A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 1 – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Apprentice Knight Caria Burdnick

This person was full of pride for being a Knight and for belonging to the Knight’s Order. Her name is Caria Burdnick.

However, her concept of being a knight differs a little from the other knights, who put chivalry above everything else.

What is a Knight for Caria Burdnick? For her, a Knight needs to be strong. It does not matter if a Knight needs a kind heart to help others or if it will throw its life in the name of justice. For her, if a person is weak in strength, then she won’t recognize this person as a Knight.

Therefore, to her, strength is not directly intended to protect the weak. She said once that power is the only means to “win” something stronger. Powerful people, whether be it categorized as physical strength or wealth, are the ones who strive, while the weaklings are the ones who perish. Caria Burdnick believes sincerely on this philosophy of life. I am quite certain this is the way she thinks, even now.

She believes so firmly in this “the strongest’ theory”, that she became quite arrogant in judging people. Oh my, this is so nostalgic. She used to say to me that I was worthless because I was a weakling.

*metallic sound*

Suddenly, I saw with my own eyes where the sound came from. Caria Burdnick was fighting with a sword a huge boar-like beast several times larger than herself. The sight of her silver-hair swinging around has she was fighting, was ethereal.

One of the things that allowed Caria Burdnick to be aggressive in battle was her wit. The other was in her utmost effort. She is unquestionably beautiful. There was a rumor by the time she joined the Knights that women with a striking appearance who aspired to be in the Order were increasing.  No one knows if the authenticity of the rumor was true or false, but it is certain that she was strong and beautiful by the time such a rumor spread. It’s situations like this that slips through the cracks. It’s such a blasphemous way of life as opposed to the one the weak live.

I don’t want to. I really don’t want to go over there. The only person I want to see is Ariene. Why do I have to see a detestable person who doesn’t give a damn about others?

Caria Burdnick is a person who has made me her enemy on every possible way when we were together on the Party’s journey. The reason is simple. It was because I was the underdog of the team. Therefore, I felt discrimination, prejudice and oppression. Life was really excruciating, I never met her standards and she never showed tolerance. I truly hate her.

「It’s strange…she should have overthrown that beast by now…what is she waiting for? 」

I was observing Caria Burdnick’s sword skill against that beast from the top of a tree. I immediately cringed.

I remember the time when I was here. I still had some conscience on my heart, so I tried to stop Caria Burdnick from trying to fight that devil beast.

However, she punched me and said to step back. I was hit on the face, broke my nose and fell unconsciously on the ground. When I woke up, I realized that it was already nightfall and the combat was finished.

Yes, that’s right. I recall that this fight in the forest made Caria Burdnick a name for herself in the world. I didn’t saw the scene so I can’t speak much, but many say that she killed a superbly dangerous monster.

On the other hand, I was a failure. Obviously, I didn’t complete the investigation in the forest. The recognition was directed to someone else, and during that time the old man Richard stopped giving me side jobs, even the simplest job wasn’t given to me anymore. People bullied me with awful nicknames, and so I had a miserable youth from that moment on.

Ah, I can hear my heart beating angrily as I recall those days.

Even if my heart beats with anger, it must be true that Caria Burdnick defeated that monster over there. However, it is strangely taking a long time to defeat that thing. No, that’s not it. There really is something wrong going on there.

She brilliantly swings her sword at that monster, but that’s just it. She clearly lacks determination power. There are several openings that she could use to strike that beast, but she is not using them to her advantage.

「Just what is she doing? 」

I press my teeth. What are those sloppy skills? Is that really Caria Burdnick? I never saw her fight like that. She never used useless moves. She was very meticulous to every detail, everything was calculated and her sword skill showed tremendous capacity.

I really hated her. Yes, I hated her skills too. However, I must say her power was undoubtedly real. Even though I hated her, I recognized her talent. Then, what’s that? That fighting style is totally immature and incomplete. Did she defeat that monster with those sword skills?

I don’t know why I feel so angry right now. I don’t know why I bite my lips and strengthen my eyes. I don’t know anything about myself anymore. My mind is extremely complicated.

The main antagonist of my life was slowly being defeated. Caria Burdnick, the one who killed countless demons and beasts, is losing her fighting posture.

The beast roared heavily. She didn’t regain her fighting posture yet. I can sense that she is at the limit of her physical strength, and that monstrous beast continues to groan. When you look closely at that kind of opponent, that thing is not an enemy, it’s just hunting a prey.

*deflection metallic sounds*

Her sword bounced back from the beast’s fang attack, and the reverberation sound from her sword was heard across the forest. She took a step back to avoid the next attack, but she could only avoid it slightly. The beast was too close to her and that allowed the monster to strike more efficiently.

Suddenly, I remembered. If I recall it correctly, she had a deep scar on her shoulder. When I saw that wound for the first time, it gave me chills.

「Ah, I can’t believe it…! What’s wrong with her! 」

I…I can’t. I don’t even want to look at it at all.

I hate her. That’s why I hate her so much. I searched for what was on my green rag bag, and I found two knives. They’re old and cheap. But I think it’s enough, all I’ll have to do is strike once. I’ll aim directly at the big eyes of that demon beast.

Thankfully, that thing is focused on a defenseless Caria Burdnick. Hence, I will make sure not to miss my attack.

I’ll jump and kill. All I need to do is keep a straight line and cut.

I ran over and jumped; my body came face to face with the beast and I aimed at his eyes, the weakest part of his body.

I tore his eyes apart and the beast let out an excruciating sound.

*monster screams intensely*

The iron from the knives gutted the flesh and blood flew out. The knives stabbed through his eyes and into his skull, the attack proved to be successful as the demon beast fell to the ground.

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