This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Complete Sickness

「That thing…came out of Chaos Makina body…!!」

I feel like I am about to be “swallowed” by the overflowing evil aura surrounding that thing.

I need to calm down!  Who knows, it might be surprisingly easy to defeat!

I activated the clairvoyance ability. My eyes became wide open the moment I saw that demon’s status…

Great Demon

Level – 66

HP – 15100

MP – 424

Attack – 3577

Defense – 3229

Agility – 3847

Magic – 548

Potential – 653

Resistance – Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Full Magic Attack Power Conversion (Lv 15), Flight (Lv 10)

Skills – Demonic Delete

Personality – Cruelty

…both of my legs were trembling in fear.

That can’t be true, right!? Tha, that status is…beyond the D-rank difficulty from the Demon Lord’s world.

I could only feel despair. I thought that we had a small chance of winning, but right now, that tinny percentage is gone.

I thought this earlier. “Higher numbers of status does not necessarily mean victory”. However, I wasn’t referring to a big discrepancy between Seiya and our opponent’s status. At this precise moment, Seiya’s attack, defense and agility are all less than 1000. That thing that came from Chaos Makina exceeds 3000. Doesn’t matter if he has a sharp intuition, or excellent tactics in battle, if his power is only one-third of his enemy, there is no way he can avoid big damage. This will mean death for Seiya.

I became quite pale looking at Chaos Makina’s…no, at the Great Demon’s frightening golden eyes.

「Do you understand now!? Our power is clearly dissimilar from one another!! Hero!! You no longer have a chance against me!! 」

That thing was roaring and emitting a woman’s low voice; at the same time, he was wielding a sharp nail which resembled a knife.

「One blow!! I’m going to cut your neck off your torso with a single blow!!」

It looked determined as he made a fierce sound and kicked the ground with both feet. On that moment, the Great Demon rose his arms, ready to strike Seiya!

…in a second, I closed my eyes reluctantly. Is there a goddess who wants to see the hero she summoned be killed in front of her eyes?

I’m really sorry, Seiya. You were truly outstanding. However, I never knew that Geabrande with an S-rank difficulty would have a fearsome power comparable to that of the Demon Lord’s. I never thought I would come face to face with such a frightful world. Yes…it is impossible. We can’t save this world…

I was feeling despair, regret, denial…As soon as I opened my eyes…I was astonished.

Seiya was standing still. That sharp nail did not cut off his neck, and his body did not have any scratch. As usual, his face looked annoyed.

「How…how did you dodged that attack!? It’s impossible!! 」

I was without words, and so was Chaos Makina’s Great Demon. I can’t recognize this person at all; he moved without any hesitation for the next attack.

I started pondering.

Why!? How is this even possible!? How can he avoid a monster that exceeds his level by three times with just his sixth sense!?

…I suddenly realized it. I remembered that when Seiya saved Nina’s father, he used a special skill called “Wind Blade”. I thought that I had overlooked that skill when I saw his status a while ago.

But what if I didn’t overlook it?

What if Seiya used a special skill that wasn’t on his status before?

I came to one big conclusion!

Previously, Seiya and I could not see Chaos Makina’s real status ability by using clairvoyance! In other words…

…He must have activated a “camouflage” ability!!

I looked at Seiya and focused. Then, after concentrating all of my goddess’ power in both eyes, I applied the clairvoyance ability.

Instead of his status appearing, I saw this small sentence.

“You can’t see.”

Eh…what is this…? Ah, I see! Seiya used a “perception ability” to show his opponents his lower status, while his real abilities were protected by his “camouflage” skill! So, this confirms that Seiya is indeed hiding his true status!

I concentrated again and gave it another try. A new sentence appeared.

“I told you, you can’t see it. Especially Lista. Peeping is a crime, you perverted goddess.”

What!? He even wrote my name!? You were expecting me to come take a peek at your status!? How dare you call me a pervert!! I can see wherever I want!! I will use much more power!!

I transferred all of my power into both eyes.

“Mega-Goddess Power” release!! Oh, oh my, what!? My eyes, my eyes hurt!? I feel like my eyes will pop out!! But, but I need to resist, resist more, c’mon Listarte!! You can do this!!

As I used all of my Mega-Goddess power, I heard a cracking sound of glass inside my head. Finally, I could dissolve Seiya’s “camouflage”.

I was tired and took a deep breath as I look at Seiya’s real status.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 37

HP – 51886

MP – 8987

Attack – 11005

Defense – 10369

Agility – 9874

Magic – 4787

Potential – 863

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Electricity, Earth, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Curse, Instant Death, Abnormal Status

Special skills – Fire Magic (Lv MAX), Burst Magic (Lv 5), Magic Sword (Lv 7), Experience Gain Increase (Lv 11), Ability Perception (Lv 15), Camouflage (Lv 20), Flight (Lv 8)

Skills – Atomic Split Slash, Hell’s Fire, Maximum Inferno, Wind Blade, Phoenix Drive

Personality – Unbelievably Cautious

…Wha, wha, what!? What is this!? This is five times more than seen in the God’s realm…actually, ten times more!? He was raising his status all this time!? He has more skills and special skills…wait, it can’t be!! It’s impossible to raise this much in a short period of time!! What is the meaning of this!? Don’t tell me that Seiya activated the “camouflage” skill after finishing his first training!? In other words, when we first met Chaos Makina he was already way above her, and yet he ran away!? And yet, he went to train again on the summoning chamber…!?

I remember when the Great Demon appeared right in front of us, I saw his status and I trembled in fear.

…Sickness!! This is a complete sickness!!

As I was perplexed, it seemed that the Great Demon was preparing himself for battle.

The demon spread his black wings and soared high into the sky. It stopped mid-air and shouted loudly.

「Okay then!! I will show you a technique that you won’t be able to dodge!! I’ll put all the magic power into my fist and summon the “Demonic Delete”; all of this town will turn into dust… 」

However, the Great Demon stopped talking on that moment. It looked repeatedly from the sky, but Seiya was not on the ground.

The Great Demon’s eyes became wide open when he realized that Seiya stopped midair right next to him.

「How…how is that possible!! He has a “flight” ability!? 」

I was astonished as Seiya was challenging the frustrated Great Demon on the sky.

The Demon Lord’s underling Chaos Makina is strong. Tremendously strong. She is a master of battles with insane trump cards. If it was a regular hero, I’m sure she would defeat him at once. But…this time your opponent is tough. Because…right now…

At this precisely moment, there is a hero soaring on the high sky, holding a sword in front of the Great Demon. The blade of his sword became incorporated with a burning red fire. His new special skill “Magic Sword” was activated.

The Great Demon was startled when he saw the Magic Sword. At the same time, Seiya opened his mouth.

「Prepare to be crushed by…my burning sword skill…”Phoenix Drive”…! 」

Seiya swung his sword full of flames with such an incredible speed that left a smoke trail in the air. Suddenly, all I could see was that the Great Demon suffered severe damage as he was engraved with several red cuts all over his body. The Great Demon didn’t even move an inch. Seiya sheathed his sword back and he stood far away from the demon. The red cuts engraved on the Great Demon’s body started to glow, increasing radiance, and ultimately blowing off; The Great Demon made a last roaring sound as he exploded in the air into tiny pieces.

I suddenly got exposed to the hot blast that was falling into the ground.

This hero…how…how can he be so unbelievably cautious!!

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Next chap is gonna be hilarious… wait for the flames…

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