This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Trump Card

「Okay, I will open the portal directly to the town’s center! 」

As I was trying to cast the spell, Seiya suddenly hit my head *knock*

「It hurts! What are you doing!? 」

「Are you stupid? What are you going to do when we appear on that area? We need to be far from that thing. 」

「Bu…but…how can we save those people… 」

「We have to be on a safe zone in order to help them. Her personality says “Cruelty”, right? It is highly probable that she will kill that man on the moment she spots us. Because the moment we arrive, having a hostage will be meaningless. 」

I, I see. It makes totally sense what he just said. But…

「Even so, was it really necessary to hit a goddess’ head? 」

Seiya got this dejected expression when I got angry at him.

「I understand. Next time I will be more careful. 」

What? What’s up with this sudden obedience?

「Well, if you understand…that’s okay… 」

I looked at Seiya’s face and he was making this weird expression. Seiya looked closely at the hand that hit my head.

「I might have caught some strange bacteria. 」

「I don’t have any!! 」

I wanted to hit him badly, but this was not the appropriate moment for it, so I changed my mind; and then I casted the spell.

Seiya and I crossed the portal and we arrived at a location twenty meters away from the town’s center. We saw Chaos Makina from the alley beside the Weaponry Shop.

We could clearly see the square area where Nina’s dad had the large sword closely to his neck. Many of the town’s people were not in sight, perhaps because they don’t want to get caught. We could only see Nina crying in front of her father.

And then suddenly, Chaos Makina murmurs.

「Hmm, it’s taking a long time. 」

She shows her red tongue again.

「I can’t wait, I can’t wait. I’ll give them just five minutes, if they don’t show up on time, I’ll kill this man. 」

Nina screams louder. I was worried and touched Seiya’s shoulder.

「This…this is bad!! We need to save them now!! 」

I wanted to save Nina, so I stepped out of the dark alley.

「Wait. 」

Seiya stopped me. When I turned back, I noticed that he took his sword out and was in a fighting position.

「What are you going to do? 」

「Step back. 」

What is he trying to do from this distance? I walked two steps backwards from Seiya. The space surrounding his sword rapidly became distorted.

「Wind Blade…!」

In a quick moment, Seiya dashed towards Chaos Makina. She was standing about twenty meters away from us, he shortened the distance in an instance and swung his sword. The space distortion power was unleashed from the sword and went directly to Chaos Makina.

…is this a sword technique that emits a vacuum wave that absorbs and blows the air!? But, Seiya had this special skill before!?

The high-speed vacuum wave was aimed right at Chaos Makina, but because it was sent through the ground, it was raising a trail of smoke. Chaos Makina noticed this attack and dodged it immediately. The attack exploded right at the place where Chaos Makina was standing.

Chaos Makina laughed when she spotted us through the direction of the smoking trail.

「*smiles teasingly* I knew you’d come. What was that just now? You ran away crying, and now you try to be a little chivalrous? 」

「I don’t want to hear anything you say! 」

I hate cowardly opponents who take hostages for their advantage. Then, an amused Chaos Makina laughs again.

「But it was a pity that surprise attack didn’t hit me. 」

「…you are not going to do as you please anymore. 」

Seiya and I walk towards Chaos Makina. Nina and her father took refuge behind us as they hugged each other.

「Daddy!! *crying* I’m relieved, I’m so relieved!! 」

「Thank you so much for saving us!! 」

Without celebrating too much, Seiya made a warning sign with his hand. Nina’s dad realized his sign, lowered his head and while holding Nina, they fled far away.

「Ah, so that was the meaning. I see, I see. Now I know what you were thinking through your mimicking. 」

The wicked Chaos Makina was grinning, as she knew that our first priority was to save the hostages…however, the moment she saw Seiya’s presence in front of her, she changed her complexion.

「Oh my…I wonder what really happened. He is not the same person as before. 」

Her red eyes were staring closely at Seiya.

「Impossible. His power suddenly surpassed mine. What is going on… 」

I raised my voice at a troubled Chaos Makina.

