This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 45 Part 2

Chapter 45: The Pros and Cons of Cautiousness (2)

「Li…Lista! I’m going! I have to help my Master!! 」

Mash shouted vigorously. In a second, I noticed that a wave of hot air was coming out of Mash’s body. Soon, Mash’s hands and feet were gradually covered with scales. They transformed into dragon-like limbs, however, the change did not stop. His body expanded and grew an incredible height that came close to the ceiling of the Cathedral. Although he was smaller than the Dragon Mother was, Mash transformed into a dragon of 5 meters tall. I activated my clairvoyance ability to see his dragoning status.


Level – 21

HP – 139544

MP – 0

Attack – 91578

Defense – 83333

Agility – 61496

Magic – 0

Potential – 67

Resistance – Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Instant Death

Special skills – Attack power increase (Lv 8), Dragoning (Lv 9), Godification (Lv 1)

Skills – Dragon Claw

Personality – Brave

A…Amazing…! He will be able to fight alongside Seiya as a worthy comrade with this status!

After I looked at Mash who wanted to join the battle, I became motivated as well…

「I will go too. 」

Rosalie pulled her sword.

「It’s my duty to stop that demon! 」

When Mash and Rosalie went ahead to the battle…

「…Stop. Stay away from this. 」

Seiya spoke quickly as he rushed in the Emperor’s direction. Mash became hesitant after he heard his Master’s words. Rosalie, on the other hand, kept going forward. On that instant.

「Don’t come! You’ll die! 」

Rosalie became petrified after she heard Seiya’s roaring voice. Mash and I trembled our bodies in panic.

As soon as Seiya distracted himself with us…

「Crash Evil Light! 」

The Emperor slammed the God Eater from above his head! Seiya quickly flipped his body and, somehow, he managed to avoid a direct hit! Because Seiya avoided that hit, the Emperor’s attack destroyed the marble floor instead! The shockwave from hitting the floor was so great that everyone was blown away!

Seiya, who was lying on the floor, tried to get up immediately, but he had difficulty standing up because of his dented legs.

The Emperor approached Seiya, who was in an unfavorable position. My heartbeats were beating extremely fast and loud.

Seiya!! You’ve got to be kidding me, right!? Perhaps, he prepared a hidden measure for times like these, was I correct!? I was not wrong, or was I!?

However, the situation seemed to quite serious since Seiya was breathing heavily and his face showed discouragement. The Emperor turned his cold gaze towards Seiya.

「It seems that your discretion and cautiousness made you reach this far without major problems. You thought that the pros of your cautiousness would grant you safety. But, I will finish you here for once and for all.」

With the last bit of power, Seiya gripped the flaming Platinum sword with his right hand.

「Phoenix Thrust…! 」

Seiya tried to use the powerful skill that defeated the invincible Dark Fires! Even so, the Emperor laughed wickedly!

「Too slow!! 」

The black-lighted sword was swung with wrath and slashed Seiya’s right arm before he could even attack the Emperor with the Phoenix Thrust!

At that moment…I could hardly believe my own eyes!

Seiya’s right arm that held the Platinum sword came flying in the air and fresh blood was splashing everywhere.

*screams extremely loud*

Elle screamed continuously! The Emperor laughed triumphantly!

「Painful, isn’t it! It must be horrifying to feel fear because your death is near! So, what do you think of this, brat! This is the real battle!」

This…This can’t be happening…! Just as the Emperor said, Seiya only fought battles that he won without major injuries! There was no way that Seiya would endure severe pain after losing his arm!

The Emperor put the God Eater on top of Seiya’s head.

I closed my eyes to avoid seeing the desperate and hopeless situation that was unfolding right in front of me. Everyone, including me, were convinced of the Emperor’s victory and the result of Seiya’s defeat.

…But in a flash. The tip of the powerful Adamantiter sword tried to sweep the Emperor’s nose.

「…What did you do? 」

The Emperor was startled and took a step back. I could not believe what I was seeing as well.

One of his arms was cut off and fresh blood was dripping to the floor…Still, Seiya looked at the Emperor with the same bored expression.

「What were you saying again? 」

The Emperor bit his lips with frustration after he saw Seiya’s indifferent reaction. Although he felt anger at first, he eventually started to laugh as if he had the upper hand on this fight.

「You only have one arm! You won’t have a chance against me! 」

「…I’m not the only one with just one arm. 」

Seiya muttered with piercing eyes.

「The destructive technique is about to be activated. 」

Suddenly! He lowered his body and put his hand on the marble floor as if he was casting some spell! Soon, the lower part of the Emperor’s right arm fell from his elbow!

「My…My arm is…! I don’t recall ever being slashed…! 」

「The Destruction Operation Method the Ninth is called “Counter Break”. This method will use any of my body part as a catalyst. It means that the damage I received will bounce back to the opponent…」

「My right arm was…it was cut, but at the same time, it wasn’t cut by anything… 」

「The only drawback of this method is the time lag until the damage is triggered. 」

「*frustrating sounds* It seems that I was wrong about you. 」

It was a strange sight. The two of them lost their right arm and, yet, they did not worry about the large amount of blood that was overflowing from that injury. They talked calmly as if they didn’t felt any pain.

I see. Those two had only one arm right now. But, there was a crucial difference. The Emperor’s right arm rolled to the floor while holding the God Eater. Seiya’s right arm was also cut away with the Platinum sword. However, Seiya was wielding two swords in the first place. Seiya was holding the Adamantiter on his left arm and pointed his sword towards an unarmed Emperor.

