It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: In the end, I chose a Trash Can!

「This is bad…this is bad…what am I going to do about this… 」

I am feeling unmotivated while sitting in the corner of this town. My status is probably weak and I have zero skills. Besides, I don’t have any money and I don’t know any acquaintances to ask for help. Yes, this is really bad.

Usually, during situations as these, some girl appears out of nowhere to save the guy in trouble. I’m sure this world would have a similar pattern like that.

Unfortunately no one came! There’s no pattern like that here!

「What should I do? I am really hungry right now. 」

I was so stupid. I got hungrier faster because I went to fight just to prove my status and skills.

As things are going, I will starve and die, which means it will be the END for me…

「No, I can’t die by starvation. I’m going to some restaurant and beg! There must be some sort of pattern that will allow me to have a meal if they sympathize with a pathetic adventurer like me! Hopefully, they will give me some work, and maybe my story will start from now on! 」

Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work.

Since I had no money, they kicked me out.

I thought that my life would be a lot easier in another world. Who would have thought that living here is harder than in the real world?

No, I guess it’s okay, maybe the true pattern of this world is to make every element feel real…And probably make them difficult. No wonder I prefer stories that are easier to understand.

While I was walking impatiently in the alley, I noticed a trash can with some leftovers near the back door of the restaurant that I kicked me out earlier.

「… 」

「No, no, there’s no hero in the world that would grab some leftovers from a trash can in a shady alley. 」

I kept saying hero this, hero that, but I wonder if I’m really a hero in the first place. I wonder if I am the lead character of this world, but…

A waiter came out of that back door. Ah, it is the same waiter who kicked me out earlier.

I quickly hid behind the shed! That selfish owner! He gave his waiter lots of leftover bread to put it the trash! It’s bread for Christ sake! Why throw it away when he could give it to me! But they would rather throw it into the trash than feed a penniless fellow like myself!

When I looked over, I noticed that he threw a big amount of bread in that trash can.

After confirming that the waiter really went inside the restaurant, I immediately grabbed the trash can! How could he throw away so many nice leftovers!

I finally got something to eat. Well, for now I’m good and probably for tomorrow as well, but it would be a hard life if I continue to live forever on leftover disposals…Life on this world seems to be harder than the life I had in the previous world. I wonder if it will eventually get better from now on.

As I was eating from the trash, I ate something hard to chew. I took it out and it had a round shape. I wonder what this thing is.

「Is this…perhaps…a seed? 」

Maybe this is some kind of a vegetable seed. I thought they would only throw away the food that they didn’t need while cooking. Probably this seed came to the trash accidently. Well, I can’t eat seeds from vegetables. I could just swallow this thing but it’s not delicious at all and it could be obstructive to my stomach.

「Wait a minute. 」

I just thought of a genius idea. If I don’t have money, then I won’t be able to buy food. Besides, defeating monsters is the only way to make money.

Then I have to look at a different perspective. Meaning that I will just have to create food for myself.

I’ll transform these seeds into food!

「Okay! I can do this! I can finally see some little hope to live in this new world! I will start cultivating in this world!! 」

That was the reason why I immediately started farming in this new world. I decided to start cultivating vegetables.

Yes, until now I thought I was cultivating vegetables. Yes, vegetables…

Obtainable goods:

50 seeds of ??? species.

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