It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Flag arrival (probably)

「Okay. This area will be the perfect place to restart my “slow life”. 」

This place here looks like it has perfect soil for farming.

Not too long ago I was in rustling inside a trash can eating the leftovers of a restaurant.

I was strolling around the city after finding the vegetable seeds, but I didn’t find a proper area where I could grow these species. I found a park, but it was very crowded. If I suddenly started digging the soil from the park, people would find me suspicious. Besides that, I’m sure I wouldn’t get permission to grow plants in a very public place.

So I ended up leaving the town to search for a monster free plain, and I found the perfect area. It was a very conveniently placed hill overlooking the town, moreover, nearby there was a rusty old cottage that seemed abandoned. I got a field and a habitation!

I immediately started digging the soil and I threw some of the seeds in the ground. I covered them with soil so that the seeds were properly covered up. I remember watching a program a long time ago, that explained that if the hole is too deep to plant the seed, the sprouts won’t come out, so I tried to dig a tiny hole not far from the surface. Well, I don’t know if this is the right method since I’m no expert. I am only using my vague knowledge.

Well, in any case, I believe that I’ll be able to grow some vegetables. Yes, I truly believe so. I need to have more confidence in myself!

The next day.

「Oh my!! Sprouts!! Sprouts!! It sprouted already!? Seriously!? It’s amazing!! 」

After planting the seeds in the field, I spent the day cleaning the cottage and storing the leftover bread from the day before. As soon as I came out in the morning, I saw little sprouts growing in the area I planted my seeds.

Whoa, vegetables grow so fast in this world. If that’s the case, with this rhythm I’ll become self-sufficient within next week, won’t I?

During the day, I went to the town to get some water from the fountain in the town square. I poured the water on my sprouts.

I repeated the process so many times that the people in the town started looking suspiciously at me and even a soldier yelled at me for taking too much water from the fountain. Thankfully, I managed to escape without being arrested.

The following day.

「It’s unbelievable! Who thought that plants on this world would grow this fast!? It already got seedlings!! 」

I wonder if it was the fresh water from yesterday or if it’s just the fertile soil that makes the growth rate of plants be extremely fast. I don’t know which one of those is the correct answer, but in the end I was successful in growing little seedlings.

I wonder where they grow plants in this world. For some unknown reason, I didn’t see any place selling seedlings or plants on any part of that town. Why is that?

Who cares, my plants are growing beautifully, aren’t they? I am happy with my hard work. Maybe I have a talent for agriculture.

I felt proud of myself. I went happily to the town once again to get more buckets of water. As usual, the same soldier chased me, but I didn’t care and ran away from him.

I kept doing the same routine for the next few days, and everything was going so well. However, the real problem appeared so abruptly. Yes, it was sudden.

「Well, let’s see how my plants grew today! Yesterday, they grew up to my height, besides, they’ve got some sort of fruits, maybe I’ll be able to harvest it today! I am looking forward to it! 」

Therefore, I went immediately to my field, and I imagined a field full of green in front of the cottage…however, a monster was waiting for me instead.

*screams abruptly*

「… 」

Oh my, I need to calm down.

Yes, just calm down.

I looked down at my hand, and I wrote “people” countless of times to get a grip of myself…I took a deep breath, and I looked above to see if I was imagining things.

*screams continuously*

…That’s…a monster. It’s definitely a monster. I’ve got a monster on my field.

Why is there a monster in a place like this? Moreover, it’s not just one monster, but lots of them? They were not here until yesterday, am I imagining things? Besides, it’s the first time I’ve seen a monster like this in the vicinity of the town, I wonder? But these monsters are insane. At first glance, it looks like a plant-type of monster, but does a plant like this really exist in first place?

This is absurd. Nevertheless, I guess I need to admit what I was really seeing.

「That’s really a monster…!! 」

For the first time after coming to this world, I screamed so loudly like there was no tomorrow.

This is bad…really bad…don’t tell me I was raising monsters from the very beginning.

What am I going to do about this?

The plant-shaped monster was a bit irritated and suddenly it opened the mouth to attack me.

「This is getting dangerous!! 」

I managed to avoid that attack. However, this plant-shaped monster was more than two meters high (6’6’’) and it quickly surrounded me. This is bad.

I am in the wrong spot!

The plant-shaped monster wants to eat me now. But I’ve grown them here, they can’t eat me, right?…Well…I was raising them to eat them in the end too. But vegetables are cultivated to be eaten by humans. I’m not inhumane, no.

While I was lost in my thoughts, the monster took advantage of it and tried to grab me. This is seriously bad! I’m not that delicious to be suddenly treated like this! I didn’t work this hard to become food!

I started screaming helplessly.

「You idiot! What have you done! 」

I glimpsed a person beautiful golden hair. I looked closely to the ground, and I saw a person getting close to the plant-shaped monster, and suddenly, this person cut all of the monster from the base near its root.

No…!! This person cut the plant that I raised so carefully…!!

「How dare you raise a carnivorous plant!! What on earth were you thinking!! 」

This angry person was a slightly petite female Knight who looked at me with suspicious eyes, rather than a mature good-looking woman Knight that usually appear in games.

Only a few days have passed since I came to a very different world. However, this occurrence came like a flag*, which meant the start of an adventure. Everything started by growing monsters

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TL NOTE*: This word indicates a future role or status for a character in anime, games, etc. (e.g. death, love, survival).

ED NOTE: Comon Translator-sama everyone knows what a flag is… Don’t you?

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