This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Darkness is Deep

「I heard about what happened. I tried to comfort her, but she didn’t even listen to me…」

Aria spoke with a bitter smile. I went to Aria’s room with both Mash and Elle to consult about Adenela’s current situation.

「Listen, Aria. What should we do? Should we ask the opinion of the Great Goddess Isister?」

「Well. That’s a bit…You know, Adenela is in a bad state already. If we involve Lady Isister too, wouldn’t we make things worse for her?」

「You might be right about that…But, if Seiya gets stabbed…」

「Both Celseus and Lista are exaggerating. Adenela won’t do such a thing. And even if that were to happen, I’m sure that hero will be fine in the end.」

Aria drank from a cup of tea after saying those words.

Eh! Wait a second! Isn’t Aria a bit too relaxed? Many things happened in a very short amount of time!

It would be horrible if that goddess were too kill that genius hero even though he’s not an enemy. I wanted to avoid that terrible outcome. Maybe, I’ll visit Adenela myself to sort things out. Besides that, I’ll visit Seiya too and tell him not to run into Adenela…

The doors of Aria’s room opened widely while I thought seriously of that strategy.

「Master!! 」

「Ah, it’s Mister Seiya!! 」

Seiya was standing at the door. Mash and Elle were surprised, and so, was I.

「Seiya!? Why are you here!? What about your practice!? 」

「I’m taking a break. I was curious about the goddess over here. 」

Seiya walked in Aria’s direction.

「You said you were the “Goddess of Sealing”. Then, do you have any trick to seal a monster and prevent it from coming out forever? 」

Aria lowered her head when she heard Seiya’s question.

「I am truly sorry. But I don’t have that kind of skill. I am good at breaking seals that someone put on others… 」

「I see. It can’t be helped then. 」

Eh. Sealing abilities? Why did Seiya ask Aria for that particular skill…?

I noticed something as I watched both of them talk with each other.

I…I got it! Seiya might be looking for a replacement for the Egzation! He wanted to find a solution to defeat the Demon King because, in the end, we couldn’t obtain the strongest weapon!

This cautious hero was not only training to defeat the current enemy. He was also preparing himself for the future. I was so proud of my hero. Therefore, I spoke to him with great esteem.

「Seiya, you’re amazing! You were thinking of a way to defeat the Demon King even though you’re on your break! 」

On that moment, Seiya looked at me with sharp eyes. I noticed that I spoke without thinking that much. I shouldn’t have said that.

「Hmm? A way to defeat the Demon King? But we have the Egzation, right?」

「Lisutan, that’s true, am I right? Then, why? 」

Mash and Elle were staring at me.

Ahhh!! I’m an idiot!! What should I say!?

Nonetheless, Seiya saved me from this dire situation.

「I don’t know what will happen in the final battle. Besides having the Egzation, it would be safer to find an additional method, for example, an effective attack to make sure I’ll defeat the Demon King for real. I will not use the Egzation until it’s really necessary. It would be troublesome if the sword were to break apart. 」

Elle was deep in her thoughts.

「I wonder if the blade will really break apart. We are talking about the strongest weapon after all… 」

The two of them were suspicious at first. However, they had a smile on their faces afterwards.

「Well…Master is careful all the time! 」

「Yes! Mister Seiya is always like that! 」

I also showed them an awkward smile.

I’m…I’m relieved! I’m sure they’ll keep being suspicious if it were a regular person! But, since it’s Seiya we’re talking about, I guess it was okay! Mash and Elle were both convinced!

Seiya took out the platinum sword from his stash and looked at me abruptly.

「By the way, Lista. You should keep this yourself. 」

「I…I understand…It…It hurts. It hurts!! 」

Seiya pushed the sheath ferociously onto my chest. I felt that it was a punishment for “saying unnecessary things”.

「Don’t do that!! They will get crushed!! My breasts are going to get crushed!! 」

Aria giggled happily.

「You two have a very close relationship. 」

No, that’s not it!! Don’t misunderstand this vulgar scene for a friendly relationship!! This hero was trying to crush my breasts!!

「…Okay. I’m going back to training. 」

It looked as if milk was about to burst from my breasts. Finally, Seiya stopped crushing me and walked away.

