It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Let’s cultivate Mandragora (2)

Lily’s perspective.

Even if everything went well, that guy is a very strange fellow. He appeared abruptly out of nowhere in this town not that long ago. He went to the hills by himself and started to grow monsters. Yet, he managed to succeed.

Raising a normal monster plant isn’t that easy. First, there’s always the risk of being attacked. Second, people won’t even dare to think about raising monsters because they could grow insanely in numbers and things could easy go wrong. Therefore, it would be easier to just go into the wild and patiently hunt for them.

In addition, many people can’t grow monsters because of the soil since monsters depend on a variety of soil attributes. It means that some monsters will only grow in specific areas. In spite of that, he managed to cultivate a few different kinds of monsters in his field, such as Killers Plants, Jack O’ Lantern and Mandragora.

I heard that Jack O’ Lanterns are relatively easy to grow anywhere. However, the soil attributes where the Mandragora grow are very precise. Usually, Jack O’ Lantern and Mandragora won’t grow together because of the difference in the soil. Even so, how did he manage to accomplish that feat?

Well, I don’t understand it. Maybe he really is talented as he says.

Ah, now that I mention it. Sometimes, he speaks some nonsensical things that I can’t understand. What does he mean with transitioned world? Attributes? What about status? Also, I want him to stop calling me violent heroine. Well, it’s true that when I met him, I grabbed him by his neck. But I basically won’t touch a stranger like that, and speaking of which, he was raising a Killer Plant, that’s why I touched him in the first place. I needed a proper explanation.

Lately, he’s been calling me Lily only, so I guess everything ended up well.

Even so, I knew that he would behave like that with the Mandragora. I don’t know if he’s aware of it or not, but he’s surprisingly sweet. Even when we cultivated Jack O’ Lantern, he gave me half of the harvest.

Regarding Mina’s case. When he heard about her dire situation, he proposed a deal at a lower price than the current market price. If he ended up going from Mina’s restaurant to another establishment, I’m sure he would get a better and reasonable reward. Still, Mina seemed to be doing well with her finances now and I got to know that he was a very good guy unlike my first impression of him.

He could make a living easily with this lifestyle but, instead, he chose to help other people.

Well, if you think about what happened with the Mandragora, then it was a very natural and predictable result.

But, is he willing to keep cultivating the Mandragora on his field? We already have Jack O’ Lantern.

「Is that story true? 」

「Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. It seems that the boy who bought those seeds managed to succeed in cultivating them. 」

Hmm? A weird conversation captured my ears while I was walking on a street. I stopped without hesitating. I looked discreetly into an alley and I saw a suspicious merchant talking to a group of malicious adventurers.

「Did he really succeed in growing a Mandragora? 」

「Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe. But a blue large flower is a characteristic of the Mandragora. I saw those flowers on his field. I’m certain of it. It looked like it has been successfully cultivated. 」

「But the Mandragora is a type of monster plant that rarely grows around here. Moreover, it is extremely easy to hunt them because they’re harmless as they will only cry. Besides, the reward is stupidly high. 」

「Why don’t you go to the hills and steal the crops of that boy? 」

「Yes, sir. But we are only doing it for a price. 」

「Yeah, I know. This is your reward. I’ll give you more once you bring back what you stole. 」

「Okay. Thanks. 」

The merchant gave money to those suspicious men. Those guys were going in the direction of the hills outside of town. I noticed that the sun was going down as it was sunset right now. If they were heading to the old cottage, then it means that they’ll arrive at night.

I managed to follow those men. I chased them carefully and waited for the nightfall to come.

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