This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Lecherous

「So, you didn’t have a problem, right? 」

「Yes. I was worried for nothing. 」

The next morning I went to Aria’s room. I stood outside her room. The senior goddess smiled at me when she heard that nothing serious had happened.

「No matter what you said, I knew that Adenela was a gentle goddess. She would never do anything reckless such as killing others. Besides that, Seiya is a capable hero who can defend himself. 」

…Ah. I took a deep breath. After all, I can’t oppose anything that Aria says to me. But, even so…

「Aside from Lady Adenela, I should’ve known how things are with Seiya and yet I knew nothing again. It’s frustrating. I wonder why. 」

I was just complaining. However, Aria spoke encouraging words to me.

「Lista, listen to me. You often talk to me about that brave hero! You told me so many things, like for example, that he is cautious and strong! That’s why I thought he would be okay! 」

「Ye…Yes. I see. That’s right. 」

「More importantly, Lista! I want you to look at those two! I will show you the fruits of my training! 」

Aria put her hand on the door’s handle and slowly opened the door to her room. Then, she spoke to Mash and Elle who were both training quietly.

「Listen, Mash! Show “that” to Lista! 」

「Oh! 」 Mash was a little startled when he heard someone calling his name because he was so focused on his spiritual training. Suddenly, he stood up and approached me. He showed me his hand. 「? 」Soon, Mash’s right hand began to change gradually! This change was slightly different from when he dragonized into a lizard dragon man. Right on this moment, Mash kept his human form and only his right hand transformed into a huge dragon hand full of scales.

「Wha…What’s this!? Aria!? 」

「The Seal of Dragon God. Part of it was released due to spiritual unity. By releasing the dragon’s hand, Mash’s attack power has increased significantly. 」

「What do you think, Lista! It’s amazing, right? 」

I was delighted to see a self-confident Mash as one hand was dragonized.

「Yes! It’s amazing! Mash, you worked hard! 」

「Yeah! 」

「Still, it’s a bit creepy, because only the hand got huge and your body balance looks bad…But, you really did your best! 」

「What’s with that disgusting remarks!? 」

「Lisutan! That’s not true! It’s cool to see only the dragonized hand! At least is not the overall look…well, I’m glad it’s only the hand! 」

「What do you mean you’re glad because it’s “only” the hand!? What’s up with you two!? 」

「Both of you, don’t make fun of Mash. After working hard, Mash was able to acquire the special skill “Big and Funny Hand” in a very short period of time. 」

「Don’t make fun of me as well!! 」

Elle put her hand on the shoulder of a resentful Mash.

「It’s okay, it’s okay, Mash. 」

But during that time, Elle was talking in a meanly manner. Soon, Mash opened his mouth angrily.

「What…The…Hell…Are…You…Doing! 」

Eh…? Mash started to talk in an extremely weird tone, right?

「E…Elle! Damn…You! Wa…Wait! You…Idiot! 」

He tried to grab Elle, but his movements were dull like an old man.

Don’t tell me that this was…!

Aria smiled.

「That’s right. That’s an auxiliary magic called “Delay” that slows down the opponent’s movements. 」

「Then, you mean that Elle’s hidden talent was this auxiliary magic!? 」

「Correct. 」

Finally, Mash grabbed Elle while she apologized.

「I’m…I’m sorry! Forgive me, Mash! 」

She touched Mash’s shoulder again. Then, Mash started to move non-stop without hesitation.

「You idiot! Now it’s too fast! Put me back to normal right now! Elle, if you don’t do it, I won’t talk with you, I won’t share a meal with you, I won’t even listen to you! You damn idiot! 」

Mash was walking hastily as he spoke without taking a breath.

This time she used “Haste”. So, this magic was the pair of the Delay magic.

Aria deeply caressed Elle’s head.

「You were blessed with this hindsight talent because of your inner thoughts. I’m sure that your wish “I want to be useful to everybody” gave you a special power. It’s a very wonderful occurrence. 」

「Yes! 」

Elle was so happy.

Okay! Both Delay and Haste will definitely become a powerful support to Seiya! I’m glad, Elle!

After she took Haste off and Mash went back to normal, Elle kept apologizing to him for being defiantly. Aria spoke with a serious face.

「Both of you. Feel free to come back here again. Next time, Mash will become a complete dragon, and Elle will learn a new auxiliary magic. 」

「Understood! 」

「Yes! Thank you so much for getting us another chance! 」

I stared at Aria with praiseworthy eyes.

「Hmm! I should have left them with you from the very start! 」

When I regretted for making a detour with them before bringing them here…

「There’s nothing unusable. Due to their various experiences, the Seal of Dragon God that allows Mash to dragonize was unraveling. While, Elle’s talent also blossomed. 」

「I see. Oh my, Seiya’s training with a bow and arrow is going well too. Mash and Elle also powered up. This time everything went perfectly! 」

Aria became flabbergasted when she heard my casual words.

「Bow you say…!? Don’t tell me Lista…Seiya is not being taught by Mithis, am I wrong!? 」

「You’re right! Lady Mithis is the only Goddess of Bow, correct!? 」

Suddenly, Aria grabbed my shoulders with both hands while she spoke with a very loud voice.