「C’mon…That really hurt…! 」

I called Seiya before he left the room while I rubbed my breasts gently.

「Seiya! You need to be cautious of Lady Adenela! 」

「Why? 」

「She is extremely angry because you hurt her feelings! 」

「Did I do something to Adenela? I don’t remember. 」

Seiya looked at me with his usual indifferent face as he closed the door and left.

Mash spited a depressed sigh after Seiya was gone.

「Ah. Based on what I heard, it seems that Adenela is not going to train me…What should I do from now on…? 」

「Mash, let’s eat sweets with me! 」

「Damn it! I guess I won’t have a choice but to eat sweets for three whole days…!」

Aria approached Mash.

「Oh dear. You seem to have a secret power, don’t you? 」

「Do you mean the dragon blood? Yeah, I think I’ll turn into a dragon form if I do my very best. That’s why I want to practice more to raise my level…」

「Actually, it sounds similar to a “seal”. Would you like me to unleash it? 」

「Seriously!? Can you do that!? 」

I was surprised by Aria’s suggestion.

「Wait a second, Aria!! Are you allowed to do things like that!? Won’t you break the rules of the God’s realm!? 」

「I will only release the power that this child originally possesses. There’s no problem. Besides, I will just teach him how to do it. Listen well boy, you won’t be able to do it overnight, therefore, think of this as part of your training.」

Aria was a senior goddess. So, if she was sure about this, then there shouldn’t be a problem. That meant that I’ll leave Mash with Aria for time being. As for Elle…

Elle laughed awkwardly when I looked at her.

「I’m okay, Lisutan! I don’t mind if you leave me alone! I’ve been eating sweets in the cafeteria! I like sweets very much! 」

Due to many factors that happened before, Elle seemed to have lost a lot of confidence.

Aria put her hands on Elle’s shoulders.

「You also have a talent hidden within yourself. I can unleash it if you want. What do you think? Why don’t you leave it to me? 」

「Re…Really!? There’s something useful that I can do!? Plea…Please, unleash it!! I beg you!!」

Aria was incredible to see Elle’s supposedly hidden talent. I entrusted them to Aria with my mind at ease.

I was feeling optimistic when I left Aria’s room. As Aria said, maybe Celseus exaggerated about Adenela. Perhaps, she was not that angry as I thought she would be. That was what I felt.

Still, I went again through the downstairs of the temple to see if Adenela had returned to her room.

In the dark, I knocked on the wooden door at the end of the passage. However, there was no reply again. Before I left, I tried to put my hand on the handle of the door. Apparently, the door seemed to be open.

「Ex…Excuse me… 」

I entered the dimly shaded room. I looked around, but Adenela was not there.

I gave up and tried to leave the room. But before I left, I noticed a weird pattern on the left side of the wall. It looked as if characters were painted on the wall.

I approached that wall in the dark. When I stared closely at the painted characters…my body froze.


I saw small characters written repeatedly! If she wrote this not too long ago, then that meant that she still had a grudge against Seiya!

This…This was extremely bad!! I have to let Aria know about this as soon as possible!!

The moment I turned around in a hurry…

*sounds of a mad person*

Adenela was standing right in front of me.

*sounds of a surprised and weirdly person*

My knees crumbled. Adenela slowly approached me with lifeless dark eyes.

「Li…Listarte. If…If you came back, then…that means…that…that hero *sounds weirdly* has come…come here…too? 」

「No!! I am the only one this time!! Seiya didn’t come with me!! 」

I lied in the spur of the moment.

「Is…Is that so? Re…Really? 」

「It’s really true!! 」

「So…So, if you…came alone…Then…what do you…want…from me? 」

「Nothing in particular! I don’t have anything to say! 」

I was just saying rubbish because I was increasingly nervous.

「If…you don’t have anything to say…why…why did you come to my…my room?」

Adenela stared fixedly at me. I was getting more and more anxious.

「Well, about that. You know…I wanted to see the interior of Lady Adenela’s room! I have a decoration hobby, so I want to have a look at other people’s rooms! Ah, well, it seems that you have such a nice decoration on your room!」

「…You think? 」

Adenela and I watched silently for a long while at the wall written repeatedly with “KILL”…

「Aria!! Aria!! Aria!! It’s serious!! It’s extremely serious!! 」

I returned urgently to Aria’s room in a frenzy. I had to report what I saw to the senior goddess.

