air that came from the moss on the walls.

「Heirloom. Yes, heirloom…What exactly am I looking for. 」

Ah, that’s right. I knew it was extremely important. But, I didn’t know what kind of treasure it was. All I could see in the basement were antiques. They looked valuable but nothing that extraordinary. I didn’t see any gold as well. Everything looked old-fashioned as if they were worthless.

Soon, I noticed something that resembled a silhouette of a sword. On that moment, an exhilaration feeling swirled in my chest. I could tell that this was valuable it was no ordinary sword.

Ah, I see. The so called tradition. Once upon a time, that woman spoke of such tradition. Caria Burdnick personally gave this weapon to the Hero.

…Ah, this was the one. I was not mistaken of it.

I covered the sword with a piece of cloth and hanged around my waist. I left the basement and returned to my fellow companions as if nothing ever happened.

Now, the gold and silver goods had disappeared from the house. The family heirloom also vanished along with this raid. The servants were tied up. Everything seemed to go according to plan. Certainly, this crime was not something to be that proud of. It was Caria Burdnick’s property after all. But, it was not entirely strange for robberies of this kind to happen this suddenly. Uncomfortable feelings were not needed now. And I won’t bother if I were to bear all the sins of this mission. That was something that I must carry on my shoulders.

「The autonomous city of the east…You mean Garoua Maria? 」

「A carriage and a guide are waiting for us. It will be beyond the reach of Barberridge Burdnick if we go to that city. We can proceed with this plan once the fuss of your disappearance calms down.」

Garoua Maria, the autonomous city of the east. The city was known to be surrounded by strong fortifications. After all, it was an important trading center between the east and west regions of the continent. Even though it was proclaimed as only a city, its real status denoted independent functions as an autonomous city-state. That meant that this particular city wouldn’t receive interference from other nations’ affairs. The people of Garoua Maria would refuse a member of a Knight Class from another nation that asked for aid.

「But, did you use all of the money you got from the stolen household goods? It would take a ridiculous amount of money just to afford the carriage and other necessities.」

「Give me a break. I got a loan to make things work out you know. That’s why I needed the money for the carriage and to pay off the debt. 」

I wrinkled my eyebrows as I took a deep breath.

Yes. I got some necessities from old man Richard. He gave me food supplies and new clothes. But, none of the rest came out from generosity. I always had a poor pocket. That’s why I didn’t have a choice but to borrow some money in advance. I got a loan from the infamous devil-haired Tarwis Teg under some conditions.

「C’mon, just go now. If there is some trouble, then you won’t be able to pass through the security points.」

「…Lugis. Where are you going now? You’ll probably be under suspicion after my disappearance, you know?」

Caria hid on the carriage. She looked at me with narrowing eyes as she waited for my answer.

「Ah…First…I must solve my debt before going, or I won’t be able to leave this country. Once I do that, I’ll catch up with you. That’s all I have to do.」

Ah, that was a lie. An unmistakable lie. I already paid my debt to Tarwis Teg from the money I got with the stolen goods.

I had a purpose. My real purpose was to be a successful adventurer and get Ariene out of her service in the Cathedral. For that reason, it would be best for me to remain in the Gharast Kingdom. That’s why I said goodbye to Caria here. Her future self was a person who looked down on the weak. She was cold-blooded, and she didn’t try to hide her prejudice against others. But, she was not exactly like that on this timeline. However, I should say goodbye and forsake any remaining lingering feelings.

Yes, I was distracted by my unwanted emotions lately. Suddenly, Caria’s white fingers grabbed my wrist. She held it so strongly that I thought she would crush my bones.

「I refuse. 」

It was tough grip. I almost could hear the smashing sound of my bones. I looked right into Caria’s eyes and she had a very fearsome gaze that I was quite familiar with. She was showing a smile. That’s right. That sarcastic smile of hers when she was angry.

「Lugis. If you’re willing to stay in Gharast, then I’ll return to my house, got it? I could go on my own and frame you as a villain that kidnapped me because of a grudge, and…ended up stealing the family treasures.」

She spoke as if her blood was boiling with rage. Not only her voice, but also her unwavering expression.

My thoughts were frozen for a second. I couldn’t come up with a plausible excuse.

「Did you think I wouldn’t notice your true intentions? You big fool. Even if I don’t know the details, I can see that you’re scheming about something.」

I couldn’t argue with that. Even if I tried to explain my motives by inventing some excuses, she would clearly see through my lies again.

「But, I don’t mind, you know. I don’t care what you’re up to. Because, after all…you’re my comrade, right? So, if you’re my ally, then that means that I should accompany you. But, if…if by any chance you are betraying me…」

…Did she implied that she would ruin me no matter what?

She pressed me over and whispered on my ear to say those last words. At first, it sounded like pleasant words, but they gradually turned into threats. Her frightening voice made my body frozen.

This was the worst. Why did it turn out like this? She should’ve been oblivious of my true intentions. She did not had the sightless idea about the details. But, even so, she was still aware that something was off. Somehow, she knew that I had a hidden agenda. That’s why she confronted me on this precise moment before I parted ways with her.

Ah, what a nasty woman. That’s why I didn’t want to be involved with this person. The worst. She’s the worst woman of all.

「Okay…You said something about paying off your debt, correct? Why do you care so much? That won’t be an issue once you leave this country for good.」

After saying that, Caria grabbed my hands forcefully as she pulled my body inside the carriage. My brain was confused while my rigid body came inside abruptly. I was not expecting that all. I couldn’t even prevent that action because my mind was disordered and startled at the same time.

「…Lugis. Are you really my comrade? 」

After I fell inside the carriage, Caria looked at me from above as she asked that question with a somber expression.

This woman was truly the worst. The nastiest person I met, really.

「…Yeah. Of course, Caria. 」

I said that with a forced smile. I didn’t want to upset her any longer.

The carriage started to move forward as I instructed the guide before this chaos even started. It vibrated continuously through the rocky terrain. I never thought I would actually leave Gharast with this person.

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