「You did a very stupid thing!! She’s a terrible goddess you know!! 」

Aria’s face was calm even when I spoke about Adenela before. However, right now her face was pale blue as if something horrible happened.

「Eh!? A terrible goddess…even worse than Lady Adenela!? 」

「Adenela doesn’t even compare to her! Do you know why Mithis is always in the “heavenly green forest”? That goddess is a horny goddess who sexually ate a hero she summoned! That’s why she was exiled into the forest after making Great Goddess Isister mad! It’s a taboo for a man to approach the forest!」

「What!? You’re kidding, right!? Then, why did you take me to the forest for a picnic!?」

「That’s because we are goddesses! Oh no, what should I do…! 」

「But, I didn’t see anything in particular during the last few days!! Both of them were practicing normally!! I’m sure that Lady Mithis learned her lesson by now… 」

「Mithis knows that today is Seiya’s last training day, correct!? I’m sure that she was preparing for the X day!! In any case, Mithis won’t hold on anymore and she is going to explode today!!」

「Oh no!! 」

「You know the reality! It’s absolutely forbidden for a goddess and a human sexual intercourse! Geabrande’s safety will be jeopardized! Just one shot to ruin it all! 」

「One shot…! Sexual activity…! 」

「Lista!? Don’t say stupid things and go to Seiya!! Hurry!! 」

「Ye…Yes!! Understood!! 」

I jumped out of Aria’s room.

「Wait, Lista! 」

「Lisutan! We’re going too! 」

Mash and Elle followed me.

While I ran, I realized the seriousness of the situation.

…The special talented hero, one in a hundred million people met his downfall by “having sex with a goddess”…!? No, I won’t let that happen!! Because with me…No, No!! That’s not it!! I won’t absolutely let that happen!!

Mash and I rushed together to the practice place in the middle of the “heavenly green forest”. However, Elle saw something outrageous on our way there. On a thick branch growing out from a large tree, Mithis was hung with a rope. The rope was wrapped around Mithis’ whole body. Under that terrifying scene, Seiya stood there quietly.

「Se…Seiya!? What the hell happened here!? 」

「I don’t know either. She told me 「Come when the preparation is ready 」and when I arrived here, she was already like this. 」

*wicked laugh*

On that moment, we heard a voice coming from above. The hanged Mithis started to talk.

「Seiya. This is the final test of the rapid continuous shoots. This special rope that is hanging me won’t cut unless you hit the same spot with the arrow of light with three consecutive times. You’ll need to strike the rope with an arrow right above my head. 」

I…I see! So, this was part of their practice! But why is Mithis hanging herself with a rope?

「If the rope upperpart is cut beautifully, then the whole rope will fall, and at the same time, I’ll be naked. If Seiya accepts me naked, then we’ll love each other intensely. This is the reward for completing the final test. 」

「What is that person talking about!? 」

I was startled when that goddess declared an unreasonable reward with a serious face.

Aria was telling the truth!! This goddess was a pervert!! What are you going to do, Seiya!? You won’t need that kind of lecherous reward!! Then, leave it as it is, okay!? But I felt like it’s going to get worse if he rejects her!!

「Three consecutive days…It was a continuation of self-perseverance and patience. My desire escalated to a maximum after being exposed by Seiya’s handsomeness.」

Mithis showed an ecstatic expression while her body was deprived of freedom by the rope she tied herself with.

「Come on, Seiya! Just shoot the three consecutive arrows to cut the rope and drop me naked! After that, Seiya will shoot his “arrow” from his body’s lower part to the center of my body’s lower part! 」

My head was spinning like crazy!! She was really a terrible goddess!!

「Seiya!! What are you going to do!? 」

「Of course, my answer is obvious. 」

Seiya invoked the magical bow of light without hesitation! He aimed at Mithis!

「Are you going to shoot!? But a naked Mithis will attack you if you succeed, right!? Will you be okay!? 」

「No worries. 」

As soon as we finished talking, Seiya shoot the arrow of the light at a terrific speed, and the rope above Mithis head was…Rather, the arrow pierced right in the middle of Mithis’ eyebrows!

Eh…? What!? *screams* Did he shoot the arrow into a goddess’ head!?

*weird sounds*

Mithis’ voice sounded strange! On this precisely moment, one of the lighting arrows pierced through the middle of Mithis’s forehead but she talked!

I shuddered when I saw that grotesque sight.

Or rather…She didn’t die while her head was perforated right through to the other side!? Both this goddess and that hero were absolutely unrealistic!!

However, Mithis opened one of her eyes slowly and stared fixedly at Seiya.

「Seiya…Childish pranks are not allowed…uh! 」

Suddenly, the rope cut off and she regained her freedom. The horny goddess became fully naked without a single piece of cloth as she fell to the ground.

「*giggles* Actually, this rope is removable. I can take it off and on anytime I want. 」

She got up from the place where she fell and her full sexy body was bare for everyone to see. On that instant, Mash’s face blushed.