「Calm down, Lista. What do you mean by “serious”? 」

「Lady Adenela!! I went to her room in the basement of the temple!! She wrote “KILL” countless of times on a wall!! I was so startled!! She appeared behind me and I had to say that she had a “nice decoration” on that wall!! 」

Still, Aria smiled gently.

「Ah, she did not write that because of Seiya. That child drew that on her wall a long time ago. That was her wall art. 」

「“Wall art” you say!? You’re kidding, right!? 」

「Anyway, that wall is a bit away from the front door. Since her room is dark, you didn’t notice it when you went there before. 」

Then, that meant that it was really a decoration!? No, can I really call that a decoration in the first place!? I can’t believe it!!

「You’re too worried, Lista. 」

「But…But, Aria!! 」

Aria showed her index finger to me as she made a “shu” sound. Mash and Elle sat on the floor as if they were Zen* meditating like the Japanese people do.

「They are mentally focused at this moment. Can you be a bit quieter right now?」

「I’m truly sorry. 」

I thought that I should not interfere with their training, so I reluctantly left Aria’s room.

…Aria was always this kind. I’m sure she thinks of me and Adenela as her younger sisters. Even so…

…Even so, I felt that Adenela was absolutely dangerous!! I have no choice but to protect Seiya for the time being!!

The next day.

Mithis and Seiya were working hard practicing in the “heavenly green forest”. Both of them had serious faces.

「Seiya. In fact, the most important thing for bow and arrow are your “eyes”. You have to focus on our eyes first. It is important to see far away and grasp the enemy’s position.」

Seiya nodded positively when he heard Mithis’ advice. He released an arrow of light towards the distant trees. It seemed that Seiya had already mastered the magical bow of light.

Next, Seiya asked Mithis.

「Is it possible to throw a few arrows at the same time? 」

「You can’t because it’s a magical bow. In other words, when you use a magical bow and, afterwards shoot an arrow, you’ll need extreme mental unity. That’s why this magic is powerful in the first place. With a magical bow and arrow, it will be possible to shoot an arrow that goes far beyond the normal arrow. To preserve you’re mental unity through a battle, I would advise you to repeat the shooting process instead of simultaneous shoots. If you do it fast enough, it will be similar to simultaneous arrows. For ordinary humans, I would say that three consecutive shoots are the limit.」

Mithis invoked a light bow and arrow and aimed towards the sky. The moment she released the single arrow, she immediately created a new magical arrow with her hand. She released it straight away. She repeated the process of creating light arrows and releasing them consecutively. Mithis was extremely focused and her eyes were wide open. Per my calculation, she invoked seven arrows that disappeared in the sky.

「Even if I shoot it like this, seven is the limit that allows you to continually shoot. If you release your utmost power, then you’ll be able to shoot it for ten consecutive times. However…」

「Seven shoots you say.  Is there a possibility that my arrows will be dodged by a demon?」

「Seven continuous shoots expands the range of the Shining Arrow. It means that the attributes of the magical bow will increase in accuracy and range…It will be almost impossible to dodge the arrows without taking some damage. Besides, I believe that such demon is impossible to exist.」

「Are you sure? 」

「I swear it in the name of the Goddess of Bow. It’s absolutely impossible. 」

Mithis laughed amusingly.

「Either way, seven consecutive shoots are almost impossible to accomplish by humans.」

「Hypothetically speaking I hope. 」

I was waiting in the shade for a while. Then, Mithis bowed gently to Seiya and disappeared to the other side of the forest. Apparently, it was break time.

I approached Seiya and handed him the bento lunch box that I had made for him.