…He’ll need the God Eater to kill Seiya. The Emperor stretched out his left arm and tried to take the fallen sword. Seiya grabbed this opportunity to strike the Emperor down…

「You fool!! I still have my fist even without a sword!! 」

The Emperor counterattacked with his bare fist. There was an obvious difference in the combat style between the Emperor and Seiya…it too evident.

How can they be fighting like that after losing one arm? Seiya was clearly able to see through the Emperor’s fist attacks! He managed to easily avoid the hits! On that moment, the flames of the Phoenix Thrust engulfed the Adamantiter! It broke through the Emperor’s golden armor and reached his chest!

「How…Ah…! 」

The Emperor still managed to speak some words after being pierced through his chest by the Phoenix Thrust.

「I…I can’t believe this…Who the hell are you? You bastard…I am a warrior who was on a verge of death countless of times before, but I always survived…Even so, how could this happen to me now…」

The Emperor fell to the floor with both his knees.

After taking a deep breath, Seiya turned around and walked a few steps ahead on our direction before he fell on the marble floor.

「Se…Seiya!! 」

「Master!! 」

「Mister Seiya!! 」

I ran immediately to his side. Seiya looked at me with an exhausted face.

「Lista. Cure my arm. The herbal medicine won’t heal my arm because it was completely cut off.」

「Okay! I will cure you right away! Mash! Go get Seiya’s arm! 」

「Un…Understood! 」

I activated my healing magic in a hurry. First, I concentrated myself to stop the bleeding. I did my very best to multiply my magic properties. I stared at Seiya while doing the treatment of his arm. He was looking exhausted but, at the same time, he had a serene expression on his face.

「So…Sorry, but Seiya? Does it not hurt? 」

「Of course, it hurts. But, no human would be conscious if the pain was too unbearable. The fact that I’m conscious right now means that I’m not feeling agonizing pain.」

「Ah…I see. But, you can be a normal person on times like these, am I wrong? When Tanathus attacked and injured you, you wanted me to heal your wound immediately, and said, “Please do it quickly”. I thought that your mentality was fragile like a tofu…」

「Who’s “mentality was fragile like a tofu”. There is a lesser probability of being injured by the enemy if I can recover the HP and MP immediately. 」

「 Is…Is that so! Anyways, I’m relieved! I really thought we didn’t have a chance of winning the battle this time!」

I really felt reassured.

「Whoa!! It hurts!! It hurts!! 」

I could hear a roaring crying sound. The Emperor returned to his white-haired old man and regressed to being a young child. He was crying extremely loud while holding his chest.

He stopped bleeding, though the arm was not attached to his body. Before long, Seiya stood up and approached Rosalie.

「Hey. Can’t you hear your father cry? 」

「I don’t care. That’s not my father anymore. 」

After sighing briefly, Seiya returned to me.

「Lista. Heal that gramps’ wounds. 」

「Are…Are you sure? 」

「It’s extremely noisy. He’s no longer a demon. He won’t be my enemy once he recovers. 」

「If you say so… 」

I used my healing magic to give first aid to the Emperor’s chest and, afterwards, to his arm injury.

「*cries* Thank you, sis…*cries* 」

After the pain was gone, the Emperor wiped his tears and smiled.

I whispered to Seiya.

「Listen, Seiya. His wounds were cured. But, his life is… 」

The Emperor’s remaining light of life was about to disappear. His body was having a bad reaction as a result for being rejuvenated from “Devil’s Spirited Ball”.

Seiya approached Rosalie once again.

「The gramps is on the verge of death. Take proper care of him. 」

「I just told you! That man is not my father! That man became a demon after he sold his soul to the devil!」

At that time…

*hitting sound*

Everyone could hear a smacking sound throughout the Cathedral after Seiya beat Rosalie on her cheek!

Rosalie yelled at Seiya while holding her cheek.

「That…That man tried to kill the goddess! He tried to kill you too! In other words, he tried to destroy this world! He is a shame to this Empire! 」

*hitting sound*

「No…No matter how much you hit me, I won’t take care of that man!! Never!!」

Seiya beat a stubborn Rosalie continuously without stopping!

*excessive hitting sounds*

This situation reminded me of the slapping scene that happened back in Olga Fortress.

「Ugh! 」

Seiya spoke to Rosalie as she finally begun to look like a fiery “dog”.

「You won’t be able to hear a death person’s voice. Speak to him while he is alive.」

I never thought I would hear Seiya’s compassionate words ever. At least, that was what I thought. Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother…I didn’t know the details, but perhaps, Seiya lost someone important in the past.

「Ugh…! Ah…! 」

Rosalie glanced at Seiya. She cried while her cheeks became swollen red. Soon, Rosalie went to the Emperor’s side reluctantly.

Rosalie stared at her father with cold eyes…

「My sweet Rosalie… I lovey you… 」

She kneeled down, because she no longer endured to see her dying father smile so innocently at her. She held her father’s wrinkled hand.

「Father…You really are an idiot…A big idiot… 」

「Hmm…I’m sorry, my sweet Rosalie…I’m truly sorry. 」

Rosalie’s eyes burst into tears.

「It’s okay…! That’s enough…! 」

While crying, Rosalie took the Emperor’s hand in her head’s direction.

「Please…Will you stroke my head gently one last time…? 」

「Yes…Sweetie Rosalie, lovey you…I lovey you so much… 」

However, the Emperor’s stretching hand could not reach his daughter’s head because he lost all of his remaining strength. The Emperor passed away without touching Rosalie’s head.

「Fa…Father… 」

A heartbroken Rosalie cried incessantly as her sad voice resonated throughout the Cathedral.

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And then the battle came to a conclusion, with Seiya as the victor, and Rosalie losing her old man.


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