「Wh…Whoa…! 」

「Mash! Don’t look! 」

Elle covered Mash’s eyes with her hands. Meanwhile, Mithis grabbed the arrow of light that pierced her head.

「The rapid continuous shoots didn’t go according to plan. You failed the final test. 」

Then, she pulled out the arrow that stuck on her forehead. She had an open wound between her eyebrows, but it was healed immediately.

「It’s time for the re-test now. 」

「Re-test you say? 」

Soon, Mithis lowered her body and took a crouching position on the ground.

「Seiya! I will attack you right now! If you don’t like it, then you can stop my attacks by shooting the bow and arrow that I taught you! This is also part of your training! 」

No, I’ve never heard of that training before!!

Even though there were lots of brothels in the earthly world, why did she want to have a perverted relationship in the God’s realm!? Mithis used both her legs and hands like a beast as she dashed at Seiya! The horny goddess attacked naked with her disturbed hair; however, Seiya was looking like his usual bored self! He calmly invoked a bow and arrow of light and aimed towards Mithis! He looked like a dignified figure of a male god statue! Light emitted from Seiya’s hand as he dispelled the arrow! Before I knew it, the arrow of the light pierced through Mithis’ mouth!


Mithis, who was pierced with an arrow from her mouth right through her throat, stopped moving and groaned repeatedly. Seiya muttered next to me.

「…Three Shots Shining Arrow! 」

Oh! This was the result of his practice! He shoot the magical arrow of light for three consecutive shoots! But, it was two…

Before I noticed it, Mithis not only had an arrow on her mouth, but she also had an arrow pierced on her eyes!

*yells repeatedly* Ho…Horror!! Grotesque!! It’s too gross!! But…But Mithis won’t be able to see anymore with the last arrow punctured on her eyes!!

I was relieved for a brief moment. Unexpectedly, Mithis bit the arrow stuck on her mouth and shallowed it in one gulp.

She still had an arrow on her eyes. Yet, she re-positioned into a wild beast once again! She laughed in a very lecherous way at Seiya!

「*laughs insanely* I’m…I’m…I’m a goddess!! I…Won’t…Won’t…Won’t…Die!! You won’t stop me by using the same tricks!! 」

「Oh my goodness!! She spoke normally even with an arrow pierced on her eyes!? 」

Mithis didn’t lose her speed, and dashed forward towards Seiya. Elle shouted in a trembling voice to the naked monster that crawled with a bizarre voice.

「I’m…I’m scared!! Is that thing really a goddess…!? 」

「She looks like she belongs to the devil’s army…!! 」

Mithis changed her direction when Mash spoke! She headed towards Mash!

It…It can’t be!! Was she aiming at Mash now!?

「I’ll eat the main dish later! So, I’ll take an appetizer first! I don’t mind obsessing over young boys too!! *screams like a devouring mad woman* 」

That rashly goddess!! How dare she profess those profane words!! She can’t say things like “obsessing over young boys” in the heavens!!

「I’ll strip your clothes in one second! We’ll be in unison in two seconds! And I will eat you up in three seconds! 」

「What!? Ma…Master!! Help me!! 」

This was getting so unpredictable!! What should we do!?

Next to me, Seiya pointed an arrow directly at Mithis who is about to attack Mash.

「Because of your excessive sexual desire, you did a grave mistake by going after Mash before going after me.」

He took action immediately! Seiya released several magical arrows in a row like rays of light!

The arrows hit Mithis…

*screams loudly*

She screamed so loud and strongly when she was projected to the big chunks of trees on the background!

I was startled when I looked at Mithis who stopped moving altogether!

Both of her hands, both of her ankles and her heart! The splendorous arrows of light went into different directions towards her body and pierced on five distinct places!

Seiya, who was convinced of his victory made his magical bow disappear, and declared the following words.

「…Five Shots Shining Arrow! 」

Mithis was still stuck on a big tree and, suddenly, she started to grin like a lascivious sinner.

「How is that possible…I can’t move anymore…! Even so…he managed to aim exactly at my crucial spots…humans can’t shoot five consecutive times…! Wonderful…! It…was…brilliant…!」

The horny goddess lost consciousness. Mithis was still stuck on the big tree after being defeated. Meanwhile, Seiya looked back at the red shining sunset and he spoke in a refreshingly way.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

「…!? 」

When I took a deep breath after the ridiculous spectacle, the horny goddess regained consciousness and began to gasp.

「*breaths heavily* It looks like my body was penetrated with a thick and long item…*laughs eccentrically*」

Elle touched my arm.

「Listen, Lisutan…Is something leaking from Lady Mithis’ legs…? 」

Mash also nodded in agreement.

「You’re right. Hey, what’s that? Pee? 」

「No!! Don’t look!! Mash!! Elle!! You can’t be in a place like this!! Let’s go quickly to Geabrande right now!!」

I won’t allow a pure boy and a pure girl to see such filthy things. I opened the portal leading directly to the Olga Fortress. I grabbed their hands like a guardian and I jumped in with Seiya.

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