This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Mysterious Burst

The Great Demon exploded in the sky and turned into small pieces of charcoal; the pieces were scattered around the air and started falling in the ground. The burning body of the woman became a shell and crumbled into the wind.

I ran over to Seiya who came flying from the sky.

「Seiya!! 」

I hugged Seiya with all my strength as he was making this dull expression.

「What are you trying to do? Do you plan to strangle me? 」

「I wasn’t going to do that!! I’m just happy!! Because I thought we didn’t had a chance at all!! 」

I was so excited that I didn’t even notice that I touched Seiya’s body. The steel armor is on the way, but even so, I could feel Seiya’s warmth.

*smiles happily* Oh, he has such a nice smell! Oh my! I mustn’t! *smells profusely*

「Stop that. Get away from me. I might catch a weird disease. 」

「No! I don’t want to! 」

Even if I were killed, I would want to revert to this moment any time. I wouldn’t mind “transferring my sickness” to Seiya. I’m so embarrassed to have these feelings…even though I’m not sick at all.

After enjoying a full embrace, Seiya took my arms away from him and I looked quite annoyed.

「Nevertheless, Seiya! I am a little angry with you! Why didn’t you tell me your first skills were fake? How long have you been hiding them? 」

Then, Seiya started sighing endlessly.

「It was evident that if I showed you my real status, the enemy would probably find out. When I first met you during the summoning, I thought “first of all, I must do something about this weakness.” Shortly afterwards, I got the “camouflage” skill, so it has been a while. 」

That means that you already had used the camouflage skill on your first training…

I deliberately made a sad expression and looked at Seiya.

「How are you sure that I would expose you to the enemy? But, couldn’t you tell me even a little? At least you could tell me directly “you can’t see”, but you came that far just to protect it? I felt lonely. You are my partner and yet… 」

Seiya looked apologetic yet heartless.

「Even if you did not speak, it could be meaningless, because if by any chance there was a monster that reads memories by infiltrating the brain, my status would be exposed. I had to make sure that wouldn’t happen. 」

「There is no such monster…I really don’t think so… 」

Once again, I embraced Seiya will all my strength.

「It was so scary!! Thanks for protecting me back then!! 」

「You won’t die because you are a goddess. You don’t need protection. 」

「No! Protect me! 」

「Give me a break. Or I’ll cut you. 」

Still, I didn’t leave him. The sword skill that Seiya used to instantly kill the Great Demon was blowing my mind. Seiya looked super cool during that time; he really was like a brave hero. I get so excited every time I remember it.

I looked right at Seiya’s face… he was showing such a blank face, that it got me wondering.

*laughs mischievously* It can’t be! Is he embarrassed? He pretends to be a cool guy all the time, but in reality he’s just a young boy!

I suddenly noticed that Seiya was looking upset as he “looked behind”.

「What…? 」

When I turned around, I was surprised to see dozens of people from the town of Edna coming to us and surrounding both Seiya and I.

「Oh my!? 」

I was surprised and immediately step away from Seiya. The people from the town spoke right before I had the chance to open my mouth.

「Mister hero!! Thank you so much for saving our town!! 」

「Thank you for getting rid of that terrible demon!! 」

The old people and even the young were cheering for us. Moreover, I could hear the whispering of the women’s talk.

「Besides, he sure has a very nice noble look…! 」

「He is so tall; he is such a magnificent man…! 」

It seems that Seiya’s looks caught the eyes of the women of this town.

In addition, some of the shop owners gave us some of their products as gifts.

「These are the fruits of Jamie’s shop!! These are our own fruits!! If you want, please have a bite!! 」

I received with a smile the orange fruit that the gentle young man gave us.

Suddenly, someone pushed through the crowds; I could see a small-sized man with a wide smile approaching us.

「I’m Graham, the Mayor of this town! I would be overjoyed to hold you a welcome party, so please come to my house! 」

「Thank you! Seiya, what do you plan to do? Do you want to go? 」

I smiled, but Seiya shook his head negatively.

「I can’t. I still have lots of things to do. 」

I see! Seiya, you are such an apathetic hero! But in order to save this world, you are ready to go to the next town! No wonder people adore you, including myself!

Contrary to my expectations, Seiya redrew his sword and began using it as a broom to collect the charcoal remains of the Great Demon that were scattered from the sky.

「What…what are you doing? 」

「Just to make sure. 」

Seiya elevated his left arm aimed at the charcoal remains and…started murmuring.

「Hell’s Fire…! 」

Seiya’s hand started overflowing with a blazing red flame and he aimed at the pile of charcoal.

Suddenly, a burst of fire appeared; I was not the only one astonished by it but also were the people of the town. 「Oh, oh my God!! 」someone shouted. We could feel a strong heat wave coming from that burst. Everyone got away from Seiya.

Then, Seiya dramatically increased that power.

「Hell’s Fire…Hell’s Fire…Hell’s Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire *continues repeatedly 」

A huge fire pillar erupted in the center of the town after the continuous spell casting. I don’t know if I should stand still or shout at him.

「What’s that, a festival’s fireworks!? Stop it already!! 」

However, no one could stop Seiya. He continued murmuring and scorching the charcoal remains.

「 He is one of the Demon Lord’s subordinates… If you leave even one cell behind, it can regenerate again…! I have to turn it to nothing…! 」

「 Seiya, that’s enough! Besides that…can you look around for a second? Did you forget the people of this town surrounded you? No matter how strong the Demon Lord’s subordinates are, it won’t regenerate again after that insanely fire attack! 」

「 …Good. 」

Lastly, Seiya stopped the magic.

It seems that it’s finally over…however, we felt relief only for a brief moment. Because in that instant, Seiya opened his arms towards the shattered charcoal.

「 Have a taste of my ultimate power…”Maximum Inferno”…! 」

A burning flame stronger than the Hell’s Fire was coming from the hands of Seiya and immediately attacked the charcoal just as a snake attacks its prey. The moment that flame touched the few remains of the charcoal, it exploded instantaneously. The blast from the explosion spread over a radius of ten meters around the place where the charcoal was.

「 What are you still doing!? 」

For a brief second, I forgot I was a goddess as I shouted extremely loud at him. How could he use a ultimate power to erase that useless charcoal!? Is he crazy!? Is his brain alright!?

…I thought he was cool a moment ago. I hugged him with excitement. I felt I was starting to adore him. But…that was before this madness. This man has a disease.

The town of Edna turned into a place of living hell by the burst of that massive explosion.

「 Please, please stop! The fire is getting close to my shop! 」

「 Hot! It’s hot! Somebody help me! 」

「 Hey! Look over there! Jamie’s fruit shop is on fire! 」

I saw the young man who gave me the fruit earlier on wrapped in flames; I turned around at Seiya and grabbed his shoulder aggressively.

「 Stop all of this right now!! Jamie’s on fire!! 」

However, he didn’t stop. I let go of him and went running to Jamie’s. I slapped myself to get a grip, and so I tried to erase the fire on Jamie’s clothes. Afterwards, I chanted my recovery magic and healed the burns from Jamie’s back.

…A few minutes later. After trying to get hold of things, I looked back and Seiya was still working hard to eliminate the charcoal.

「 Damn you!! How long will you keep on doing that!! 」

Even though I was extremely angry, Seiya ignored me, then his sharp hawk eyes detected a small charcoal on the ground.

「 Not yet…! I won’t rest until I have destroyed every last piece of it…! 」

A crying Mayor approached us and begged.

「 Please…I beg of you…Please leave this town and never come back again!!」

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