「How is it going, Seiya? Your practice is going well? 」

「It’s going well. I will be able to master the magical bow and arrow tomorrow. 」

「I see. That’s great. In addition, I will ask you not to go to the temple until you finish your training. I don’t know what will happen if Lady Adenela sees you.」

「If Adenela sees me? What do you mean? 」

「I told you yesterday. Lady Adenela is furious with you. 」

「If you don’t want me to meet her, then I won’t. 」

「Well, Seiya, you have your own freedom. However, it will be wiser if you didn’t meet with her…Okay? I will bring Mash and Elle to this forest around noon tomorrow. I’ll open the portal right here. In other words, let’s return to Geabrande directly from this forest.」

「Lista, what the hell are you saying? 」

「Ah? About…what? I’m trying to find a solution so that you won’t meet with Lady Adenela.」

「I don’t understand the reason why. 」

Seiya pointed with his index finger to behind my back.

「If you’re talking about Adenela, then she’s right behind you. 」


I slowly looked behind…

*sounds of weirdly mad person*

My breath stopped when I looked at the distance. The crazy goddess was smiling creepily.


I shouted aloud! Just like yesterday, my body stood anxiously frozen!

「*sounds weirdly* Li…Lista, you said…you didn’t…didn’t come…come alone, did you? I…I thought carefully about it and…and…today, I left the temple…to…follow you…」

Adenela drew out her sword on her waist after saying those creepily amused words.

「Lady Adenela, wait!! Please calm down!! 」

「It’s…It’s useless. I won’t…abso…absolutely…forgive that hu…human. 」

Adenela’s long hair stood up like a devil. The goddess who was crazy about revenge confronted Seiya head on. On that moment, she lowered her waist.

That stance…I’ve seen it before! That was the stance of her “gunshot sword” technique! She was seriously willing to fight against Seiya…!

「Come…Come on Seiya. I’m…I’m going to show my gun…gunshot sword with…consecutive strikes…!」

The overflowing air seemed like it was going to explode. However, Seiya was peacefully boring as usual.

「It’s been a while, Adenela. How are you? 」

Adenela and I were both taken aback for a moment after we heard his unexpected greeting.

「What…what are you saying? Ha…Have you forgotten the…the terrible thing you…did to…to me? I…I…absolutely…won’t forgive…you. 」

「Your hair is damaged. 」

A defenseless Seiya approached Adenela who had a sword pointed back at him and he caressed her standing hair.

「What…are…you…doing…to…me? 」

「Se…Seiya!? You’re in danger!! You’re going to get stabbed!! 」

However, Seiya caressed Adenela’s hair as if he was touching a cat.

「St…Sto…Stop. I…I won’t for…forgive you. 」

He was still caressing her. The irritable hair that was crazily untidy soon returned to Adenela’s usual hairstyle.

「Okay, that’s it. 」

「Seiya!! What are you thinking… 」

I pulled Seiya out of her way to stop an impeding attack. On that instant, I saw Adenela trembling with small spasms.

「Wo…Won’t…For…Forg…Forgive… 」

Whoa…!! She’s getting angrier!! How can I stop her!?

Yet, Adenela murmured with her head down.

「For…Forgi…Forgive… 」

「…What? 」

What I heard was not a mistake. Suddenly, Adenela rose her face after she professed those words that took a 180-degree change. Her full murderous eyes changed into heart-shaped loving eyes.

「Didn’t you just say that you won’t absolutely forgive him!? 」

「I…I can forgive him…after all. Because…I like him…! 」

Adenela dropped her sword to the ground while she embraced Seiya.

As soon as Mithis came back, Seiya turned his cold eye on Adenela.

「Adenela. I have to practice now. You’ll be annoying if you stay here. Get out of my way.」

「Ye…Yes. I understand. Lo…Love you…! 」

Didn’t she listen the horrible words that he said to her!? Did her emotional state turn around just by being caressed by Seiya!?

Adenela watched Seiya’s practice hidden in a shade from a faraway tree. Suddenly, Aria’s words were revived in my mind.

「I’m sure that hero will be fine in the end. 」

She was absolutely correct. What’s this…Aria seemed to know Seiya a lot better than myself.

It seemed as if I was the only one worried for nothing. I looked like an idiot during all this time. I lost my strength because of my nervously actions during the last days. I ended up sitting down beside Adenela.

…True fear doesn’t make a sound, so I didn’t notice that it was lurking around so creepily.

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*Zanzen is a meditative discipline that is typically the primary practice of the Zen Buddhist tradition. The posture of zazen is seated, with folded legs and hands, and an erect but settled spine.


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