It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Let’s cultivate Mandragora (3)

「Are…Are you really not going to eat me…? 」

This Mandragora girl was so cute and awkward that I named her Dora. Her blue flower gave her an ethereal appearance.

Anyways, Dora was sitting by the edge of the balcony while she stared at me. I was making my meal. I realized that I did enough of farming today. Therefore, I wanted to make a very delicious meal as my reward. On that moment, Jack, who was floating around, suddenly landed on my head. Anyhow, I said to her.

「I really won’t do it. Or rather, anytime I look at you, I don’t feel like eating you at all. 」

I sat down on the wooden table in the old cottage to eat my food. We kept having that conversation during dinnertime.

「But you raised me to eat, didn’t you? Even though I don’t want to die, I want to repay your kindness for raising me… 」

Ah, what a nice girl. It would’ve been better if I had raised her from the very beginning instead of using the seeds of the Killer Plant.

「Do you want something to eat? However, I only have pumpkin food right now.」

「Ah, no. I only need soil, the sunlight and a little bit of water to keep living.」

Well, that was rather expected of a plant.

It’s been a while since I had a fun chat during the night while I ate my dinner.

「Brother. 」

「What’s wrong, Jack? Let me tell you again: I don’t intend to cook you. 」

「No, that’s not it. Brother, this hut is currently surrounded. 」

That was Jack’s worrying remark. A chill ran through my spine as I quickly stood up from my chair while I tried to reach the front door. At that moment, someone kicked my door and several evil men broke in.

Ah! They broke my door into pieces!

「Hey, lil’ bro. Are you the rumored farmer that is able to cultivate monsters?」

What, am I already that famous? When I thought about such a thing, one of evil men found the frightened Mandragora that was hiding on my back.

「Boss! I found it! That’s really a Mandragora! She is hiding behind that boy’s back!」

「Oh, that’s a very surprising boy. You successfully cultivated a Mandragora? Seriously? Look at that, it has a superb color. That merchandize has a very good quality. We will be able to make a lot of money once we sell it.」

These bunch of men were smiling wickedly. They looked like adventurers based on their outer appearance, but their words and deeds were completely dishonest. They wanted to take the Mandragora that I raised without my permission.

「Hey, lil’ bro. Give it to us. If you do, we won’t do anything to harm you. We can consider giving you some money after you give that thing to us. What do you think?」

I could feel Dora’s fear behind my back because she was shivering tremendously after she heard their boss’s threat. If I reject their suggestion, I’m sure these thugs will definitely attack me with their weapons. It would be normal if I were to give Dora to them. If I were normal, that is.

「I refuse. You are trying to take the plants that I raised without my permission. You’re thieves. I won’t give this child to you! 」

Somehow, I felt that Dora was surprised by my remarks. I think I wouldn’t do it for someone I barely knew. I didn’t knew Dora until today. However, I took care of this child as a seed even before she was born.

I planted the seed on the ground and I took great care of it. The Mandragora was growing slower than the other monster plants. The sprouts grew later than usual. But, I didn’t give up. I added a new fertilizer and I managed to water it regularly. I pulled the wild weeds out as well. I gave my best to raise it!

That’s why I felt more attached to this child. I was so happy when I saw that I raised it properly! Even though I was feeling worried and anxious on this situation, there was no way that I would give her to bad strangers!

「Is that so. Then, it’s a shame. 」

After they heard my refusal, those thugs took an offensive stance against me. I picked a stick that was nearby to defend myself. However, I didn’t think I would win against them.

Regarding my abilities, I’m sure that my level didn’t go up. So I didn’t have confidence to win this! This group of thugs might’ve defeated countless of monsters before. They seemed to be far higher ranked than me. Ah, I was in deep trouble.

I thought that maybe I’ll give up and run away. Just when their boss was grinning devilishly at me, we saw one of their men falling over. Their boss changed his expression. What? Everybody was surprised, including myself.

「I was suspicious, so I came here just to check on you. It seems that my hunch was right.」

There was a person standing at the entrance of my cottage. It was Lily! Thank you for coming, Lily! She looked like a dashing heroine who came to save me just in time! She was the perfect hero of this story! Yes, I was sure of it.

「You witch! Where did you come from? 」

The bad men attacked Lily all at once. Lily was in a disadvantageous position because she was one against many. Will she be okay?  I picked the stick once again in order to help her.

「It would’ve been wiser if you had retreated. 」

After she said those words, all I saw was a spectacular show of swords. Those who attacked Lily were beaten brilliantly. All of them fell into the ground.

I was absolutely stunned by Lily’s skills. Lily took a deep breath as she looked at me to see if I was injured.

「You won’t have to worry anymore about these guys. I will take them to my eldest brother and he will give them a lesson. I’ll make sure they won’t bother you again.」

Her eldest brother was a soldier. I wonder if they have some sort of important status in this area? Well, it was okay to leave everything to her. So, I didn’t say anything else.

Before she left, Lily spoke to me.

「I heard what you said earlier… You said amazing things. I changed my opinion about you.」

After she said that, she tied a rope around those thugs and dragged them away. But, what I said earlier? Maybe it was when I said that I wouldn’t give Dora to them. Well, of course I wouldn’t. She was the precious child that I raised so carefully. I’m sure they didn’t know how it feels like. As I was immersed on my deep thoughts, I noticed that Dora didn’t stop shivering in fear. I took her from my back and put her on my wooden table.

I thought that Dora would be relieved, but she was so startled that she started to cry once again.

「Oh my, why are you crying Dora? 」

「Be…Because Kyou stood up for me…You risked your life to keep me safe. I’m so happy and ashamed at the same time…*cries* 」

Hmm, she felt lots of different feelings all at once in a very short amount of time. Her tears kept overflowing from her eyes. It seemed that she was not only happy for surviving. Since I tried so desperately to save her, now she has a disharmony of emotions on her head. But she didn’t has to worry that much. I did it because I liked this child. When I looked closely, Dora tried to wipe her tears away. Suddenly, her eyes stared at me with determination.

「I made up my mind. Kyou…No. Master, I will serve you forever! 」

「What? 」

「If my Master wants, then you can eat me! Master raised my life and body! You showed me your kindness when you tried to protect me with your life! If I can’t repay your kindness, then I have no meaning on my life as a Mandragora! Master! If you want, I will gladly give you my everything! Please, accept me! 」

Her declaration was totally opposite from everything she said when she bloomed on my hand. She changed so much in half a day. I mean, she changed in an unreasonable way. Well, but not in a bad way, just in an irrational way.

Anyway, I noticed that the Mandragora was starting to like me for real. Beside me, there was Jack O’ Lantern who also adored me. I was surrounded by living beings that yearned for me as their Master.

Somehow, this turned into a harem. Well, not the conventional harem that I knew about. But certainly, a different kind of harem in this strange world.

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