「Ah! So you have the ability of clairvoyance? Just now, you saw Seiya’s status, didn’t you? *Sounds full of pride* It’s amazing, right! Admit your defeat at once! 」

At that moment I wanted to say “serves you right!”. However, my prideful mood was broken in an instant.

Chaos Makina suddenly changed her complexion and was smiling just as before.

「Well, it seems I have to face you seriously. 」

「What? 」


As soon as Chaos Makina muttered, a black aura started overflowing from her body. At the same time, a red asmodian emblem appeared on her forehead.

「*laughs* For a moment you thought you could actually win against me? But regrettably, I’ll tell you the opposite. My real status was hidden, behold my true power. 」

I, I don’t like the feeling of this! Fearful, I activated my clairvoyance…

Chaos Makina

Level – 66

HP – 5511

MP – 227

Attack – 1128

Defense – 1199

Agility – 1060

Magic – 517

Potential rate – 653

Resistance – Water, Wind

Special skills – Devil Sword (Lv 18)

Skills – Demonic Curse

Personality – Cruelty

It, it can’t be…! The attack, defense and agility power exceeds 1000!! Her HP also increased!? I thought we could finally beat her, but this is…

「Then hero, how about we have some fun together? 」

 With that said, Chaos Makina pulled of her sword and immediately charged at Seiya.

「Se, Seiya!! 」

I screamed at Seiya when her sword was aimed right at his head. However, Seiya reacted instantaneously. His upper body diverted backwards, as the large sword was swinging around. I was relieved for a moment.

「Not over yet! Here I go! 」

Chaos Makina spun around and tried to slash Seiya with her large sword once again. She was swigging her sword up, down, sideways…I was watching their fight in agony. Yet, the enemy’s sword never touched an inch of Seiya’s body.

「What? So, you can clearly follow my movements? I wonder if your intuition is that sharp?」

Chaos Makina stopped attacking and distanced herself.

Suddenly, my heart “stopped” for a moment as I realized something important.

That’s right! This is not a game! Higher numbers of status does not necessarily mean victory! There are various factors, such as “sixth sense” or “tactics”, which are used on battles.

「Yes. This is troublesome, really troublesome. But…」

Chaos Makina started spinning her sword in a way that resembles an umbrella; she looked directly at me and said.

「Hey goddess, you really saw my status, didn’t you? 」

「Yes, I saw it! What about it? 」

「Okay, then I will use my special skill “Demonic Curse” at this precise moment, so take a good look at it. 」

Now that she mentions it, her status truly revealed that special skill!

I shouted at Seiya.

「Seiya! Watch out! A deathblow is coming! 」

Chaos Makina unexpectedly reversed the position of her sword.

「What? 」

I was speechless. Chaos Makina was pointing the tip of her large sword towards her abdomen.

「It has been a while; it has been a really long time. I can’t believe I will show this ability to a human…But I’ll explain it to you. Your real opponent of this battle is the “one hiding through this façade”. 」

How could she! She cut her abdomen open with her sword! There was black blood dripping from her ripped stomach!

「What!? Why are you doing that!? 」

「This is…my “Demonic Curse”…! *laughs sinisterly* With this overwhelming power…I will bring death to this hero…! 」

*splashing sound* her stomach was violently hemorrhaging; the light in her eyes quickly faded away as if she had ceased to exist, and her head hung down.

「…what’s the meaning of this!? 」

Chaos Makina didn’t move an inch. However, there seemed to be movement inside her abdomen.

Abruptly, a huge hand that does not seem to be human appeared from the stomach of Chaos Makina. Both hands tried to rip apart her stomach and tried to exit her guts.

「Oh, my God…! 」

I freaked out.

What a bizarre and horrible scene. A creature about three meters long crawled out of Chaos Makina’s abdomen, even though she has the same height as I am.

…The creature had two horns that were quickly growing on its head; it had big fangs coming out of its mouth, and a tall and robust body. It appeared to have grown black wings on its back and a long black tail.

It was a huge demon.

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